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England's Perfect Hero txt England's Perfect Hero, text ebook England's Perfect Hero, adobe reader England's Perfect Hero, chapter 2 England's Perfect Hero, England's Perfect Hero 7167c2 Lucinda Barrett S Best Friends Ended Up Married To The Men To Whom They Delivered Their Lessons In Love So Lucinda Decides To Choose Someone Who Definitely Needs Lessons, But Someone Who Will Not Complicate Her Life And That Person Is Definitely Not Robert CarrowayRobert Is Nothing If Not Complicated, And Though He Is The Brother Of A Viscount, He Rarely Goes About Society, And Finds The Weather And Hat Fashions Ludicrous Subjects For Discussion Robert Is Attracted To Lucinda S Unpretentious Ways, Her Serenity And Her Kindness When She Chooses Someone For Her Love Lessons, Robert Offers To Help Her Deliver Her Lessons, But Sets Out To Convince The Woman He Has Fallen For To Take A Chance On Love And On Him

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    I was a bit leery about this story so it took me a while to finally decide to read it because the hero is a reclusive, severely emotionally scarred man due to the war Robert pops up in the previous book London s Perfect Scoundrel as a war hero who barely says two words to anyone and just doesn t seem all that interesting He s impossible to categorize too as an alpha, beta or gamma hero which was interesting to see Basically I had a hard time seeing how he could be hero material Well he turns out to be not only an incredible hero, but a man with a beautiful soul He has such emotional strength when all is said and done that you can t help but adore him.There s no squabbling or love hate or any of the standard lines you often find in historicals to make the characters interesting This one was very different with an unlikely man slowly coming into his own with the help of Lucinda Barrett The demons he fights just to stay sane really give you the shivers You can feel the battle he wages on a constant basis when these panic attacks hit him, but he wants to help Lucinda because it somehow helps him leave his solitary world and make it through the day That might sound hokey and typical but I didn t think it was at all His strength of character is amazing especially in the face of hellish odds as you see his story unravel The two start off as acquaintances, turn into friends and then friends with benefits Enoch is a master at dialog She s excellent at showing interruptions in conversation so that you feel like you re right there listening to the characters speaking This is the kind of book that moves along so smoothly you re surprised that it s already over The sexual tension between the friends is very high throughout the book and though it could ve used a smidge bedroom scenes what is there is very good though the emotional side made up for it which is saying a lot about how good a writer she is There are some very sad moments as well as very funny ones The parallel drawn between Robert s growing roses and how they bloom is very good Something that could ve turned out to be cheesy or predictable was actually a nice touch to the whole story adding even feeling At the start of each chapter there are also a few lines from Mary Shelley s Frankenstein This sets the tone for the chapter so the reader knows if they should anticipate something good or bad as well as getting further insight into Robert who feels like he s a wretched outcast just as Frankenstein s monster felt very well done.Previous characters from other books the other ladies who taught their lessons , Tristan, Saint, the Duke of Wycliff all make an appearance which was nice to see If you like series books this adds a nice touch of familiarity making you feel like you know something that others may not You ll find yourself smiling also from start to finish it s the kind of read that just makes you feel happy.The Lessons in Love series was fantastic and this final one was a fitting end to some smart women and their sexy, if flawed men Keeper material

