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    Book Review 3 of 5 stars to Fatally Flaky, the 15th of 17 books in the cozy mystery series by Diane Mott Davidson, published in 2009 You can tell the series is coming to a close soon as it seems like the stories are getting harder and harder to write, It s rare a book series should go past 10, and if it does, it cannot be one written right after the other The author should have a few series going on, or alternate between series and non series fiction, just to give time for the actual mystery to pull itself together Although nothing bad in this particular edition, it s just a little less than I want it to be each time There are certainly interesting escapades with BrideZilla, Spa Machinations and Doctor Suspicious, but it s still a bit outta control At least this time, we have Uncle Jack, Goldy s godfather, as something else to focus on I do love the characters, the setting and many of the books But this was not one of the better ones About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by.

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    In this 15th book in the series, caterer amateur sleuth Goldy Schulz is catering a couple of weddings when her godfather and his friend are the victims of two separate crimes Goldy helps her cop husband investigate The book can be read as a standalone The story Goldy Schulz, owner of Goldilocks Catering, is thrilled when her godfather Jack moves to Colorado and purchases a home near her Jack and his friend, Doc Finn, can always be counted on when Goldy needs a hand.As the story opens Goldy who is married to police detective Tom Schulz is preparing to cater a couple of weddings the O Neal nuptials and the wedding of Billie Attenborough to Dr Craig Miller Billie is a narcissistic pain in the neck who has driven Goldy crazy by continually changing the wedding menu, wedding guests, and wedding venue Finally, Billie decides to hold the event at the Gold Gulch Spa owned by Victor Lane a man Goldy dislikes and distrusts.Prior to the Attenborough wedding, Goldy and Jack drive over to check out the Gold Gulch Spa facility for catering purposes Jack soon gets caught snooping around the usually locked smoothie shack where delicious fruit beverages are prepared for spa guests Jack, however, pretends he entered the shack to nuzzle one of the spa employees and won t explain the incident to his goddaughter The first tragedy strikes when Doc Finn has a fatal car accident on the day of the O Neal wedding An investigation shows that, before his death, Doc was thinking of having a mysterious vial analyzed A few days later, Jack is attacked at the Attenborough affair When Goldy visits Jack in the hospital he provides her with mysterious clues, though Goldy doesn t immediately know what they mean However, spurred on by Jack s clues Goldy helps her husband investigate the crimes Seems there are odd goings on in the local medical community and at the Gold Gulch Spa things that Doc Finn and Jack were looking into The plot of the book is satisfactory for a light mystery and Davidson s popular recurring characters are on hand Goldy s rich and hungry friend Marla, her teen son Arch, and her talented assistant Julian The ancillary characters are also well drawn and interesting As always in the Goldy series, the characters consume lots of mouth watering food for which Davidson provides the recipes.I d recommend the book as an enjoyable light mystery.You can follow my reviews at

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    To Carolyn Marino with deep gratitude for excellent editing and for possessing a kind heart and a light touch I cannot vouch for Ms Marino s kind heart , but her light touch is certainly in evidence A sample paragraph emphasis mine Because Father Pete says there are letters from the diocesan office he can t find in the church files, and was wondering if I could go help him try to figure out how the new secretary s mind works Since I recommended that he hire this woman, it s all my fault, apparently, that the diocesan letters were placed in some random file drawer instead of on Father Pete s desk I even warned him she had ADD, but he just said he didn t think that would mean needing CIA assistance to find some random letters from the diocesan office A couple of paragraphs later If we don t find those diocesan letters No, the diocesan letters have absolutely nothing to do with the plot of the story at all.In other words Thanks for taking my manuscripts as is because I m such a big money maker for you In this 15th installment we meet Goldie s godfather from New Jersey, who presumably has moved into a house across the street since book 14 it is mentioned that he did not tell her of his plans until the last minute Goldie tells us repeatedly of what a great support he d been to her during her time with The Jerk over, it was he who gave her the money to start her business Yet there d been no mention of his existence until now Nada, zip, zilch Ms Davidson and Ms Merino must have figured that needed no explanation How convenient.Partway through the series, her best friend Marla suffered a serious heart attack, pointedly giving up alcohol on the stern advice of her cardiologist In this book, we have her drinking like a fish, getting sloshed than once, during the day Not only does Goldie not say anything about it in a friendly, indirect manner, she never thinks anything of it In addition to the hooch, Marla scarfs down several eggs real ones, not low cholesterol substitute , as well as other of Goldie s yummies.Nor is she the only drinker Godfather Jack and his new best friend Doc Finn spend most of their time sloshed Jack s ladyfriend in her mind at least, though he does lead her on heavily at one point arrives in his hospital room after he s attacked, drunk as skunk, with her daughter from hell and wimpy son in law in tow The daughter, Billie, is so exaggeratedly awful I could accept her, but an incident leads me to a discussion of Tom.At one point, Billie smacks Goldie so hard in front of witnesses Goldie thinks to herself a couple of hours later that the folks in the local hospital are staring at her swollen face she s there to visit sleuth, not be treated Nary a peep from lawman Tom about this regarding pressing charges Nada Yet he goes on and on later about what danger she s in at the principal crime scene, insisting on sending a county cop along at taxpayer expense solely to protect her as she sleuths undercover as a temporary chef Tom s concern seemed a bit selective to me.In Literary Monopoly there must be a card reading Move a comma, collect editoral salary P.S Two words I hope never, ever to see again Smoothie Cabin they wore out their welcome on the 100th encounter.

