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    I do not know why I do this to myself I keep saying I will not read the next book in a series until all books are out or it is close to the next book UUGGGHHHHHH but I did it again I was reminded today by the author that I had the next book on my TBR list and could not stop myself from reading it Sometimes having a Nook is not the greatest thing when I know I can buy a book in less then two minutes Now I have to wait until December for the next book Who is going to return Will Guy be back Why was Harrison so nice at the end after he almost broke Megan s hands Why is Erin being so mean Megan is better off without a friend like her I still see that Megan needs to save her but I still get irritated about it So many questions Now to how much I liked about the book.I love when authors are so smart to leave you with your mouth hanging open Hell was like a cold Mountain top why because Megan was expecting heat Also when I think of Angels I think love and affection so why am I so sure that maybe the authors perception can be true and they do not have any emotions It does make sense that if they were all emotional they would not exactly be ideal as protectors and guardians How could they serve God if they were falling all over with emotions everywhere I really like this way of thinking I am not saying that Angels are cold and heartless but that the way the author has written them makes me think.Megan sure does have a very unlucky streak I wish there was interaction with Satan again He was a very interesting thing in the last book I also wish Megan could be truthful with her mom Suze seems like a smart resourceful woman who could handle it My favorite part was when Ashley got a face full of Holy water, I could imagine miss all mighty with makeup dripping off.

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    A copy was provided for review purposes Let me just tell you this, I had sat down with the first book in this series, Boyfriend From Hell one day, and I sat down with this one, the second in the series, the next, so my brain was practically fried by the time I put this book down So much went on and I have to admit that I was thoroughly satisfied with most of it, otherwise I wouldn t have been able to finish the two books in two days But out of the two books, I definitely enjoyed the second the most and from the way it s going, I can t wait for the third Earth Angel gave me enjoyment through the main characters and the plot line, both of which I felt were a little lacking in the first book I really like the fact that E Van Lowe s work seems to be improving over the course of the series unlike many other s which slowly start taking a dive Megan was one of two characters in the first book who I really thought needed substance and a better personality, and that s exactly what I received in this second one She showed a lot of character growth and has proved me wrong at multiple points She started out a little meager but grew into a strong and determined woman and I loved that I also liked that she was straight forward and went through so much to get where she is now because that shows she doesn t break easily However, as much as I loved Megan, I felt that her character is equal parts weak at times Lowe shouldn t have tried to make her so forcibly witty and older than her age because that was a definitely turn off One of the problems I had with her was that although she was a teenager, she didn t come off as relatable even if she did face the occasional high school dilemma But her character and personality in the second book was surely an improvement from the first and I gotta give Lowe that I really enjoyed Guy s character in this book than I did in the first one because we got to see a different side of him putting aside the bad boy act he put up as a front which seemed to have won him Megan In this book, Guy has his own voice and I felt like he should definitely be himself outwardly because I like that side of him better He s actually quite a nice guy and he shouldn t hide his pros while displaying some of his cons I m looking forward to seeing even character growth in the third and final book Like I said before, I am thoroughly satisfied this series so far as it s gotten better throughout the story The action was one of its best aspects with plot and humor falling through by a tiny bit I also liked that the romance didn t consume the entirety of the story and there was room for character plot growth Some parts of this book came across as forced while others blew me away This makes me even excited to get my claws on book number three

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    This was an interesting read Angels, demons, and mortals fighting to save their world The story takes place three weeks after the first book finished Megan is dealing with the loss of Matt and Erin her best friend has changed and refuses to speak to her after the death of her boyfriend Matt Both of them are suffering, but can t deal with it.Megan s boyfriend an angel guardian named Guy, is trying to protect her from demons who would love to get their hands on the powerful book she found Their relationship has it s up and downs, will they be able to get through the rough patches or will this be the end for them There were some good points and bad points about this book One of the big things for me the fact that I hadn t read Boyfriend from Hell and there were a LOT of references to events that happened previously This left me confused and wondering It does make me want to go back and read it, but it was frustrating at times My only other complaint was the big scene near the end of the story it happened so quickly I would have liked to have detail, information. just I really liked Megan, she was a great character She grows and learns through out the story I like that in a character I loved the relationship between her and her mother, as well as with her friends The ups and downs, the arguments and dealing with the events This is something I will re read again once I ve picked up the first book I m also looking forward to the 3rd book coming out next December For those who love YA, and Paranormal this is definitely a book for you BUT make sure you ve read the first book

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    I love when books open and close with the same scene or components, like the feather that falls down on the opening and closing scene of Forest Gump However, the outcome of this similar component leads to two different emotions Megan lie has gone back to normal as much as can be expected after falling in love with an angel and winning a fight against Satan She lost her best friend Matt to suicide and Erin because she blames Mean or Matt s death Now she has a new best friend, Maudrina, ho knows all about her bout with the supernatural As Megan tries to enjoy her time with her angel boyfriend Guy, she knows time with him ill run out soon hen he must return to Heaven In the meantime, Megan gets an invitation to all exclusive party which ultimately leads to another battle with demons Now she must make a few tough decisions and the wrong ones could cost her her new found status at school, her education ,the life of someone she loves, or even her own life.I enjoyed this book It was an easy read I look forward to the next one to find out what happens to Megan and Guy s relationship Their relationship is believable and cute It is just like hat a real teen first love looks like And I know that because I have one happening under my roof between my daughter and her first love They would do anything to keep the other one and act like their world would end I they were ever torn apart from each other Megan and Guy feel the same way and will do anything to keep the other safe, even if it means sacrificing themselves Which that is a little dramatic, but that is ho teen actually vie their first love.

