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    STILL Better Every Time Re read 7 25 19Re read 5 20 19Re read 3 7 17Re read 7 4 15 Review ALL the StarsThis book really took me by surprise Western historical romance is one of my all time favorite genres, but I had never read or heard of this author before I don t even remember what prompted me to read this, but it was just outstanding The writing and storytelling was fantastic and the characters were so well fleshed out and truly tangible in a way I haven t experienced in a while Annie and Cord were both original, unique characters.They went through so much that brought them together and then they fought to stay together Their quiet love story was so enjoyable to read and I loved every moment.This is definitely going my my All Time Favorites list.

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    Spoilers I discovered this little gem of a book from reviews by Danielle Lori and Val Shameless Bitchy Skanky Steamy Reads Mrs Danvers Tate Snow Thanks, ladies.Where to start with this book First off, I savoured the reading of Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold, prolonging the experience as much as I could Secondly, everything I thought I knew about racial prejudice, this story amplified to a thousand degree.Annie and Cord, our MCs Annie is white and Cord is half Comanche, living in 1880s Colorado Theirs is a love that survived the most arduous of circumstance Annie was subject to a misogyny so evil, it left her little choice but to rebel Cord was regarded as less human and beast, all because he was half Native American.What this book most illuminated, to me, is the mindset of the racist individual How prejudices are formed without logic How, even with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, racists feel justified by their beliefs Actions that are judged innocuous if done by a white person, have different nuances when done by a POC Ms O Connell writes in the 3rd person omniscient, giving this story a depth that would have been absent from a single perspective Placing the reader in Colorado, making us wish we could reach in and slap some of the characters from their stupidity.Despite EVERYONE s disbelief, their love trumped all the hate thanks, Hilary C Annie was unwavering in her love for Cord She believed in him fiercely and slowly, Cord relented, becoming less aloof and loving her with his all.Eventually, the haters were silenced, realizing that it was indeed possible for a white woman to love a Comanche half breed Gaaaaaahhh.This was a great love story and Ellen has just gotten herself a new fan.

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    As he finally stopped fighting sleep, he wondered if maybe just occasionally the gods designed a woman fit for a king or a prince and then gave her to an ordinary man Maybe they did such a thing once in a while, knowing an ordinary man would treasure her , love her better Maybe they even let him keep her for a while. Wow Where to begin well, I ll start with that quote It s one of my favorite hero quotes from any book I ve read, and in just a few sentences shows us Cord s hope and his heart And reading it again for the umpteenth time, knowing what led up to it, I m having a hard time holding back the tears.Cord Bennett is an outcast, a savage, a pariah He has no real friends, and even his family is afraid of him Under different circumstances that is to say, if he were like the other, normal men in town, the things he s done would be understandable, but his father was white and his mother was Cherokee, so Cord is gasp a half breed, and nothing about him is the least bit acceptable.Anne Wells isn t the proper young woman her parents want her to be She s not a ravishing beauty or in the least bit biddable She s stubborn, and again gasp she thinks for herself, so when her father arranges her marriage to a man who is all kinds of repulsive, Anne not only makes her displeasure known, she does everything she can to make sure the wedding never takes place When Anne s father stoops to an all time low, thinking he can force her into agreeing, Anne knows that she needs to escape the hell that has become her life, before it s too late But when she chose to hide in Cord Bennett s barn and ask for his help, she had never even considered that the hell she had escaped was nothing compared to that which she and Cord would have to endure together.I really don t think I ll be able to explain why this story evoked such a deep, wide range of emotions well, not and do it coherently, anyway I was so angry at times, so heartbroken at others, sobbing so hard I was shaking and my chest hurt Maybe it was just timing Maybe had I read this another day, week or month, it wouldn t have affected me the way it did, but honestly, I don t think timing had anything to do with it It was the characters, their story, their determination to live their lives in peace, their incredible strength of character and their pride It was their unwillingness to allow others to break them, their ability to find happiness in the smallest things But most importantly, it was what they found in each other someone to share with To share the work, the heartache, the joy, the secrets they d kept buried for so long someone to make being alone seem less lonely And they saw in each other what no one else could see Kindness Honor Generosity of spirit And most importantly, through all the adversity, all the heartbreak and trials, they found in each other a happily ever after for the ages The bottom line Cord and Anne captured my heart, and when their story broke it into a million pieces, they were there to put it back together again The writing isn t flawless, but it s all of the things I mentioned the sorrow, the joy, the sacrifice, determination and devotion all of these things combined have made Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold one of my favorite stories ever, and Cord and Anne have than earned their place of honor on my Top Couples of All Time shelf If you love stories whose characters touch your heart, who pull you in and don t let go if you want their trials and triumphs to really mean something, then you ll want to get your hands on this book as quickly as possible.This is a beautiful story, one I won t soon forget Thank you, Autumn From the bottom of my heart, thank you, because without your encouragement and generosity, I probably would have never read this story, and what a horrible loss that would have been.

