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    This is a textbook example of how not to write a scientific book Admittedly, the book never claims to be scientific but it supposedly concerns emotional intelligence a psychological concept and its effects on our daily lives Yet there s not a single experiment mentioned.My favorite parts were Here s how it works everything you see, smell, hear, taste and touch travels through your body in the form of electric signals These signals pass from cell to cell until they reach their ultimate destination, your brain They enter your brain at the base near the spinal cord, but must travel to your frontal lobe behind your forehead before reaching the place where rational, logical thinking takes place The trouble is, they pass through your limbic system along the way the place where emotions are produced This journey ensures you experience things emotionally before your reason can kick into gear People with the highest levels of intelligence IQ outperform those with average IQs just 20 percent of the time, while people with average IQs outperform those with high IQs 70 percent of the time Great but are these results based on an actual experiment Only 36 percent of the people we tested are able to accurately identify their emotions as they happen This means that two thirds of us are typically controlled by our emotions and are not yet skilled at spotting them and using them to our benefit You sound very confident that your sample is representative I, however, am not How many people did you test What kind of methods did you use There is no known connection between IQ and EQ you simply can t predict EQ based on how smart someone is Cognitive intelligence, or IQ, is not flexible Your IQ, short of a traumatic event such as a brain injury, is fixed from birth You don t get smarter by learning new facts or information Intelligence is your ability to learn, and it s the same at age 15 as it is at age 50 EQ, on the other hand, is a flexible skill that can be learned Experiments proving these statements We ve tested EQ alongside 33 other important workplace behaviors and found that it subsumes the majority of them, including time management, decision making, and communication Your EQ is the foundation for a host of critical skills it impacts most everything you say and do each day EQ is so critical to success that it accounts for 58 percent of performance in all types of jobs It s the single biggest predictor of performance in the workplace and the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence Of all the people we ve studied at work, we have found that 90 percent of high performers are also high in EQ On the flip side, just 20 percent of low performers are high in EQ You can be a high performer without EQ, but the chances are slim Naturally, people with high EQs make money an average of 29,000 per year than people with low EQs The link between EQ and earnings is so direct that every point increase in EQ adds 1,300 to an annual salary These findings hold true for people in all industries, at all levels, in every region of the world We haven t yet been able to find a job in which performance and pay aren t tied closely to EQ I m reluctant to place this on the non fiction shelf.Two stars.

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    This is the first applied emotional intelligence book that I am reading It has its pros clarity and simplicity of content and some cons excessive self promotion Cons1 Open the book and you are hit with several pages of endorsements from well known people Hard to miss the Dalai Lama s one as it is the first Further on, particularly towards the end of the book, it s evident that the authors could have practised some self restraint in mentioning their company the name dropping is excessive When reading these sort of books, I prefer to judge it on its merits so I found this style of marketing and self promotion to be quite off putting and unnecessary 2 I wish that the test and scores were freely available i.e to friends and acquaintances who are sceptics or curious about EQ Given that people have to purchase the book to access the strategies, a better approach might have been to offer the test for free, along with a sample strategy for each area It also assumes that people have easy access to the internet which they may not 3 Some readers may not click with the casual conversational tone of the book There is a literal peppering of it s , which make me cringe Pros1 I like that their explanations are not riddled with jargon or as dense compared to the original Emotional Intelligence information is easily digestible and likely to stick with me I can see how the content might be criticised as over simplistic but I m treating it as food for thought that you can take in and practice at my own pace Similarly, strategies are framed in such a way that I can attempt to try them out amidst a busy schedule A quick skim of the strategies revealed quite a few that I hadn t come across before in previous reading on cognitive restructuring 2 I like the logical structure of the book and the case examples are a great inclusion I identified with characteristics found in those who had high and low EQ 3 Physically, the book is a good sized hardback that s light enough to tote around I haven t finished the book and will update this post when I have Despite its flaws, I think it will be a useful introduction to developing improved EQ I have family members who would really benefit from reading it P

