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    This is where the series gets boring

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    3.5 Downpour has a misfortune to come right after the book with the fastest pace in the series among other great things It isn t then surprising that it seems too slow at times It took almost a third of the book to move forward or at least seemed like it A perfect place for this book would have been before the fifth.I would suggest taking a break between Labyrinth and Downpour if nothing else but to be able to appreciate this story But the truth is that it is not as great as the previous ones There are a lot of things that are different here For one, Harper is changed She has lost some things and gain new ones in her weird arsenal That gave her an opportunity to show of her character That is one of the good things since you get to see the way she works without certain things she had before.Next, this is the first book that doesn t take place in a city Almost everything takes place in nature Harper is sent to the Olympic Peninsula to investigate a witness for a trial While there, she sees a ghost of a murdered man It seems that nobody knows that the man is dead which starts her other investigation Not that she has any choice in the matter since she cannot avoid those cases connected to the Grey Downpour has too many cultures, mythologies, magical systems mashed into its story And some things Jin and others aren t given enough space to be as interesting as they should be Another thing that might not annoy others is that Quinton entered the story two thirds in It changed for the better from there on since the moment he arrives there is action As for their relationship, there is this great change a good one that was a bit too much as far as I am concerned It was unnecessary.Overall, I did like it, but not as much as other books in the series.

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    It took me a little while to figure out why I didn t enjoy this novel as much as I did the others in the series It was sort of eating away at me and I actually sat and thought about it before writing this review I came to the conclusion that it s because it seems like everything that s been happening with Harper so far comes to a grinding halt in this novel In book five of the series, Harper was literally in the fight of her life She had to track down vampire overlord, Edward Kammerling in London, find out who killed her father, and save her own hide from Wygan one of the astetem, a race of powerful ancient vampires who needs Harper for his evil scheme That whole saga ended in Labyrinth and I was looking forward to action packed scenes, maybe some explanations about the astetem and the vampires, talks with the Danzingers who are probably my favorite secondary characters by the way but that s not what happened Downpour honestly seems like a filler novel which is disappointing since I had so many unanswered questions after Labyrinth.The plotline in this novel feels like something that Richardson would have done early on in the series It s the classic, solve the case, save the town kind of story I love those types of novels, don t get me wrong, but without the character growth or any advancement in the overarching plot it just falls flat and quickly becomes dull and hard to read It just feels much too late in the series for this.There are some references to earlier events and there s a brief exchange with Will s brother, Michael, and some dialogue with Seattle Police Detective Rey Solis about Will s disappearance, but that ultimately goes nowhere except a trip down memory lane However, I digress There were a number of things I did like about the book As usual Richardson continues to create interesting new characters I really liked Jin and Harper s frienemy like relationship with him and Willow, one of Steven s daughters, was so looney she was perfect The witty banter between Harper and Quinton was cute and funny as always And Richardson continues to be amazing at world building and creating the desolate and creepy feeling that you get when Harper slips into the Grey As a long time fan of the series, I will read the next book I just hope that book seven will have the same flair that made me fall in love with the series in the beginning.