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    Wow words can express how much I enjoyed this book Anne and Cord were amazing together I loved how strong and brave they both were Anna had such a cute, outgoing personality Cord was the strong silent type but had a sweet side that he mostly only let Anne see There was such a great build up to their relationship that it felt real I will say that I wished for blood when it came to the bad guys getting what was coming to them I felt they got off the hook to easy But that is just me I m bloodthirsty I wanted Cord or Anne to get to kill them, and nothing else would have been good enough for me I think Ellen O Connell did such a good job of building up the town, characters, and relationships that I was total invested in, not just the main couple but their families as well I am so glad I try this book

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    Wish it weren t so, but I am in the minority camp with my rating.It has been a long time since I read a story set in the Wild West Colorado, 1885, to be exact I have been seeing five star reviews pop up on my feed for quite sometime.Cord Bennett The name just oozes confidence, strength, and sexiness His daddy had brown eyes, but those eyes of his are yellow, yellow like a wolf s The color don t make no nevermind What tells you he s the devil s own is there s nothing behind those eyes They re empty, empty, savage, and cold Anne s family, the townsfolk, even his own blood relatives believe Cord is as mean as a rattlesnake But Anne no when Anne looks into Cord s eyes, all she feels is the heat that makes her body flush from her face downwards.Cord and Anne are thrown together in marriage under horrendous circumstances, and despite the odds they try to make it work seeing as they have known each other since age ten and always got along Their relationship is fraught with challenges So I tried mighty hard, and sure wish I would have loved this book like most others have The first 20% of the book was pure fascination and I couldn t turn the pages fast enough, but then the storyline began to really drag for me Thought many times of calling it quits, but wanted to see how it ended Maybe if the writing was cohesive and flowed better, it would have been a much satisfying read An editor was certainly needed Like I stated earlier, I am in the minority camp Mostly, you will find glowing, five star reviews for this book, so I would encourage you to read those I did fall in love with Cord and Anne though They are strong, willful, endearing characters who faced extreme hatred I truly routed for them

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    Not just a romance, but a love story, beautifully toldAt twenty eight Anne Wells should be too old to be running away from home But her wealthy, controlling and abusive father wants her married, even if it is to a man as old and as mean as he is After leaving home and sheltering from a storm in a barn overnight, Anne wakes up the next morning to a familiar pair of unusual, gold eyes watching her The long silence threatened to become awkward, so she ventured, Good morning Mornin His voice was deep, soft and as expressionless as his face I suppose you wonder what I m doing here in your barn Set in Colorado 1885, Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold is Ellen O Connell s debut Cord Bennett, a half breed with a white father and a Cheyenne mother, has been shunned and misunderstood by family and locals alike The only person who has ever shown him any real kindness has been Anne, having known each other since they were both ten.This is my fourth read of this book since it was published in 2010, and my appreciation for this story has grown with each reading I m a huge fan of westerns and have read all the greats of the genre including Jodi Thomas, Lorraine Heath, Maggie Osborne, Penelope Williamson, Jo Goodman, et al There is no doubt that Ellen O Connell can be named among the greats of historical western romances.There is a surprising depth to this story Though the romance is the focus, Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold also deals with the details of life in Colorado in the 1880s, particularly Cord s business of raising horses, a marriage of convenience, family drama and racial prejudice.Having read and loved all Ms O Connell s books, one of the things that she does so well is write memorable couples. Often for me it s only the hero who makes an impact, but she s one of very few authors who writes heroines who are equal to their heroes Protective, sexy Cord is the very embodiment of the strong, silent type Anne is his equal, and as strong and as resilient and likable as Cord A meant to be couple From the dialogue to the growing romance, the sex scenes, life on the ranch, this story is believable If you re a fan of historical western romances or would like to read one, you won t find better than Ellen O Connell and Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold. Highly recommended.Steam 2.5 3

