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Endymion: A Poetic Romance summary Endymion: A Poetic Romance, series Endymion: A Poetic Romance, book Endymion: A Poetic Romance, pdf Endymion: A Poetic Romance, Endymion: A Poetic Romance 8076f5e04b This Scarce Antiquarian Book Is A Facsimile Reprint Of The Original Due To Its Age, It May Contain Imperfections Such As Marks, Notations, Marginalia And Flawed Pages Because We Believe This Work Is Culturally Important, We Have Made It Available As Part Of Our Commitment For Protecting, Preserving, And Promoting The World S Literature In Affordable, High Quality, Modern Editions That Are True To The Original Work

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    Many and many a verse I hope to write,Before the daisies vermeil rimm d and white,Hide in deep herbage and ere yet the beesHum about the clover and sweet peas,I must be near the middle of my story.O may no wintry season, bare and hoary,See it half finished but let autumn bold,With universal image of sober gold,Be all about me when I make an end.And now at once, adventuresome, I sendMy herald thought into a wilderness There let its trumpet blow, and quickly dressMy uncertain path with green, that I may speedEasily through flowers and weed Oh sure, of course a thing of beauty is a joy forever, such is the thoughtful invocation which I have provided above Unfortunately, I feel that the rest of this romance doesn t quite match up While Keats poetry is beautiful in every single way, I just can t get into this story Sometimes, a story can just be too wow classical allusions , and this is unfortunately one of those cases Although it is dull in story, I actually enjoyed seeing Keats marvelous rhyming ability Sometimes, I would find a rhyme which was so delectable that I would have to stop and savor it for a while, then wonder whether Keats was really human or a literal Muse Yeah, I adore this poetry, but of course, I will elaborate on this love in another review at another time As far as this work is concerned, I couldn t care less about the story but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

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    Ich habe mich durch dieses Buch mehr schlecht als recht gequ lt Dieses romantische Ges usel mit dem Keats rein handlungsm ig nicht zu Potte kommt, ging mir ziemlich auf den Keks Das ist nichts f r mich Aber das Buch ist rein optisch ganz sch n und es ist die erste komplette deutsche bersetzung des Werkes.

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    I decided to compromise and give this 4 stars There are parts of it I would give 5 that are exquisite and delicious They are scattered throughout a really lengthy poem that I just couldn t mentally engage with for so long I really enjoy Keats shorter poems, where I can take my time and read thoughtfully At the same time, there are some beautiful passages in Endymion that I am so happy to have read.

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    A thing of beauty is joy forever and beauty is what it exudes Every time I read John Keats the thing comes in my mind that this man died at 25 years Not that his age gives immaturish beauty He is just inexplicable class and beauty.

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    I challenged read forced myself to read this entire poem, 100 pages of it After reading some notes and critiques on it, it became much interesting I really appreciate people who spend their life analyzing to death something, so others can appreciate it better.The entire poem is an attempt at writing beautiful poetry John Keats was an orphan, who apprenticed to become an apothecary surgeon Feeling there was to life, he left his work as a surgeon to become a poet He wanted, than anything, to leave his mark in the world, and write beautiful poetry He died at the age of twenty five.The analysis of Endymion is what has fascinated me Using An Interpretation of Keats s Endymion by Lement Notcutt, Professor of English in the University of Stellenbosch South Africa, I write this up so I can come back and appreciate it again and again.Book I focuses on a celebration of Pan, but is really about the hopes and aspirations of Keats becoming a great poet.Book II uses many quotes of other great authors of the time It shows confidence and offers advanced training in reaching Keats goal of achieving fame.Book III takes a famous, but ancient, story, told by various past poets, and uses it to show how old poetry has been lost, but the new poetry Keats who refreshes it in Endymion will snatch it save it and bring it back alive.Book IV rehearses a new story where the divine speaks for humanity through heavenly words poetry can be that beautiful But Keats, himself, feels that he falls short and can never reach that height, so he falls into a depression Then, he realizes that all is not lost His poetry can still touch souls and uplift mankind.It is presumed that his desire to leave the world with something beautiful comes from his feelings as a doctor to save others.Three famous lines from Endymion A thing of beauty is a joy forever Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting Thou wast not born for death, immortal Bird A C Bradley said that reading poetry you don t understand might bear some pleasure, but when truly understood by some mystery the music is then the music of the meaning, and the two are one I ve always liked poetry There is something very musical about it.

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    This book is my namesake on many online forums It s not perfect by any means but some passages are so exquisite they raise the whole work up with them Definitely essential Keats.

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    Endymion is an amazing accomplishment It is incoherent though At times, this irritated me, but it is also the charm of the poem.

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    I rushed through parts of this who needs 4000 lines on a maybe five sentence plot , but caught than enough of it to note the clever rhymes and the beautiful emotions and sensations depicted in this epic poem There are also some cool references to ancient polytheistic cultures Maybe good for reading in small sections, rather than a book at a time.

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    It was an interesting reading but it s a shame the book is missing so many parts.

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    Really great poetry, I always loved classic poetry One of my favs

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