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For Whom The Bell Tolls (Vlad Dracula, #1) (Vlad Dracula, #1) (The Dracula Chronicles, #1) files For Whom The Bell Tolls (Vlad Dracula, #1) (Vlad Dracula, #1) (The Dracula Chronicles, #1) , read online For Whom The Bell Tolls (Vlad Dracula, #1) (Vlad Dracula, #1) (The Dracula Chronicles, #1) , free For Whom The Bell Tolls (Vlad Dracula, #1) (Vlad Dracula, #1) (The Dracula Chronicles, #1) , free For Whom The Bell Tolls (Vlad Dracula, #1) (Vlad Dracula, #1) (The Dracula Chronicles, #1) , For Whom The Bell Tolls (Vlad Dracula, #1) (Vlad Dracula, #1) (The Dracula Chronicles, #1) 0508be45e A WAR RAGES AROUND US EVERY DAY THE STRUGGLE TO SAVE ALL MANKIND THE ULTIMATE EVILThe Battle For Souls Has Raged Since The Truce That Followed The First Great War Of The Angels God Has Struck The Ultimate Blow And Sacrifice To Gain The Advantage And Defeat His Fallen Angel And Estranged Son, Lucifer As Lucifer Stands At The Foot Of The Cross That Drains The Last Ounce Of Life From Christ And Eradicates Man S Sins, He Realises That His Work Must Begin AnewIn Time, He Comes To Understand That His Only Chance To Win This Battle Will Be To Destroy The Institution Of The Catholic Church To Turn Man Against God, Once And For All He Searches For Than A Millennium For The Candidate To See His Plan Through To An End And Finally Discovers The One That Can Cast That Final BlowOn A Cold Night In December In Sighisoara An Old Gypsy Woman Delivers A Prophecy To The Great Vlad Dracul She Tells Him He Is About To Sire Two Sons, One An Angel And The Other A DevilHe Returns To His Fortress Just As His Wife Bears Him A Son, Whom He Names Vlad In The Very Same Moment Across The Country On The Border Between Transylvania And Hungary A Gypsy Girl Gives Birth To Another Son, Andrei The Die Is Cast The Twin Souls Are Born The Young Vlad Dracula Becomes The Instrument Of The Forces Of Darkness To Balance This, The Baby Andrei Is Blessed By The Angels And Bestowed With Awesome PowersThis Is Their Story

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    The Dracula Chronicles For Whom The Bell Tolls by Shane KP O Neill is a very well written historical account of the early days of Vlad Dracula in Transylvania from 1431 onwards Although young Vlad will later on become a Vampire and the figure that inspired other Dracula stories, O Neill sticks with this book to the historic figure and describes only the first years of Vlad s existence.Introductory chapters introduce the theme of the First Great War of the Angels, of Lucifer and his great plan to find the perfect human to carry out his evil plan The fight between good and evil forces has come to the earth plane and finds itself in the duality which is being set up between a gypsy boy called Andrei and Vlad Dracula junior.Vlad Dracul senior is the Voivode of Wallachia and at the time in conflict with the Turks In that regard the book is an excellent account of the historical and political dynamics and dramas on the Balkan and Europe of the time and worth reading for the well researched and competently written historical account alone The detailed descriptions of the politics and customs of the time are amazing.This provides the setting for the coming of age of young Vlad and his good counter part Andrei Vlad is being held hostage by the Turks and during this time has his first romantic and sexual encounters while his father is struggling with both, his allies and his enemies in the Balkan The relationships between father and son, the son and his captives and the individual characterisations are way beyond what a fantasy paranormal book might offer The writing is of literary class O Neill has done a fantastic job at presenting us with the historical Dracula as opposed to the purely fictional books about Dracula, which distinguishes him from less ambitious and accomplished works in the genre Dark and atmospheric but without any actual vampires this is an amazing and very unique book that hopefully will appeal to the fans of the vampire genre as much as it did to this satisfied fan of historical fiction.

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    A must read, you will not be disappointed Having read the authors first two books of the Dracula Chronicles, which gave us the vampire first, I thought it may be a little strange to then go back to the beginning, but it really works Mr O Neill s talented writing brings to life the characters and the brutal age in which they live It gives real insight into the circumstances which shaped Dracula the man This is definitely not just another vampire story, there is so much to it than that The authors accomplished descriptive writing makes you feel as though you are actually there witnessing events as they unfold and I found it difficult to put this book down I cannot wait to read and eagerly await the next book.

