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    Ok continuation of this James Bond inspired paranormal series Yet another cliffhanger Don t be surprised when I suddenly stop reading the series, even if I have the next book on hand Cliffies really piss me off.

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    Okay, I m willing to admit that the last line of the synopsis is a little misleading Yes, Eddie did die at the hand of a Antidrood in disguise, pretty much on the last page of From Hell With Love And yes, he is still dead at the beginning of this book He s in some sort of frozen limbo, hence the book cover, and isn t really sure what s going on It doesn t take long for Molly and his family to get him back into the land of the living though While he was in that frozen manor, Eddie is given a hint at some nasty goings on in the form of a Satanic Conspiracy Now the Droods haven t really taken one of these conspiracies seriously for decades now Not since the last major Satanic plot hatched by the Nazi s during World War II So nobody really thinks much of it right away.It s only after some routine investigations start to go horribly wrong, that the family is willing to concede that there may actually be something to the whole thing Because it s a Satanic Conspiracy, they turn to Harry Drood and his half demon lover, Roger Morningstar, to figure out what s going on from the Hell side of things I love the return of Harry and Roger, the other super couple of the Drood family Even though Eddie and Harry don t like or trust eachother, they are still family And with the Droods, family counts than anything else.I m not going to get into all the twists and turns, because there is a lot of them There are major betrayals that rock the family s foundation to it s core The family loses some of it s key members, though I m hoping that somehow they will be brought back in a future book I m actually still a little sad by the loss Though I must say, I like they way the two were together at the end They were two characters, that despite how much I loved them, I never felt they could be trusted In the end, not only was that trust solidified, but what they had between them, was finally revealed to be real and stronger than anything else in their lives.Through some spatial manipulation, sheer violence, and a heap of good luck, the Droods are able to squash the Satanic Conspiracy and save the world once again And though everything seems kosher when they return, it doesn t take long for the Eddie and the Droods to suffer a catastrophic setback, one that I will have to wait for the next book to figure out You got to love those cliffhanger endings.

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    FOR HEAVEN S EYES ONLY aims to be a mix of James Bond and The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy, and it succeeds marvelously on both fronts Green mixes magic, science, and comedy in equal parts, to create a fast moving and enjoyable style.At it s best, even those new to the series will have no trouble jumping in with book five At it s worst, the Secret Histories series skates perilously close to glib The opening of FOR HEAVEN S EYES ONLY is a prime example of this shortcoming, but not to an extent that the story was derailed.The charm of these books is not so much in what happens, but the flair with which it happens, and it s well worth the effort to suspend disbelief and enjoy the ride A different brand of urban fantasy than I normally enjoy, FOR HEAVEN S EYES ONLY was easy to pick up, jump in, and enjoy.Sexual Content References to sex

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    This was probably the best entry in the series since the first It has drama, humor, good character moments, action, big developments, a dangerous threat, and all the mayhem and insanity one would expect from a Secret Histories novel I really enjoyed it and it kept me interested and didn t really drag or make me lose interest Its a reminder of why I enjoy Simon R Greens writing style and while the Nightside series is still the one I prefer there is certainly nothing wrong with these books Now John Taylor and Eddie Drood in the same place that would be something to see, and probably run away screaming from shortly thereafter Not much else to really say about it other than if you liked the earlier books in the series then this one is probably going to hit the spot for you.

