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Drink, Slay, Love chapter 1 Drink, Slay, Love, meaning Drink, Slay, Love, genre Drink, Slay, Love, book cover Drink, Slay, Love, flies Drink, Slay, Love, Drink, Slay, Love aafb9823732ee Pearl Is A Sixteen Year Old Vampire Fond Of Blood, Allergic To Sunlight, And Mostly Evil Until The Night A Sparkly Unicorn Stabs Her Through The Heart With His Horn Oops Her Family Thinks She Was Attacked By A Vampire Hunter Because, Obviously, Unicorns Don T Exist , And They Re Shocked She Survived They Re Even Shocked When Pearl Discovers She Can Now Withstand The Sun But They Quickly Find A Way To Make Use Of Her New Talent The Vampire King Of New England Has Chosen Pearl S Family To Host His Feast If Pearl Enrolls In High School, She Can Make Lots Of Human Friends And Lure Them To The King S Feast As The Entrees The Only Problem Pearl S Starting To Feel The Twinges Of A Conscience How Can She Serve Up Her New Friends Especially The Cute Guy Who Makes Her Fangs Ache To Be Slaughtered Then Again, She S Definitely Dead If She Lets Down Her Family What S A Sunlight Loving Vamp To Do

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    Actual rating 4.5 stars and a unicorn Kind of funny when you think about it, us believing we had to protect a dude from you, Tall said In a few weeks we can all grab a cheeseburger together and laugh about this A hot chick like you couldn t possibly be a vampire Seriously, though, you might want to cut down on the black garb Not that you were in any way asking for it, Tall said A woman can wear whatever she chooses without fear of being mistaken for a fiendish bloodsucking nightwalker But have you thought green Green would look great with your eyes Any book with a stalker unicorn and an alpha female vampire with a sadistic streak is bound to be a fucking winner This book is fa bu lous snaps fingers It s got A motherfucking sparkly twinkly stabbing stalker unicorn, HELLO A strong female vampire lead who slowly discovers her humanity who s a master at power plays A Mafia like vampiric society A sweet love interest who s a decent human being, and a love triangle that doesn t hurt because it s not really much of one A hilarious portrayal of high school that points out the clich s within the cliques A tongue in cheek style of writing, chock full of deadpan humor no pun intended Actual female friendship Hallelujah The Summary The unicorn stood between the dumpsters He sparkled like a horse shaped disco ball His traditional spiral horn beamed like a toy light saber.Pearl burst out laughing Seriously A unicorn Please Why are you here Are you dumpster diving Pearl asked I can see how the horn would be useful in sorting through trash But is that really appropriate behavior for a mythical creature Shouldn t you be eating honey and sunshine Pearl is a vampire She is merciless and in The Family, she s got to be She drinks blood, she s even got a favorite drink His name s Brad He works at the ice cream shop He tastes best after he s had mint flavored ice cream Shh, she said Nearly dawn No time for talking Snuggling against him, she continued to feed him ice cream He swallowed mechanically, as if her proximity erased all brain function Pearl pressed closer and pushed his straggly hair back away from his neck.And then she extended her fangs and sank them into his jugular. But all that was before she got stabbed by an unicorn A motherfucking unicorn They re not supposed to even exist Naturally, nobody believes her Her family The Family just laughs at her Pearl s Family is like a vampire Mafia Her mother is cold as well as cold blooded Her father is a businessman But all in all, it s a fairly normal familyjust a little deadlier than most She s got a fussy aunt She s got an idiot cousin She s got a crazy uncle his propensity to chew off birds heads was much unsettling than the puckering on his cheeks. But the family has to worry about that the possible sighting of an unicorn, the King of the vampires is coming to town, and her family is their host So yeah, bigger things to worry about here.But then, weird things start happeningPearl starts feeling empathy for her food aka Brad the ice cream boy I should release him, she thought Let the puppy run free.Pearl shook her head Where on earth had that thought come from He wasn t a puppy he was a walking Happy Meal Had she really just worried about how her snack felt Seriously She sees her own reflection and my fucking godshe can step