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Dragonswood explained Dragonswood, review Dragonswood, trailer Dragonswood, box office Dragonswood, analysis Dragonswood, Dragonswood b51f On Wilde Island, There Is No Peace Between Dragons, Fairies, And HumansWilde Island Is In An Uproar Over The Recent Death Of Its King As The Uneasy Pact Between Dragons, Fairies, And Humans Begins To Fray, The Royal Witch Hunter With A Hidden Agenda Begins A Vengeful Quest To Burn Girls Suspected Of Witchcraft Before A New King Is CrownedStrong Willed Tess, A Blacksmith S Daughter From A Tiny Hamlet, Wants For Herself Than A Husband And A House To Keep But In Times Like These Wanting Can Be Dangerous Accused Of Witchery, Tess And Her Two Friends Are Forced To Flee The Violent Witch Hunter As Their Pursuer Draws Ever Closer They Find Shelter With A Huntsman In The Outskirts Of The Forbidden Dragonswood Sanctuary But Staying With The Mysterious Huntsman Poses Risks Of Its Own Tess Does Not Know How To Handle The Attraction She Feels For Him Or Resist The Elusive Call That Draws Her Deeper Onto The Heart Of Dragonswood

  • Hardcover
  • 407 pages
  • Dragonswood
  • Janet Lee Carey
  • English
  • 14 May 2019
  • 9780803735040

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    Dragonswood is a solid teen fantasy that lacks just a little bit of that special something that makes you want to treasure and read a book over and over again The story is set in 12th century Wilde Island England The narrator, 17 year old Tess, is a daughter of an abusive blacksmith Tess dreams of being free of her father and living alone somewhere alone and supporting herself But those are not the right times for such dreams Single women are open for abuse and accusations of witchery For now, Tess finds sanctuary from her father s fists in nearby Drangonswood, a vast piece of land that is surrounded by walls to protect dragons and fey living within them, no human is allowed there When a witch hunter enters Tess village, the girl is the easiest target for prosecutions She flees and starts a journey of figuring out the reasons for her strange attraction to Deagonswood and her role in a prophecy promising a peaceful union among humans, fey and dragons I think that something that I mentioned earlier is that while being a perfectly fine, very well realized historical fantasy with a strong heroine and an interesting cast of characters magic, or otherwise , the story reads a tad old fashioned It is less mature than I prefer and than what is popular right now, less passionate, less edgy Imagine Juliet Marillier books, but slightly less compelling Dragonswood was enjoyable enough to read, but I am not craving of it.

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    I read this book until about 3 30 in morning I could have stopped, I wanted to stop but I felt compelled to see where this trainwreck was going to ultimately end up Before I went to bed, I gave it two stars but when I woke up this morning and immediately thought of this book ergh I realized that rather than it being okay, to me, I just didn t like it Stick with me till the end and I shall explain to you the reasons why.I have read the first book in what I would loosely term a series though not really And that novel was okay Not exactly my cup of tea but not as disappointing as this one The setting is the same and the dragons are the same but the protagonists are different Anyway Let s talk about the book.One of the earliest things that made me shake my head in incomprehension was the main character s flaw While she was being tortured tortured by the witch hunters, she, unable to handle the pain, tells the names of the two friends who accompanied her into Dragonswood While she was being tortured, mind you This apparently makes her a less than nice person because how dare you tell the names of the friends who are not being tortured and are snug, if a bit scared, in their own houses while you are in a freaking dungeon being hurt horrendously Then the love interest proceeds to judge her because of her failure to be strong in the face of excruciating pain and wow, my mind, it just sat back and mused at the utter stupidity of it all These people are judging Tess without there being a single awareness of their own roles, as friends, where Tess is concerned She is supposed to protect them even when her fingers are being torn off but these women didn t even make the slightest attempt to help her escape.Well Okay There was that mindfuckery involved Then we move on to the bit that bothered me the most about this novel The inconsistency in Tess s character Her ear looks like a cauliflower from her father s beatings The father also broke her hand and gave her black eyes and understandably enough, she is not too keen on men Or so she says Over and over, again and again Only she doesn t actually act that way once the love interest enters the picture There s a particular scene that really enraged me Garth, the love interest, returns from wherever he had gone this is never specified and the dogs run outside, almost besides themselves with excitement Tess says that she barely restrains herself from doing the same which effectively equalizes her to the freaking dogs All she lacked was a tail She goes on and on about marriage and how she s opposed to it and how wedlock means that the man would wed the wife and lock her away and then, almost in the same breath, she would go on and on about Garth, about how she was in love with him and how she would do anything for him There is no consistency in her feelings about men and I find Carey s portrayal of an abused victim to be in poor taste and utterly infuriating to the woman in me Actually, all her female characters are cast in the same mould There s another wtfery moment when we find out that the witch hunter is not hunting witches, oh no, she it s a woman, make the woman a villain, why don t you is going around killing innocent half fey girls because she doesn t want them to marry the man she loves, the crown prince.What the fuck And this murderess gets her man in the end and a crown She becomes the freaking queen when I would have tossed her in a goal and thrown away the keep in an abyss for good measure Because seriously Ugh.There s something very sloppy about this whole novel Apart from the issues I had it with where women and their portrayals are concerned oh yes, the best friends, you know, the names Tess gave up because she s horrible like that they are ultimately proven to be weak willed and justyeah there was no world building to speak of There was no fleshing out of characters, hell, they seemed as tasteless and flat as cardboard The plot was predictable and the love interest a huge bastard who did not redeem himself in any satisfactory way by the conclusion And Tesswow, she just earned herself a place in the hallowed hall of Heroines Who Make Me Want to Hurl If I were you, I d skip this one and go read something else.

