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Emmanuelle explained Emmanuelle, review Emmanuelle, trailer Emmanuelle, box office Emmanuelle, analysis Emmanuelle, Emmanuelle 88d6 This Now Classic Book Of Erotica Is, Alongside Story Of O, The Most Famous French Underground Novel Of The Late Twentieth Century And A Work Of Seductive Literary Merit Written By The Wife Of A Diplomat In The French Foreign Service, It Takes The Form Of An Autobiographical Novel, Which It May Or May Not BeAs The Story Opens, Emmanuelle Is Boarding A Plane In London To Rejoin Her Husband In Bangkok She Finds Herself Powerfully Compelled By The Overnight Passenger Seated Beside Her, And Before She Has Landed, Her Irrepressible Sensual Nature Has Begun To Open Wide Vistas Of Sexual Possibility As The Novel Continues, She Moves Easily From The Waiting Arms Of Her Husband To Intimacies With The Wives Of His Business Associates To Further Explorations And Experiences In Which The Subtle Aesthetics Of Eroticism Are Expounded And Enacted To Their Fullest Emmanuelle, Which Has Sold Hundreds Of Thousands Of Copies Since Its Initial Clandestine Publication In France, Relates The Movement Of A Woman From An Unconscious To A Profoundly Conscious Sexuality

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Emmanuelle
  • Emmanuelle Arsan
  • French
  • 20 July 2018
  • 9780802130693

About the Author: Emmanuelle Arsan

Emmanuelle Arsan, n e Marayat Bibidh, aussi Marayat, Marajat, Kramsaseddinsh, Krasaesundh, Krassaesibor, Virajjakkam, Virajjakam, Virajjakari, Rollet Andriane, Bibidh N e en 1932 ou en 1940 Bangkok, romanci re fran aise d origine tha landaise.Emmanuelle Arsan, born Marayat Bibidh, also Marayat, Marajat, Kramsaseddinsh, Krasaesundh, Krassaesibor, Virajjakkam, Virajjakam, Virajjakari,

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    I could easily write a cop out, only read Playboy for the stories type of review here Lot of very interesting philosophical insights, perhaps a bit too much sex, that kind of thing Fellow GoodReaders, I cannot lie to you Nothing could in fact be further from the truth I wolfed down the first two thirds of this book, which consist of one juicy sex scene after another Then she met dull, creepy, manipulative Mario, and we got started on the philosophy I felt my eyes closing I tried several times to read further, but I just couldn t do it I was assailed by horrible pangs of guilt Ms Arsan is clearly not stupid she originally wanted to be an astronomer I did too , and she writes quite well She just happens to be much better at writing about sex than philosophy But she seemed to have put a lot of work into the philosophy, and it was terrible that I didn t even read that part of the book I almost thought I d somehow taken advantage of her.Well, Emmanuelle, everyone has things they re good at and things they just wish they were good at I understand that Bertrand Russell s Principia Sexualis was a complete flop, and that he humiliated himself further by unsuccessfully trying to sell the movie rights He only started to recover a little when they gave him the Nobel Prize It s possible that that story isn t literally true in every detail, but I really and truly don t want you to feel bad about this unfortunate episode It s my fault, not yours.

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    Emmanuelle is 19 years old, and leaves to find her husband Jean, a diplomat in Bangkok, whom she married a few months earlier The society that welcomes it is rich and idle fidelity is seen as an amusing eccentricity, chastity as a shocking defeat And if Emmanuelle, with the consent of her husband, is not against some adventures, the freedom of these women intimidates him.One of them will take pity on the girl, take charge of her education, and then entrust her to Mario s hands He has very specific ideas about what eroticism should be and not be to separate man a little from the animal, we must avoid everything that is biological instinct Conversely, it is necessary to look for non natural pleasures, the unusual, with an unlimited number of partners.Emmanuelle is a philosophy of sexuality rather than a simple erotic novel, to be classified in the same category as Sade Before this novel, the pinnacle of eroticism was to be whipped on the coffin of his father, with Emmanuelle, place to a happy and bright sexuality May she be warmly thanked, whatever one thinks of her principles

