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Drawing the Circle (Blackstone #1) chapter 1 Drawing the Circle (Blackstone #1) , meaning Drawing the Circle (Blackstone #1) , genre Drawing the Circle (Blackstone #1) , book cover Drawing the Circle (Blackstone #1) , flies Drawing the Circle (Blackstone #1) , Drawing the Circle (Blackstone #1) fbdcf5bc665c1 Blackstone Is A Mercenary Sorcerer Who Does Not Rule Any Valleys And Has Yet To Be Bound To Another Sorcerer Undertaking Work For The Sorceress Queen, Spiral, He Finds Himself The Expendable Pawn In An Assassination Mission Turning Against The Queen He Fights Spiral S Loyal Sorcerers And Finds Himself Tasked With The Guardianship Of The Marked Man S Son As The Two Flee From Spiral They Have To Work Through Their Mutual Bitterness And Distrust Of Each Other A New Tangle Is Thrown Into Their Relationship When Blackstone Frees A Werewolf From Her Cage Set In A Town Square And Reverts The Werewolf Back To A Young Woman, Cursed Since Childhood With LycanthropyFleeing From The Townsfolk Who Had Previously Kept The Young Werewolf, Loralune, Captive, The Three Person Band Must Confront Loralune S Transformation Under The Full Moon, The Posse That Runs Them To Ground And A Sorceress Looking For Revenge Against Hiroe And Blackstone Survival Against These Threats Leaves Them Vulnerable To Other, Insidious Dangers

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    Blackstone Drawing the Circle from here on referred to as BDTC by Jason Beineke is one of those hit or miss novels He does some things really well incredibly well, even but then other things are largely bunk The first third of the novel for me was sort of like watching a really awesome movie with someone texting in the audience while it didn t ruin it, per se, the errors that I noticed were definitely distracting.But let s get on with specifics, starting with The Bad My biggest complaint was that I wanted to chuck a copy of Strunk and White s The Elements of Style at Beineke with a desperate plea to read I mean, grammatically speaking, the novel has quite a few issues, not to mention a desperate need for commas As a result, a lot of the sentences are long run on sentences, and I found myself getting lost once or twice.I also had some issues with the writing style It can get redundant and quite clunky I found myself really wishing that an editor had a chance to get to it Here is an example As the sorcerer had approached the city he could feel her sorcerous presence, growing strong and strong as he approached He considered himself a powerful practitioner of the sorcerous arts I don t know about you, but that made me wince a little In addition, Beineke sometimes uses a little too much tell and not enough show, which puts a definite barrier between the reader and the work.Okay, so now, we re going to move on to the good.It is beyond clear that Beineke has but a ton, and I mean a ton, of research and thought into the world he creates, considering everything from minor mannerisms to geography For example, when the town warden is discussing the idea of going to war with the sorcerers, he actually tells his troops to warn the fire brigade That kind of attention to detail lends the work a stunning realism that often supercedes the bad grammar and clunky writing In additional, a lot of the terms are archaic, which meant that I was pretty grateful for my kindle s instant dictionary function At first, I didn t like it, but as I got into the swing of the novel, I found myself appreciating Beineke s attention to detail in the little things like vocabulary and the man s vocabularly is astounding Kind of running hand in hand with the amount he has obviously thought about his world is the way he describes it There were a lot of moments where I thought wow, that is some great imagery For example The knights recovered themselves quickly, each wearing the black battle mask that covered all emotion, leaving only the surety of death on his face The barracks one of knights barked, a hint of despair in his voice In addition to the immersive, detailed world and descriptive imagery, BDTR also has some truly great characters They re a trio of unlike beings with different moralities, sensibilities, and desires, and none of them trust each other very much Yet you definitely find yourself drawn into their world and lives, watching their evolution from heartless to something complex, or from the easy boundaries of innocence to the grayer lines of an adult Their motivations are usually clear and make a lot of sense to me personally except for one or two spots in the beginning The last thing I would like to mention about this book is a spoiler, so if you don t want to read one of those, you can skip ahead now Beginning of spoiler About 70% of the way through the book, Beineke uses the character of a dream reaver to create an alternate reality The device isn t very well foreshadowed, and as a result, I thought the characters had actually just jumped 10 years into the future, major character dead, no explanation of the war or anything And I was pissed That s when I realized that the novel, warts and all, had really started to grab me the idea of missing that part of their journey was so infuriating, I almost just ended my reading there Luckily, I persevered through that and found out it was just a side track End of Spoiler Overall score 3.8 stars Definite potential, with a compelling plot, likeable loveable characters, and a detailed, vivid world Unfortunately, the novel is also in dire need of better grammar and a sharper, crisper writing style Reviewed for Maria Violante s review site