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    Dragonswood is a dark alluring powerfully epic high fantasy filled with wonderfully delicious hidden secrets, intrigue, and enchanting mystical realms that will leave readers breathless From the start, it is deeply compelling and masterfully written, filled with wonderfully developed characters and dangerous action packed trials facing them Carey exudes stunning world building skills and introduces a unique spin on fulfilled prophecies It is a lively mystical tale unlike any other that has come before it Vastly fascinating and cleverly suspenseful, with the perfect harmonious blend of paranormal and fantasy Tess, the heroine, finds herself at a cross roads with fate and faces the question of how to shoulder the destiny that lies ahead of her and how to survive the outcome that may befall The world surrounding Tess visions becomes desperate, as they keep showing a mysterious man wielding a sword This raises many questions as to who he is and what part he has to play in this epic battle Carey s characters are brightly vivid with a twinge of darkness and beautifully developed, while still possessing hidden flaws of their own Tess, for example, is a strong and loyal heroine and friend, yet even she will falter a bit in the way of betraying her friends to a degree It paints the perfect portrait of not being perfect, yet still possessing likable and desirable characteristics that readers will find appealing The romance between Tess and Garth is wildly daring and is exquisitely heart pounding, fueled by a strong magnetic attraction that builds and builds, pulling towards destiny and each other It is handled in such a truly magical and splendid way, that readers will fall hopelessly in love with these two It s just so natural and pleasing Dragonswood is an action packed, highly intense story that will leave readers clamoring for of the fantasy and the developing mythos as unpredicted twists and turns become and evident in the journey It is such a riveting fantastical story that will surely hook readers Fans of Scott Tracey s Witch Eyes , Amber Argyle s Witch Song , or even the intriguing writing style of Tamora Pierce will be sure to enjoy this novel Readers will definitely not want to miss out on this high epic tale of fantasy, filled with talking dragons who s status as lords are vastly important to the mythos and magical realms in which they live in or precarious little faeries they ll be introduced to along the journey It is sure to remind them, that it s not necessarily the destination that makes the story worth telling, but the journey along the way.

