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Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results pdf Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, ebook Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, epub Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, doc Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, e-pub Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results ac743ea5ac2 Here S Another Management Parable That Draws Its Lesson From An Unlikely Source This Time It S The Fun Loving Fishmongers At Seattle S Pike Place Market In Fishthe Heroine, Mary Jane Ramirez, Recently Widowed And Mother Of Two, Is Asked To Engineer A Turnaround Of Her Company S Troubled Operations Department, A Group That Authors Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul, And John Christensen Describe As A Toxic Energy Dump Most Reasonable Heads Would Cut Their Losses And Move On Why Bother With This Bunch Of Losers But The Authors Don T Make It So Easy For Mary Jane Instead, She S Left To Sort Out This Mess With The Help Of Head Fishmonger Lonnie Based On A Bestselling Corporate Education Video, Fishaims To Help Employees Find Their Way To A Fun And Happy Workplace While Some May Find The Story Line And Prescriptions Such As Choose Your Attitude, Make Their Day, And Be Present Downright Corny, Others Will Find A Good Dose Of Worthwhile Motivational Management Techniques If You Loved Who Moved My Cheesethen You Ll Find Much To Like Here And Don T Worry About Mary Jane And Kids Fishhas A Happy Ending For EveryoneHarry C Edwards

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    Suckiest book ever This was an obligatory work read It was the classic corporate mumbo jumbo Imagine a sucky group of employees with bad attitudesin walks this great boss With only the tap of a wand and a field trip to a local fish market she transforms this group of losers into productive happy cogs With really clever phrases like choose your attitude this sage was able to get her team back on track and loving their jobs, life and eachother Wow Not once did they explore what made those poor saps so ineffective or consider that perhaps there were some structural changes that could have perhaps contributed to the attitude problems on the gig I would much preferred to have read skymall magazine on the plane or chatted with the stranger sitting next to mebut no, I was held hostage to the fish story I believe fish was an appropriate name because when I finished with it, I wanted to wrap it up in newspaper and put it out with the trash

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    Our company is using Fish philosophy I have been working for the past 27 years and all my previous three or four employers did not allow any of these Halloween area decorations contest, global festival contest, monthly birthday celebrants dinner with the general manager, santacruzan based on catholic religious festival , interest clubs book club is one of these and I am one of the members and I will use Goodreads , etc Honestly, I am not sure if they add value to the business including the book club But I can see that most of the employees are enjoying these and Have Fun at Work is part of the management philosophy that the company espouses so who am I to argue with that.Because of our company book club, I am now in the look out for an appropriate books to read one fiction and one non fiction I do not have any problem with the fiction because there are just too many available The non fiction is a different matter because most booklovers, at least most of my friends here in Goodreads, are not really into this So, when I saw this hardbound book pristine, clean and crispy being sold for only P75, I bought it right away.The fictional story revolves around Mary Jane, a mother whose husband just died so she has to support all by herself her two small children She works as a manager in a fictional company called First Guarantee Financial Because she works hard as she is now the sole provider for her kids , her efforts are noticed and the company president assigns her to fix the operation on the third floor of the building That operation is functioning so badly that it has earned the name The Toxic Energy Dump.One day, Mary Jane is walking and she heard a happy commotion noise and laughters from the direction of the market called Pike Place Fish where the fishmongers salesclerks are throwing the fishes, whole or parts, in the air The buyers are enjoying the spectacle not only the throwing but also the full attention and friendly conversations they get from the salesclerks That was how the idea of Fish philosophy was born.I remember my boss sent me a copy of the video before and I just brushed it aside thinking that we do not have anything to throw inside the office The book explained other ways to have fun at work It is only now that I understand exactly how can this work to boost morale, improve results and minimize resignations Those decorating activities, the employees dancing inside the pantry, the ladies dressed up like Reina Elena walking in procession along the hallway, etc are not to deviate their attention from work or to aim for a higher pay in the next annual salary increase Those are, even how ironic they seem, to encourage them to be productive This book aims to tell the reader how this can be possible and I am stopping here so as not to spoil your fun.My only comment is that the frame story is the suckiest story that I ve ever read It is mind bugging not mind boggling Having read so many fiction works, this one is like a bug, say a cockroach, that you want to step on until its intestines are spread on the floor You have to step on it because the said cockroach can fly and it can go inside your ears and creep into your brain That s how you d feel reading that story It is badly written that I felt insulted and afraid reading it It seemed like the author thought that only stupid office people or those who after reading the fairy tales while they were very young were not required by their schools to read another book would have the interest to read his book.Check the name and profiles of the 3 authors Stephen C Ludin, Ph.D a filmmaker, professor, speaker , Harry Paul senior vice president , John Christensen filmmaker, CEO, film producer Not anyone of them had written a book prior to this yet Last night, I started reading the second book yeah, this book is so successful it has a sequel and now there is the fourth author and he is a writer Yay, good thinking