into the sun without dying in a blaze of fire Colored light tinted her pale skin, and Pearl raised her arm and turned it over to watch the stained glass light dance over her blue veins and bring hints of color into the whiteness, as if her skin were Formica.Well, look at that, she thought I m a sparkly vampire. The Family isn t too happy to find out about this, but there s the problem with The King coming to town They have to provide the entertainment They have to provide the food aka HUMANS OM NOM NOM And now their daughter, Pearl, can step into sunlight and not die a fiery death Hm HMMMMMMMMMMM This may be useful You want me to find the king s dinner in daylight Pearl guessed Precisely, Mother said.Daddy smiled We want you to attend high school Because there s nothing delicious than a schoolful of teenagers _ So Pearl s going to go to high school for the first time in her life, huzzah She already knows a couple of kids, too, there s sweet, friendly Bethany, and super nice guy with a hero complex, Evan He d chosen a chair by the window Sunlight streamed in, illuminating the dust to create distinct rays so it appeared as if he were highlighted by a halo of angelic light If he d been trying to stage it to catch her eye, he couldn t have planned it better. The school isinteresting, and for a vampire used to dominance and power play within the vampiric hierarchyit s a piece of cake There s your usual cliques, there s the Queen Beeof whom Pearl isn t the least bit scared She watched as Ashlyn strode across the cafetorium with all the confidence of a vampireand Pearl wondered if that was it, if it was the confidence that she radiated that was the source of her power.If that s all it takes, Pearl thought, then I m going to rule this place. Pearl is fucking awesome She s got the strength She s got the looks She s got the swagger She s got the confidence Within the first day, she s insulted and upstaged an aggressive teacher, she s scratched Queen Bee s car, and Greenbridge High School doesn t know what hit it Are you kidding Bethany said She s, like, a hero With shining eyes, she turned to Pearl You are exactly what this school needs How convenient, Pearl said, since this school is exactly what I need Everything would be perfect if she s starting tofeel things for the pesky fucking humans Everything would be perfect if she weren t so busy that she doesn t have time to eat drink, rather , or sleep Everything would be perfect if SHE WEREN T BEING STALKED BY A FUCKING UNICORN As the sun sank into the horizon, Pearl trudged home without having seen a single sparkly hoofprint or rainbowed poop pile It wasn t as if she d expected unicorn wuz here graffitiOkay, yes, that would have been nice. Pearl s hunger soon gets the better of herand in the midst of gaining control, Pearl makes a mistake And now, it seems like her meals aka, her human friends are the only ones to whom she can turn Hating herself for what she was about to say, Pearl blurted out the words I need help So softly that Pearl was certain she wasn t meant to hear it, Evan whispered, And lo, Hell freezes over In the end, who will Pearl become The bloodsucking, cold hearted creature of vampire loreor someone who s only too human She swallowed hard and tried to force the achy feeling to stop No matter how lovely the words were, these people didn t understand, and she couldn t stay.Staying could destroy her thoroughly than a stake through the heart ever could. The Setting Upstairs was the perfect suburban home couches and TV in the living room, marble counters and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, and color coordinated lacy bedrooms Downstairs, hidden from human view, was a catacomb of tunnels and rooms that included sleeping chambers, training rooms, torture rooms, a few storage areas, and the treasury This is a modern US setting in which vampires exist unbeknownst to humans and so do other supernatural creatures, like zombies, but they re rare Unicorns, naturally, are just imaginary, duh.This vampiric society is dominated by powerful families, Pearl s family, the Sanges, are dominant in their region Their clan was rising in prominence Daddy owned real estate throughout western Connecticut, including multiple businesses in Hartford, and Mother had a head for business that rivaled any CEO s. Her father is a shark Her mother is ruthless You didn t sit down to tea with someone you were about to punish, but then she d once seen Mother wait an entire week before slicing