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Flat-Out Love pdf Flat-Out Love , ebook Flat-Out Love , epub Flat-Out Love , doc Flat-Out Love , e-pub Flat-Out Love , Flat-Out Love 595c26a471f Flat Out Love Is A Warm And Witty Novel Of Family Love And Dysfunction, Deep Heartache And Raw Vulnerability, With A Bit Of Mystery And One Whopping, Knock You To Your Knees RomanceIt S Not What You Know Or When You See That Matters It S About A JourneySomething Is Seriously Off In The Watkins Home And Julie Seagle, College Freshman, Small Town Ohio Transplant, And The Newest Resident Of This Boston House, Is Determined To Get To The Bottom Of It When Julie S Off Campus Housing Falls Through, Her Mother S Old College Roommate, Erin Watkins, Invites Her To Move In The Parents, Erin And Roger, Are Welcoming, But Emotionally Distant And Academically Driven To Eccentric Extremes The Middle Child, Matt, Is An MIT Tech Geek With A Sweet Side And The Social Skills Of A Spool Of USB Cable The Youngest, Celeste, Is A Frighteningly Bright But Freakishly Fastidious Year Old Who Hauls Around A Life Sized Cardboard Cutout Of Her Oldest Brother Almost Everywhere She GoesAnd There S That Oldest Brother, Finn Funny, Gorgeous, Smart, Sensitive, Almost Emotionally Available Geographically Definitely Unavailable That S Because Finn Is Traveling The World And Surfacing Only For Random Facebook Chats, E Mails, And Status Updates Before Long, Through Late Night Exchanges Of Disembodied Text, He Begins To Stir Something Tender And Silly And Maybe Even A Little Bit Sexy In Julie S Suddenly Lonesome SoulTo Julie, The Emotionally Scrambled Members Of The Watkins Family Add Up To Something That Well Doesn T Quite Add Up Not Until She Forces A Buried Secret To The Surface, Eliciting A Dramatic Confrontation That Threatens To Tear The Fragile Watkins Family Apart, Does She Get Her Answer Flat Out Love Comes Complete With Emails, Facebook Status Updates, And Instant Messages

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    The first review I wrote consisted almost entirely of incoherent gushing This one is pretty much like that, but I did manage to include some useful info Don t expect much, though I can t remember the last time I felt this way about a book As a dedicated reader, I don t think I ve ever connected to a story quite this much There are so many books that are close to my heart for some reason or other, but there was never one so achingly familiar and mine And it wasn t just one character that I felt close to, but parts of every character and every situation I recognized some of myself in Julie s dedication to her studies, in Celeste s quirks, in Matt s courage and hidden vulnerability, in Erin s absentness and denial It was nice to be able to read a story and really understand I m making it sound like a sad book, aren t I Well, it s not This is a book you want to read when you re feeling a little nostalgic and disconnected from the world It will pull you right out Flat Out Love is surprisingly witty During the first 80%, I thought I could describe it as my favorite summer read However, the last 20% showed me that it s so much than that Every emotional reaction the story evoked was very strong when I laughed, I laughed so loudly that I woke the neighbors when I cried, I sobbed like I was facing the end of the world, and in the end, I melted into a huge puddle of goo After moving to Boston to start attending college, Julie found herself living with her mother s former best friend Erin and her seemingly perfect family of intellectuals She soon became emotionally attached to every member of the Watkins family, especially the oldest brother Finn, whom she never met in person, but communicated with regularly via email Happy families are all alike every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way Leo Tolstoy I think there are two types of dysfunctional families the ones that yell and the ones that are quiet the latter being so much harder to portray Character development is what Jessica Park should really be proud of Her characters came alive for me, they became living, breathing people with problems, quirks and a sense of humor Who could resist Celeste, a scarily intelligent 13 year old who won t leave the house without Flat Finn, a cardboard cutout of her oldest brother Or Matt, a math geek with horrible T shirts and a sense of humor that s right up my alley Flat Out Love completely changed my mind about self published books.I hope all of you will read it soon so we can gush about it together.