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    In my reviews, I will not give a lot of details that are in the book Otherwise, there is no reason for you to read the book In my review I also won t give you the same description the book does Like some reviews do UGH With that said Earth Angel is just as good as the first book Even though the first book had ended with one of Meagan s friends, Erin, threatening her, there really wasn t much of her in this one However, it didn t dampen the over all story There still was a Demon adventure with little things happening here and there with other characters We got to learn a little bit about Megan and her being special We also were introduced to a couple of other characters There are a couple Angels, a Nephilim and of course, a few demons I can t wait to see what the third book Heaven Sent, will tell us I hope it will give us what it was lacking in this one ERIN This book is very good from the beginning to the end One minute I was starting the book and the next thing I know, I am 68% done It went quick because the flow of the plot, body and overall writing is great I definitely recommend this book I do suggest you read the first book first Boyfriend From Hell Otherwise, you may get confused.

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    I happen to be the publisher of this book, so I m clearly biased However, when I discovered that this series had not been snapped up by a bigger publisher, I jumped in E Van Lowe writes so well because he d been a writer and producer on The Cosby Show among other sitcoms and knows how to create an involving storyline and amazing dialogue He knows young women and men well, and their awkward interaction He weaves in humor among the heart pounding drama, and like J.K Rowling of Harry Potter fame, knows how to make the ordinary world extraordinary and yet believable In this book, when the forces of evil set against Megan, you squirm how s she possibly going to get out of this one Yet what s so appealing about this fifteen year old is that she has smarts both street smarts and book smarts, and she can be funny I know this series will catch on Who will be the first to broadcast it While I am anxious for people to find this series, I know it won t be because of me I ll be because a few early and enthusiastic readers will write about it and mention it to others I thank you, whoever you are.

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    Review to come.

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    Earth Angel by E Van LoweRelease Date December 8th, 2011Publisher White WhiskerPage Count 188Source I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased reviewDestiny Binds Him Just because Megan Barnett recently defeated Satan, has a fantastic new best friend, and has won the love of deliciously handsome Guy Matson, doesn t mean her troubles are over Far from it For Megan doesn t realize it, but in her possession is a powerful weapon, one sought after by both angels and demons and everything in between They will do ANYTHING to get it In E Van Lowe s humorous, romantic, and thrilling sequel to Boyfriend From Hell, Megan winds up in a gripping life or death battle to save herself, the angel she loves, and all of mankind from unspeakable evil.What Stephanie Thinks Though Earth Angel is the second book in the Falling Angels Saga series, it works fine for a stand alone novel because the previous book s situation is explained really well throughout it This is both a great reminder for those who ve read the prequel, and a nice catching up for those, like me, who haven t Megan s special it s the only reason why demons are chasing after her and her possessions but she doesn t know exactly why All she wants is to live life as a normal teenager, one who does well in school and can just have a few moments alone with her super hot boyfriend, Guy, without being interrupted, but it just so happens to be that said boyfriend is a fallen angel, one who s clipped his wings just to be on Earth with her, and that itself comes with tremendous limitations The angel council won t leave her and Guy alone they seem to want to do everything to split the two up Megan and Guy love each other too much for this to happen, she knows, but with the responsibilities piling up on the both of them, she wonders if the angels just might be the end of her only meaningful relationship Megan s voice is straightforward, I ll give it that But it s also incredibly choppy and not teenage girl like I know Lowe attempts to make her sound really witty, but that falls flat her opinions are actually quite mediocre and she has a tendency of stating the obvious She is relatable in terms of her high school dilemmas and boyfriend woes, which is an indicator of strong characterization, but her voice is just weak Lowe s style itself just doesn t flow very well, making the read pretty rough I did, however, like her friends Angel and human, they all are portrayed beautifully definitely the ideal gaggle of acquaintances, ones that I want, myself The action is fast and the story fast paced, which I kind of liked Scenes aren t dragged out and there isn t much suspense, so the plot progresses nicely, and the reader doesn t get bored It, however, doesn t pack that big of a punch as Lowe would like it to I mean, it deals with Satan, the Underworld, and forbidden love, but for me, it wasn t all that poignant The story kept moving forward, so yes, I did keep reading, but Earth Angel s story isn t one that s going to stick with me I enjoyed Earth Angel fairly because it has some original paranormal scenarios involving angels and their forbidden territory on Earth, as well as because it is a quick read However, I won t say it s really anything remarkable Both the awkward writing style and lack of conviction make this one kind of dull I will give Lowe props to an inventive creation of a paranormal world, as well as a pretty realistic high school setting, but the stale dialogue and failed attempt at making everything sound so dramatic, make the novel overall a pretty unmemorable read Stephanie Loves No one should push their problems off on others It s cowardly You re not a coward, are you If people shouldered their own problems instead of trying to pass the buck and push them off on others, the world would be a much better place Radical Rating 7 hearts Not without flaws, but overall enjoyable

