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Duke by Day, Rogue by Night files Duke by Day, Rogue by Night, read online Duke by Day, Rogue by Night, free Duke by Day, Rogue by Night, free Duke by Day, Rogue by Night, Duke by Day, Rogue by Night d750974c0 Constance Danbury Is Fleeing An Arranged Marriage To Lecherous Lord Burton, A Man Who Has Blackmailed Her Father And Is Nearly Twice Her Age Her Escape Takes Her Aboard A Merchantman Bound For Spain, Where She Hopes An Aunt Will Help Her Procure Funds To Save Her Father S Dwindling Reputation But Fate Intervenes Constance Is Captured By A Pirate With A Wit And Stubbornness To Match Her Own, And A Secret He Ll Do Anything To Keep Nobleman Percival Avery Is A Member Of Nelson S Tea, An Elite Group Whose Members Are First Sons From Every Tier In Society Undercover, He Disguises Himself As A Pirate To Infiltrate The Gang Of Cutthroats Responsible For His Sister S Death But When His Vessel Attacks A Merchantman With Valuable Cargo, Percy Is Forced To Choose Between Vengeance And Saving The Life Of His Commander S Niece, Constance Danbury Mutiny Is Sure To Obliterate His Well Laid Plans It Also Aligns Him With The One Woman Sure To See Through His Disguise Forced To Play The Fop By Day To Outwit His Enemies, He Masquerades As A Rogue By Night In Order To Avenge His Sister S Death And To Win His True Love S Heart

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    In her debut novel Katherine Bone drops you right into the action aboard a merchant ship bound for Spain that is being attacked by pirates, setting the pace for the rest of the book, which is filled with adventure, mystery, passion and romance Set during the Napoleonic wars of the early nineteenth century, this book uses some of the amazing seafaring characters of this classic British historical era pirates, merchants, naval officers and Nelson s own double agents But not all of the action takes place on the high seas of the English Channel, because the main characters return to London to the grimy, violent patrons of the docks and its local public houses and to the aristocratic finesse and extravagance of the London Ton, dancing in balls and driving in the park.The pace of this book is fast pretty much throughout it is a page turner that keeps you asking what is going to happen next, will they work it out, will they survive, will they kiss The mystery of who killed Percival s sister and the double agents in the book mean that there are many twists and turns that keep you guessing Added to that an apparent love triangle between a lady, a pirate and a nobleman and you can t put the book down Is she going to work out their connection, or is he going to tell her Yet how was it her body ignited beneath her enemy s caress when Burton s touch filled her with horrible misgivings Surely the opposite should be true Burton was a member of the ton, the pirate wasn t Was she doomed to end up on the streets, cast out of society She couldn t allow it to happen She needed a plan.Katherine Bones paints a world rich in intrigue Told from a range of perspectives, the book enables the reader to really feel for the main characters You cannot help but cheer on the fiery lead female character, Constance, who wants to marry for love, not duty or money, and is prepared to risk her own life to do so Who would want to marry the ghastly Lord Burton, who believes women are there to be used and discarded You can t help but fall in love with the two alter egos of Percival Avery either pirate and gentleman You hope that the frightful Lord Burton and the horrendous pirates get their comeuppance, and you are left intrigued by Henry Gruffald ideal because he is the lead of Katherine s next book, which I very much look forward to reading.

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    3 and Stars Entertaining First in the seriesFirst in the Nelson Tea series, this is the story of Lady Constance Danbury who in 1804 sailed from London to Spain to seek her Aunt Lydia s support to escape an arranged marriage to the horrible Lord Burton On the way, her ship is attacked by the same pirate who killed her mother years before Among his crew, however, is a spy Percival Avery, the Marquess of Stanton pretending to be a pirate to find the one responsible for his sister s death Constance interferes in his plans, forcing him to take over the ship before he was ready in order to save her from the lecherous pirate captain.Though Percy knows Constance is the daughter of a duke, he takes her innocence and, in his own words well uses her, never telling her his real name or that he s a peer or the heir to a dukedom In other words, he s a true cad Yeah, he s a part of some super secret Nelson s Tea group, but still Constance finds she is with child no surprise there , and panic sets in Must she marry the man she hates, or is there another option Bone has talent and can write well as many passages attest, however, detracting from an otherwise entertaining story were repetitious passages and dialog, incorrect forms of address among the nobility, incorrect ship terminology and some highly improbable elements for the early 19th century.

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    Katherine Bone immediately plunges her readers into icy ocean waters as a respectable boat gets overrun by pirates Constance is on board with her lady s maid, on the run from her father s choice of husband She believes if she can only get to Spain and to her wealthy aunt, her father s financial woes will subside and she will be free to marry for love, not money Percy is a duke, who is posing as a pirate, looking for clues to avenge the death of his sister, Celeste What is a girl to do when placed in close quarters with a devilishly handsome and dangerous pirate Her fate is sealed with a glance and a touch They part ways once the ship returns to shore Constance never gets to Spain and is still obliged to marry her father s choice But she now has a child to think about, and keeps that fact from the man who steps in at the last minute to offer marriage But he has his own secrets Can these two, entwined in their separate webs of lies and duplicity, find the true love that will last a lifetime I m a sucker for pirate stories, and this swashbuckling adventure appealed to me The intricate story kept me guessing until the last page The only complaint I have is that Constance gives up her virginity way too fast I would have liked tension, tap dancing before the final number But then, she was face to face with a dashing pirate What is a girl to do