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    That was so awesome I was really wondering why all my friends in goodreads think that this is a very good book especially because most of them do not share the same tastes in books and especially in romance books.I think the main reason for the love for this particular book is that it is the book full of small satisfying victories Anne Wells and Cord Bennett have survived being different in a world of average people until they reached their late twenties Anne at this age is considered an old spinster and weird She has already broken up her relationship with a descent for the standards of that society man and destroyed their engagement without hesitation Now she refuses to marry the old, unloving, disgusting man that her father wants her to marry She is locked in her room and starved for weeks until she manages to escape and end up in Cord s farm asking for help.Now, Cord is considered an outlier in the respectable society of that small town in Colorado The son of a rancher and a Cheyenne woman he is someone that almost everyone fears including his own half brothers and sisters He has almost killed a few men, he has almost killed his own brother, he left the small town and apparently killed men until he came back looking like a savage and started looking after his farm and his horses alone.When Anne and Cord met the morning of Anne s getaway Anne understood how brutal her father is how much people do not care and how many hypocrites are around Anne and Cord almost died that morning.Anne and Cord were reborn after a few weeks Mainly depending on each other.And then the problems begin Cord thinks that Anne is too good for him Anne thinks that Cord cannot love The small town thinks that Cord holds Anne hostage Anne s father wants Anne back and locked up Anne s mother wants Anne happy and back home Cord s family thinks that Cord is a savage and can snap any moment Eveyone is afraid of Cord Everyone ignores and feels sorry for Anne Gossips and insults everywhere Anne and Cord go Not enough money to survive the winter Too much pride to ask for help.As I have said before this is a book of small victories that if you add them up you will have an out of proportion joy when you finish this book.While the civilized, well mannered citizens and role models of the small town are busy hating Anne and Cord are busy falling in love and gaining and friends.The pages were flying when I was reading the book Although it is a fairly long book, I could not put it down Anne is one of the most likable heroines Fierce, determined, lovable She radiates warmth and light Under the hesitant protection and unspoken love by Cord, her inner strength will be multiplied and be offered freely to all the living creatures men, women and animals that need her help.Cord is definitely husband material He is loyal, protective and brutal with the people who threaten the peace of his family He can only love once and forever.Highly recommended book by almost everybody

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    Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold was completely unexpected It s one of those stories that touches your heart, and has you thinking about the characters for days to come I really didn t think this author was gonna be able to pull it off, being that they both agree to a marriage and are amicable to each other before twenty percent, and this was a long book I can t stay invested in an everyday relationship there has to be tension between the characters, not just plot wise But I was so wrong I absolutely loved this story I think I fell in love with the hero the moment he opened his mouth and said, Mornin Seriously He was a dark edged character who s vitality literally radiated off the pages And he s definitely made it to my Hero Hall of Fame list The moment I started this book, I couldn t stop reading It begins right away with Anne the heroine on the run from her father who s trying to force her to marry some despicable man It so happens to be the hero s hay she s sleeping in She didn t know Cord lived there, but she s known him vaguely for being the half Indian man with a violent streak So while they get on amicably pretty soon, there is so much to this story than that Their relationship built over time was heart warming and so true to a budding romance I loved every minute of it My heart hurt so much for Cord and the prejudice he went through being a half breed in a white man s world The cool thing about him, though, was that he was a man in every sense of the word He handled the hate without a care in the world He was true to himself, and while he thought Anne could do better than him, it wasn t because of the color of his skin, but because of the backlash she d receive from society It was great to see how tough someone could remain with all that hate thrown at them Anne was a white woman, and while she was looked down on for marrying Cord, she never let the hate get to her I was rooting for her often when she d call someone out or stand up for Cord And I was so emotionally invested in this story that I d feel offended myself it sucked me in completely The plot was perfection it kept me invested over FOUR HUNDRED pages And while the story could use a good editor, it didn t detract me much from the story Ellen O Connell wrote a story about a forbidden love in an already hateful world Full of human relationships, that true kind of love that exists beyond infatuation, and life in the 1800 s, Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold was a fabulous tale that I won t soon forget.