off the toe of a distant relative who had crossed into their territory without permission. And their entire family, however eccentric some members, are to be feared Of course, they re not without their sense of humor Like family dinner nights, in which the foodis human Their dinner had been presented on a bed of lettuce Carrots had been stuck in candelabras on either side of the boy s torso, and his hands had been positioned to hold a decorative cabbage as if it were a bride s bouquet He wore a bellhop uniform Their society is dominated by power, power play, and mind games of dominancewhich makes Pearl s personality so much interesting.Pearl Pearl didn t want to adjust She wanted humans to revert to being merely meals again She wanted to stop pretending to fit in She wanted to return to being the ordinary child she was born to be, not a special miracle charged with this impossible task. I fucking loved Pearl She has such a strong personality, without weakness as a vampire who sees humans purely as food, which makes her all the realistic when she finallydue to the stupid unicornstarts feeling emotions Pearl is exceedingly intelligent, you don t get to be an idiot being raised in a family in which survival of the fittest is the motto, and therefore, Pearl is so, so tough and cold initially She s been raised that way, and she can read people like a book Which is how she knows to interpret the cliques and power structure at her high school Others around her nodded wisely, and a few laughed outright Pearl realized what she was seeing a shift in power Ashlyn had shown weakness, and others were jockeying for her position She wondered how malleable the social hierarchy was and how far Ashlyn would tumble. Pearl is confident She is strong, she is beautiful, she is powerful, and she knows it When a girl threatens her relationship with Pearl s vampire boyfriend, Jadrienwell, Pearl knows how to stake her territory without saying a word no pun intended She elected to simply wait the girl out.It didn t take long.Every time Jadrien swung Laurie, his eyes sought out Pearl Every time he nuzzled her hair, he looked at Pearl Every time he curled his lips and pulled her close, he watched only Pearl After a few minutes Laurie noticed that Jadrien s attention was fixed elsewhere. And just like that, the power structure is shifted Pearl is so confident and strong in her identity, that I loved seeing her finally expose her vulnerability when she realizes that humans, unlike her vampire compatriotsare not going to stab her in the back She doesn t have to constantly watch herserlf Pearl left the office feeling dazed Mrs Kerry at the front desk waved at her as she half walked and half stumbled back toward class Glancing over her shoulder multiple times, she watched for an attack that never came. The Romance What s wrong with me Pearl asked How would she ever undo what she d done Evan touched her shoulder Maybe it s not that there s something wrong with you, he said Maybe there s something finally right There is a love triangle in this book, and it doesn t hurt The romance is so light that it s barely there at all, in the context of an YA book Pearl is betrothed but not formally, to a vampire boy named Jadrien They have fun together, he is a smooth talker, they re not best friends Jadrien and Pearl have a playful, flirtatious relationship, they train and fight together Surrender she said To you, he said, I surrender my heart and soul She rolled her eyes Very romantic, considering you have neither Their relationship like most in the vampire community is fraught with tension, power plays, and mind games I m tired of games, Jadrien, she said I play them all night and now all day But you know what She stepped closer to him If I have to playI play to win You should know that about me by now And it s just Jadrien who will be her future until she meets Evan The human boy who is unexpectedly kind Who understands Pearl than she expected How about you she asked You seem to have everything under control What are your issues At the moment just you His voice was serious I have a bit of a hero complex, you see, and you need saving Their relationship is well built, well drawn There is no insta love There is distrust in the beginning he is food, after all The romance is not overwhelming in the least.Overall Such a lovely book, the humor is spectacular I had a blast reading it There are imperfections in the book, but overall, I enjoyed it so much that nothing else mattered.