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    Blackstone Drawing the Circle is an intense work of fantasy The story and characters are set within a world of sorcerers and warriors but the book has the driving pace of a horror story or even an action adventure novel The unfolding is unconventional and bold, an approach that works well because it adds to the nature of the story There is so much fascinating about Blackstone Drawing the Circle Yes, it is scary, some might find it very scary, and not in a boo gotcha kind of way The characters and some of the events in this book are unnerving, perhaps even horrific There were times when I was thinking the horror might be too much, but the author keeps the book from going too far The good characters are not good in a silly and predictable way They have unusual powers, which they sometimes must fight to control, and they also have some personal baggage The characters are the strength of this story I like them all, although as is often the case with complex characters, this develops along with the story Blackstone is a great character He is a sorcerer He is strong and deep, dark in a good manner He has been wounded and his troubled persona and brooding strength suggest this early sorrow It gives him his empathy, his humanity, and the author does an excellent job at bringing this out Indeed, metaphor is used skillfully throughout the novel much to the pleasure of an attentive reader Then there is Heroe who I think is my favorite He is a young warrior in training without any special powers, but he is learning strength of character and presence Many of us non sorcerers might see the events of the book best through his eyes Later in the book we meet Loralune What an amazing character she is Not one that is easily forgotten, the ultimate battle rages within her between her animal nature and her higher nature As you might imagine, these three are quite a force to contend with and we get to see them in action fighting various nefarious forces But perhaps even interesting than their fighting scenes are their interactions with each other when not in battle These characters are not superficial, they have some serious issues, but they find a place and solace in each other s company Let s not forget to mention the evil characters in this book and, boy, there are some great ones Scary, nasty, don t want to mess with them but Blackstone always does He never runs from a fight He tries to keep his cool during these unpleasant encounters and, he usually can, even if he must build up his courage to do so What is very engaging about this story, I think, is that everything Blackstone tries does not always work, i.e he sometimes seems in over his head This makes for very believable, nail biting action.As with any good book, this one was of an experience than a mere read I am looking forward to the next in the series and I hope many of the characters from the first book will be in the second I definitely recommend Blackstone Drawing the Circle Before you dare enter its pages be sure to have your obsidian sword at the ready

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    I think high fantasy is one of those genres that can go epically wrong as well as epically right, it is the domain of extreme imagination and a big mistake is to think that all readers are going to get along with the writer s imagination, with a completely new world I am very happy to say that Jason Beineke s book is one of those high fantasies that has gone epically right.Often my big beef with high fantasies is that authors can lose their characters in their efforts to establish the world they have created but in Drawing the Circle, the characters are really at the forefront of the story I m not saying Jason has neglected his world building, far from it He has a really beautiful, lyrical way of drawing the reader through Blackstone s world, creating vivid settings and fascinating cultures Jason s heroes are really complex and engaging I love a band of misfits thrown together by fate, and these three really are on the peripheries of society a mercenary sorcerer, an orphan of unknown potential and a werewolf I m particularly grateful to Jason for going back to the roots of lycanthropy, before changing into a wolf at the full moon became sexy He creates a terrifying experience for readers and a real sense of pity for Loralune, forced to undergo this painful and hideous transformation at night Hiroe and Blackstone s relationship, I think, is the real cornerstone to this story Two people who come together because they were fighting on opposite sides in a battle and then forced together by Hiroe s slain father Resenting each other s presence to begin with, the growth in their relationship is really touching to read and is a real testament to the written character.Beware, however, because within these pages you will encounter some of the most hideous evil forces that usually only inhabit the darkest parts of your worst nightmares I m a real advocate for the bad guy and Jason s dark forces really turned my stomach, sitting vividly in my imagination not only whilst I was reading but also when I had put the book down It s a great test of an evil character if they stay with you long after you ve finished the book I m really glad Jason sent me his book to read as it really is the kind of book that keeps my faith in epic fantasy and leaves me wanting The characters are really strong and individual and as the story developed I became really attached to them, but it s not as if the story itself was any less important It s a really gripping story line with a fantastic twist that has strange dreamlike qualities you have an inkling that something isn t quite right but you re not sure if your suspicions are correct It keeps you turning the pages, busting to know what is actually going on And now I m busting to read the next in the series Lyrical Reviews LyricalReviewsGoodreads Group No Dark Romance Allowed

