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Eden pdf Eden, ebook Eden, epub Eden, doc Eden, e-pub Eden, Eden d9694d134fe Before The Evolution There Was TorBane Technology That Infused Human DNA With Cybernetic Matter It Had The Ability To Grow New Organs And Limbs, To Heal The World Until It Evolved Out Of Control And Spread Like The Common Cold The Machine Took Over, The Soul Vanished, And The Bane Were Born The Bane Won T Stop Until Every Last Person Has Been Infected With Less Than Two Percent Of The Human Population Left, Mankind Is On The Brink Of ExtinctionEve Knows The Stories Of The Evolution, The Time Before She Wandered Into The Colony Of Eden, Unable To Recall Anything But Her Name But She Doesn T Need Memories To Know This World Is Her Reality This Is A World That Is Quickly Losing Its Humanity, One Bane At A TimeFighting To Keep One Of The Last Remaining Human Colonies Alive, Eve Finds Herself Torn Between Her Dedication To The Colony, And The Discovery Of Love There Is Avian And West One A Soldier, One A Keeper Of Secrets And In The End, Eve Will Make A Choice That Will Change The Future Of MankindThe Bane Is The Terminator Meets The Walking Dead With A Heart Twisting RomancePreviously Published As Eden, Due To Reader Demand It Has Been Revamped And Rereleased As The Bane Book One In The Eden Trilogy

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    2.5 starsFrom Variety.com a dystopian thriller described as a cross between The Hunger Games and The Terminator O RLY I expect a little hyperbole in these blurbs, so I did read that with a grain of salt However, I do feel that this book was a case of a good idea that was ultimately let down by its execution While the opening piqued on this word later my interest, I found it steadily waned as the plot progressed I ll be intentionally vague in this review in the interests of keeping it spoiler free though some of the twists are not all that difficult to predict but if I had to boil it down I d say that this book is attempting to say something about what it means to be human, to survive and to love Emphasis on the love The story is ostensibly related from the viewpoint of Eve, an eighteen year old survivor of the Fall in which cybernetic technology has spread like an infection and turned 98% of the population into killer robots I phrase it that way because for a first person narrative, there are some weird jerks in the flow of the story, descriptions of things Eve can t possibly see the expression in her own eyes and things she can t possibly know what s running through someone else s mind Eve is living with a small enclave of humans named Eden , perpetually on the lookout and on the move from Hunters and their insatiable hunger to convert human flesh into wires and metallic parts via nanobots While this process is briefly explained near the beginning of the novel, I can t say I ever fully grasped the logistics of it The human race as we know it has all but fallen, cities emptied of people and overrun with single minded robots Eve, who remembers nothing of her life before her arrival at Eden at around age thirteen, is dedicated to the protection of her community an archetypal kick ass heroine who can out fight, out run, out work just about everyone Resident twenty five year old doctor Avian may or may not be drawing closer to Eve Enter mysterious stranger West Cue love triangle Roll drama I m not opposed to love triangles when they re well developed and interesting And while this one worked to an extent, in that Taylor keeps her cards close to her chest and Eve s ultimate decision is not blatantly obvious, it takes up a large part of this story and is, in a word, laboured If you find love triangle related angst unenjoyable to read I can t recommend this book to you as it will probably irritate you no end Eve pinballs from Avian to West, kissing one, wanting to kiss the other, wishing she hadn t kissed the first, fighting with the other, attempting to ignore them both, kissing, lamenting the difficulty of her decision, angsting over kissing someone she doesn t trust and so on and so on, rinse and repeat Unfortunately, a by product of all this back and forth and indecision is that the plot feels relegated to second place As the focus zeroes in on Eve s emotional growth I use that term loosely the book seems to get bogged down, and there s a flaccid mid section that seems to serve only to create situations for Eve to alternatively kiss and fight with her love interests Additionally, Eve herself becomes and frustrating a character While there s some explanation for this I find it hard to believe that Eve s years of staunch loyalty, protectiveness and distrust of outsiders would evaporate so quickly, that she would knowingly put her community in danger, regardless of how attractive the guy is and how apparently overwhelming the desire to be near him Besides this, there were some flaws that were distracting from typos peaked instead of peeked, pealed instead of peeled , to larger inconsistencies in Eve s knowledge and grasp of pre Fall life, and questions around the device used by humans to check for the infection I can t say much on that point without spoiling, suffice to say that I don t feel they were addressed adequately I ll also bring up here the issue of the science, which I simply never bought Sure, I m no expert, but it felt flimsy to read For example, the excepts from the notebook were incredibly dumbed down and difficult to take seriously as the record of highly complex experimentation The climax regains some of the lost momentum and becomes action oriented It is a little jarringly out of nowhere and convenient Oh, look Here s the answer we ve been looking for , but those less persnickety than me about that may find it sufficiently gripping Taylor throws in the mother of all frustrating tropes note here lies a MAJOR SPOILER view spoiler Gasp We might be brother and sister Fortunately, that turns out to be a red herring, or else I would have been massively annoyed by the whole deus ex machina nature of the love triangle resolution hide spoiler