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    Dragonswood is a strange little novel that starts out well enough, then splinters off into various fragments of stories As it keeps going, it suffers under its own weight as it tries to reconcile the many different plot threads running through it Any one of these different threads would make for a decent novel alone, but when they re all crammed together, none of them have enough weight to actually be interesting.THE GOODRoughly the first half of this book is decent, if meandering The focus remains on Tess and her desire to help out her friends, since all of them are on the run and accused of being witches Tess is responsible for the whole mess, so she feels responsible for putting it to rights That s perfectly fine and cohesive There s not much that actually happens, but there s plenty of things that have the potential to develop, so I was willing to be patient and see how it turned out.Tess herself, in the first half, is a good character She s resourceful and determined, and she s properly paranoid for a girl on the run from a maniacal witch hunter I liked her friends as well they made a good little team of friends.THE BADThe second half of the novel, oh dear Where to begin As soon as Tess leaves to find the fairies, everything pulls apart For the last half, we re introduced to so many different plot elements that it s hard to tell which ones are supposed to be important Turns out, none of them are We follow one plot for a while, get distracted by a different plot and follow that instead, then another, then another Tess gets jerked here and there, changing her motivations and goals in an instant Huge ideas are introduced, then simply used as a vehicle to take her to the next temporary plot It s extremely hard to follow, and some of the ideas don t even make sense Bad guys aren t given enough weight to be properly threatening, and the closest thing we have to a climax is one person giving a speech that ends up fixing everything Um riveting The world building here felt very lackluster as well Like the plot, it s very much split into halves, with the first half being in the normal world of 12th century Ireland ish and the second half being a world of dragons and fairies Except these two worlds exist at the same time, on the same island, openly Everyone knows fairies are real, but their existence doesn t change anything from the generic old time y historical feel It s just 12th century Oh, and also dragons, because I guess why not Tess in the second half of the novel grated on me She abandoned her tough and paranoid persona of the first half and devolved into just a typical YA romance lead.It s very easy to tell who in this novel is good or bad Simply look for anyone with modern day morals and sensibilities Tess is very much a second wave feminist, which would be find if only she didn t live in the 12th century There s ways to have a character believe that she shouldn t be property without having her also sound like a modern teenager stuck in the past When the love interest shows up, he shares all her ideals with her, to the letter and without so much as flinching There s even a line about bear baiting, shoved in just so that Tess can say she doesn t like it, because heaven forbid she be a product of her environment in any possible way.THE UGLYI was very unhappy with the amount of domestic abuse displayed in this novel It wasn t treated with any amount of grace, and it was only brought up when Tess wanted to harp on how much she expected the Male Lead to hit her, so she could be shocked when he didn t If domestic abuse exists solely so that one character can be praised for not hitting a woman, then it shouldn t be included at all.Same goes for torture There are some graphic depictions of torture at the start of the novel, but they have no lasting consequences or impact on the character Even though she repeatedly references her damaged thumbs from thumbscrews , she s able to use her hands just the same as ever, and she only experiences emotional trauma when faced with the person who tortured her Why even include it all

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    More like 3.5 stars.I want to start by commenting on how weird it is that I find 3 star, slightly critical reviews easier to write than 5 star ones I read this 5 star book last week and I still am not entirely sure what to say.So like many other novels, Dragonswood ended up being different than what I expected It s not that there s anything particularly wrong with the novel it s that I just didn t find it very enjoyable For one thing, Dragonswood is very oddly paced and plotted What is this novel about A girl accused of witchcraft running from her persecutors A mysterious wood made up of dragons, fairies and witches that is now endangered An imposter seizing control of the island A half fey child trying to usurp power from the royal family WHAT, exactly All of these elements came together in a very sloppy sort of way, in my opinion The plot changed directions so many times and it wasn t until about halfway through the novel that one unified plot came together Judging by the other reviews, I m one of the only reader who has noticed this But Dragonswood, for this main reason, was a very disjointed and odd read.As far as characters go, everyone was fairly ordinary I m getting annoyed, though, at every single female character in a medieval setting being a caricature of a modern, enlightened woman If I read one novel about a girl bitching about marriage and being a man s property, I m gonna lose it THAT IS NOT AN ACCURATE REPRESENTATION OF HISTORY Were there medieval trailblazer women who went against the norm Sure, but it s like the handful of them have all been cast over and over and over again as protagonists in these novels Take a hint from Juliet Marillier, who knows how to tow the line right down the middle her heroines want out of life and strive to be than simpleton housewives, yet they re not against love and marriage if the right guy comes along So when they do meet Wonderful Love Interest, they don t sound like a bunch of hypocrites But poor Tess spends about 1 3 of the novel bitching about men, then all of the sudden decides she s in love It was rather sudden And kind of silly, given her numerous protestations On the subject of Tess, also, I didn t really connect with her I think the author was of the idea that making Tess view spoiler the victim of parental abuse hide spoiler