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    I really wish I had read this book in high school and better yet had a course in it It would have saved me a lot of grief As a society, we need to teach children how to deal with emotions I wish I had not taken it out of the library because the code in the back only works for one person So, I was not able to take the EQ Emotional Intelligence test I may need to buy the book.I loved it all, but I have picked out my favorite parts of each section Self Awareness Strategies 1 Ask others for feedback about how you handle your emotions and listen carefully to what they say.2 Weekly or bi weekly take stock of your life and write down situations that you didn t deal with well and then list which quality that you wanted to honor but didn t For example Honesty is the quality and then write down a situation that I didn t handle well where I wasn t completely honest The next time a situation like this comes up, I might deal with it differently because I will remember the list.Self Management Strategies 1 To prepare for change, make a list of things in my life that could possibly change and write down ideas for how I could deal with that I really enjoyed doing this and it really has been helpful.Social Awareness Strategies 1 Become a great observer Learn how to sense the mood of a room and check to see if your observations are correct.1 Listen Listen Listen Don t interrupt.Relationship Management Strategies 1 Use these phrases I am sorry Please Thank You Fabulous book I highly recommend it.

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    I put off reading this book because there were other books that I marked to read before it Once I started reading it, it was a quick interesting read, and I was glad that I moved it ahead of other books in the queue Some of the strategies in the four sections of the book felt like they were closely related I look forward to working on increasing my EQ by using the assessment test to determine where I need to focus my efforts and applying the relevant strategies from the 66 strategies listed in the book.Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Strategies 1 Self Awareness Strategies 1 Quit treating your feelings as good or bad2 Observe the ripple effect from your emotions3 Lean into your discomfort4 Feel your emotions physically5 Know who and what pushes your buttons6 Watch yourself like a hawk 7 Keep a journal about your emotions8 Don t be fooled by a bad mood9 Don t be fooled by a good mood either10 Stop and ask yourself why you do the things you do.11 Visit your values12 Check yourself13 Spot your emotions in books, movies, and music14 Seek feedback15 Get to know yourself under stress 2 Self Management Strategies 1 Breath right2 Create an emotion vs reason list3 Make your goals public4 Count to ten5 Sleep on it6 Talk to a skilled self manager7 Smile and laugh 8 Set aside some time in your day for problem solving9 Take control of your self talk10 Visualize yourself succeeding11 Clean up your sleep hygine12 Focus your attention on your freedoms, rather than your limitations13 Stay synchronized14 Speak to someone who is not emotionally invesed in your problem15 learn a valuable lesson from everyone you encounter16 Put a mental recharge into your schedule17 Accept that change is just around the corner Risk Analysis 3 Social Awareness Strategies 1 Greet people by name2 Watch body language3 Make timing everything4 Develop a back pocket question5 Don t take notes at meetings6 Plan ahead for social gatherings7 Clear away the clutter8 Live in the moment9 Go on on a 15 minute tour10 Watch EQ at the movies11 Practice the art of listening12 Go people watching13 Understand the rules of the culture game14 Test for accuracy15 Step into their shoes16 Seek the whole picture17 Catch the mood of the room 4 Relationship Management Strategies 1 Be open and curious2 Enhance your natural communication style3 Avoid giving mixed signals4 Remember the little things that pack a punch5 Take feedback well6 Build trust7 Have an Open door policy8 Only get mad on purpose9 Don t avoid the inevitable10 Acknowledge the other person s feelings11 Complement the person s emotions or situations12 When you care, show it13 Explain your decisions, don t just make them14 Make your feedback direct and constructive15 Allin your Intetion with your Impact16 Offer a Fix it statement during a broken conversation17 Tackle a tough conversation

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    I see that I m a dissenting opinion with 2 stars but I expected a lot from this book I was very excited to learn about the concept of Emotional Intelligence as I m a confessed smart person who has trouble holding back on emotions I see the logic of EI and firmly believe it is very important for career success Maybe my expectations were too high I bought the book and took the test on line I was brutally honest and not surprisingly didn t score so high I went to the sections of the book that were designated as my three primary targets for self learning The learnings are to 1 sleep on it 2 count to 10 before responding and 3 breathe deeply Really I can t argue against those points I know they are sound advice But who doesn t know that That s the big revelation I paid 20 for this