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    I don t know if I ve ever heard so much negative feedback on a book that no one s actually read.A coworker cleaning out his desk handed me this slim hardback volume along with Leadership and the One Minute Manager, both of which he received at some sort of managerial seminar I m usually up to give read just about anything, and neither volume extended much beyond 100 pages When I asked him about fish, he casually explained that it was a book on how to brainwash your employees.Not sure he read it honestly, but then again I m not even sure the people who hand out these books actually believe its message.I guess what I m getting at is the corporate world is full of misanthropes.While the notion of using a story as a framework for a message of corporate betterment probably didn t start with this book, it seems like it definitely gave it a bit ground in popularity It s a sugar pill meant to push about a page worth of data down the throat of lower level management.The issue I have with all these books is the same reason I couldn t stomach Ayn Rand s Atlas Shrugged A fictional story is a great way to teach a lesson, or extol virtues and beliefs It s rotten for proving that you re right When you create the scenario you guarantee success for the avatars of your chosen methods Everyone who disagrees becomes a straw man you can set ablaze It s like CS Lewis saying there s a magic world through the wardrobe It s FICTION It doesn t prove a damn thing in and of itself.Here s a spoiler for the book straight out of Wikipedia PlayMake Their DayBe There for Coworkers Often referred to as Be Present This is to do with giving your full attention to a task or individual Choose Your AttitudeWhat s funny is that most of the advice I ve read in these sort of books just tell you to act like a civil, respectful human being Being positive and trying to make your environment as good as it can be for your employees isn t really a feat of neurology So what stops it from happening Well, it s easier not to The well of positive energy is poisoned from above, not below The example is set from a much higher point than the middle management this is aimed at In a way it s sort of abrasive to have them throwing this book at underlings and saying, Here, get a good attitude They themselves feel they don t need this attitude, the book is a pill for someone else s problem The people with the power seem to feel they don t need to study anything at all, since their power is proof that they already know all they need to as is.As proof of this, a friend of mine who saw the book mentioned that he got this book along with a write up as his last job with ticketmaster He of course did not read it, as being punished with a book on positive morale didn t sit well with him The unwritten messsage of the book as its used in practice is, Have a good attitude or else It goes unread not because of its intended message, but because of the implied one.Wikipedia has a counter argument that sums it up far better than I could, so I ll end with it In his book Organization Theory A Libertarian Perspective, anarchist Kevin Carson calls FISH vile and a lesson from the powerful to the powerless ,adding To grasp just how presumptuous Fish really is, just try a thought experiment imagine management s reaction if the circumstances were reversed Imagine the bosses reaction if you and your coworkers matter of factly announced that, henceforth, you would be working at a slower pace for the same amount of money, or that you would be receiving a higher hourly wage Imagine telling the boss you can t do anything about these changes, but you can choose to have a good attitude about them My guess is your boss would demonstrate in short order that he does have control over events, and that it s not his attitude that has to be adjusted That s because, while you may be powerless, your bosses most certainly are not.This asymmetrical power relationship is implicit in Fish Philosophy And you d better believe that the people who push it are fully aware of their agenda They are the ones who do things We are the ones that things are done to Learn to enjoy it, or else That s the message of Fish Philosophy EDIT The I thought about it, the my score dropped I kept having wait a damn minute moments It started out as a 3 and just slid downward As one negative review pointed out, the book gives absolutely no consideration to dissent as a valuable part of office discourse.