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    I originally read Eden when I was starting off as a reviewer I rated it as 5 stars at the time, as it was definitely one of the stronger books I had read during that time period Reading The Bane from Netgalley, it is a similar story but a different experience Still enjoyable, but perhaps some of the surprise element is gone now that I ve already read Eden.What I liked The protagonist, Eve, is incredible strong, determined, and although part robot, achingly human which she discovers throughout the book And her odd connection to a newcomer, West, to their community was fascinating I have to admit, I m not sure I would have made the same choice as she did I loved the description of how they kept their gardens going while evading the cybernetic zombies that tear you up and turn you into one of them except for Eve Even though this is being reworked to be a trilogy, it was a complete story, which I appreciated the first time around, but has the background to become a bigger arc There are still a number of typos and grammatical errors this book could really use a good editor to help out Overall, I m interested to see what Taylor has in store for her great protagonist

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    I don t know how I maintained the will to live through the majority of this book I really don t.

    I mean this whole novel took the phrase love triangle to a whole new extent A whole new meaning My God Every single page was about Eve and her confused, mixed feelings towards the two guys And yes, I got the message that West woke something up in her, made her feel alive and Avian was home, he calmed her.ABOUT FIFTY TIMES.It was too much

    I hated Eve She was supposed to be strong and independent, but she was just patronising and superior and weak Weak, even though she s meant to be Fallenand have no emotions I think the author forgot that CRUCIAL detail many times

    Oh yeah Another thing that really ticked me off Chuckled I think that word was used about three times in every chapter With no variation whatsoever I understand that it s just a wordbut there s only so many times you can use that word And Taylor didn t even use it in the right context Chuckling is when you re light hearted and feeling jolly and joyous Not when the world has ended and the whole of the human race faces extinction Nomaybe laughing Or I don t know CRYING

    Okay, and then you have the end Right, so she goes through the whole book, moaning and groaning about who to choose And then she just turns into a heartless, selfish cow I really detested Eve come the last few chapters The way she justleft West completely And took Avian whilst West could have been dyingI thought was unbelievable And he wasn t even awake when she told him she didn t want him God, it was such a horrible, bitchy thing to do that I actually felt something for the first time during this book And that emotion was HATRED.

    I also thought the ending was rushed, and poor because of that It left too many strings flying about and generally disappointed me But the whole book was a disappointment anyway, so whatever Such a beautiful cover with such a brilliant blurb and let s face it an aweomse potential storyline, if it had not been for the way it was massacred by the awful writing and flat characters.

    Sorry, rant over Do not read this book.

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    Eve doesn t remember the time before the Fall She showed up in Eden with the clothes on her back and has lived there since The people of Eden were her family, yet she somehow always knew she was different from them Eve was tougher than most and unemotional but couldn t quite figure out what it was that made her different and then West showed up I liked the author s writing style and the development of the characters Eve was pretty easy to like She did some stupid things when it came to West and Avian, but she was also trying to figure out her place in the world and why she felt different from everyone else Throughout the story she had to deal with her newly developing emotions and feelings and she really didn t know how She was a strong female lead and caring and loyal to her friends Avian and West were great characters as well Avian was the strong, steady one who had always been there for Eve West was the new guy who made her feel things she had never felt before and didn t understand This story really should be labeled as romance The whole book was about the love triangle between Eve, West, and Avian, though that s not necessarily a bad thing There was no instant falling in love it was a slow developing process that was weaved through the book I really liked how the author was able to explain Eve s feelings for both West and Avian in such detail so that we got to understand her decisions throughout the story and had dialogue between them as well so they understood where they stood most of the time A lot of times in stories the characters don t really communicate, and I hate that people talk in real life, people should talk in books The apocalyptic world the author created was pretty unique The world had basically been taken over by cybernetics gone crazy, turning people into killing machines This book wasn t super fast paced but it was enough to keep you interested and wanting to keep reading.