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    Sixth in the Greywalker urban fantasy series revolving around Harper Blaine a private investigator for Others as well as the real world in Seattle.My TakeI love the combination of magic and science between Harper and Quinton He has his piezoelectric and wave guides, amplitudes and frequencies, which are mother s milk to Quinton while Harper slides sideways into the Grey.In this installment, Richardson plays on our fears of the dark, the woods, and water as well as the beasties that hide under our beds Then she toys with our worries about being lost within officialdom as she forces Quinton to face his particular fears Harper must strengthen up from her own worries about how the Grey has changed for her since her adventures in Labyrinth.I did enjoy Richardson s description of Costigan s living room furniture shapeless couches like sleeping buffalo lay here and there on the floorsmall lost ottomans snugglinglike the herd of furniture had just settled itself down for the night Then one of the sofas tried to eat Harper Eek The StoryHarper died again in Labyrinth , 5, and Quinton blames himself for getting there almost too late The bargain he made with the FBI just wasn t working fast enough and now he s on the lam again Solis too is looking at Harper for information about her ex who has disappeared.So, it s only too helpful that Nanette Grover wants Harper to check out one of her potential witnesses up at Lake Crescent Any excuse to get out of town Only, Harper can t leave the Grey behind and when she comes across the ghostly blaze of an SUV with its burning man, she has no choice but to investigate Opening a huge can of worms almost literally with a great many unsavory characters Almost a grand tour of evil and powers.An anchor out of place A nexus that is being drained, contested There are five of them Five playing with magic, stealing it from the lake, and nothing will be fixed until the true owner of the nexus takes it on There s the child, the rogue, the puppeteer, the nexus keeper, the ley weaver, and the east It s a puzzle matching everyone to their positions.The CharactersSomething broke for Harper Blaine in Labyrinth , and she can no longer form shapes from the Grey nor can she bend the magic She s not sure just what her abilities are any in the Grey Quinton is nervous than ever Ever since events in Labyrinth He doesn t want to hold Harper back But He also wants her safe Chaos, the ferret, is hyper than ever and he has reason.Detective Reyes Solis is suspicious than ever especially since it took Will Nolan s doctor to report him missing Now Solis is after Michael Nolan and Harper for information Michael suspects Harper knows than she s said and he just wants out He wants to go back to London where no one knows anything No one looks at him with pity.Steven Leung is the only one who knows he s missing Now Harper wants to know who he is and what happened to him Well, his daughters might know but if they do, they re not telling Jewel Newman is too busy playing the grande dame of the lake although she s paying for it now while Willow Leung is of a goddess of the woods Geoff Newman is Jewel s husband Elias Costigan is another drain on the lake.Jin is a Chinese demon from Diyu helpful as well as a killer requiring payment for everything Darin Shea is a potential witness for Nanette Grover in a case she s trying and she has asked Harper to vet him Brett Ridenour is the senior ranger for the park he s also rather over the top when it comes to protecting his park and taking down Willow Leung Deputy Alan Strother is placed in charge of Leung s crash Deputy Soren Faith is Strother s backup.Mara and Ben Danziger make a cameo appearance The new Guardian Beast, the former Will Nolan, has a different aspect and seems to communicate differently with Harper.The Cover and TitleThe cover has a golden metallic sheen over its creepy, vintage brown and black background of the mountain surrounded lake with a huge full moon, an arm rising up out of the lake and Harper in her fitted black leather jacket, jeans, and her luscious red scarf wrapped around her neck She s intent on something off in the distance, her gun pointed toward the ground.The title refers to the weakness that comes across Jewel each time a Downpour hits the lake.

