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    3.5 starsThis book was kind of silly, kind of OTT but still cute and enjoyable With the direction this went in the last 10% I definitely want to read the next book.

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    First off, let me say, coming from a thirty one year old from New York, I was CRACKING UP at all the references to my teenage years, NSYNC and Backstreet Boysnow If H.J would have talked about NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCKthat would have been extra points BUT.she does reference my BF, Zach Morris.so A to that LURVE me some Mark Paul Gossilar Jordie ROCKED I liked her from page one, her abrasive nature being from NY NJ , her hard working mind set and the way she cared about her daughter, friends and family I just felt sad for her that something was missing, she was just meandering through her life, not really livingand in walks NATHAN.in the words of Rachel Ray.YUMMMMMMMO When the shit yes, there is A LOT of cursing in this romance, but funny enough, it felt like HOME hits the fan, and I won t give away Nate s little BIG secret just yet, but Jordie is put into a tough situation, but they come out on top, until both of their lives get rockedand WHERE DID THAT COME FROM..I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The ending was bittersweet, as I wanted to smack some sense into Jordie, and maybe slap Nathan around a little bit tooand I didn t want it to endI hope HJ plans to write a story for Rachel, maybe on her and a certain singer..hummmmmm By the time I was finished reading FINDING JORDIE, everyone felt like family I could see myself working behind the bar, joking around with Mike and Carlos, talking Boy Band Wars with Rach and Jordie Maybe hitting on Frank..haha It was that REAL, you feel like you belong there H.J., thank you for taking me on a wonderful trip back home to New York, I swear I could smell the nasty hot dog trucks haha I highly recommend FINDING JORDIE to my readers and I hope they will give it a read.

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    3.5 STARS H.J Harley gives us romance, mystery, and raw emotions in Finding Jordie, the first book in the Love Lies Bleeding Series.Jordie is tenacious, feisty and bold Having suffered a major loss eight years ago she holds a lot of vulnerability inside Not only owning, but running a bar in NYC her only other focus is her daughter Emma Everything that comes out of her daughter s mouth is priceless, at times a little too sassy But, hey Kids are sassy these days, mine is, so it made her character seem very real The banter between her and her best friend, Rachel is full of hilarity and though bawdy at times, it s relatable She s just cruising through live, working, taking care of Emma and laughing it up with Rachel until Nathan walks in and saves her like the knight in shining armor he is.Nathan is sweet, full of emotion and an all around good guy but he has his little secret which eventually comes to light faster than he would have liked I did have an issue with the details surrounding his secret but it did not deter me from this story Everything seems to be going in the right direction until Jordie and Nathan realize that there is a stalker lurking in the backgrounds Once that tidbit comes to light BOOM, BAM, POW we are hit with the unexpected and a million questions run wild in our minds.This is a fast paced novel where the connection between the h H happens from the very first interaction It s quick, insta love at it s best and the way that H.J Harley delivers their instant chemistry makes you believe in a love like theirs.

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    OMG OH EM GEE This book was amazing It has all the great characteristics I love intrigue, mystery, love, and friendships This book took me along the emotional rollercoaster and left me feeling anxious and relieved among many other emotions When I finished this book I was clapping my hands together Harley takes you along a fantastic journey of struggle, triumph, love, sadness The characters are easy to relate to and fall in love with Throughout the first part of the book, I was thinking Pretty Woman in modern day But then Harley throws you for that intrigue and puts enough twist in the story to suck you right in I couldn t put the book down I was talking to myself all day while grocery shopping wondering who was doing what I laughed out loud at the banter between best friends Rachel and Jordie and cried during Jordie s struggles I love how Harley writes Jordie as a kick ass, strong woman I admire her throughout the entire book I will definitely look for books by H.J Harley Finding Jordie is a must add to your libraries Be prepared to follow into this awesome journey.

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    Title Finding Jordie Author H.J HarleySeries Yes Release Date October 4, 2014Rating 4.50 5 stars Cliffhanger NoSpoiler free reviewHidden Gem Alert If you like celebrity ordinary girl romances.look no further Finding Jordie by H.J Harley is perfect Finding Jordie is a fairytale love story that will tear your heart in two I cried a few ugly tears until I reached an emotion packed Hollywood style HEA I loved everything about this book the plot, dialogue, angst and especially Jordie She is one tough and smart heroine Then there is Nathan I still cannot believe this is the writer s first book There is no cliffhanger but this book is part of a series I hope that Jordie s best friend gets her own book She was an absolute RIOT Holler biotch read it and you will understand I m officially a fan of this incredible writer and this book Go one click this one.Thank you Heidi McLaughlin for suggesting this book to me I am a huge fan of Heidi s and trust her book suggestions I wouldn t have uncovered this hidden gem without her This review appears on www.kindlecrack.net,www.facebook.com , Goodreads, , Google , Pinterest and Twitter A review copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Finding Jordie The heroine had this gritty, tough exterior hiding a tender vulnerability on the inside Her life wasn t ideal, but it was hers Devoted to her daughter, fiercely loyal to her friends, she d learned how to pick herself up and brush herself off Jordie endured and her heart was perfectly safe for years until the right man came along.Nathan has his own trust issues and protective barricades, but those collapse when they meet and he feels genuine sparks for the first time Their attraction is real, raw, and reassuring to them both.Too bad their whirlwind romance isn t all their own They ve got eyes following them than they d like, and not all of them friendly.I loved how deftly Ms Harley wove the threat into the story It kept me reading, kept me guessing, all the way to the satisfying end.