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    Congrats, Flat Out Love Welcome to the very limited circle of books I hated Say hello to The Perfect Game for me, would you Buddy read with Kat click to read her review , who saved my sanity thanks for the support through this But because my inner circle of doom rewards its members as they deserve, let s start with little awards, kay But first of all. Music It comes as no surprise that Julie easily earns the most insufferable s judgmental heroine medal for her endless efforts throughout the story The jury was really impressed by the abilities she showed in being a disrespectful and arrogant friend and daughter Here s a little presentation of her greatest deeds Indeed through her constant inner monologues, we see her unfailing perseverance in making fun of others, whether she thinks they re dumb, lame, or annoying Kudos for never forgetting that everyone and everything is beneath her About her former friends Now she was out of small town Ohio, out of that below average high school, and out of a social circle dominated by girls blindly cheering on their sports boyfriends About her ex boyfriend Speaking of Jared, Julie wondered what he was doing right now Probably sporting a toga and doing keg stands at the miserable state university he was attending She hoped he was lost in a crowd of dumb jocks and getting rejected by every busty, tank top wearing, fake tanned airhead he hit on Wonderful Just wonderful About random girls she doesn t even know but hey, she listened to their vocal messages, I m sure it counts somewhere She didn t know if she was jealous of that fourth roommate or not That Sally sounded an awful lot like the perky yet vacant crowd she d left behind at home On the other hand, there was something to be said about for a core gaggle of girls who would love nothing than to order pizza, do each others hair, and watch tawdry reality shows Wow She got all these details out of the way the girl says hello on her vocal message I m really impressed Her conversations with Matt, the son of the family welcoming her in their house, are full of witty bullying and aggressive remarks the poor guy never deserved Let s discuss your choice of attire for the evening Matt hit the touchpad a few times Really What aspects would you like to discuss Let s discuss how lame it is This is just fantastic, isn t it Don t you see how CLEVER and WITTY she is What do you mean, you DON T Come on Don t be like that Not to mention that she does think about his life, too Well, she doesn t want to invite him to come along when she goes out because, well, duh, he s so freaking beneath her can you please follow but she considers keeping an eye on his sister someday to give him the occasion to attend a party How s that for best roommate ever, huh Not that he looked like the sort who was aching to do keg stands in a frat house, but still There might be a physics bee some Friday night, and he could return home with a nice ribbon for having spelled coulomb or neutralino correctly Again, so freaking WITTY and CLEVER About her mother, in a text message Mom is OK A little lacking depth, maybe But nice Don t worry though, because she really wants to help Celeste, the daughter of the house who is going through difficult times Indeed she decides to take her under her wing, and manages to develop a bond between them without never making me care That s an achievement to behold really What can I say, I guess that telling me that she cares isn t enough for me to believe her Come on We re talking about self absorbed Julie here See, I have no problem with unlikeable characters, as soon as their behavior is acknowledged as being offensive Never, at any point, is she called on her shit Am I supposed to think that belittling everything and everyone is okay That being plain bully with someone we just met is okay That talking about a family welcoming you with your professor of psychology is okay FUCK NO To be honest, at one point Kat and I considered the possibility that Julie suffered from a mental illness because the distortion between what we see and what she describes is freaking HUGE Don t bother wondering, that s not the plot twist about that later For the unrealistic and over the top quirky conversations, Flat Out Love wins the award of the most unbelievable and fake set of characters Woohoo Look, I always considered myself as a nerd but by no means could I relate or connect, at least with any of these characters Their interactions are ridiculous, roll eyes worthy and generally, completely unbelievable Jessica Park s writing isn t bad, but she tries way too much to convey a sense of oddity Her characters aren t weird, they re freaking cyborgs Finally, for the predictable, I saw it coming at 20% plot twist , I d like to offer Flat Out Love the Golden Globe of easy roads I m sorry, but when the big revelation is obvious from 20%, I consider myself insulted in my intelligence Now, because I want to prove that I m not one to hold a grudge, I prepared several little games about that cough ridiculous cough story You re welcome blows kiss Find the words Complete the sentences Cryptogram puzzle Answer view spoiler hide spoiler

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    There was way too much yodeling in this book, but other than that, it s one of the best books I ve read in this genre I highly recommend it I think Jessica Park is a very talented author She writes good Or is it well That s why I m a reviewer and not an author.