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    Romance Action Adventure with the emphasis on romance Can you say, love triangle I m not a fan of pure romance but thankfully there was a large portion of non love triangle plot which made the story bearable Good things first The world Taylor created was well drawn and the story moved along nicely It was engaging and intriguing and I never felt bored even though the characters rambled along for most of the book before I had any clue as to where the story was going That didn t bother me though.What bothered me was Eve She seemed so human until she found out she was a robot Then she started having some kind of identity crisis because all of a sudden she thought she had no feelings She had them all along I wouldn t have cared that she was ignorant but it felt contrived, and then it DRAGGED out the aforementioned triangle to EPIC proportions And once she chooses, she s just like, so I know you can t hear me but, I m out Peace Although maybe I should be grateful we re spared the awkwardness of that confrontation.And then there was the writing At first I thought it was just excessive typos Then I thought, maybe it s supposed to be the main character s voice But no, it s just bad writing E.g Then he shook West and I s hands as well and I extended a hand to the man who I had just broken his nose I m not a grammar Nazi by any stretch of the imagination, but sentences like these really threw me off and made it harder to read, which is a huge pity for obvious reasons.In the end, I liked what another reviewer said Such a beautiful cover with such a brilliant blurb and let s face it an aweomse potential storyline, if it had not been for the way it was massacred by the awful writing and flat characters Emphasis mine

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    I m sorry but bad, bad, baaaaad book Way too much teen angst over who should I choose the nice, safe boy or the boy who makes my toes curl and my genetically modified robot parts short out Hmmmmm Do I care NO Too much telling not enough showing Characters fall flat on the page, the tension is superficial, and the dystopian circumstances are a joke Tepid, derivative teen romance packaged and sold as a futuristic dystopian drama It is not Best thing about it is the cover My advice skip it and watch The Terminator movies.

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    A version of this review also appears at A Match Made in HeavenThis was great It reminded me a lot of The Immortal Rules I didnt like The Immortal Rules as much as most people It was still good, but I prefer Eden There was a band of survivors in a post apocalyptic world The main girl, Eve, is different from the rest of the survivors They travel to a safe haven for humans, which was called Eden in The Immortal Rules Although in this Eden is the name of their group, not their destination And there is even a young guy in the group, West, who reminds me a lot of Zeke The main difference, besides this being about cyborgs instead of zombies and vampires, is that this has a love triangle An equilateral love triangle I have never seen such an equally matched love triangle before There were absolutely no hints to who Eve was going to choose for the whole book until I was 92% done She never even leaned to one or the other She was split 50 50 for the whole book up to 92% After she had a particularly tender moment with Avian, I wondered if she was finally leaning towards one of them But the next thing it says is, That night I dreamed of West And I was like, OMG This is hopeless It was ridiculous but enthralling I preferred one of the guys but I wasnt convinced he was necessarily best for her So even though she didnt pick him her reasoning was good and I wasnt upset I was actually pleased that this took a different route from most YA romances It was extremely romantic either way, and after reading all her ridiculous helplessness in everything guy related for most of the book, I was so happy when she finally made a choice that I cried I dont mean to sound negative when I call her ridiculous I have never seen a love triangle that was drawn out like this before, but that is not necessarily a bad thing I was absolutely captivated I couldn t put it down I had to find out what would happen next Who she would pick It made the pay off all the exciting And it even managed to make me happy even though she didnt pick the guy I liked better, because its about Eve, not me But I don t get why some people were making a big deal out of the age difference between Eve and Avian I didn t think it was that bad Eve was 18, West was 19, and Avian was 25 Anyways, no need to talk about the love triangle for the whole review I also really loved learning about the robots or cyborgs, and the infection, and Eve s history It was all very interesting And Eve was amazing A seriously kick ass heroine I love that scene right after Eve had her epiphany She found out that the guys went on a dangerous mission without her and she runs after them doing robot head shots That would be an awesome scene to see on screen And a movie is planned, which is very exciting Keary Taylor made this fake poster herself I had seen it on her blog before I started the book and I pictured Gillian Zinser as Eve the whole book, and Wentworth Miller as Avian Matt Lanter isnt really how I pictured West but he is not a bad choice Since it is Keary Taylor s choice I have no right to complain P This will be an amazing movie I cant wait I am pretty sure this is stand alone There is no sign of any books being planned The story was mostly tied up There were a few things we could have had information on Namely the fate of a particular character, and what the future of the world will hold But over all the ending tied up all the immediate issues and I cant help but be excited for Eve s future, even though I dont get to see it.You can see my review for The Bane here.