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    When it s Lucinda Barrett turn to give her lessons in love, she already has her eye on one gentleman, who will keep her life uneventful Lucinda s lessons are going without a hitch and uneventful until Robert Carroway walks in to help her give her lessons a helping hand, and Lucinda s and Roberts lives becomes very complicated The last of the The Lessons of Love Trilogy, this series was wonderful and ending on a very high note with England s Perfect Hero Out of the three friends Lucinda is the straightlaced no nonsense thinking lady, when it s her turn to give her lessons she chooses a man whom won t complicate her life, someone whom would know taking care of her father the General Lucinda s lessons are going okay, until she runs into Robert Carroway, who offers his help to help her with her student as a trade for the roses she gave him But when her thoughts turn to Robert then her student, and when she must clear Robert s name, Lucinda s in for her own lessons in love Robert Carroway, was capture and tortured for seven months, and was almost killed, due to the tragic events, Robert has been in a state of being alive then living Suffering from dark panic attacks, when a chance face to face encounter with Lucinda gives him the first step out his darkness, Robert offers to help Lucinda, but at the same time, sees a chance to get closer to her, but with his misgivings of being able to give her a normal life with him, Robert holds back, until events leads them to being tied together forever..in love I loved both Lucinda and Robert but I was mostly looking forward to Robert or Bit s story the most Robert was the torture hero, whom lived day to day but wasn t living until Lucinda walked into his life With Lucinda, she was a fresh breeze to him, and as he helped her with her lessons, he was also getting a lesson on living, and giving Lucinda a lesson of her own to not just settle for less and easy Robert clawed his way back from the dead, and knew Lucinda deserved then to just settle He showed Lucinda what it meant to go for , but at the same time Lucinda taught Robert to be at peace with himself again Robert was just amazing, as he waltzed with the wallflowers, proved to Lucinda s father he wasn t a traitor and learned to love and live again Lucinda was raised by her father a great war General, she always puts others needs first, but always settled for less herself Robert shows her a hard lot in life from his past, but shows her to go for the goal for herself and trust in love Lucinda was kind and loved Robert and trusted him, when she knew her father couldn t be counted on This showed how she believed in Robert and his good heart Robert s family was as always very supported of Robert, it was funny the way each took care and helped Robert from Tristan dumping cold water on him to break him out of panic attack, to Andrew dancing a waltz with him Andrew even hummed a offkey tune In the beginning of each chapter, there was a little snippet of Frankenstein, which gives the reader an insight of the upcoming chapter but SE took liberty with the timeline of Frankenstein as she refers to Mary Shelley by name when the first edition was published anonymously in 1818 the book s time setting MS wasn t named the author until 1823 yeah, my inner historian kicked in sighs overall The ending to the Lesson in Love Trilogy, and the England s Perfect Hero..ends on a perfectly high note

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    5 stars Historical Regency RomanceAs much as I enjoyed the love hate banter of The Rake and swooned at devilishly wicked, sinfully charming rake Saint s feet in London s Perfect Scoundrel, England s Perfect Hero ended up being my favorite book in Enoch s wonderful Lessons in Love trilogy It s a beautiful, touching romance between an emotionally and physically scarred hero suffering from PTSD and the woman whose friendship helps heal his wounded soul and bring him back into the light I absolutely loved it My only complaint is the same that I had about London s Perfect Scoundrel, which is that it needed a bit to the ending and an epilogue But it s still a heartrending, soulful love story worthy of big 5 stars view spoiler The scene where Robert dances with all the wallflowers at a ball, despite his difficulty with touch and at the detriment to his injured leg, because it s important to Lucinda was sweet, sigh worthy, and exceedingly romantic hide spoiler

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    I loved Robert, the tortured hero who suffered from PTSD, and I liked following his journey towards recovery even though it wasn t easy to witness his panic attacks.I adored his family his brothers especially little Edward, the Runt and his sister in law Georgie and friends Saint and Evie , who played than secondary roles in the story That was good, as it s unusual to see secondary characters acting out like that.At first, I liked Lucinda, the heroine, but she wasn t nothing out of this world I mean, she was nice, sensible and kind, something like the girl next door Then, BAM , she went and betrayed Robert s confidence and, no matter how quickly this issue was resolved between them thank you, Ms Enoch, for not dragging us into a Big Misunderstanding plot device and how she immediately redeemed herself, I couldn t forget that.As for the story, I really liked it It was kinda slow at first, but that was expected considering that Robert was still in the first stages of his recovery The second half, when he had to fight for his innocence, was action paced and I was almost biting my nails when Robert, his brother Tristan and his friend Wycliffe broke into Geoffrey s house BTW, it was pretty easy to figure out who the villain was, but that didn t detract me from the story because I wasn t reading this book for its mystery suspense part.

