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Double Shot explained Double Shot, review Double Shot, trailer Double Shot, box office Double Shot, analysis Double Shot, Double Shot 6867 New York Times Bestselling Author Diane Mott Davidson Has Taken Readers By Storm With Clever Mysteries Filled With Tantalizing Plots And Mouthwatering Recipes In Her Twelfth Novel Her Tastiest Tale Yet The Ingenious Storyteller Whips Up A Rich Souffl Of Murder And Mischief The Governor Of Colorado Has Commuted The Prison Sentence Of Goldy Schulz S Ultra Handsome, Ultra Charming, Ultra Wealthy, Ultra Venal Ex Husband, Dr John Richard Korman, Otherwise Known To Goldy As The Jerk He S Released, And Soon Afterward Goldy Becomes The Victim Of Threats, Rumors, And Violence Then There S A Murder And Suspicion Centers On Goldy Suddenly, She Is Faced With The Challenge Of Running Her Successful Catering Business While Fending Off Two Persistent Detectives Caught In A Web Of Secrets And Lies That Could Tear Her Family Apart, Goldy Must Use All Of Her Considerable Powers Of Detection To Find The Real Killer Before She Herself Becomes A Target

  • Hardcover
  • 310 pages
  • Double Shot
  • Diane Mott Davidson
  • English
  • 13 September 2019
  • 9780060527297

About the Author: Diane Mott Davidson

New York Times bestselling author Diane Mott Davidson wrote three novels before one was accepted for publication when she was 41 She has since written 14 mysteries, all featuring Goldy the caterer In addition, she has written short stories and poetry for various publications Davidson has won the Anthony Award from Bouchercon, and has been nominated for the Agatha, another Anthony, and the

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    Review Diane Mott Davidson s Gold Bear Culinary Mystery series were one of the original cozy series I started reading, and once I started, I ran through the first ten as quickly as I could By then, I was caught up and had to wait for the successive ones to be released Double Shot, her 12th book in the series, was the first one I had to wait for and I was restless.Goldy and her antics, and friends, were a nice release from the reality going on around me at the time And when her ex husband, Dr John Richard Korman, showed up, we all knew there d be trouble From the beginning of the series, Marla and Goldy talked up so many bad things about him, I was certain he d be killed in the future only to cast suspicion on one of them and the payoff happens in this book.The doctor is first being stalked, then found dead The police, even though Goldy s new husband, is one of them, can t help but find her behavior a little shady Even Marla wondered what Goldy had been up to And the whole time, Goldy s trying to protect her son Arch from the bad side of his father As expected, she handles it well and even Arch is grateful for her support during his father s murder.After a dozen books hearing about the louse, it was good to see it taken care of Yes, I know I shouldn t condone murder But it was in a book where fantasies are healthy, my friends Even Jessica Fletcher agrees with me in the books she writes and that I ve read Series fans must read this one purely to see the comeuppance But it would not be a good one to start the series with, as history is important About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators polldaddy poll 9729544 polldaddy poll 9719251

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    Psssh Desperation drove me to try this series sometimes I am looking for a light, cuddle up by the fire type of book that doesn t require the intensive attention of, say, The Pentagon Papers Well, I found light and fluffy, all right, but this book is light enough for its very premise to blow away with the first breeze What was I thinking What kind of air head besides me buys a novel in which the police cannot possibly solve the crime, but hey, the caterer can whip up great food, drop a recipe smack into the middle of a plot I hate that and well, lookit that, she has sooooolved the crime too I feel as if this novel was penned to comfort women of a certain age, to make us feel that if this humble caterer can do great things, then we still may, too And I have news we still may, but this plot line does not hold water Man the life boats we have a serious enough reality leak to prevent our enjoying the otherwise possible fantasy Save your money Save your intelligence Go read Paretsky or Grafton or even Evanovich Nevada Barr will make your heart beat quicker But Davidson helps me realizeit s too late to ask for a refund.