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    Believe it or not this is one of the first novels I ever readin elementary school about 5th grade I found it in my Fathers closet..among other things grin I know..eww it was my Dad but trust me when I say all I had to do was open the book to forget I have to say that although I have not reread it since then it is embedded in my memory as one of the most provocative and far from boring books I ever read

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    Sometimes we just need stereotypes to be confirmed after all is said and done, we find in conventional ideas the last staple of our decaying culture.The Thai writer Emmanuelle Arsan actually Marayat Bibidh or Krasaesin or Virajjakkam or, for Heaven s sake, there seem to be a hundred became lucky her Madame Rollet Andriane by marrying a French diplomat she met while still in her teens He was 30 The happy couple moved to Bangkok soon after the ceremony and the real fun began for both As soon as Miss Telephone Directory became Madame R Andriane, the discreet charm of the 50s haute bourgeoisie swallowed her down in its receptacle of easy pleasure and glamourous lust, a world of muffled boredom and glittering sins, too high up for anybody to care about any sort of private respectability or cheap moralism as long as careers are not affected, anything can be done and nobody is going to complain Here s the triumphant clich of the degenerate, parasitical, lazy, bored to death upper class no doubt the most arousing clich of all Now, the novel Sigh This is her first novel, the first of a long series, written in 1959 and published clandestinely in France By 1974, when J Jaeckin s film version was made out of the first volume, it had become a classic and a milestone in all time erotica The protagonist is the young and beautiful Emmanuelle, who joins her diplomat husband in Bangkok there COULD be something self referential here where she s immediately introduced to the fancy lite gravitating around the French diplomacy.After a first class flight spent mostly in a stranger s arms, and this is clearly a euphemism, Emmanuelle is warmly welcomed by the female high society she now belongs to nobody can resist her beauty, and the generous attitude with which she shares it among her new acquaintances definitely helps.She also meets Mario, a homosexual Italian expat thanks a lot, Marayat. that s what we needed, really living in Bangkok, enjoying gorgeous youths and huge amounts of opium this man, for whatever reason, takes Emmanuelle to sort of a brothel and opium den, where he hands her over to some locals presumably on the mama san s payroll This is supposed to be part of the girl s education we all wonder whether she actually needed his contribution anyway In the meantime, Mario keeps philosophizing and giving his precious advice on eroticism and self consciousness to his otherwise busy pupil And then well, that s all From the point of view of literature, this novel is mediocre And I m being quite generous The eroticism is due mostly to the bourgeois setting I mean, the protagonist s sexual exploits are not exactly memorable Arsan has an annoying tendency to sugarcoat what should be the mere description of sex and pleasure by the use of ridiculous metaphors and a verbal virtuosity she doesn t master at all The writing is not too bad, but it s just not intriguing After a decent start, the reader ends up being interested in the description of the exotic landscape than anything else, as though shifting from a soft core film to a National Geographic documentary Except that this is supposed to be an erotic tale, not a Lonely Planet guidebook The only merit of this book is the depiction of the moral climate of the high class milieu it portrays Let aside the dialogues, in which the shallowness is less voluntary than spontaneous, the author is good at rendering the sense of lazy abandonment of her characters maybe it s just me, but there seem to be a gloomy atmosphere permeating the book, almost imperceptible in the blinding light of this torrid clich Trivia Sylvia Kristel is just great in the official film series, but I still prefer the Venezuelan actress playing Emmanuelle in the 1993 tv series, Marcela Walerstein Her beaverish front teeth are an absolute turn on.

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    view spoiler Emmanuelle engages in some lovely, erotic sex, and when she does this the book is a wonder Then Mario comes along with his pansexual proselytization and the active erotica becomes a distant memory while Mario delivers his erotic manifesto There is a nice return to the erotic, though, with a final mmf threesome that was delectable but too little too late hide spoiler

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    Read it on a lark but was surprised to find that it was fairly good read for a small paperback erotica Dealt a lot with hedonistic philosophy and poly ethics I was impressed by how literate and engaging it was, having watched the spin off television series than once.