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    Read this for work Easy and quick to read.The Fish philosophy is modelled on the work culture of a fishmonger s at Seattle s Pike Place Markets.Summarised1 Choose your attitude2 Play Have fun They threw fish around at the markets 3 Be present for customers and others generally 4 Make their day3 stars

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    I gave this book one star only because Good Reads won t let me give it half a star It was a work assignment How do I loathe it, let me count the ways 1 Abysmal writing Fish was apparently written in a land where contractions seldom happen, and the dialogue reads like a 1950s industrial about the perils of poor hygiene 2 The story Lundin et al felt the need to tack a plot onto their corporate philosophy book a plot that was thin, forced, and, with the implausible love story stuck in for us working gals reading it, insulting 3 The vilification of dissent The Fish Philosophy is presented as being so flawless and so delightful that no one could possibly object to it And, indeed, the protagonist encounters no objections from her employees What then can happen it happened to my boss is that managers who read the book and make their employees read it are unprepared for dissent Legitimate concerns about the fundamental soundness and applicability of the philosophy are swept aside without acknowledgement Dissent is seen not as vital to growth which I believe it to be but as trouble making and not being a team player The only appropriate response to the Fish Philosophy, in the Fish world, is complete acquiescence 4 The co option of message The message I took from the Fish video is the importance of authenticity and individuality The Pike s Place Fish Market is fun because each employee is encouraged to be their authentic selves, to contribute to the sense of fun in their own unique way The fact that this inspiring message has been co opted, in the book, into a worldwide message of corporate conformity and enforced fun imposed by the student councilesque few on the unconsulted many sickens me.

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    My boss gave me this book to read and tell her what I thought My review here will be essentially what I told her The FISH concept is exactly that, a concept that has been heard before from countless speakers at every business conference you have attended Chose your attitude, have some fun at work, pay attention to people, and be focused on the present None of these are breakthrough concepts The book itself is a quick read I finished it on my lunch break after she gave it to me Large font, large margins, and lots of wasted space make and already thin book even shorter The biggest problem with this book is that it is written to be motivational, but not exactly helpful Most people will read this book, and be very excited about what they have read, wanting to run right back to work and start implementing the FISH philosophy By the end of the week this enthusiasm will be gone because, unfortunately this book does not give you the knowledge or the skills to implement their theories The character in the book is fictional, and the results she achieved by implementing this philosophy are just as fictional I would have been much happier to have read about a company that actually DID implement this philosophy, how they did it, and the true results they achieved Certainly reading that a fictional person implemented it and it worked phenomenally can be motivational, but reality works differently The flaws in the concept can be overcome, but the book itself does not help you to achieve this The employees have to trust their management, the management has to both trust their employees and also have employees in place that can be trusted to want to do their job to the best of their ability Also, you have to assume that the work that the employees are doing is actually value added work In the day and age of lawsuits over everything, trying to add fun to the workplace can be a terrifying thing to management who has been trained over the years that anything out of the norm can result in a lawsuit of one type or another The suggestion of beach balls and throwing footballs around the room from the second book Fish Tales is any safety manager s nightmare In the end, this is a weakly written book about a philosophy that is motivational, but of use in your personal life than the business world.