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    Too Stupid to LiveWe ve all seen the movie This is the literary equivalent I bought it, thinking a Duke and a rogueoh, my and settled in for a comfy evening of escapism Instead, I found myself burning up my kindle with notes and highlights I will only subject you to an example that generated both After her ship is boarded by pirates for the second time in her life, our heroine stays dressed only in her shift, stays barricaded in her cabin because an officer instructed her to do so, leaves her money sown into her riding habit, and arms herself with a bedwarmer Our hero, posing as a pirate, meets her shortly thereafter and is overwhelmed by her wit and courage Her lack of either from failing to dress herself before exposure to known rapists, not learning to swim after watching her mother drown, to constant screaming and swooning is obvious Save yourselves.

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    I sat down to start this book the night I got it I could not put it down, continuing to read until I finished it way past my bedtime Great story and romance I highly recommend.

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    Since I do so enjoy a good historical romance I also enjoy ones with lots of action and adventure and this one sure has that and Reading historicals is a good way of going into the past and experiencing what was or could of been through the eyes and talent of a author but they have to be able to be believable and have some meat to them for me to not put them down This author has that ability with her writing Right from the beginning she grabbed my attention with Constance trying to escape a unwanted match to a man who gave her the creeps who asked for her hand to her father so her uncle has helped her with passage to her aunt s to plead her case Traveling in those days alone was not accepted so she had a companion Mrs Mortimer with her on the ship But this journey was not meant to be it would seem because they are set upon right away by pirates attacking the ship Now this is no mansy pansy attack written of either It is filled with action that has you gripping the book and riveted word by word on oh dear what will happen to them sort of stuff Of course at times the action is intense fitting of the times and place Hero in the form of captain of the ship but will it be enough On the plus side for her is that the pirate captain is not the one who discovers her but a pirate that is described quite yummy and good enough to eat by the accounts written Percy but known by a different name in the pirate world has claimed the prize in ways than one but also knows who she really is and why he must keep her safe regardless how it might affect him in the long run He is also forced to take over with mutiny from the black hearted Captain Frink before he had wanted to in order to rescue her and the men following him cause things have gone a little south so to speak So the setting as I have said has captured me right away almost like Constance by Percy ha ha So I barrel through the adventure on the seas and Constance and Percy do than share a cabin in time she grows to love him and his heart is also captured but alas he thinks he once on land cannot be good enough for her Events that follow keep you tuned to these two with other colorful characters I found I had a love hate feeling for her father though Men of those times were just that men Women had very little freedoms and the rules of society made things quite difficult to say the least Of course there is the than one black hearted fellow in here the one she was running from to begin with The vivid scenes of drama and adventure keeps you captured that you too forget the time cause of the talent she has to wisk you away The romance is quite dashing also warms the blood and chases any chills if you have any away The intensity of the love these two develop is the kind hoped for today and satisfies any romance reader There is also great humor at times that brings a chuckle out loud a time or two Read for yourself why the title for this is a not to be missed adventure filled romance of the high seas kind Villains will be brought down and anyone missing this treat could find themselves in the brigade of woo for not having sampled it themselves.

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    This is an impressively written debut, chock full of adventure and intrigue, lust, wit, and deception, the first in the Nelson Tea Trilogy by Katherine Bone The series features the stories of brave men, all first sons of the peerage, who work undercover with Admiral Nelson to thwart Napoleon s advances.Percival Percy Avery is a duke s son, in disguise as a pirate, working with an elite espionage group, Nelson s Tea, as he also seeks vengeance for the ruthless violation and ruin of his beloved sister, Celeste, when Lady Constance Danbury gets in his way She s en route to Spain to ask help from her estranged aunt to save her family s fortunes so that she won t be forced to marry the brutal and quite horrible Baron Burton The story teeters on caricature at times, but the writing is so strong, I could suspend my occasional disbelief and it also has shades of Ann Radcliff s The Mysteries of Udolfo, with its victimized heroine and cruel oppressor Constance is willful, strong, and a survivor, determined to do anything rather than marry without love.For my full review on my historical romance and history blog

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    If you enjoy romances with adventure and intrigue, then you ll love Duke by Day, Rogue by Night Percy and Constance meet when Percy, who is masquerading as a pirate, seizes her ship and she ends up his captive What follows is an exciting romance filled with unexpected twists as Constance begins to unravel the truth about Percy s true identity and Percy must protect her while he hunts for his sister s killer I loved the suspense in this book as well as the romance It is set during the Napoleonic Wars so fans of that time period will enjoy this book, and of course, for all of you who love pirate romances, you ll love this one

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    I finished this book today and just loved it I m a major fan of historical romance but to have pirates too Wow Duke by Day, Rogue by Night grabbed me from the beginning and I couldn t stop thinking about it Loved it I can t wait for Katherine Bone s next release.

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    Great debut author She s very engaged with her readers, and she s given them a wonderful story full of pirates and scandal and amazing romance

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