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  • Kindle Edition
  • 314 pages
  • Explosive Growth: A Few Things I Learned While Growing To 100 Million Users & Losing $78 Million
  • Cliff Lerner
  • English
  • 27 April 2017

10 thoughts on “Explosive Growth: A Few Things I Learned While Growing To 100 Million Users & Losing $78 Million

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    Fast, fun and informative A fast and entertaining read, Explosive Growth by Cliff Lerner takes you on the real life journey of the business leader that started the first successful Facebook dating app Through Cliff s honesty and experience, we learn invaluable business tips from both his successes and regrets While at the same time, gaining fun insight on the world of online dating Apparently single brunettes that like myself, may want to consider moving to Denver Colorado Fun and informative it s a must read

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    As an small business owner a lot of the tips were not applicable 50% of the tips really are for web or software developers That being said it was a really great story with a lot of useful lessons Definitely worth a read

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    I was just going to read a little of this as a break and then get back to work, and I ended up reading the whole book It s an excellent mix of stories and lessons, and I kept going because I wanted to know what was next of both Many of the tips are pretty specific to running a software app company, but there were also plenty that I can apply I particularly liked the info on how to make something viral I want to learn about that, and I appreciate the resource recommendations Now I want to know if his dating app The Grade is still out there It s replying to all the pointless messages that I hate, and it sounds like they mostly solved that.

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    Absolutely amazing I m inspired by this mans story, I see how easy it is for one to make some of the mistakes he did As an aspiring entrepreneur I ll re read this throughout my journey

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    More About Learning From MistakesIn many aspects, this book is very similar to Lost And Founder, as it goes on describing similar mistakes that Lerner made as CEO of Snap Interactive not to be confused with Snapchat s holding, but this is an internal joke But there is a major difference that makes this book maybe even interesting, because Lerner s app, Are You Interested , had at a certain point to face Tinder, and that changed everything Lerner s astute idea to leverage on Facebook was also brilliant at its time, and his keen sense for the viral as in newshacking is a high point in the book as well Very nice.

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    A must read for any entrepreneurs and startup foundersI got this book for my birthday and started to read it during Christmas break The book is compelling, interesting and easy to grasp Cliff recalls his experience in running an online dating startup and summarizes each chapter with key takeaways, explosive growth tips and reading recommendations I wish I knew many of these tips earlier The book has inspired me to take actions and make changes for 2019 This is perhaps one of my favorite books so far and I will be looking forward to reading new books in Cliff s recommendation list for sure.

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    Not greatExtremely dry read Most of the book is just about the author gloating about how great his product was and how the world wasn t ready for his product yet and how somebody else took advantage of that Tinder huge eyeroll I gave it three stars instead of one because a few of the explosive growth tips are good I m definitely part of his target audience as I don t plan to start a huge corporation actually, I hate the corporate world , so a lot of the tips are useless to me.

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    Decent read I felt kind of sad for the author, as he never cashed out on his stock from Snap Inc and ended up not making anything from his endeavors He s honest about his lessons but the big thing I gathered from him is he made the right decision to pivot Are You Interested to Facebook back when the latter came out He gets credit for this for sure, but he didn t seem like he had much else besides that Decent lessons about marketing and PR, but I wouldn t say this is a must read book.

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    An extremely fun and insightful book This was really a good book The author not only tells his own amazing story about his entrepreneurial successes and failures, he also adds countless gems of tips to apply to your own business I found countless usable tips and at least 10 other book recommendations just from reading this book If you are undecided about reading this book just like I was, please do yourself a favour and read it now

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    Full of insights about business startup in the area of technology, specially relevant for businesses who depend on creating networks of users The author reflects on what he got right and the mistakes he made, and also reviews a whole range of relevant books that helped him find solutions along the way.

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About the Author: Cliff Lerner

Cliff Lerner gave up a lucrative Wall Street career to launch an online dating start up called SNAP Interactive With little funding, Snap established itself as the leader and pioneers in the online dating industry, becoming the first social media company to become publicly traded in 2006.SNAP s dating apps have attracted over 100 million users and pioneered numerous online dating innovations including being the first dating site to integrate Facebook s social features and swiping into the online dating experience SNAP s revenue grew 4,412 percent from 2007 to 2011, making it the 9th fastest growing internet company in the US Cliff served as Snap s CEO for 11 years until 2016 when it was acquired He is a leading social media and online dating visionary and spokesperson He has appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fortune TV, and many other top tier media outlets Cliff grew up in long island, lives in Manhattan, and enjoys a good steak, karaoke, traveling, and playing basketball where you can usually find him working on his 3 point shot Get Explosive Growth content at the Explosive Growth Business Book website, including Explosive Growth Tips For Entrepreneurs and Cliff s recommended best business books for entrepreneurs.