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    3.5 of 5 unicorns Pearl is a vampire Her life has always flawlessly been perfectly normal as far as normal can go for her and, while she was enjoying her nightly snack, she saw a unicorn Magnificent Pearl burst out laughing Seriously A unicorn Please Why yes, the Family capital F required may have convinced her that it incontestably was an illusion, but the unicorn in question unmistakeably staked her, giving her the possibility to walk in the sun and a feeling of humanity she never thought would acquire And Pearl s life will never be the same again.Could it be that she will eventually stop considering humans as an inferior race Make friends Find true love Is what you re going to find out.I quite believed this read to be fully entertaining and perfect for a lazy weekend in bed with lots of snacks that aren t ones Pearl would enjoy think hard before inviting her The plot, while having some repetitiveness same applies for the settings , was simple but efficient to make us laugh and have a good time I read this in one sitting and that is, to say it all, certainly pretty rare for me.The pacing was good enough, not slow but not quite fast either It s pleasant and fitting the story perfectly It s obvious, when reading the book, that a lot of effort and thought has been put in the writing for it to match the story, because it was truly great And, THAT TWIST was not not not expecting it at all I found the romance to be underdeveloped and the love triangle not only unnecessary, but also much buried under the main plot It wasn t important, yet there were, sometimes, some glimpses of it here and there quick and emotionless ones At least that s how they appeared to me, but probably due to the fact that I didn t believe in the love part of this story.The secondary characters, principally Pearl s new friends , were well characterized and had this little charm that will make them sweeties to your eyes It s really, however having vampires as paranormal aspect, a book easily compared to candy not a HIGH quality brand in my case, but candy still.I also thought that, even though it s a book with mostly vampires as characters and they are very important to the plot the latter didn t all, each one of them, feel vampire like to me, especially those like Jadrien Pearl s boyfriend I mean, sure, he is a bad boy and obscure but, a vampire If I didn t know already, I wouldn t necessarily have guessed.Immensely, is how much I enjoyed the humour I am not wearing hooker clothes She surveyed herself black leather corset top, lace skirt, knee high boots It s Goth Sure it is And it s ironic The Titanic labelled unsinkable is ironic Your skirt is just short I happen to know I have nice legs All world happens to know you have nice legs HA It wasn t excessively present but, when it was there, I craved to read some of the humourous dialogs.As a verdict, I do believe this was good read that will be enjoyed by many and recommend it enough Pearl, as a character, may not impress every reader, but I sure found her qualities that make of her an interesting and worth to know better person.Proceed at your own risk view spoiler What do unicorns do hide spoiler

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    Truth be told, not only Drink, Slay, Love is loads of fun, but it has way depth than it appeared at first Trust me, if I was able to enjoy it even though 1 I don t like vampires and 2 I m bored by PNR often than not lately, there s a good chance you will too Let s take a look at what you have here, okay An alpha female vampire MC, who s at the top of the food chain and intends to stay there, even though she starts feeling UGH emotions so annoying I loved Pearl she s unapologetic, selfish, kick ass, smart, and hilarious What not to love I hope I haven t hurt your feelings, he said I don t have feelings, at least not the inconvenient ones Okay, he said I hope I haven t hurt your ego Yeah, that part of me is a bit miffed, Pearl said What exactly is not hot about me You re a teenage boy I have boobs What part of the equation is missing A freaking fantastic unicorn Of course I was giggling like a complete moron, what do you think view spoiler I KNEW it Just sayin hide spoiler

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    A brush with extinction does not excuse unladylike behaviour You weren t raised in a barn Initial Final Page Thoughts.Holy moly, I just finished a vampbook with a smile on my face WHAT High Points.Pearl I was snickering here, there and everywhere with this book Prom Queen Molly Ringwald Learning about American High School culture from John Hughes films which I TOTALLY never did Love you Duckie All you people are vampires and your stories aren t stale Unicorns Ice cream Sunrises Training sessions Vampire hunters Coffee sodden blood Family connections Feasts Boys who write poetry Low Points.Jadrien That s right There s a character called Jadrien JADRIEN I think my heart stopped when I read that little nugget because my body was trying to put me out of my misery at the HORROR of the name Jadrien.I think that merging two names together is even worse than giving a common name a weird spelling For example Mykal, Rycharde, Gneil silent G, obvz But I m just going to hope pretend assume it s tongue in cheek and swiftly move on.This whole story was a bit ridiculous but I think it was because I kept forgetting I was reading a book about vampires and were unicorns.Heroine.Getting over the fact that your name is Pearl Rose Sange yes SERIOUSLY , I thought you were awesome And not even awesome for a vampire You were legitimately awesome and very funny and sarcastic and you had steel toe boots and you re not