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    We all know or have heard of the expression, NO Rest for the Wicked But perhaps a tad of that was forgotten or could be reworked for this novel, as there is certainly No Rest for the Ones who faced the Wicked In this case, the new bad in the continuing Secret Histories series by award winning author and my fave, Simon R Green.Last we saw our hero, Edwin Drood, he was stabbed and left for dead in Book 4, From Hell With Love, after confronting the accursed Immortals who infiltrated the ranks and the family of Droods to assassinate their leader, the Matriarch Although they were also successful in storming Castle Frankenstein to battle down the Immortals with the help of Frankenstein s spawn, it was finally time for Eddie to get some peace and quiet.But peace and quiet were not exactly what he had when the book opens up with a scene in a ghost dimension, or Limbo, and has Eddie running up and down a cold, glass frosted, and desolate looking Drood Hall He s all alone and hasn t found a living soul to talk to except finding and talking to members of his family who already have died or those foes or friends that he has dispatched and died from the service of protecting the world from supernatural bad asses, as that s what the Drood Family does The Droods, all clad in their indestructible and retractable, Golden Armor, are our defense against the supernatural horde who want to lay claim to the world that is ours In Limbo, Eddie encounters someone telling him, and alluding to it successfully, that his parents are actually alive And of course, Eddie being the hero of our tale, never really was dead, as his girlfriend, the powerful witch Molly Metcalf comes into Limbo and brings him out Although he was nearly dead, he wasn t quite so as Molly had the initiative of transporting his heart elsewhere to a secret location and thus he couldn t be killed Dear reader, this was also a trick that Molly did in Book 4 when I thought she was a goner I know, spoiler Me bad.But moving on, Book 5 continues on the mayhem and doubt instilled in the previous book and brings in a new malevolent force slated to create havoc in the world, by way of a Satanic conspiracy The need to know who s behind it and how deeply the organization has infiltrated the British and other governments of the world in preparation for the much touted, Great Sacrifice once revealed was shocking enough to make me shake my head in disgust Disgust, not from the writing or plot points, but for what it entailed for its success Ah, Green, you still amaze me with each book outing.Suffice to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this 5th book and urge anyone to not read it in random order but to start where it all began From new characters like powerful telepath, Ammonia Van Acht, Charlatan Joe, Lady Damnation, Indigo Blue, the adorable spirit named Poof that finally has revealed itself and guards the Drood Library, to other noteworthy recurring and revealing characters like the Drood lovers Roger Morningstar and Harry Drood, the novel offers the same witty dialogue, repartee and snappish remarks between Molly and Eddie and also between other members of the Drood clan make this another classic Drood read for me Just when I thought Book 3 tired and burned me out early and left me for a revitalized reading, Books 4 and 5 certainly did that And with another cliffhanger to top all endings, I fear that I may have to wait too long for the next book to come out next year And because this is the supernatural James bond adventure that we have all come to enjoy and love with each release on the life of a Drood, Book 6 is aptly titled, Live and Let Drood.Frankly, I wouldn t have it any other way.Where s my Martini, shaken not stirred Please.

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    For pure, no holds barred, random acts of kickassery and hilarious dialogue you simply can t beat Simon R Green This latest book of the Drood family chronicles is yet another stand out book in the series I only have 19K characters left in the Review box here which is nowhere close enough to provide even a cursory overview of the series Every time I think he can t possibly crank things up , he does so I mean, come on A Nazi programmed, cybernetic Franken ape killing machine Out frickin STANDING If you re looking for serious, sombre and introspective fiction then move along Nothing to see here But if you re in the mood for just some good, quick and remarkably inventive writing you owe it to yourself to check out any of his work Hawk Fisher series The Deathstalker series The Nightside series And, of course, the Drood Family series They re all great Some might complain about the repetitive descriptions of characters and setting and other quibbling minor points I won t disagree But for just really, really fun to read books, pick any of his series and you ll love it.

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    Mainly due to the Nightside series, I keep expecting from this series But it s just alright Big, over the top fights Eddie having to do unsavory things for the greater good and feeling badly, but not that badly about it Molly trying to be his conscience, even as she has no problem doing half the things she has problems with him doing Lots of people who deserve to be dead There are some funny moments, some good wit, sometimes some interesting elements But there s still something odd about an anti hero who sees himself as closer to the hero than the anti part As, I think, does his creator Green.

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    This is a great series and I love seeing what new trouble Eddie and Molly get into This time around there is a Satanist plot which no one takes seriously threatening the world You get plenty of Drood family drama, cool weapons, Molly s sister Isabelle and lots of action Plus plenty of Uncle Jack and William, whom I love view spoiler Roger and Harry s deaths were sad and I can t believe Eddie believed Philip when he found him with Isabelle It was so obvious he was the guy in charge Sometimes Eddie really needs to take some time to think instead of just reacting hide spoiler

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    the fifth novel in the secret histories is wonderful reading by simon r greenthis one doesn t disappoint in the least eddie drood is back along with his girlfriend molly metcalf, the wild witch of the wood together the two of them along with the rest of the drood family need to stop a satanic conspiracy that seems to have a way to control the minds of the people there are also rumors that there will be a great sacrifice tied into the conspiracy another great romp as eddie and molly attempt to find out the plot and stop it before it is too late.

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    Something about this book lacks the same magic that was present in the previous installments in the series I can t quite put my finger on what the difference between the different books is The story had an odd flow to it, some of the jokes while funny the first time started to feel a bit repetitive as the story progressed I don t know if it s repetitive in this book, or over the series or over the authors larger body of work.

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