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    Well I ve been waiting for this book to come out since reading the Bound by blood books and it was well worth it This book starts the tale of the life of Vlad Tspesh Dracula from when he was born The story is, I m sure, full of accurate details and reads like an actual account of his life up until the age of 16.It also is the start of Lucifer s plans to beat God to the highest amount of souls, which he s failing at because of Jesus Christ s crucifixion and the fact that he died so man could be forgiven In reply to this Lucifer searches for over a millennia for an agent and begins to groom a young Vlad who since the age of 9 has been held hostage by the Turks with his brother Radu This book has no vampires in it and reads almost like a real account, almost I just couldn t put it down it is so good There is even a sex scene in it, which I think is the best written and most tastefully done that I have ever read It certainly gives you all sides of Vlad s character and makes you realize the violent and precious lives they led and why he carried such anger and hatred with him.I can t wait for part 2 to come out it s just fantastic

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    Having sired two different sons by two different women as also depicted in the standalone introduction LAMB OF GOD , Vlad Dracul ascends to the honorable title of Voivode of Wallachia But the throne carries with it an enormously high price, as Dracul finds himself at odds with those who will stop at nothing to strip him of everything he possesses Old allegiances are broken and new ones forged, and Dracul is forced to contend with crises both personal and political, while his sons Vlad and Radu are left to face the consequences of their father s actions FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS differs from Shane K.P O Neill s BOUND BY BLOOD sagas in that it takes place years prior to Dracula s vampiric existence, but this in no way diminishes the power and intensity of its read Events unfold with the depth of a historical epic The characters and their motivations and strategies, on and off the battlefield, are carefully crafted and one easily becomes immersed in the drama Though the central plot revolves around Dracul, he is subtly shadowed by the ever scheming Lucifer, who is always looking for an edge in his quest to bring down the Catholic Church, and hence, his fellow angels and even God Himself The key, so Lucifer believes, lies in the person of the young Vlad Dracula.It is a coming of age story for the future Lord of the Undead Dracula s early childhood and adolescence are delved into, unveiling several defining moments that seal his fate as an eventual leader of his people, and as a major player in the battle between Heaven and Hell Vlad is the product of his life and times, and his later actions as both the Impaler and as the King of Vampires are what eventually result He cannot escape his destiny, even as his hidden counterpart, the pure hearted Andrei, cannot escape his.Andrei is also on a path of self discovery A seventh child of a seventh child raised by peaceful gypsies, he is declared from his birth as special, his sole purpose to destroy the evil and ensure the protection and salvation of mankind It s unclear as yet how far his powers go, and his time in this story is minimal compared to his brother s, but the mystery surrounding Andrei is enough to maintain interest, to see in which way this anti Dracula will be further developed FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS is secure in its place as the foundation for this series, continuing to take advantage of the potential inherent in a melding of the historical Dracula with the fictional Dracula.

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    For Whom The Bell Tolls is a precise, masterful and engaging piece of work A thrilling page turner with very real characters, this is an age old tale told like you ve never heard it before The new craze of teenage vampire angst had made me fearful of ever picking up a book with the vampire concept ever again, which is why when I started The Dracula Chronicles , I did so tremulously Within the first two paragraphs I knew that I had picked up something that was so beyond my expectation, I struggled to put it down There is no teenage angst here, only the ancient tale of the war between heaven and earth, personified in a unique, historical setting For Whom The Bell Tolls draws on historical fact, mythology and religion all at once to create a masterful construction that will have you anxiously turning the page A dynamic, richly dimensional story, this book does not sacrifice pace for detail, with O Neill effortlessly joining the two in a rich text If I had one complaint, it would be the occasional modern word which appears in the description, but that it s itself is a weak objection as it does nothing to the quality of the text and the engagement for the reader The story follows the tale of two boys, Vlad and Andrei, half brothers who will in turn become the champions of Good and Evil And yet, the story begins with them as young boys, privy to human emotions, petty sibling rivalry and childish stubbornness as slowly they become exposed to the cruel world around them and begin to exhibit wondrous powers This tale takes no sides and is as much an examination into the human condition, as it is an action packed origin story of two brothers who will battle over the fate of all humankind.