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    Old school romance is still the best I love the heroin, but I love the hero .It s just the PDAs were too much, and spoiled it a bit for me.ps I love this trope but I don t know what it was called.

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    Mayhap SE is just not my cuppa, cuz this book was simply ho hum The storyline was blah, the H H 2ndary characters weren t well rounded From the get go, it s quite obvious who stole the papers from House Guards Too much dialogue too many characters were crammed in between the covers, overcrowded the operative word here Bit has been living w his sibling since his horrific captivity, so his clandestine meetings w Luce took place her home When I think of a reclusive hero, I visualize him living in his own domain He s quite helpless in his attempts to clear his name Sexual tension nada, least, none that I could discern Luce was obtuse, putting 2 2 together coming up w 3, w all the incriminating clues pointing her suitor as the culprit I d have liked her a li l bit if she d put faith in Robert less in her suitor, plus, she didn t want to help Bit out She chose to be neutral it was way too late for me when she finally changed her tune The whole book was a major exercise for Bit to live again, thru the process of falling for Luce growing roses, w the lame intrigue mixed in the pot The abrupt ending was unsatisfactory.

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    4.5 Wonderful Final Book in Lovely Series Stars

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    Rating Clarification 4.5 starsIt would have been a perfect book to me if the ending hadn t felt too rushed and if there had been an epilogue I really would have liked to see how everyone s lives turned out considering this was the last book of the series.

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    According to Goodreads, Suzanne Enoch wrote eleven series and Lessons In Love was her most popular I read England s Perfect Hero, the 3rd story, as a standalone I enjoyed the followup with the characters from the first two stories But, You just said you didn t read the first two books That is correct but I found the easy introduction of best friends with their now husbands and family members a fun romp Because of Ms Enoch s style of writing, I glided into the storyline Miss Lucinda Barrett was the last of three friends to teach a man his lessons and marry She decided to take on a soldier and gentleman her father a military man favored Little did she know that Robert Carroway, the younger brother of Tristan Carroway Lord Dare from the first story, was fascinated with her While discreetly pursuing Geoffrey Newcombe, Robert was following Lucinda It sounds crazy but the romance was pretty good Robert was a former soldier with a big secret He had PTSD and I appreciated Ms Enoch not sugar coating this awful disorder My quibble was with Lucinda She was a good daughter and, because of that, she obeyed the general even though she knew what he asked of her was wrong I see from all my GR friends that the jury is still out with this story Some loved it and others gave it one or two stars and they all have valid reasons I refer to England s Perfect Hero as a modern historical romance When I read something of this nature, I expect the author to take liberties with the era As for myself, I was won over because of the hero and his brothers.

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    3 to 3.5 starsUgh, I think I may either need to go back and just reread my favorite romances or just stop reading romance altogether Everything lately is just so..disappointing in one way or another Anyway, re this book It had some bright spots, but overall, I was extremely disappointed The heroine continued to lead on another man up until 80% into the story Not only did she lead him on, she continued to consider marrying him She also allowed him to kiss her, although it was just a peck She felt for the hero, but didn t think he was a good match.I felt so bad for the hero He had been through such an awful trauma and seemed London society could give a crap about it I loved his brothers though They were the best showing unending support and love for him,The love scenes were eh Very nonchalant considering she was a virgin and there was a risk of pregnancy No one seemed to ever worry about that I didn t like that the hero had been a rake in the past I would have liked of his thoughts or him verbalizing that being intimate with the heroine was so much than he had ever felt sexually with a woman before Instead, when she asks him if it was how he remembered it, his one word answer was better That was it He obviously was in love with her, so well..that was good.Overall, I had a lot of trouble with everyone thinking such horrible things about the hero, especially the heroine s father, who in my opinion, was kind of horrible based on his involvement in the war.The whole soirees, walks in the park, luncheons and unending socializing these rich people did just isn t that interesting to me I haven t read many Regency romance books, but I think they may not be my thing The only one I can think of that I liked was Ravished.To people reading this review take my opinion with a grain of salt It seems that I am feeling a bit disenchanted lately with romance lately

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