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    After I took the emotional intelligence test and recieved my score, I was a little upset that I was merely average in my score I would like to think I m above average, but don t we all One of my professors last semester opened class with the statement Most if not everyone in this room thinks they are above average, I m sorry but you are not Low and behold there was hope, the coping strategies and techniques provided in this book to help you work on your area of weakness.While reading the examples given for each strength and the good and bad examples I was surprised to find that I resembled a few of the bad examples in previous work experience Looking back I wish I could change how I handled my old job, and maybe it would have had a better outcome rather than what did happen, where I resent almost everyone I worked with Hope is not lost, now I can move forward and hopefully redirect my current ways of interacting with others It will take me a few months to practice better habits but hopefully I can use these new suggestions to insure success during my summer internship

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    Disclosure I received this book for free via Goodreads book giveaways.Emotional intelligence The concept has been floating around for so long that it would be easy for one to assume that it s a scientifically validated theory like IQ and personality measurements which this book presents EQ alongside.Unfortunately, as anyone who has done enough careful study knows, none of these three concepts are nearly as solid as many believe EQ is the worst offender of all Scientists have had incredible difficulty even measuring it accurately, let alone confirming it actually exists as currently imagined to the point that it s scientifically irresponsible to write a book without explaining the scientific caveats, especially one declaring it the most important factor of personal success.And indeed, the entire book is a prime example of bad science Here are some great examples of the book s various claims, NONE OF WHICH HAVE CITATIONS EQ is so critical to success that it accounts for 58 percent of performance in all types of jobs pg 20 The link between EQ and earnings is so direct that every point increase in EQ adds 1,300 to an annual salary pg 21 And my personal favorite Only 36 percent of the people we tested are able to accurately identify their emotions as they happen pg 14 Wow That sounds amazingly scientific How ever did you measure that Looks like we ll never know Note the citations are hidden in the back of the book under the Notes section Perhaps the author didn t want any science cluttering his bullshit Or maybe he wanted to create the illusion that he invented all the concepts the wrote about instead of stealing them and reproducing them into a terrible book to make easy money off suckers Further complaints 1 The book opens with 7 pages of endorsements Ugh.2 The introduction contains small text boxes that quote or rephrase pieces from the same page, in the style of a magazine or newspaper article I m can t be the only person who finds this practice ridiculously annoying.3 All of the self improvement strategies are recycled garbage from every other self help book on the market Keep a journal Think about your values Count to ten.4 The last 4 pages try to sell you stuff.Final Thoughts I used to be against book burning, but now I m not so sure.

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    Loy Machedo s Book Review Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry Jean GreavesJust think about this.You have a recommendation from The Dalai Lama, Newsweek, The Washington Post, Newsday, Ken Blanchard and Marshall Goldsmith And then to top it all, you have a foreword by Ouch Patrick Lencioni himself Now do you need any other reason to be convinced why you should buy this book Wait Don t.Before you decide to purchase this book, read the rest and only then decide.Review in a nutshell.1 The Chapter opens up with the gripping story of a Surfer who fought and survived against a Great White Shark.2 We learn what EQ is all about and what it isn t, along with research material, illustrations and anecdotes.3 The 4 skills of Emotional Intelligence Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.4 6 Steps Action Plan to Increase Emotional Intelligence Levels.5 15 Self Awareness Strategies6 17 Self Management Strategies7 17 Social Awareness Strategies8 17 Relationship Management Strategies9 Latest Research Discoveries in the world of Emotional Intelligence.That is exactly what the whole book is about.A few drawbacks of this book are 1 Most of the strategies are outright simple, silly or at times childish.2 The book tempts you to take a website based test which is again very basic but at the same time exposes you to a heavily marketed number of tests good sales strategy I will admit 3 Personally, I doubt you will follow all these techniques for than a few weeks Eventually, it will be like joining a gym for a year, going for hardcore exercises for the first few weeks and then never again getting off the couch based TV phase for the rest of your life.Now, I do not want to get into explaining in detail the tricks, tips and strategies of the book simply because it be right But I will give credit to the authors for being honest the final chapter says it best if these strategies are not practiced regularly, it is like a muscle that is not trained You will lose your flexibility and strength.So now should you buy or not buy this book Here is the deal.This is a simple down to earth book with common sense being explained to the level of a child with a simple straight forward confession that no virtue will last it is regularly practiced Period It is nothing extra ordinary, earth shattering or mind blowing However, just like exercising and eating healthy it is doable and useful But now the question is How long Why When And for What Reason Quite Frankly, and yes, In my humble opinion I have come to realize, some people are born idiots and will remain idiots irrespective which ever book they read For instance, in my case, I am in your face with a don t care a dam attitude and a choice of behaviors that would get me terminated from any corporate constipated organization in a jiffy I mean why should be anything else when I am enjoying a level of success and able to stay away from a few many bozo s who are either dumb, ignorant or outright stupid Irrespective which ever book I read, I believe there are some human being who should be exterminated from the face of the earth or kept in the zoos for the mentally retarded given the fact they are back stabbers, characterless and two faced In case you are bothered by this statement, it simply means this is your personality So now, does reading this book make me a Male Version of Mother Teresa Absolutely not.So here is my final verdict.I would recommend you to purchase this book only if you are willing to commit yourself to practicing these techniques of self control, discipline and mental silence every single day with enough stamina to last a life time.Otherwise, do yourself a favor, use common sense, patience, meditation with a bit of fasting and avoid purchasing this book altogether It would do you a whole lot of favors and yes, save your money from purchasing another good book and making it catch dust among the few books you have at home.Overall Rating 10 out of 10.Loy Machedoloymachedo.com