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    Author Shane O Neill has done what I think is his finest work in The Dracula Chronicles For Whom The Bell Tolls Wonderfully explicit storytelling, including a very vivid and tastefully done sex scene, this book is full of story lines that bring the reader to the edge of his or her seat.Reading the trials and tribulations of Dracul and his sons is very detailed and extremely engrossing As the story plays out this reader was left feeling conflicted on many topics, always a good sign when reading a book.A great read and wonderfully done, I highly recommend this to anyone interested in not only a great story but a celebration of great storytelling Excellent work.

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    An amazingly historic story that tells of Vlad Dracula and his half brother, Andrei, taking us from their youth to the men they became This novel takes you back to the dark times in 1431 to take you through the battles, loves and losses of Vlad Dracula and his family in graphic clarity Certainly not a novel for the faint of heart Another superb piece of writing from Shane K.P O Neill.

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    It is here I take you back to the beginning and introduce you to the concept that is The Dracula Chronicles To end the First Great War of the Angels, God agreed a truce with Lucifer when He could have destroyed His fallen son Never could He have envisaged the resourcefulness of the Arch Deceiver or have contemplated that Lucifer could challenge in the battle for souls For to end the war, God agreed that Lucifer could contest the soul of every living being, as long as he never interfered with their free will If Lucifer should ever control souls than God at any time, then he could ascend again to Heaven from whence he had been cast out In the event that did ascend again to Heaven, then the human race which he so despised, would cease to exist.In His bid to preserve mankind, God sent His son made man, Jesus Christ, to live as a mortal When he was crucified, Jesus erased man s sin and undid all Lucifer s work Lucifer stood there and witnessed this great sacrifice, knowing his work had to begin anew The Catholic Church emerged from that dark day in Jerusalem to serve as a reminder to Lucifer of God s great victory over him He came to realise in time that if he could destroy the institution of the Catholic Church, then he could turn man against God once .He searches for over a millennium for the candidate to achieve his ends When the crusades begin at the end of the 11th Century, he senses he will find the one he seeks amid the struggle between Christian and Moslem The crusades end a century later, but it is only when the battle between the two great religions surfaces again in eastern Europe with the designs of the Ottoman Empire, that he finally finds the one.On a cold night in December, 1431 two sons are born to Vlad Dracul, Voivode of Wallachia His wife gives birth to the young Vlad, and it is this child that Lucifer identifies as the one Hundreds of miles away, another son breathes life in the very same moment Andrei is born to a gypsy woman, who had conceived him after being taken against her will by Dracul God blesses this child and makes him the one who will be the balance to the great evil Lucifer is about to unleash on the world with the manipulation of his brother.For Whom The Bell Tolls follows the early lives of these two brothers in a land torn between the warring factions of the Austro Hungarian and the Ottoman Empires.

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    I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for this book Don t miss it.In this Gothic horror book comes the ultimate good vs evil You are back in time to 1431 and Vlad Dracul is the king of Transyvania His half brother rules Wallachia to his south and was always a threat He was part of the Order of the Dragons and was sworn to halt the Turkish takeover of Christian lands Vlad also had a truce with the Turks.Throughout the book, Vlad Dracul is in conflict with his allies and his faith He tries to avoid conflict with the Turks by sending his oldest son to battle carrying his standard, in order to spare the lives of his younger sons, held by Turks In a final battle, when Dracul sees his imminent death he is called to fight on or choose his faith Which will he do I am not someone who usually reads Gothic horror, but this book held me spellbound It is well crafted and the scenes come alive with the characters O Neill has created He has stayed true to the times he writes about making it all the authentic Go grab a copy.

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    This is the third book from Shane that I have read This particular title is not only the telling of Vlad, Radu and Andrei s developmental years but the story of Vlad s father, Dracul This story is set before Vlad is left to the devices of Lucifer ProsThis Irish born, Norwegian residing author once again brings the reader no holds barred storytelling equivalent to the anything goes, raw era that was the Crusades against the Turks and the spread of Islam He also manages to introduce the reader to the cutthroat savagery that is war and betrayal from every angle and their effects on Vlad and his brothers.ConsWhile the action, the sexuality, and the multiple conflicts within this epic were able to catch my attention, the only thing that really bothered me is that there wasn t enough focus on Andrei If you ve read Bound by Blood, then you know that Andrei plays an important role later on in his life He felt like a side character in this particular story.

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