a girly girl who is too preoccupied with a mirror BECAUSE YOU DON T HAVE A REFLECTION Lolz And you were a cute friend to Bethany who probably should be referred to in a Best Friend section, but I don t really have much to say about her She was fine and suitably ditzy and peripheral, which all good bff s must be.You are a bit sceptical about the power and the glory of St Molly Ringwald and John Hughes films and you lots well earned Brownie points with that just because you re moody and angsty does NOT mean you can take their names in vain, Missy BUT you save yourself by liking to watch sunrises.Which is nice, because I like sunrises, too Love Interest.Evan was cute and wrote poetry and he was funny and he was clever and he was just a bit wet And um This is going to be a minute spoiler but if you have ever read a paranormal YA or a book in general, then you ll have guessed what happens within the first chapter or so.But if you don t want to know skip, skip, skip sigh Let s just say his extra sparkly, glittery appendage would be inconvenient and problematic and ridiculous.I fancied Jadrien I d just call him Jay He had the gift of the gab and that is important also he sounded HOTHOT To you, he said, I surrender my heart and soul She rolled her eyes Very romantic, considering you have neither Yeah, I d fall for that Not even gonna lie Theme Tune.Blood Thirsty Bastards by Dirty Pretty Things My heels are all worn downMy loyalties are tornI m finding different paths nowI never saw beforeAnd it hurts less every dayThe paths lead me awayLead me away from thoseBlood thirsty bastards Also, I wonder if Mr Barat is still in contact with Pete Doherty I imagine his blood would be worth millions on the vamp scene.Boy Angst.2 10 YES That s right 2 measly points for boy angst Which I have to hold my hands up and admit I thought it was going to be off the scale in this department Vampires do that to me I just assume they re all DRAMATIC Pearl was a badass and even though there may have been a few eye rolls We get it he has warm eyes that search you they were minimal HURRAH.Although sigh I m about 90% sure that there is going to be a sequel and it has potential to be angst ridden Sadness Scale.1 10 What You mean a book about vamps being stabbed by shiny unicorns isn t sad and hard hitting and thought provoking HOLD THE PHONE, I VE BEEN DUPED Sometimes you just need a book that is just funny and there s no angst and there s no hidden agenda and it doesn t make you learn things about morals and whatnot.The 1 point is for Ashlynne and her family Recommended For I don t normally compare books with other books because I don t think it s really fair but this book reeeeaally reminded me of Hex Hall and Ms Hawkins humour So if you like that kind of thing, you ll probably like this People who want to put their brain on pause for a bit and just have a bit of a laugh People who just want to eat ice cream without drama and nearly dying People who think about food in the middle of a miracle People who wished their prom had eight cardboard cut outs of a certain Mr Pattinson in a character that you ve probably never heard of and I m not talking about good ole Cedders People who understand the importance of Molly Ringwald People who don t immediately assume that because a boy sparkles that he s a vampire He could just be a unicorn Or really bad at arts and crafts I received a copy of this book from the publishers.You can find this review and a whole lot of other exciting stuff on my blog here.

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    Hilarious, light hearted, and a male lead that made me smile than should be allowed.but the story itself was just too meh for me.

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    3.5 stars So Ms Britnee and I picked this book as a buddy read I wasn t sure what to expect from it Even with the catchy premise, I figured this book was going to be just another run of the mill vamp book Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised I had a lot of fun reading Drink, Slay, Love.You really can t go wrong with a book which has a girl getting stabbed by a unicorn in the very first chapter As a bonus, the same girl ends up getting stalked by the unicorn, which was quite amusing to see, especially when her tough girl exterior was shaken by a bit of paranoia.Pearl, our female protag is quite the character She s full of sass and snark, and prefers her food to be warm blooded and readily available a.k.a lame humans She doesn t actually want to have to get to know her food source, but her family decides to make her do just that when they enroll her in high school after the unicorn injury allows her to walk in the sunlight Why does she have to go to school and hang out with the humans, you ask Why for no other reason but to lure hundreds of unsuspecting teens over to the vamp lair to provide a food source for the soon to be visiting vamp royalty Easy as pie, right Sure, it would bebut our dark and moody girl is suddenly starting to develop a conscience Blame it on stupid, rainbow pooping her words, not mine unicorns.This book was a fun read, and had several humorous moments For once, the hot and cocky boyfriend was kicked to the curb for a nice guy There was no teen angst, no pining, no hint of anyone trying to waste away in their bedroom while mourning a lost love Nope Pearl was way too cynical and jaded for that sort of behavior I quite liked her, actually.Since I read this book as an arc pre release, I am unsure if it will become a series or not The ending was solid, but the door was left open a crack for the possibility of a future series Here s hoping I d love to revisit Pearl, Evan and the rest of the gang in the future.