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    Okay, this is my last one Yes, I m finally done with these books Her ex husband is back Why Couldn t he have been killed in prison in the shower while being a bitch I guess that doesn t happen in these books Goldy is now being targeted for death, again Seriously, how can she not be dead yet I would have killed her Don t even have to pay me to do it

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    This book made me angry I know that s not an emotion you are supposed to feel when you read one of the Goldie Bear mysteries This particular story pushed me over the edge.It begins as Goldie s ABUSIVE ex husband is released from jail because the governor commuted his sentence ostensibly for saving the life of a guard in prison And he moves back into Aspen Meadows and get visitation with their son Now Goldie is married to a Sheriff s Deputy, so you would think they might have a little pull with the courts I am not sure how a woman who suffered from physical abuse from her ex would be required to deliver her child to the ex s home I don t know how an abusive husband like her s would even get anything but court supervised visitation And I don t know how when her son is now 15 1 2 he could be required to visit with his abusive father Yes I know it s only a book.When the Jerk is killed Goldie and her husband tiptoe around her son, poor thing he s mourning his father His father a serial woman beater spoiler it turns out the Jerk is also a child rapist At no point does anyone say to her kid you know your father was a horrible, horrible person You are going to need to deal with that for the rest of your life I recently read Dark Tort and I enjoyed it This one was a huge mistake.

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    I have had enough of this Goldy is all about Goldy and as far as I m concerned, I would so move out of Aspen Meadows, maybe even the state of Colorado She puts everyone she comes into contact with in danger, she has NO regard for her family and friends let alone the police.I would not like to live where the Police Dept gives out important info to a caterer yet kick her husband A cop off cases She seems to feel that she is above the law and only SHE can solve the case.I lost all my pity for her from her first abusive marriage as she herself is an abuser Yes, an abuser, her son Arch and her husband along with her friends , she puts their live in danger all the time.ENOUGH ALREADY

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    I am glad this was a quick, easy read, or less, because it was not one of my favorites SO many questions, whodunits, red herrings, as well as seemingly endless times that Goldy is breathless, in pain, dizzy, or worse, none of which stops her from interfering in yet another investigation I did not enjoy her at all in this story I believe I already have the next book in the series, and I will read it, but if the lead character does not become tolerable and likable in the next story, I may have to unfriend Goldy and her series.

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    I am a big fan of the Goldy Bear catering mysteries, although I must confess it s been a while since I ve read one, and she s published two books since I last read her work In this offering, Goldy is the prime suspect in the murder of her ex husband, the Jerk, and I for one was cheering, as I was a bit tired of the Jerk showing up in every single book and being such a pain in the rear end.I thoroughly enjoyed Double Shot, although there was a LOT of death in it, including the death of the town s gossip columnist, which I think could be a huge loss to the series Of course, Goldy and Marla are up to their usual hijinx, and Marla is and a source of information, so perhaps she will become the new town gossip This was not my favorite book in the series, which remains reserved for Dying for Chocolate, with great literary character General Bo Farquhar Still, it was a good read, and definitely a great addition to the Goldy Bear series Goldy s son is becoming human in his teenage years and it was nice to see Julian back a bit The recipes look great, although I haven t yet tried them I m definitely going to make the almond cookies Certainly worth the read if you re a fan of the series, if not, start with the aforementioned Chocolate.

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    This book read like a soap opera I didn t appreciate the tone at all I didn t realize the book was part of series until after I started reading and the frequent and totally unexplained references to a back story made that evident The characterization seemed a little weak, many of the personalities exaggerated or sterotyped I didn t feel like there was a real conclusion in the book it just ended There are recipes in the back of the book, but not being the kind of person who loves to cook, I m not tempted.

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    My first thought when I started reading this book was that Goldy should be severely handicapped by now with all the head injuries she s had But, I was pleasantly surprised with the twist and turns this title took and that it dug a bit deeper than the previous book I was also happy to see she actually did something about Arch s bad behavior Not too fluffy and definitely the best so far.

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    I always enjoy these books but they put pounds on my bottom I ve tried several of the recipes and loved them.

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