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    the sixth installment in the Greywalker series by Kat Richardson, Downpour continues the story of Seattle based P I Harper Blaine Harper is no ordinary private investigator, however When she died for two minutes earlier in her life, Harper became a Greywalker a human able to interact with and manipulate the strange plane of energy, magic, and ghosts known as the Grey Original and uniqueThe thing that initially captivated me about this series is the unique system it uses for magic and the paranormal Not since Brandon Sanderson s Mistborn trilogy have I encountered such an original idea what Mistborn s system is to epic fantasy, the system in the Greywalker novels is to urban fantasy The Grey is home to ghosts, of places as well as people As a Greywalker, Harper is able to enter the Grey and slip through time to these ghostly pasts It truly puts a new spin on the entire private investigator angle, and is utterly fascinating, not to mention fluid, as the shape of it changes from location to location in the physical world, making things all sorts of fun and twisty Change of sceneryIn Downpour, Harper is drawn out of her comfort zone of Seattle to investigate a decades old mystery which leads her to the Sunset Lakes, west of Seattle in Washington state I personally love it when authors take characters and throw them into new situations, and this book is an example of why Not only is the environment different from that Harper is used to working in, but the shape of the Grey is also different in the Sunset Lakes area Watching Harper adjust to the changes was truly a joy to observe as she went about it in a complete out of the box way Real troubles equal real charactersThe thing that truly sold this novel for me, though, was the character development particularly of the two main characters Harper and her boyfriend, Quinton Both drawn out of their comfort zones, it is interesting to see the adapting they must do Harper must cope with the changing of the Grey while Quinton your smarter than average tech geek gets thrown into situations requiring physical action Specifically, violent physical action How they handle themselves in the various situations, both socially and mentally, was a treat to read More than that, however, the tensions within their relationship really made me connect with the characters As Harper is drawn away from Seattle, and subsequently Quinton, Quinton himself becomes withdrawn and distant The confrontation of these difficulties truly makes the pair feel real to the reader, and drew a number of strong emotional reactions from me something which rarely occurs when I read a book Why should you read this book For newcomers to the series, I recommend starting with book one, Greywalker While a reader could pick up Downpour not having read the rest of the series and understand most everything, you must have read the other books to get the fullest experience from the novel However, I recommend the series in general for its wonderful character work and its sheer uniqueness and originality For longtime fans and readers of the series, Downpour is an absolute must read The plot follows through from the fifth book, but the true value lies within the characters It s definitely a journey to savor as Harper and Quinton must rediscover who they are when forced out of their comfort zones The secondary characters are no slouches either, and the mystery surrounding the Sunset Lakes is absolutely captivating Like the rest of the series, not a single word goes to waste with every action and reaction being used to fourth the story, a definite plus The Grey continues to be unique, the series subplots get a boost, and the banter is fun to watch This series is one of the few which truly feels as if it could exist in our world, and Downpour does nothing to dissuade me of that opinion If anything, it reaffirms it and then some.

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    This was a solid paranormal mystery, a part of a series I didn t read the other books of the series but I didn t miss much, as each new book explores a new paranormal conundrum The protagonist of the series Harper is a PI in a normal world But she has a double life She is a Graywalker too Her second job is a sort of a border guard between the normal world and the Gray the paranormal plane which coexists with our own When something untoward happens in the Gray demons, ghosts, or other assorted daemon misbehave she has to investigate and fix it This time, a ghost of a man brutally murdered five years ago cries out for her help, and she is obliged to investigate and find his murderer The mystery is complex, with many unexpected snags and twists, and Harper must deal with a diverse bunch of magic users and magic beings to get to the bottom and find the truth Many of her witnesses lie, while others try to consume her or use her for their own ends She is smart enough to avoid all the pitfalls and powerful enough to triumph over her adversaries, but life is never easy for a paranormal investigator I like Harper She is a strong, resilient heroine Unlike many in the genre, she is not overburdened by conscience she does what must be done and doesn t bother feeling guilty afterwards She doesn t do soul searching either Maybe she did in the first few books of the series, but not in this one I think, like many real people in law enforcement and medical professions, she has built a wall between herself and her job, and she doesn t allow emotional stuff to seep through My aunt was a GP and she had this detachment too Compassion is too costly in such jobs In fact, the emotional subtext is almost missing from all the characters Action and danger abound, adventure and magic run gamut, but sentimental mush simply isn t there The magical system is sophisticated and original, the writing clear and error free, and the pacing reasonably fast, but this book has a problem too the narrative is bogged down in details Too many details can be deadly for a genre novel, and that s what s almost happening in this book Descriptions of geography take pages at a time, and so do involved explanations of magic The particulars of Harper s previous cases interfere in the smooth flow of the current one without any relevant connection Harper also has a pet ferret, and it adds to the amusement factor of the story, but when she recounts the ferret s activity every time the creature is awake, the action stops, and the reader wonders is it important to the plot Spoiler it isn t, so boredom settles in Aside from the avalanche of details and the faint personal coldness of all the characters, the book was easy to read It was a captivating paranormal mystery and I d recommend it to those who like the genre.