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    A GR friend listed this, which reminded me that I owned a copy at one time Actually what happened was this My former employer was sending us office peons to a motivational retreat out in the country, which happened every other year or so to our great collective dread Much forced teamwork joviality and irritating group exercises and presentations that reminded me of kindergarten ensued The latest management fad of the week that was used to theme and structure one of these particular retreats was the Fish approach to management, based on the fish tossing hijinks of the workers at the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle The workers at the fish market, we were told, loved their jobs and gained customer loyalty by engaging the consumers in their energetic hijinks Somehow an entrepreneur wanting to make a lot of money by selling a mass market one size fits all program to ever gullible managers had the brainstorm of packaging this philosophy into paid seminars and a companion book which this is What I just told you about the fish market hijinks pretty much constitutes the philosophy Of course it s inane, crass, irrelevant to workplace realities and ultimately condescending to workers who rightly realize that their intelligence is being insulted by yet another lumpen metaphoric lesson barely better than those suitable for the comprehension of Mr Rogers audience.I was given one of these books at the retreat and told to read it I skimmed it and immediately put it up for sale on in much the same way I immediately threw into my office trash each Christmas the Russell Stover sampler box given to me as a gift in lieu of an actual raise or bonus.In other words, take this fish and shove it

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    I know it is a matter of perspective certainly, but I think a one star rating is missing the point of this book It is absolutely not going to be winning any writing awards, but it contains lessons that I think we all need to be reminded of periodically I always feel better when I read it and I always take something away from it Quick read an hour tops Buy it for yourself, buy it for friends, buy it for coworkers We can all benefit from the Fish philosophy 1 Choose the attitude you bring to work 2 Play Every job may not be fun, but we can choose to have fun doing it 3 Make their day Engage customers including them creates goodwill 4 Be Present Be aware of those around you and be fully available

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    Fish is a business book written as a parable Its purpose is coach its readers into a new way of carrying out their business environment in order to make employees productive It does so by enlightening us with less conventional methods of expressing ourselves at work.In order for employees to be productive, they need not experience work as a hum drum experience After all, who gives their all when they are bored and disengaged Cliche as this may sound, Fish claims that passion in what we do for a living is of ultimate importance The significance of feeling alive and purposeful is necessary The Fish philosophy considers it imperative employees get to know each other, that they be exposed to events and celebrations in which they can share with one another, and that some fun be brought into their work life Some of the methods discussed are interest clubs such as book clubs, holiday celebrations, festivals, contests, birthday hurrah s, trips, winning a dinner with the boss, etc These methods and others, are used as motivators for higher achievement at work Although I have never personally worked for a company that avails itself to the Fish philosophy, I do know of companies that have implemented Fish techniques with great success I have also spoken to people who claim the Fish philosophy has made a difference as to how they personally approach their jobs For my part, I can only imagine and this is simply a personal opinion , that employees who have a sense of belonging, who are encouraged to share with co workers, feel they are a part of something bigger, and propelled to participate and voice their opinions, will experience a greater sense satisfaction in their work place Thus making them motivated Which could serve to raise employee self esteem and moral I can see how this school of thought, if implemented properly, could provide employees with a effective work environment Before closing off, I would like to clear something up about Fish There have been some negative reviews Many of them state what a horrible story Fish is Fish is NOT a story It is a parable used to coach it s readers as to the concept of running a business with greater impact by using unconventional methods It is not a fictional read for entertainment purposes I gave Fish 3 stars.

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    I got called in as a temp today, and inbetween breaks of answering phones, I noticed this book sitting in the office and I picked it up and read it It s short and sweet and to the point, and a REALLY good book It reminded me a lot of Victor Frankl s book Man s Search for Happiness, how even when our freedoms are taken away, we always have the freedom to choose our attitude toward things and events This applies the choice of attitude to the workplace Maybe you have a job that really sucks This book will teach you how to have fun at work, how to change things from being a toxic environment to a happier environment And people will want to be around you when you re not moping around or making excuses Can you believe it Anyway, good book, funny and a really quick read.

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