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    Fearsome dragonsA fairy palaceA lost princeAn epic romanceFearsome dragons Check A fairy palace Check A lost prince Check though really obvious An epic romancenot so muchIn the action department Janet Lee Carley hasn t left me disappointed so far after also reading the prequel Dragon s Keep I think her storytelling style for action and adventure is exciting and unique and I must say I really enjoyed that aspect of the book.My only problemthe romance was less than epic, in fact it was almost nonexistent At first Tess our heroin despises Garth and doesn t trust the lad as far as she could throw him Then suddenly in about the middle in the book she just decided she loves him FOR NO APPARENT REASON It s the classic case of tall, dark, and handsome with captivating eyes Swoon worthy indeed view spoiler Especially his dragon scales on his forearm hide spoiler

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    EnchantingBewitching..Captivating.The beautiful cover definitely and undeniably matches the story It has that certain pull that compels and draws readers into the heart of Dragonswood Fey folks, mighty dragons and humans all together in one magical tale In the enchanted woodland wild,The Prince shall wed a Fairy child.Dragon, Human and Fairy,Their union will be bound by three.And when these lovers intertwine,Three races in one child combine.Dragon, Fey and Humankind,Bound in one bloodline On Wilde Island, The kingdom mourns the dead Pendragon King The regent is patronizing a ruthless witch hunt hoping to eradicate all the half fey maidens on the island Tess, daughter of a cruel blacksmith, has visions of future but she doesn t foresee that she ll be accused of witchcraft and be tortured She escaped and forced to flee with her two best friends While hiding, a handsome and mysterious warden from the Dragonswood, Garth Hunstman offered them shelter They didn t know that he is the younger prince in disguise Along the way, Tess falls in love with Garth and soon she learned that she s a half fey making things interesting How far should should they go to fulfill the ancient prophecy that will bring peace among dragons, humans and fairies One of the best historical, fantasy, and romantic tale of the year and has the best cover for YA.

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    You know when a book has all the things that would theoretically make it the best book ever, but then it justflops yeah, that was this book for me I love dragons, medieval tales, the fae folk, witches, and female main characters too Yet a book with all these things disappointed me so horribly that it near brought me to tears once I realized it was supposed to be a companion novel to one of my childhood favorites Dragonskeep So what made it bad 1 The characters were inconsistent 2 The dialogue was terrible.3 There seemed to be no or pitifully small motivation for the things the characters did.4 The pacing got on my nerves.5 The conflict was ill defined so I had no idea what I was supposed to be rooting for.6 Tessannoyed me.7 ALSO, what was up with the random italicized phrases of what Tess had said in a previous speech anytime Garth did something that matched her Perfect husband list YES, we can tell that he s the chosen love interest, stop forcing it down our throats A part of me wonders why I didn t rate this book as a 1 out of 5did I mention that it had a lot of the things that I loved Because it did, it just didn t synthesize properly P.s THE DRAGONS That was it THE DRAGONS were the sole saving grace in this book.

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    Actual Rating 3.5Overall it was a good read It was a simple, pleasant fairytale that had all the characteristics of a classic story I liked it.

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    This book has a lot of adventure and may not be for everyone, but if you love a lot going on in a story the way I do this is the book for you Our main characters Tess who is just a simple rural girl, who loves nothing then scaling the wall to escape into the Dragonwood forest and draw pictures of all she sees there Fairies will o wisp dragons, flowers, whatever might catch her eye Meg and Tom a married couple that are friends with Tess, and Poppy who is beautiful but somewhat flighty Prince Arden who is to be King and his brother Prince Bion who disappears with the treasure Tess is accused of witchcraft and under duress of torture she accuses her friends Meg and Poppy of also being in league with the devil.Lady Adele the Witch Hunter sends Tess to the dunking seat to see if she is truly a witch With the aid of a dragon and a large turtle she escapes with Meg and Poppy, but Tom is captured In Dragonwood the meet Garth the protector of the Kings forest Lord Sachmoore wants Prince Arden to marry his daughter, the Fae want him to marry a half Fae half Human, but Sachmoore is whispering things in Prince Arden s ear, setting brother against brother He is a total bad guy and has no redeeming qualities.Garth takes in 4 people running from the Witch Hunter, and so the adventure begins The Dragons are also stars of our story I gave this story 5 stars because I loved and enjoyed it.

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