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    I read this as a teenage boy not for the philosophical bits at the back Enough said.

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    This book was terrible T E R R I B L E I suffered through the first 125 pages and kept reading, because I thought that it simply had to get better It is a fairly popular classic French underground novel I have read several of those, including Story Of O, and this was the worst by far Other than the quality of the writing, which was pretty decent, I have nothing good to say about Arsan s work There is little character development with any of the characters, and all of the relationships were weird or incestuous The dialogue is dreadful, there is really no plot to speak of, and the juicy bits weren t juicy enough I hated Emmanuelle s relationship with Marie Anne The idea of a thirteen year old Ophelia acting as a mentor to a married woman turned my stomach It was even concerning that this little girl was the prot g of an older man who engaged in questionable activities When I thought that this novel couldn t get any worse, the entire story took a dreadful, Kafkaesque turn in describing the culture of the Muria people and the means with which they educated their children in the art of love This section was part of a larger philosophical ranting that encompassed half of the book Some of the theories were insightful and thought provoking However, Arsan s wording is redundant, and what took up one hundred pages could have easily been summarized in four or five Her musings about the moral evolution of man were interesting, but substantially out of place and not suitable for a book of this genre I would like to save the next reader the trouble of searching for the good parts of this novel, so I am going to list them here for you 1 When describing what beauty was, Mario stated, If you try to make beauty eternal, it dies What s beautiful is not what s bare, but what s baring itself Not the sound of laughter, but the throat that s laughing Not what s left on paper, but the moment when the artist s heart is being torn Arsan 114 2 When speaking of love and beauty, which Arsan ranted about for seventy pages or so, there was this useful quote, It s because of love of beauty that the world will ultimately refuse to sit in the theater of illusion where the masqueraders of politics and revelations act out their shadow play with regal slowness The universe in motion will laugh at their immobile pretensions Arsan 136 There was mention of the caveman drawings of Lascaux on page 156, and towards the end of the book there was a vivid description of what opium looks like That s pretty much it Because I have an affinity for French culture, I gave this a one star rating However, that is a generous one and I would advise against reading it.

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    Classic Smut review Half erotic memoir and half philosophical treatise on eroticism, this book is a quasi autobiographical account of Emmanuelle Arsan s pen name of Marayat Rollet Andriane sexual adventures in Thailand as a diplomat s wife Needless to say, their marriage defines the term open She has many lovers and she and them both expound incessantly on the nature of eroticism.The sex scenes and most of the first half of this book are just great, with that subtle prose that one gets from a well translated smutty, French book It s in the second half with the introduction of the character of Mario and his philosophical lectures on man over nature, love, eroticism and fulfillment where it really stops the reader cold Mario comes off as a pretentious windbag who takes up a lot of pages At the same time, it s fascinating to read as it s a great snapshot of the pop philosophy of the time and is so French and of the period It was first published in the underground in the late 1950 s, and was officially published in 1967 A must for any fan of classic smut.I would be remiss if I didn t mention the 1974 film based on the novel Directed by Just Jaeckin and starring Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel in the titular role, it was a massive hit and singlehandedly created the demand for soft focus, high class, softcore films Spawning two offical sequels and numerous knockoffs, most notably the Black Emanuelle films, which starred Eurasian beauty Laura Gemser, who in reality looked a lot like Emmanuelle Arsan than Kristel Notice the missing m in the title, that was so they wouldn t be sued by the original film s producers.After the box office success of the 70 s, the first two films with Kristel became a late nite 80 s cable mainstay and is where I first came into contact with the character Even today, you can always find either an Emmanuelle film or one inspired by it on late at night on HBO or Cinemax Although now, I don t have to watch them with one ear cocked for approaching parental footsteps

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    You need to look past the shock value to find the literary genius in this one I recommend holding out until the final pages which are filled with passages contemplating class, sex, and life itself in a magnificent manor.

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