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    These books, to me, feel oversimplified and shallow.However, these books also somehow manage to make suicide, drunk driving, sexual molestation, drug abuse, and rape school appropriateFOR MIDDLE SCHOOL CHILDREN.I don t even care that I think these books could use character development, nuanced conflicts, and less melodrama All I care about is the fact that I have a remediation class of fifteen kids who ALL hate reading, and who all have become OBSESSED with these books, to the point that a bunch of them specifically asked to have Forged by Fire to read AFTER taking a three hour long state READING exam I got them Darkness Before the Dawn today and a group of them split off to read while I reviewed with the others The reading group read in pairs for an entire hour and then groaned in disappointment when afternoon announcements came on These books are like gold.

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    Were you born with a reckless mother Have you ever had an abusive stepfather Some people grow up having a hard life, dealing with drama, and fighting through struggles That s the problem that Gerald has to deal with in the book Forged By Fire Gerald is a kid with a troubled past and a troubled future With all his struggles and losses he still survives As a young boy his mother leaves him alone he starts a fire and almost dies His mother is immediately arrested for child abandonment and sent to prison Gerald s Aunt Queen takes him in and raises him by herself He quickly adapts to her lifestyle Then tragedy strikes Sadly his loving aunt dies What s going to happen now This book is very interesting and you can t wait what happens next It s kind of addicting because once you read it, you wouldn t want to stop This book is filled with upcoming surprises When you get deep into this book you will be caught up in some excruciating events For example, when Jordan and Angel are home alone or another suspenseful moment is when Gerald has a final confrontation against Jordan Tension, tragedy, and drama rises in every moment Well I recommend this book to anyone who s interested in an entertaining book like this This book is neither comedy nor horror but it s dramatic, emotional, and action violent You may think it s rewarding with craziness but it s worth reading it Even if you don t relate to this book, I still recommend you to try it out

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    So far this book is about a young boy who is only 3 and has been neglicted by his mother and one day when she leaves him alone he starts a fire while playing with his G.I joe toy When he is released from the hospital he goes to live with his auntie On his nineth birthday his mother came back into his life and the same day his aunt passed away He was forced to move with his mother and step father His step father beat on both him and little sister Then he found out that his step father had been molesting his seven year old sister When he told the police he was arrested and sentenced to 7 years Gearld and his sister Angel thought that they d never have to see him agian but he did come back into their lives At the end of the story Gearld found his step father drunk in his room with his little sister unconcious on the bed and the house on fire He faught his step father and his stepfather left them in the apartment to die But Gearld got them out of the house alive and their step father didn t make it out alive This book was really good I usally finish a book in a week or so but i finished this book in one day

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    Alana I would have to say that this book is fantastic It jus became my favorite story The way the author created the situations are so much like real life and that s what made me like it so much I thought it was going to be just like any other book, but guess what I was wrong It exceeded my expectations It is about a boy named Gerald that is faced with child abuse and a drugged mom He was very brave and this story had a very suspenseful ending My favorite part was when I found out what was happening with Gerald s sister, Angel I decided to read this book because it had to do with child abuse I like reading about things like that, and I m glad I did

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    Not for me, but great for kids who want a sympathetic hero who goes through every possible trauma and drama Every chapter contains another catastrophe 75% of the kids I talk to love this author, so she is clearly hitting a nerve.

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    This book is so good At first, I thought it would be some book about kids trying to survive high school But when you read the back it grabs your attention right away It starts off saying how Gerald s aunt has died, then continues to go on to the fact that he is going to have to live with his abusive step father, Jordan and substance abusive mother, Monique , and lovely younger stepsister, Angel The book was so good that I sat down and finished the whole book in one day Also, some parts will leave you shook, especially the part where it is revealed that Jordan is molesting Angel, or when Monique gets slapped across the face by Jordan But that is enough spoilers, read the book and find out I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good suspense book and likes good action scenes in a book.

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    Second in the Hazelwood High trilogy.Gerald s story is like a bad soap opera We frist meet Gerald, a battered and neglected child, when he is severely burned in a fire after being left home alone by his addict mother, Monique He finds a safe and loving home with his Aunt Queen When he is nine, his mother and her abusive new husband take him back into their home The only bright spot for Gerald is Angel, his four year old half sister Gerald finds out that Angel is being sexually abused by her father Monique is unwilling or unable to protect her children and Gerald resolves to protect Angel and himself.Draper tries to cram a bit too much drama into this slim volume Poor Gerald it s one tragedy after another for him.

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    This was a phenomanal book, I enjoyed it from start to finish Not to make the book better than it is but I was gasping every five minutes Gerald is such a great kid and what he is put through in the book could really scare a reader They briefly talk about Andy s death GOD REST HIS SOUL and Robs death Gerald s life is just totally messed up he has a horrible father, addicted mother, and still dealing with the death of two of his best friends The plot doesn t get better than that I would recommend this book to anybody who enjoyed the tears of a tiger book Also people who like drama.

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    Okay so, I read this back in middle school I think and let me tell you I WAS NOT READY.We didn t have any warnings when jumping into this book Unfortunately, this actually caused some problems in our school which I ll talk about here because I think it s important.This book deals with a lot of emotional and physical abuse It s the kind of abuse that is actually too realistic and caused a lot of triggers in my other classmates Although it is an outstanding book, please be warned if abuse is a problem that you face or have faced I haven t read this is a very long time so I ll definitely be picking it up soon for a reread.

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    This Book Sucked The characters were cardboard, the plot was contrived, too much time was covered in too short a space, and everything was told rather than shown It was like Sharon Draper was trying to cram as many issues as possible into the story and they all ended up spilling out, leaving an empty shell There are so many other, great books out there that deal with the same themes please look elsewhere

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Forged by Fire (Hazelwood High, #2) download Forged by Fire (Hazelwood High, #2) , read online Forged by Fire (Hazelwood High, #2) , kindle ebook Forged by Fire (Hazelwood High, #2) , Forged by Fire (Hazelwood High, #2) f1f3f9cb08d4 When Gerald Was A Child He Was Fascinated By Fire But Fire Is Dangerous And Powerful, And Tragedy Strikes His Substance Addicted Mother Is Taken From Him Then He Loses The Loving Generosity Of A Favorite Aunt A Brutal Stepfather With A Flaming Temper And An Evil Secret Makes His Life Miserable The One Bright Light In Gerald S Life Is His Little Half Sister, Angel, Whom He Struggles To Protect From Her Father, Jordan Sparks, Who Abuses Her, And From Their Mother, Whose Irresponsible Behavior Forces Gerald To Work Hard To Keep The Family Together As A Teenager, Gerald Finds Success As A Member Of The Hazelwood Tigers Basketball Team, While Angel Develops Her Talents As A Dancer Trouble Still Haunts Them, However, And Gerald Learns, Painfully, That Young Friends Can Die And Old Enemies Must Be Faced In The End He Must Stand Up To His Stepfather Alone In A Blazing ConfrontationSharon M Draper Has Interwoven Characters And Events From Her Previous Novel, Tears Of A Tiger, In This Unflinchingly Realistic Portrayal Of Poverty And Child Abuse It Is An Inspiring Story Of A Young Man Who Rises Above The Tragic Circumstances Of His Life By Drawing On The Love And Strength Of Family And Friends