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    Interesting book about a courageous and tragic figure.

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    The Grand Duchess Elizabeth was an extrordinary woman who led an incredible life After her husband Serge s assasination in 1905, she abandoned her lifestyle of wealth and privilege and devoted herself to religion and helping the poor Her own brutal murder in 1918 was one of the great tragedies of the Russian Revolution.Although this biography is accurate and contains well researched information, it somehow seems to leave Elizabeth as a secondary character a cardboard cutout, rather than a woman of flesh and blood.

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    What a life A German princess, with a English upbringing, marrying a Russian Grand Duke and ending a Russian Orthodox nun Could there be any exotic life Elizabeth Princess of Hesse and by the Rhine became the first sister to marry into the Russian family, ahead of Alexandra, who married the last Tsar, Nicholas Mager combines a accessible narrative with a well documented text This reviewer highly recommends this book.

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    Officially known as Grand Duchess Serge due to her marriage to Nicholas II s uncle the Grand Duke Serge Alexandrovich, Elizabeth Feodorovna is the often overlooked sister of the last Empress of Russia and one of the martyr s of the Russian Orthodox Church Known as Ella from childhood, she was instrumental in many of the events leading up to the fall of the Romanov Dynasty It is even possible to say that if she d made different decisions about marriage the Russian Revolution would not have happened at all as she was one of the key players in bringing her sister Alix, the future Empress Alexandra, to the then Tsarevich s attention.Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia brings to life this often overlooked woman who remained loyal to a marriage which quickly fell apart due to her husband s suspected homosexuality and turned to her new religion for both solace and direction after the assassination of her husband She founded a convent, took care of the poor and sick, and even raised her niece and nephew, the Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna and Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, the latter one of the assassins of the infamous Rasputin Grand Duchess Elizabeth even attempted to intervene and limit Rasputin s hold on the Empress yet her sister was so under Rasputin s influence that she would hear no wrong word about the man In the end, the Grand Duchess was arrested by the revolutionaries, sent into internal exile, and like so many of the Romanov s executed in 1918 However, her story doesn t really end there as in death she would go on to become a Russian Orthodox Saint, her body moved several times to keep it from being destroyed by the revolutionaries before finally finding rest in a small crypt in Jerusalem.Unlike many biographies of the Romanovs, especially those members later canonized as New Martyrs by the Russian Orthodox Church, Mr Mager manages to present a fairly balanced picture of the Grand Duchess showing both her faults and her virtues without going overboard on the latter It was a refreshing change, especially when so many recent books on the Romanov family paint pictures of the last generation of the family as rosy and perfect with no faults whatsoever I definitely recommend this book to those interested in the Romanov family.

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    During the turmoil of late 19th and early 20th century European politics and war, Grand Duchess Elisabeth is a shining example of compassion One of Queen Victoria s granddaughters and a priviledged life, Elisabeth s mother still taught her about caring for others less fortunate She visited the sick and poor with her mother learned healing isn t just physical but spiritual as well Her marriage to Grand Duke Sergei Feodorovna, of the Romanovs, turned from idealistic love to disappointment She remained loyal during the 20 year marriage, but found other outlets of happiness She was also the sister of Alexandra, wife of Tsar Nicholas II Elisabeth s husband was assasinated and it changed her life completely Instead of being afraid, she sold gave away her clothes jewels With the money, Elisabeth open a convent for women that would care for the poor, sickno one was turned away She become a nun herself and was influential in the care of many in Moscow and other cities towns With the influence of Rasputin on Alexandra, Elisabeth did try and make her realize he was a threat not a help in Russia s future In 1918, Elisabeth along with a faithful friend and some members of the Romanov family, were taken to a small town in Siberia Not far away, her sister and family were brutally murdered She never knew Elisabeth and her group was led to an abandoned mine, beat over the head and pushed down the dark mine shaft After, rocks were thrown down by her murderers to make sure they all died When the bodies were found, it was discovered that Elisabeth and one other had lived for awhile instead of dying right away Their bodies were eventually moved The priest who had her body taken experienced 2 3 appearances of Elisabeth who was finally laid to rest at an Orthodox church in Jerusalem and made a saint in their religion Her life was truly amazing The choices during her lifetime may have changed the outcome of Russia s future, but we ll never know.