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    Yes, I am addicted to Diane Mott Davidson, even though the plots are thin, the writing confusing, the motivations unreadable, the characters unbelievable, and each chapter utterly predictable You get to read about cooking and good food Every book comes with recipes If only she was a good writer, these would be perfect books Or maybe if P.D James would incorporate cooking and recipes in HER books, i would be able to read the perfect book.Here is an example the main character, Goldy, arrives home at just half past five Here is what she does in the next 30 minutes Drinks a sherry, thought about Dr Finn for 20 lines, takes a shower makes a pie crust, starts the computer and reads her next catering job s to do list and recipes, prints out the lists she needs, answers the phones and has a long conversation, makes a fruit filling by washing and chopping berries and finishing the pie, chops a number of vegetables and makes and cooks about 100 crab cakes, and then 2 friends come over It is now ALMOST 6 What would be an entire day for any normal person, is 30 minutes in the book.I must stop this review and eat now.

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    Did it Finally finished this series at least what is out so far I m looking forward to trying two of the recipes but I must admit I am not looking forward to the next installment if there is one I hate to say it but I m getting sick of Goldy I find her character irritating She seems to have very little regard for her husband s job Also, with her getting hit on the head so much I really think she needs a brain scan

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    OK, after fifteen times around the block, I have to admit I m getting a little tired of Goldy withholding evidence, breaking the law, obstructing Tom s investigations, and making stupid decisions about her own safety I really, really understand that she has to, or there isn t much story, but the device is wearing a little thin for me Of course, I have read all fifteen books, and no one was forcing me to, so there you go I ve read all the books because I like reading about the cooking and the catering business I feel like her relationships with her friends, husband, and son are all genuine I get a big kick out of Marla, and I totally have a crush on Julian I also was fascinated, in a watching the train wreck kind of way, with Goldy s relationship with her late ex husband There s another aspect of the series that I appreciate, and I keep waiting for exactly the right reader s advisory interview to capitalize on it It s that Davidson matter of factly shows Goldy and her family as active members of a vital church community There s lots of Christian fiction where the character s faith is a defining thread of the story, and there s lots of contemporary fiction in which religion isn t mentioned at all, so I appreciate it when a book manages to stake out some ground in the middle JA Jance s Joanna Brady mysteries is another series that does this well All of which have been enjoyable enough to keep me coming back, and though right now I don t feel like I need to keep up with the series any , by the time the next one comes out I ll probably succumb again

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    After reading the first couple of chapters of this book I found myself wondering why I ordered it I haven t particularly liked any of the last 3 before this and recall saying I wouldn t buy any of them last year I guess I m a creature of habit and when I see this author s name, it goes in my online shopping cart Well, after this one, NO Though Diane is a lovely lady and very personable, she seems to be phoning these in now I think I was supposed to develop a deep affection for Uncle Jack, but it never happened He just came across as a fairly nice old drunk Lots of unlikeable people in this one and the story was just not very good So long, Goldy I used to really enjoy visiting you every year, but now you ve just grown stale.

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    Found this a little tedious, but because the characters are old friends and I like the recipes, I stuck with it Not one of the better ones in the series.

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    Fatally Flaky A Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery A murder mystery A bit slow for my taste But it did have likable characters and the plot was interesting enough The recipes look tasty, but no way could I EVER attempt to make them A fun read and I would like to try a few of her others to see how they are.

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    I think Ms Davidson may just be tired of this series Perfunctory and blah.

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