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    3.5 starsOriginally posted on my blog, Zach s YA Reviews zachsyareviews.com Review Characters Unlike the previous installment, this book presents stable characters who, though still lacking a certain depth, seem realistic than before Throughout the story, I could see Megan s character develop, if only slightly, since her character seems nearly fully developed already Other characters, such as her mother, Suze, have less of a hold on their identity, as it seems the author still tries to direct his story into moments that, while beneficial to the story and characters, wouldn t naturally occur, thus taking away the one thing that is essential for an amazing book, realistic and fully fleshed out characters.Romance Like some of the characters, the romance also lacks depth Since we didn t get a strong establishment of a love story in the first installment, when the author advances the romance in this book it s awkward and I found myself not really caring when Megan and Guy would have dramatic and heartbreaking moments With the lack of relationship development it was hard to care about these characters interactions and when in any other book I would be agonizing over the relationship even though I knew they d get back together, here I was unfazed and interested in the other goings on of the plot.World Building Unfortunately most of the questions and new developments left off at the end of the previous installment, such as Erin s betrayal and hurt, were overlooked to pave the way to a newer plot point, that while connected to the events of the first installment, didn t feed out of naturally We get a new demonic villain and learn about Guy s past and the history of angel human relationships There are aspects of the last book, that while seeming small at the time, are expanded and shown to be a lot important in this novel, though I was hoping to see development in some of the questions left off at the end of the last book, which are overlooked until the end of this one, and even then it s not that they are fully addressed, but that it implies a resolution in the next installment.Predictability Like the last book, this one is mostly predictable, with some twists that can be seen a mile away When there are unpredictable moments, many of them are random than unpredictable The difference being, some moments seemed to have a slight amount of foreshadowing that led to the twist making sense, but there were moments that were just thrown in there to elicit a shocked reaction but didn t make sense with the characters or with the situation.Ending The ending was a bit drawn out, but not as much as the last one, it had a smaller conclusion following the final confrontation, and left many questions up in the air While it was less drawn out than the previous installment, it still could have been shorter and summarized the events following the final confrontation a bit Another thing that bugged me a bit was that most of the unanswered questions left off at the end were questions that i had at the end of the first book that weren t answered at all or were glossed over In the very end is a puzzling cliffhanger that would have made the wait for the final installment a bit unbearable.Rating While I enjoyed the writing a bit in this installment it s still not on par with most of the the other books I ve read I think the writing is poor at best, but the story is addictive and I cannot get enough My guilty pleasure series is getting a bit better and I m feeling a little less guilty with this installment Due to is short length and larger than average font size it s a short read and can be read in a matter of hours depending on your reading speed.

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    Check out the book tour for all 3 books at my blog, click the button to go directly to it, and read some samples too This book was by far superior to the first Megan had grown a lot through the first book, but even here We learn that Megan is special, it s the only reason why demons are chasing her and what she has, but she doesn t really know why for sure She just wants to spend time with her super hot angel boyfriend, who is actually a fallen angel who has clipped his wings to be on Earth with her The angel council won t back off and leave Guy and Megan alone They try all they can to split them up But Guy and Megan love each other too much to allow that to happen But with the responsibilities bearing down on them, she wonders if the angels will be the end of her only meaningful relationship.I really did enjoy seeing the character growth in Megan Makes me sortof feel like a proud mom, as I am a mom too, and just have that feeling I do feel really bad for her for most of this book because of what is going on with her mom and Erin It s all just so unfair I just wish people would trust Megan, I do now, we all need to I didn t like her at all in the first book and am glad she did the growing up she did It s nice to witness her progress in the maturing department.Now Guy in this book was another one I fell in love with, I didn t have much of an opinion of him in book one I knew he would be important, but not that I would like him We get to really see into Guy s head in this book and get a feel for him, which I loved I wish he would have just been himself the whole time, instead of putting on that bad boy act But I guess it actually worked for Megan I do wish we could have of Guy in this book, now that I like him so much.We do get to see some new characters, Harrison and Rocky, and I liked them ok, but just really liked Guy and wanted of him.The surprises we got to discover about Megan were nice, I liked that a lot It sure has me anxious to read the next book, as I think we will be seeing some really cool things to happen.I really, really loved the friendship of Megan and Maudrina, it touched my heart and will enjoy seeing them get closer and become really good friends She really needed it after Erin went crazy which I hated by the way I was really hoping to get insights to the Erin Matt situation, but unfortunately it was not addressed at all Maybe in the next Though I am not at all happy with this new Erin, so really could care less if her and Megan ever make up.Overall I loved this second installment to the Falling Angels Saga, I loved it than the first, but it s like that most of the time for me, as we know the characters by the second book.I am excited to get into the next book, as this had a killer of an ending, which I didn t really like Just hope Megan can fix things in the next book.5 out of 5 stars, highly recommended.I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review and the tour.

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