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    Most people recognize the story of Alexandra, the last Tsarina of Russia They know about her life, her struggles in Russia, and at least some of her role in the downfall of the monarchy in the early 1900s Far fewer people remember Alexandra s sister, who became part of the Russian royal family several years before her sister married Tsar Nicholas Hugo Mager does a wonderful job bringing Grand Duchess Elizabeth, the Tsarina s elder sister, the martyr saint, to life view spoiler I hadn t always known about Elizabeth myself, and even when I did hear about her, she seemed a minor supporting character, at best, in the chaotic story of Nicholas, Alexandra, and the fall of Tsarist Russia Mager, however, shows just how intregal Elizabeth was in the events that led to the Revolution She played a vital part in Alexandra and Nicholas courtship and eventual engagement, she performed tirelessly to aid the Russian poor and destitute, and she even franticly sought to save the monarchy from the scandal that was the Rasputin disaster I admit, I teared up a bit as I read the parts describing her final days and her eventual murder at the hands of the revolutionaries It horrified me a bit to learn that she and some of those who were with her had survived the fall into that mineshaft and died a slow, weary death It was certainly not an end that she deserved.The writing was done very well Mager was able to keep my attention, and his style wasn t dry at all About the only irritation I had was the little notes that were left at the end of each chapter Whenever there was a notation in the text, I d have to flip ahead to the end of the chapter to see what was being noted It would have been much easier if the notes had just been laid out at the bottom of the page the notations were made on hide spoiler

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    Of the numerous biographies I ve read, this is one of my favorites, of Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia, a Romanov that few people know about A young woman of remarkable beauty, Elizabeth, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, meets and falls in love with Serge, a duke from the Russian royal family Enad, Elizabeth leaves her home and her family, converts to the Russian Orthodox faith and weds the duke she loves This may sound like any fairy tale story, however its not Soon after marriage, Elizabeth s life spirals downward after discovering her husband is a closeted homosexual and a rather cruel man Not to be shamed by this situation, Elizabeth maintains her pose in her new home She delves deeper into her new religion, becoming a nun after the assassination of her husband Elizabeth s life is truly tragic, for with the coming of the Russian revolution, she too loses her life because of the Bolsheviks just as the majority of her beloved family her sister Alexadra, the Czarina, her brother in law Nicholas the Czar, her nieces Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia, and her nephew Alexei, along with others of the royal family Her horrible death is as outrageous as her families and it will leave you crying at the end, since she was a good woman, devout to her faith and her country A great book to read, no doubt about it.

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    I came away from this book with a deep respect for this woman who stood strong in her beliefs even if others did not agree with them It was unfortunate that her sister Alix did not share those ideals Their tales might have a happier ending.

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    A very good primer into this period of history Heartbreaking story, but very well written.

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    bice,entertaining book

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Elizabeth: Grand Duchess of Russia summary pdf Elizabeth: Grand Duchess of Russia, summary chapter 2 Elizabeth: Grand Duchess of Russia, sparknotes Elizabeth: Grand Duchess of Russia, Elizabeth: Grand Duchess of Russia 907d707 Had Elizabeth Married The Future Kaiser Of Germany, As Her Grandmother So Shrewdly Desired, World War I Might Well Have Been Deterred, And Had She Not Arranged The Marriage Of Her Younger Sister, Alexandra, To The Man Who Became Tsar Nicholas II, The Russian Revolution Might Have Been Averted Modern European History Was Shaped By The Choices Elizabeth Made Thoroughly Researched And Elegantly Composed, Hugo Mager S Biography Of Elizabeth Captures The Soul Of The Grand Duchess Of Russia And The Spirit Of Her Times As It Follows Her Journey Into The Tide Of Monumental Events, From The Franco Prussian War To The Russian Revolution, That Forged The Modern World

  • Hardcover
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  • Elizabeth: Grand Duchess of Russia
  • Hugo Mager
  • English
  • 10 September 2019
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