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    I must have enjoyed it than I realized because I finished it and jumped right into the next and finished it before it occurred to me to update Goodreads.

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    While reading Downpour I had something of a bookish epiphany It was a pretty cool moment and really made me understand myself as a reader See, I m a big fan of the Greywalker series in the theoretical, but I find that in reality, I often struggle with the books But I keep coming back to the series, even though I know that it s never going to be an all time favorite, because I love Kat Richardson s ideas And I realized that the reason I ve been having this constant back and forth is really quite simple Downpour and its five prequels are rather plot driven novels, whereas I am an extremely character focused reader There s nothing, honestly, wrong with this book it just doesn t hone in on the aspects of the story that I have a greater attraction to It was a very enlightening self discovery, to say the least.But anyway, I think it goes without saying that my favorite parts of Downpour were the moments when protagonist Harper was off duty and vulnerable with her boyfriend, Quinton Those few and brief scenes are the only real times that Richardson focuses on characterization, so naturally those are the parts that I was most interested in However, most of the book is focused on Harper s unraveling of a mysterious magical lake near Port Angeles, Washington, and the Chinese demons who flock to it The plot in this book hearkens back to the first few novels in the series, where Harper s personal struggles and paranormal abilities were kept on the sidelines in favor of a complex investigation Richardson is good at those types of plots, I think unfortunately, I m not really the reader for it, so I spent most of my time wanting to get some insight into Harper s emotions and thoughts, which came far too seldom for my taste.This book is interesting, though, in comparison to the fifth book in the series, Labyrinth, in how unfocused it is on Harper I thought, personally, that the fifth book read a lot like a series conclusion, and was confused as to how the author was going to continue on for another four installments But I think Downpour shows that there s still longevity in these characters, though for me it was disappointing, after such a Harper centric story, to return to a plot where Harper seems like little than eyes and ears through which the reader unravels a mystery, rather than a fully developed character in her own right.And don t get me wrong I want to like Harper I do But this is not a series focused on its protagonist s growth, so I am not left with a definite feeling of who she is There s nothing truly objectionable about this, but I m left feeling that there is a lack of depth in this particular area.So, by and large, Downpour was not the success it could have been for another reader I ve started to think that as much as I like this series and urban fantasy on a theoretical level, it just may not be the genre for me Which is unfortunate I might finish up the Greywalker series, if only for those brief tidbits where Richardson allows Harper s personality to shine out, but I ll keep reading only with reasonable expectations.

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    After dying, again, Harper Blaine s skills in the Grey have changed, and author Kat Richardson does a great job of restarting this exciting mystery series after the climactic events of the previous book Even the image on the cover looks older a wiser, darker, oddly stronger Greywalker learning the ropes of her altered life.References to events in the past book reminded me it was a while since I last read it But the story flows quickly and convincingly, so readers new to the series could easily start here If you know Seattle you ll love seeing remembered locations If not, you ll discover the mist and rain of the Olympic Peninsula, described just as convincingly as downtown streets, all subjected to the powers of invading magic.Filled with evocative descriptions, well researched history, intriguing mystery, convincing missteps and a host of great characters, Downpour is a fast dark urban fantasy, blended with scenes from the National Parks, twisted myths, and an enjoyable touch of romance.Disclosure We bought Seawitch when we visited Seattle, then I realized I still hadn t read Downpour, so now I m catching up.

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    Although I enjoyed the book, this was my least favourite in the Greywalker series Some of the characters seemed to be simply thrown in for good measure, some of the potentially interesting characters were not developed and certain parts of the plot were a little thin.Kat writes in her author s note at the end of the book I leaned heavily on Dashiel Hammett s book Red Harvest for the basic plot structure which he stole from previous authors, so I figured he couldn t complain, not least of al because he s been dead for quite a while It did seem like it was a story that had been shoe horned into the Greywalker universe then sprinkled with obscure cultural references and the odd hat tip to the Twilight saga on top for good measure.Hope the next in the series is better as I really enjoyed the rest.

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