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    I m mentally kicking myself for taking too long to pick up this one It was a very good and entertaining read My feelings were all over the place, of course, in a good way Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold is one of those books that will stay with you for a long time after you ve finished reading them.This was a story of two people from completely different worlds who were thrown together under terrible circumstances, but it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to them They both surprisingly found peace and comfort in each other s company In Anne, Cord found a strong, courageous, and compassionate woman who never gave up on her life Not only did she make him a better man, but she also made him want to do and be just for her And in Cord, Anne found a good hearted, quiet, honest, and dignified man who protected her with his life but wanted nothing in return He made her happy and gave her freedom She could be herself when she was with him She saw how unfairly most of the townspeople treated him just because he was half Indian, and that made her wanted to do anything for this loner.For them, it was a blessing that they ultimately found each other Having someone who truly cared about them and someone they could confide in was than they could ever ask for However, little did they know that the cruel fate that awaited them was about to step in and change everything they had together But their love was worth fighting for, and they would never give up on each other no matter what.I loved both main characters They were totally made for each other Cord is a very good man I loved how he cared about Anne and how he was ready to do anything just to see her smile I always admire men who speak less but do , and Cord was no exception.I was first shocked and confused and then upset that his brothers really believed that he could do such terrible things How could someone who should know him better than anyone else thought the worst of him At first, I didn t get why Cord didn t even say a single word Why kept it all to himself all the time I must admit I got a little frustrated with him, but the I read, the I understood him He wasn t the kind of man who cared to explain himself to anyone for the sake of his reputation It didn t matter to him whether people, including his family, would misunderstand him because the facts and his actions would speak for themselves eventually.Cord is definitely the man of my dreams Anne is a strong, kind, considerate, clever, brave, and reasonable woman I admired how she took care of Cord and never abandoned him, especially in his hour of need I admired her strength, spirit, and courage She s such an inspiring female lead character And I was so happy that she finally lived a happy and fulfilling life with a man she loved who loved her back with all his heart Both of them deserved that after all what they had gone through.I really enjoyed the romance aspect of this book It wasn t love at first sight but it was so romantic It took some time for them to get used to being around each other I loved how they developed the bond between them and it grew stronger and stronger with each passing day.Another thing that made this story work for me was the animals, especially the horses I loved reading everything about them The author did a great job of providing plenty of information about them such as horse breeding, training, racing, and how to take care of them All in all, I enjoyed reading this one immensely The story is quite long, but I can tell you that it s definitely worth it I would recommend this to fans of historical western romance.I hope you enjoy it