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    To see my full review be told, lately I have found that I am all fantasized out It s been a very long time since I ve picked up a fantasy novel, or a sci fi one for that matter, that really drew me into the story and enveloped me with the characterization and plot line But Drawing the Circle did just that, which was a real treat Beineke has created a wonderful story that pulls readers into the text with its fantastical world filled with sorcery and strange creatures It was a lot of fun to read, and I especially liked Blackstone He is a very interesting character who is able to see goodness in even the most dangerous creatures He also never gives up hope, attempting to help as many people as he can along the way, regardless of their perceptions of him, which is a very admirable quality.The story follows Blackstone for much of the beginning, but then shifts to follow the life of Hiroe in order to give readers his background leading up to the confrontation with Blackstone From there, the story parallels both characters as the two hero s travel together, but then it takes on a rather strange twist Almost out of nowhere, the novel jumps ahead multiple years to show Hiroe as a grown man Initially, I was quite unhappy with the sudden jump into the future I wasn t expecting it and it disrupted the flow of the novel I wasn t sure why Beineke decided to do this to such a wonderful story, but as I kept reading, small clues began to emerge that explained the sudden change in the novel, and by the novel s end, I was once again happy In other words, there is a rhyme and a reason for this sudden shift, but to find out what it is, you ll have to read the book I highly recommend it

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    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I m a fantasy lover and this seemed like it was just up my alley Plus there s werewolves and all kinds of neat things, right It s a lot than that.As Blackstone and Hiroe set out on their journey you really get a sense of their bitterness towards each other and the distrust that Hiroe has towards all sorcerers However, as the journey keeps going, you really see that relationship evolve, which was one of the things that I loved about this book Now, I ll go ahead and say that normally, I can predict plot twists I can predict them in movies and I can predict them in books, but I did not see the plot twist that happens in this one It was a great twist, not one of those twists that you don t see coming because they don t make any sense It really makes you connect with the characters as well and it gets pretty intense emotionally.Beineke also does a fantastic job on describing the settings and the characters so I was really transported into the setting and the story.Overall, it was a great book It s supposed to be the first in a series, so Jason, get crackin on the sequel I want to see what happens to my trio next

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    I absolutely loved the story and would rate the tale a 5, but the editing is a 3 There aren t much in the way of spelling errors, but there are a LOT of missing words I m not sure if this is the fault of the author or the distributor There are enough errors to be irritating, but not enough to hinder understanding the story EX One word missing from the paragraph, such as the , we , and etc I hope the author distributor can get this cleaned up because I thoroughly enjoyed the tale and I look forward to book 2

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    He is a powerful sorcerer, a mercenary He wields a magical obsidian sword made of volcanic ash He calls himself Blackstone, driven by revenge on the Grand Dominar Mestro Treble who caused his parents deaths and the decimation of his village To gain knowledge on how to defeat the vicious Treble, he sought employment in a city ruled by a cruel queen sorceress who serve Treble The job given to Blackstone was to eliminate the Warden of the League of Bretta who is giving the Queen trouble with high custom charges that affect trade in her city Blackstone set out to do his mission only to find out upon getting to his destination that the queen has charmed him into doing havoc in the city of Bretta than was necessary He is meant to be a distraction, so the queen s loyal army of sorcerers can destroy the town and force them into submission to her rule When he frees himself from her spell, Blackstone fights against the evil sorcerers but failed to stop a deathblow to the Warden Feeling sorry for the Warden s fate and the ruin of the city of Bretta, Blackstone accepts his dying wish to keep his son Hiroe safe Now Blackstone has to put off his mission of revenge while worrying about the young warrior in training Hiroe Even as Hiroe s hatred for sorcerers grew with what happened to his Warden father, trust and respect are grudgingly building on his relationship with his designated guardian sorcerer, especially when he sees Blackstone risking his safety for his The development of this relationship between Hiroe and Blackstone is the cream of the story for me Maybe because of the danger that relentlessy follows them, Blackstone and Hiroe are forced to rely on each other to survive, setting aside their initial distrust, and forming a bond that only those who go through similar experience can share Along the way, they rescue a cursed werewolf named Lorelune, who becomes a grateful and loyal ally but just as determined to rip their necks out on the nights of a full moon I am relieved the author did a good work on the incantations and descriptions of magical scenes and battles It s not corny or overdone The way the magic was wielded by the users fits the characters very well, simple and direct like Blackstone s, or grand and eerie like Ratface and the rest of them The dialogue is well written befitting the stature of each character The story itself is beautifully told, fast paced without rushing with what the characters are going through Nor is it filled with too much internal dialogue It has a well imagined setting, a defined society, and realistic social political affairs Most of all, the twist near the end is incredulous, I kept saying No way But, oh yes, way Hiroe and Blackstone s story doesn t end with this book I ll have to grab the second one to see them through.

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    Really enjoyed the first two thirds of the book The last third of the book really slowed down and I had a hard time finishing it.

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