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    Picking up Eden was a little unexpected for me I was in the middle of reading another book, but when I stumbled across this one and randomly began to read the first page, I was sucked in and forced to finish the entire novel Everything about the book entranced me the cover, the premise, and the characters.I am thrilled to say that I have found yet another original, captivating dysptopian story The world as we know it has ceased to exist, leaving only a handful of survivors struggling to maintain their tiny society of Eden while hiding from their cybernetic enemies While this novel does have many new elements, the plot is also reminiscent of post apocalyptic books such as the Uglies series, The Hunger Games, and others Personally, I was glad to find another extension of this type of story.Eve is a very unique character Toughened by her rough lifestyle and nearly unemotional since she can remember, Eve is one of Eden s best fighters and leaders I admired her extreme strength of mind and heart Still, sometimes her blunt outlook on life and stubbornness rubbed me the wrong way After a while, I learned to accept it as a part of her harsh personality.The romantic aspect of the novel was probably my favorite part Avian is Eve s rock and the closest friend she s ever had He knows her like no one else does and accepts her, faults and all West, however, awakens something inside of Eve He turns her life upside down and makes her feels things she didn t know she could I don t want to give too much away, but in the end I was extremely pleased with Eve s choice.Overall, I would definitely recommend Eden to anyone who is searching for a futuristic tale full of drama, romance, action, and emotion I can t tell you how glad I am that I happened upon this incredible book

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    Initial reaction Not a bad start for Keary Taylor s Eden Trilogy I think The Bane was well worth reading as a dystopian narrative, but I had issues with it for the amounts of infodumping and predictability of certain measures without vetting some of the character and emotional qualities of the story It didn t quite hit me entirely with emotional investment, though I was propelled through the narrative to figure what happened next Hard to say where this trilogy will go, but I think I d like to be there for the journey.Full review Keary Taylor s The Bane is part YA dystopic, part sci fi tech thriller, part romance a juggle of many aspects that I did expect quite a bit from It has an interesting premise to match Eve, a reportedly 17 18 year old girl lives within a colony known as Eden migrating survivors of humanity fighting against tech mutated monsters called the Bane The Bane formed from experiments gone horribly wrong lending to an infection that has spread amongst the population into violent monsters Eve doesn t have any memories prior to living among the survivors who lost their homes and lives with the destruction caused by the Bane, but her respective skills make her a valuable asset She s definitely a character who seems like she can do anything and everything for her team, running on little sleep and an expert hunter There s to this than meets the eye, however, and I ll admit I saw it coming before the events hit.As the story progresses, Eve finds herself torn between the affections of two boys I know, I know, bear with me I ll address this shortly and competing realities that face her group Between sickness and scarce supplies, between a past that she doesn t know and subsequently learns in progression, and between fending off the Bane Eve has a lot on her plate I ll admit that the story kept me reading and invested in the characters journeys despite parts of the heavy infodumping narrative, where it set the tone and expansion upon the world Eve herself is a protagonist worth following, though I ll admit for the development of the cast and emotional backing for the events in this story it seemed very bare bones, underdeveloped even I expected some of the parts of the story to hit me a little harder than they did but the way the story presents them doesn t give them due weight impact, not as much as they could ve had.The survival action sequences in this novel were decent, and those aspects definitely propelled me through the narrative The love triangle between Eve, West and Avian wasn t as annoying or forced as other YA dystopian stories I ve come across I liked the characters, but I still thought something was missing from their respective construction to make them dimensional I really was surprised at whom Eve chose in the end, but I felt like it was odd considering what happens to one of the characters shortly after that point.Even with a cliched ending and predictable turns, I still found things to like in The Bane and I ll certainly look into the next part of this series to see where Taylor takes it.Overall score 3 5 starsNote I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, self published by the author.

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    I was drawn to Eden because of the awesome cover and all of the rave reviews about it Also, the story line was intriguing I mean, who wouldn t love a teen read about a post apocalyptic world overrun with techno zombies However, I was sorely disappointed The only way I finished was by skimming the last half of the book Seriously, just read 1 sentence on each page after the first 20 pages and you can get the gist of the whole book The development of the character Eve was awful She wasn t believable Supposedly she didn t remember any of the old normal world and had no clue what a restroom or a hand shake was However, she could tell what cars were high end and how to work a shower There were so many other things wrong with Eve, I could go on for awhile.The narration was also horrible It was stilted and Taylor used much of the same vernacular over and over again, to the point of irritation She needs to get out a thesaurus and figure out different words for chuckled and heat and frozen Also, the fact that the Fallen had taken over the world in just a few days and yet couldn t find a large group of people who didn t move than a few miles from one particular spot isn t very believable And the Fallen were able to handle weapons like tasers and drive Hummers yet couldn t tell when the humans had Eve plug a rather large cord into a power plant, even though there were dozens she had to fight off to do it So are they really stupid techno zombies or are they a newer, smarter race who are going to control the world Make up your mind In short, there are so many other dystopic teen books out there that are a much better read Pick up one of those instead.

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