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    When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others by Peace Pilgrim American teacher and spiritual leader and peace prophet, 1908 1981 There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love by Bryant H McGill His daddy had brown eyes, but those eyes of his are yellow, yellow like a wolf s The color don t make no nevermind What tells you he s the devil s own is there s nothing behind those eyes They re empty, empty, savage, and cold Colorado 1885This special love story between Cord Bennett and Anne Wells starts off with lots of pain, fear, humiliation, and blood Don t let it put you off.One morning Cord finds Anne in his barn She s filthy, tired, scared, and extremely famished Anne ran away from her home and came to him to ask for his help Her father, Edward Wells, has been upset for years that she s not married He thinks having an old maid for a daughter is a reflection on him somehow Moreover, he thinks that Anne is a disgrace to his family He orders her to marry Mr Detrick a very repulsive man When she declines multiple times, her father treats her like an animal no, let me revise that even an animal wouldn t be treated like that After her escape Edward Wells is searching for his daughter But the search party turns into a lynch mob when they re arriving at Cord s ranch They re beating him almost to death What follows afterward is a long fight against small minded people including their own families It s a long way until they finally find their happiness.The relationship between Cord and his half brothers Frank and Ephraim is irritated to say the least For a few years Cord was gone and his brothers never forgave him for the years of worry and fear, and Cord resented their attitude and would neither apologize nor explain And the remaining love and loyalty were not enough to bridge the deep chasm of estrangement among the brothers.Years ago Cord had to come to terms what it meant being a half breed in a white man s world Anne is absolutely sure that the fright stories about Cord are not true, but the fact is he s often than not unemotional and uncommunicative It s difficult to get him to give a direct answer to a question He seems unable or certainly unwilling to speak than a few sentences at once.It was striking to see how Cord and Annie had to struggle against a society filled with prejudice I loved this quiet undertone that embraced Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold Yes, there s yelling, shouting, arguments, fighting, and violence But overall it s a beautiful and silent story Maybe I feel this way because of Cord Further, the ranch life is somehow lonely and silent Don t get me wrong it s never boring or uneventful by any means Cord is a quiet man with a dry sense of humor, and he was so perceptive I felt that his demeanor was his protective cover, and in order to not get hurt , he became this emotionless, stoic, and withdrawn man.On the other hand he acted a bit helpless at times when he didn t know what to do with Annie when she was angry with him Jeez, Cord had to learn how to interact with her He had no clue at all what proper communication meant Way to go, Cord Even Annie wasn t all that skilled when it came to communication Overall it was kinda soothing to witness how their relationship evolved Everything developed slowly but steadily The main characters were always likeable and believable Moreover, there were really good and witty dialogs as well Anne was such a gutsy and strong heroine At times she was so sassy wonderful I just had to admire this woman.While reading this book my mind was flooded by many, many feelings I was shocked, appalled, angry, disgusted But I also felt relieved and happy, and I had to laugh quite a lot Anne s father it s a shame to call him father was such a disgusting, repulsive, mean, and very, very EVIL piece of s it Such a vile creature of the human species Oh, human race, my a s Believe me, I wanted to massacre this guy inch by inch He deserved a painful and slow death And I am so a peaceful woman But I was really close to cause self harm like tearing off my hair or smash my fist into a wall My Kindle was extremely close to get thrown out the window What her father did at the beginning of the story was unforgivable what happened when I was about 72 % done with the story, however, that left me rather speechless Jeez, that beats all Bad, worse, worst doesn t come close to what I was feeling I felt extremely relieved that Cord was helping Anne to get out of her cage and finding her wings No one could ever cage her again and Cord admired her courage and determination By the wayso did I Loved how Cord called Annie his Ti gress, and the Ti gress suited Cord in a way that s just beyond words What didn t quite work for me 1 PROPER COMMUNICATIONIt s so important to communicate and do it right and early Gosh, Cord s half brothers were so frustrating Oh, heaven forbid that they could use their brains So difficult, huh Being subtle and being able to anticipate is so not their forte either 2 There were a few misunderstandings between Cord and Annie as well And a few times I had to say to myself Oh, Annie, just act and speak up already Ask for his kisses, ask for his caresses This woman had a sassy mouth but sometimes it d have been better to use it for different reasons.3 I felt that the story needed better editing Sometimes it was a tad distracting.Despite my minor censure it s still a 5 star rating because this book touched me in a very special way right to my heart.There were so many memorable quotes lines I put them in a spoiler Feel free to read them, since there re no spoilers included view spoiler Cord Mrs Wilkinson, you d never have to make a choice My grandfather was an ignorant, illiterate savage, but if he d captured you, he d have just slit your throat Even an ignorant savage knows better than to fuck a bitch Anne says It s really not a problem, Mr Miles I m so decent I can t understand half of what he says Anne Hell will freeze over before I apologize to anyone or before I ever set foot in that house again It s not my home any I m not going back today, I m not going back tomorrow, I m not going back in ten years, and I m not going back to die Cord ignored her lukewarm defense of her old beau So he was gray and gutless and he never touched you He touched me We kissed and we held hands sometimes It was proper Do you think I should have been with him in that way Hell, no He s probably not capable He s married now They have children Must be Catholic What makes you say that Virgin births Do you want to hear this, or do you want to make belittling remarks Talk The door swung open, and Cord s voice filled the room She d still be spitting in your eye when hell froze over Cord That was last year Now if somebody pointed a gun at you, really could hurt you, I d crawl on my belly or my knees or do anything else Maybe that s part of why loving is so frightening I d rather pay the price and have you than be invincible because I have nothing He slid gentle kisses across her face, felt the delicate skin of her eyelids, tasted the honey of her mouth For long seconds he simply pressed his lips to the fluttering pulse point of her throat, grateful to have her there, warm and alive against him He touched as lightly as he could, trying not so much to speak with his hands as to whisper Her face, her throat he pushed her hair aside, turned her on her side and slid kisses around to the nape of her neck, down her spine, across the sensitive skin under her arms, beside her breasts You know, Annie, a long time ago an old man told me beauty doesn t mean much in a woman It disappears with age But he said some women have something better They have a special glow that lasts all their life and just gets richer You re like that You really shine hide spoiler

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Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold summary pdf Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold, summary chapter 2 Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold, sparknotes Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold, Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold 076820e Eyes Of Silver, Eyes Of Gold Is A Story Of Family Conflicts Set In Colorado In Anne Wells Has Embarrassed Her Rigidly Proper Family Since She Was A Child With Occasional But Grievous Lapses From Ladylike Behavior They Blame Those Lapses For The Disgraceful Fact That She Is A Spinster At Cord Bennett, The Son Of His Father S Second Marriage To A Cheyenne Woman, Is Than An Embarrassment To His Well To Do Family Of Ranchers And Lawyers They Are Ashamed And Afraid Of Their Black Sheep When Anne And Cord Are Found Alone Together, Her Father S Fury Leads To Violence Cord S Family Is Than Willing To Believe That The Fault Is His Can Anne And Cord Use The Freedom Of Being Condemned For Sins They Didn T Commit To Make A Life Together Or Will Their Disapproving, Interfering Families Tear Them Apart Kindle Locations ,

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