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    The truth is that when I started reading this I expected a romance story But I wasnt disappointed , because this was awesome How would you feel if your apartment deal fell through That would be badFortunatelly Julie s mother contacts with an old college friend , so Julie is moving at their home The Watkins seem to be a weird family with many secrets that Julie discovers during the book.However the oddest thing of all is Celeste , the youngest member of this family She wasn t crazy , she was just missing her older brother Finn.In order to cover this hole in her life she carries around a life sized cardboard photo of her older brother Matt was a nerdy , hot guy I was absolutelly in love with his personality He was funny and a teaser sometimes.There is also Finn, the oldest brother.He is never around , he is always travelling through the world.Julie , adds him on facebook and they start chatting.She discovers that this guy is amazing.He is hot , adventurous , brave and smart view spoiler Who wouldnt fall for him hide spoiler

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    Have you ever got a crush on a penfriend you never or barely met pined a whole year or for your summer crush fallen in love with the idea of someone, idolizing him her and thus making him her perfect In other words Have you ever fallen in love with LOVE If you ve recognized yourself in any of these questions, then this is the book for you.Julie is from Ohio but she s starting college in Boston When she arrives to find the apartment she thought she rented to be a total scam, her last resource is to call her mother s long lost college friend, Erin, to help her out and give her a temporary roof while she looks for a solution.This is how Julie meets the Watkins family Erin and Roger, the academic and self involved parents, Finn, the fascinating older brother on a backpacking tour around the world, Matt, the middle brother, a math and physics nerd with a fetish for smartass T shirts and Celeste, the 13 year old quirky sister of the family.The Watkinses seem to be a regular enough family on the surface but Julie soon realizes that all is not well with these people s familial dynamics What irks her the most is that she can t point her finger at the exact cause everything seems to rotate around Celeste but there s just something that they are not telling her and that she is determined to find outThis book would have normally received 4 stars from me.If you re wondering to which genre it belongs, I d categorize it as a adult than young YA college chick lit And a very, very good one Aside from being well written, it pushed all the right buttons for me.It made me laugh out loud frequently, and not in a silly way but in a I wish I was there to laugh with you way It took me back in time, wishing I could have back my late teenage years and the butterflies in the stomach feelings of my first crush es It really was a trip down memory lane for me It s got every good characterization and aside from Julie and Matt, I dare you not to be completely engrossed by Celeste and her personality Finally, it s got a very good plot and it s not very often that I can say that I was totally oblivious as to what would be missing piece of the jigsaw to understand the Watkins family.I would have taken away a star, or maybe half a star, for the ending which I found excessively cheesy and slightly awkward.That is, if this book were a regular book But this book is self published Now, my somewhat limited experience with self published books has been disastrous to put it mildly Bad editing bothers me a whole lot There are already many, many published books which are badly edited, I don t really see the point in subjecting myself to books which have not undergone the scrutiny of professional eyes and been polished But this is NOT and I was really and very pleasantly surprised THIS is how it s done For me, this book is close to perfect and if only for that it deserves the final missing star.Especially recommended for first crush nostalgics and hopeless romantics.

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    Only.99 on 12 31 12, and if you haven t read itit s definitely worth checking out 5 HUGE STARS Incredible book, from an incredible talentI LOVED it Nothing flat about this book at all, it s bursting at the seams with delightful characters, raw emotion, terrific dialogue, humor and heartache This is a beautifully written unconventional love story It s hard to put into words how much this book touched me Jessica Park is one of those extraordinary writers that draws you in and has you feeling every emotion, good and bad I wanted to stay with the Watkins and Julie forever, revel in their triumphs and help them to live, not just exist I can t recommend this book enough It s a great read for teens and adults Set aside time, because once you start you won t be able to stop Major spoiler view spoiler I knew the minute I met Flat Finn what was going on, but that detracted nothing from the story You just keep hoping upon hope that what you know to be trueisn t Then again my heart just broke for Matt, knowing that Finn s words were really his and if Finn existed, Matt would be heartbroken You wanted to get to the point where all was revealed, yet I wanted to the book to go on so that I could stay with the Watkins, especially Celeste and Matt Celeste will stay with me for a long time, I loved her as she was, through her transformation and healing Matthew Watkins sigh , just an incredible human being I can t even think about him without getting choked up I wanted to crawl inside the book and wrap my arms around him and do for him what his own mother couldn tgive him comfort and love In many ways I felt that he suffered the most, while everyone else lived in this fantasy world, he needed to hold it together in the real one At times I had tears running down my face and when Matthew spoke the words Finn is dead , I knew it was coming, but all the same it took my breath away Julie always knew what the outcome would be, but in her own quest to be loved, she forged ahead with blinders on The ending could not have been perfect Just thinking about it is bringing on another round of tears This is a love story, love for a brother who s gone, healing love, loving those left behind, loving oneself, and the beautiful love of two people who are so close, yet worlds apart When they come together it will take your breath away hide spoiler