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    Review posted on Fafa s Book Corner Beware spoilers ahead I remember how back in 2011 I saw this book circulating everywhere That was around the time when vampires were still popular A friend of mine had highly recommended another book by Durst, Vessel Having read and enjoyed The Queen of Blood I decided to give Drink, Slay, Love a try I am happy to say that I enjoyed it Pearl is 16, a vampire, and simply fabulous She is apart of the Family a biological coven , has an extremely attractive betroth, and is soon to be an adult vampire This all changes when a unicorn stabs her Somehow Pearl is able to walk in the sunlight Her parents use this to their advantage to gain some food humans to the upcoming King s feast Wherein Pearl will be an adult vampire To accomplish their goals the parents enroll Pearl in high school.Drink, Slay, Love was such a blast to read Pearl was so funny The highlight of this book was definitely Pearl observing and coming to understand high school Pearl coming into her emotions and growing throughout the book was well done Pearl was such a breath of fresh air She was extremely confident in everything she did She was a no nonsense character Pretty much everything she noted about high school was so true It was interesting to see her in that setting.There were quite a few female s in this book For the most part Pearl was basically friends with everyone I especially loved her interactions with Bethany, Tara, and her track team It was nice that Pearl wasn t just friends with one girl but a majority of them.I loved how for once the queen bee wasn t a terrible person or a blonde Tara was such a joy to read about She was actually nice while also running the whole school She wasn t popular based on fear, but compassion and of course confidence.Bethany was the opposite of Pearl and Tara She had quite a few self esteem issues stemming from her abusive family For this reason alone Pearl and Bethany got along very well Pearl s family is also quite abusive but unlike Bethany, Pearl had excellent self esteem and confidence in herself Amongst all the characters Bethany was able to relate to Pearl and was such a good support In return Pearl stood up for Bethany and gave her a confidence boost here and there Let me clarify that there is no love triangle Pearl doesn t really care for Jadrien other than the fact that he s good looking Pearl instead comes to care for Evan whose Bethany s best friend Evan was an all around good guy So much so that he spent most of the book trying to be Pearl s hero He has a large hero complex It was annoying at first but I grew to like it.Vampire society as a whole was very abusive Pearl didn t have good relationships with any of her family members Save for her father who was barely there There was a lot of mind games and competitions off who was the better and stronger vampire amongst her cousins.I liked how the author poked around with all high school and vampire stereotypes One of Pearl s cousins wore lots of pink but was still totally terrifying Especially that last conversation between Evan and Pearl The plot twist with Bethany and Evan in cahoots was completely unexpected Evan and his family are all were unicorns whose main job is to hunt vampires Bethany has Evan stab Pearl in hopes of her gaining emotions and being good This also helped tie into Evan s parents plan of trying to stab a majority of the vampires at the ceremony.What was even unexpected is that Pearl enlists the help of her classmates to stop the King s feast She actually told select classmates that she s a vampire And laid out the King s plan to kill all the students attending prom The classmates for the most part took it surprisingly well And together they all Evan s family included came up with a plan Which was awesome And so much fun to read about However I did have some problems I actually skimmed the beginning because Pearl s family and all vampires had such an annoying speech pattern It actually put me to sleep I felt that the explanation Evan s family gave about unicorns was rushed and could ve been handled better Maybe with page time.Overall I really enjoyed Drink, Slay, Love I highly recommend it as it was a unique and original vampire story.