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    If you want it to be, this book can be a quick 250 pages of helpful tips It will probably be useful, though, read over a few days or even a few weeks, allowing time to practice some of these recommendations or reflect on them with thought or in writing.A few years ago, a counselor recommended the book Ten Days to Self Esteem I worked through its content enough to conclude its operating theory was that how one thinks controls how one feels While I discovered this approach could yield some positive results, I was disappointed that it did little to reveal what things might be at the root of why I had the feelings I did Emotional Intelligence 2.0 operates on a similar philosophy but with some nuances that make it a satisfying self help book, at least for me One of these is that it begins with a physiological explanation of how emotions are produced When our body sends signals to the brain, the transmission passes through the part of our brain that registers emotions before it reaches the part of our brain that produces rational thought So emotions are in essence our first response to any situation and appear naturally before we deduce why we are feeling them This is useful knowledge.Considering this reality, emotional self awareness becomes the foundation of emotional intelligence There are, of course, additional necessary steps to improve EI, but without this awareness, we cannot proceed on to the steps which will actually lead to healthier and productive behaviors EI 2.0 contains various tips to increase self awareness, but a couple of them serve as particularly good reminders for me First, we are cautioned to stop labeling our emotions as either good or bad Within the physiological context provided, this makes a lot of sense initially, all emotions are responses, not things that we have evaluated and made a moral judgment on Second, when we refuse to label our emotions as either good or bad, we are able to receive them rather than fight them, and in receiving them we can then evaluate why we are feeling the way we are When we arrive at this evaluative process, we re then able to identify triggers and other causes for various emotions Once we understand these root causes, we are able to make decisions that can lead us to having control over situations and reactions It all makes great sense And all this info is in just the first of four sections.While much of this information is not new, like many things that lead to better decision making and healthier behavior, it is good essential even to be reminded now and then and to see old or forgotten ideas from a fresh perspective.

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    For content 4 starsFor lack of the Quiz 2 starsOverall Rating 2 starsAn easy to read look at evaluating yourself and how you react read others This is a good skill finding book or refresher at the tenets of managing oneself and a team Learning to control and understand our emotions and how they move us into ineffective actions is something that should probably be taught at some point in our schooling The skills here would be helpful at least, the concept of the need to skill build would be of assistance Areas concentrated on in this book Self Awareness Self Management Social Awareness Relationship ManagementI got some helpful tips from this book and some refreshers on topics I hadn t thought about in a while However, the access code to the on line EQ Quiz can only be used once My book was a library copy so no access for me It would be good for all who read this book to get a baseline of where they are emotionally sitting I m taking away 2 stars for that I find it an important part of the whole.

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