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    OMG can I give this book six stars please I loved this book Fast paced, funny, sweet, full of tension, smart did I mention I loved the heroine, Jordie Sassy, smart, full of piss n vinegar and strong as the day is long Makes me want to go to NYC for a girl s night out with her and her BFF, Rachel now that would be a fun night Holler And then there was Nathan purely scrumptious Ms Harley has hit this one out of the ball park I m jealous of all those who are just about to pick it up and read it for the first time Take yourself off to a quiet place, take some food you won t want to be disturbed by such mundane stuff once you ve begun , and have fun Bravo Very well done This reviewer received an ARC from the author in return for an honest review, which is given as a professional courtesy and without monetary compensation.

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    Three words to describe this book Love, Humor and Heat This book is just too fun and will make you laugh and laugh Jordie is so sassy and so funny, she is a single mom widowed who owns a bar in New York Nate is a mystery man who steals her heart These two together equal lots of heart and heat, they also embark on some crazy antics and situations that will keep you reading and you won t be able to put the book down The dialogue in this book is simply brilliant humor at its best 5 star book and you will fall in love with Jordie and Nate For indie book reviews Myindieauthorfix.com

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    FINDING JORDIE is a wonderfully well written story about a woman who finds love, when she least expects, in a man whom she has no idea who he truly is until she s totally unable to resist him Nathan Harper is a good man who has feared letting anyone get too close because of trust issues, but opens himself up completely to Jordie and her daughter He then finds himself in the unexpected role of lover, protector, friend, and father figure The secondary characters are equally stars in this contemporary romance that features an adorably, intelligent and grown up daughter named Emma, a quirky yet lovable best friend named Rachel, and a bodyguard named Frank that I just wanted to hug all the time for being so wonderful to Jordie and Emma The characters are real They act like normal people, they react like normal people, and they live normal lives even under unusual circumstances.Ms Harley is a talented writer who has taken a first person work and made it work so well, you forget it s in first person We quickly step into the character of Jordie and live in her skin as she falls in love, worries about her daughter, her friends, her bar and Nathan A mystery begins to unfold, putting everyone she loves in danger, and nearly costs her everything.I normally refer to the steaminess of a novel in minimal terms but I will tell you that if I had to give this story a rating, I d say it was PG for sex, R for language, and R for violence but it all works so amazingly I do wish that the ending had been a bit expanded because, for me, it felt as if it had been either cut short or added on All of that aside, FINDING JORDIE by H.J Harley is an extraordinary romance well worth reading and I m looking forward to wonderful things to come from this debut author.I highly recommend FINDING JORDIE by H.J Harley if you love a fast paced, sweet and tender, emotional and endearing, passionate without blatant sex scenes, love story with a touch of tension, danger, angst, and some moments when you fear it s all coming apart for Jordie but that culminates in a sweet, loving happily ever after eARC provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.

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    NB In the interest of full disclosure, I edited this novel for the author before she found a publisher HJ has a naturally good sense of story, and although she claimed to me that her New Jersey upbringing had destroyed her use of the English language, she writes in a very natural and charming voice I will use this book as an example of an author finding her voice to future clients I am asked to look at a lot of romance novels as an editor This one won my heart because it feels real It s not full of hokey love scenes You can imagine everything in it really happening and yet it s still very romantic and funny There are moments when the suspense takes over I won t give you any spoilers but showers figure prominently I see a movie in the future of this book.

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Finding Jordie summary pdf Finding Jordie, summary chapter 2 Finding Jordie, sparknotes Finding Jordie, Finding Jordie 98b3fe8 A Widow Of Eight Years, Jordie Is Devoted To Her Daughter And Knows How To Protect Her Own Heart Until Nathan Harper Lends A Hand When She S Punched By A Drunkard Being Forcefully Removed From Her NYC East Village BarNathan Is Fascinated By The Sassy Bar Owner, Who Doesn T Recognize Him From The Silver Screen And Who Appears Interested In Conversation Than SexBut When Shared Words Spark Mutual Passion, The Menacing Phone Calls Begin, And A Stalker, Who Will Stop At Nothing To Have Jordie, Turns His Crosshairs On NathanContains Adult Language

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