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    Thanks to Dorothy, who got me this book as a gift It s raining outside and I have no intention of opening my Modern History textbook, so this seems like as good a time as any to review this book.I read Drink Slay Love in one sitting Now, I know that the cool kids say that vampire books are crap, but bear with me for a second Personally, I really like the idea of vampires I mean, bloodsucking human like monsters who rule the night and feed on humans Sign me up but I do tend to have a problem with most vampire books And I m not even talking about the whole Twilight phenomenon and the abusive vampire stalker aka Sparkly McSparkle, but the entire genre seems to be filled with paranormal romance tropes, and you all know how much I love paranormal romance Which is precisely where Drink Slay Love finds me And let me tell you, this was one hell of a good book I only expected a funny, light read, but I got so much than that Pearl Rose Sange I know Blame the vampires is a sixteen year old vampire Like everyone of her kind, she cannot stand the sunlight and she feeds during the night and then there s the Family which is a little bit less like a real family and a little bit like the mafia Vampire society is based on hierarchy and fear the vampire king of New England rules all the Families, and the oldest vampires are the heads of each Family Pearl is the youngest, but certainly not the weakest she can hold her own in a fight, and she is never alone Not by choice, but with the Family, you re never truly alone. Vampires are violent, clever and merciless, and there were a lot of delightfully creepy moments in the book like when the dinner was alive on the table and softly humming a song, a side effect of the vampire venom in his system, while waiting to be drained by the whole Family Things suddenly change when Pearl, after a hunt at her usual place, crosses paths with a unicorn yes, you heard me and said mythical horse drives his horn through her heart Pearl burst out laughing Seriously A unicorn Please After her Mother assigns her an extremely important mission to attend high school, befriend the humans and bring them to the Vampire King s feast to serve as refreshments Pearl slowly starts to realize that something inside her is changing She stops seeing humans solely as preys, and she starts to develop a conscience, something that vampires should know nothing of Enter Evan, the boy with an hero complex, Bethany, the cherry blonde perfectionist, Mark and Zeke, wannabe vampire hunters, Pearl s crazy and violent Family they literally tear each other apart whenever they disagree and the terrifying Vampire King While a lot of characters deserve to be mentioned such as Sana, the track runner that Pearl befriends at school, Jadrien, Pearl s psychopath vampire boyfriend and last but not least the King, who actually gave me goosebumps, Pearl herself really stole the show She was confident, beautiful and sometimes vicious, when her vampire nature took over, but she was also smart and determined Pearl was the only one that ever dared to defy the Family, and she was irresistibly charismatic everyone was drawn to her like a moth to the flame The romance was quite cute, and while I did like Evan, even though the hero is not really my type, I have to say that I mostly had eyes only for Pearl This book was not just hilarious and believe me, it was but it was also a new and refreshing take on vampire stories that explored family dynamics and friendship, and was also able to make me feel a pang of sadness Pearl suddenly understands how little her family values human life people are just food to them, after all and how humans themselves tend to forget about other people when everything s all and well, remembering about them only in death Highly recommended, and even if you re a vampire books skeptic, you may want to take my advice and give this book a chance.

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    Gurl, I hate to be the one to tell ya, but your boyfriend is totally gay Gay as the day is long I know you re new to this whole humanity thing, so I ll give you a couple of pointers Your guy might say she walks like the night, but when a dude calls you a lady of the night, it s not usually a compliment Also when a dude is view spoiler really into unicorns hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars That was a hell of a blast Awesome story, awesome humor, colorful cast of characters, and fucking UNICORNS, man I am legit PISSED that there s no sequel, because the ending was really open ended and practically begging for it to become a series Almost to the point where it might ve been planned to BE a series at first but the sequel s got canceled or something That would be a real bummer, cause I would ve loved a continuation of this So many possibilities, unanswered questions and unresolved storylines.I had so much fun, and you guys have got to read this if you haven t Even I m beating myself up because I didn t read it sooner.

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