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    Ugh Could not bring myself to finish this book Julie, the main character, started to annoy me from Chapter 2 onward But this got a lot of high ratings so I gave it a shot and soldiered on, but even after 100 pages in, I still could not see why it s supposed to be good Julie is the kind of person who will never be my friend if she existed in real life.Almost each chapter began with a Facebook status of each of the three leads, but often than not these didn t even have anything to do with the story And they weren t even witty And the supposed twist was so easy to figure out, it shouldn t even be considered as such.I don t want to waste my time finishing this book any I m sure there are hundreds of other books out there worthy of my time Moving on.UPDATE March 30, 2013I just found out that there is another version of this book written in the guy s point of view Flat Out Matt Why anyone would make another version of this insipid story is beyond me.

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    Nothing about this book is predictable Sniff Just read the other glowing reviews because I m at a loss for words But should anyone see Ms Jessica I m going to break your heart then glue it back Park, tell her readers have feelings too Sniff.

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    Update 06 12 My thoughts have changed about the book and my rating has been lowered I am unable to explain why though, due to reasons which are not allowed to be stated because they are in conflict of GR policy of what is is not allowed in a review Original Review for the book 10 11 Flat Out Love definitely falls on the girly side, but I enjoyed it almost as much as I enjoyed Anna and the French Kiss.The story follows a girl named Julie who is swindled out of her money when she gets to Boston and finds out that the college apartment she had reserved does not exist An old friend of her mom s living nearby steps in and invites her to live with them in the home of a completely dysfunctional family that is falling apart Julie manages to take refuge in the emails and Facebook updates some of which are completely funny of the brother whose room she is staying in while he s off traveling the globe I don t blame her for falling for Finn, the human version of a cardboard cutout named Flat Finn that the little sister drags around because she s missing her brother Then you have the complete math geek brother who can be a pain most of the time, but you can tell he s hurting inside as well because he shoulders a lot of responsibility for the family, which also makes you want to know about him.I can not begin to explain this book well enough to do it justice There was so much to the story than I was expecting when I started It always makes a book special for me when an author can take the reader through a range of emotions, making you giddy and smiling one moment, and feeling the sting of hurt the next.Just by the name and summary, I figured that Flat Out Love was going to be a light and potentially funny read, and it was But there was a lot of heartache bubbling under the surface, which I hadn t planned on.If you re one of those people who feels like you ve been reading the same story over and over, then you ll want to pick up this book It s definitely different from anything else I d recently read.

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    Goodreads asks me, What did you think How in the world do I appropriately, adequately, answer that question with regard to Flat Out Love by Jessica Park I m certainly no author I m not even a real reviewer So, how do I put into words just how much I love this story and admire the talent and sheer genius of Jessica Park I don t do plot summaries, as should be than evident by now It s easy enough to read the summary and decide for yourself if this sounds like something that might interest you There s really no way I could do this plot justice anyway I will say, briefly, that this story is about a family s pain and absolutely essential emotional growth A young woman is introduced into this family, and becomes the catalyst for their re emergence into the living worldpainful as that may be However, for all that this sounds like there could be no other option but for this story to be deep and dark and painful It is just the opposite It is intelligent, witty, strange, loving, dysfunctional, forgiving, accepting, understanding, and, ultimately, joyful The characters are growing and becoming whole again, as you laugh and nod and think, No Really Yes, really Even if you, early on, guess the family s secret , as I did, you literally can not stop reading Jessica Park captures your attention from the beginning, and never lets it go, until the very end And, by then, you re thinking, What It s over We re advised so often to appreciate the journey With this book, you do You absolutely do.I cannot recommend this story highly enough It is, without a doubt, a new favorite of mine, and, for me, an unequivocal 5 star read Thoroughly unique and enjoyable Do not miss this

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