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Dont Tell Your Cousin summary Dont Tell Your Cousin , series Dont Tell Your Cousin , book Dont Tell Your Cousin , pdf Dont Tell Your Cousin , Dont Tell Your Cousin 914867da17 A Tale Of A Twisted And Steamy Love Triangle Involving Two Cousins And A Married Man, A Grisly Love Affair Full Of Deceit, Mayhem, And Shameful Women As The Mountain Of Lies Come Tumbling Down And The Drama Unfolds, Amanda Is Forced To Hold A Mirror To Herself And Come To Terms With A Reflection She Struggles To Accept

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    I always like to read books by young authors, so when this ebook was offered to me by the author, I decided to take it on The Good1 It s an extremely faced paced read.2 The characters were pretty interesting and I cared about them enough to keep on reading all the way through.The Bad1 It wasn t very well edited This is a major pet peeve of mine especially with ebooks There were a ton of misspellings, wrong forms of punctuation and grammatical mistakes.2 There were long strands of dialogue that didn t make a whole lot of sense at times I thought it would of been better done if there was expository as well.3 The dramaOMG The characters were either fighting, fucking, or shopping, which wasn t very realistic even for chick lit fiction.All in all, I honestly wanted to like this book than I did, but I do think it s pretty awesome that Veronica Kelly put it out there literally , as I m sure there will be people out there who will enjoy this book than I did.

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    I decided to read this book because I found out that the author is a young black 20 something woman like myself, who is pursuing her dream of writing I was excited to read this book and I couldn t wait to give it a good review Now that I am finished with this book I must admit that it was a page turner, but that was because the events that were taking place in the book were so outlandish that you had to read to the end to see what happened to the characters The author did not write about the characters in such a way that you got attached to any of them The main female characters in this book were all annoying in their own way Amanda was the most annoying of all, but sadly there are many women out there like her I do like the way that the author made you feel like you were right there in the action, but I did feel like the book was filled with tons of pointless dialouge and not enough description The biggest thing that jumped out at me was all the grammatical errors This has got to be my absolute pet peeve when it comes to reading published works That is what proofreading and an editor is for I also did not like the way the book ended With all that said I have to end with, I feel that the author is off to an amazing start She will only getter better in her writing and I can t wait to see where her next book will take us.

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    This was one hot mess of lying, sex and betrayal Just made you think, who can you really trust.really do gotta keep your enemies close There were a few grammatical errors but not enough to take away from the story It really did make me sick how the blame seemed to skip over these men but it also made me realize how true to life that is I hope and pray I don t have anyone like Stephanie, Amanda or Tiffany close to me, cause they certainly had one bad trait in common If you like drama and messiness you won t be disappointed reading this book.

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    This book rates between a 2 or 3 for me I gave it a 3 because it did hold my interest and took me only about 5 hours to read But Amanda didn t learn a thing I thought for a minute there at the end she had learned her lesson but no, she had to get in one jab There was a sex triangle with the cousins but there was no steamy love triangle and I kept reading and reading waiting for it to happen I ve read a few urban fiction books so you really have to kick the drama up for me.

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    First of all, a massive thank you to Veronica to giving me a review copy of this book This is not a typical read for me, so I didn t really know what to expect at first The story centres around two cousins, Amanda and Stephanie Both their lives seem to be going well, they both have good jobs and their own friends and interests But this happy little world is blown upside down with the arrival of one man, Mike.Not only that but Mike is a married man, and the husband of Amanda s boss As the drama unfolds and the cousins fight over him it soon leaves Amanda with no roof over her head and facing the prospect of living out of her car Finally reaching rock bottom she realises her actions have consequences are tries to rectify her mistakes, although this remorse is a short lived when her best friend shows up with a certain home made movie to show her.I did really enjoy this book, I loved the all the drama and girl fights in it To me, it is a massive step outside my book comfort zone, but I am so glad I read this now.

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    The storyline was pretty good I would have enjoyed it if there weren t so many grammatical errors Would have given 4 stars Can t take a writer seriously if they can t remember the rules of writing Isn t grammar a HUGE part of writing FYi its head over heels not hillsThere their

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    This book had a lot of potential, I just think the projection need a little work There were too many arguments between Tiffany and Amanda I almost felt like they were enemies instead of best friends Amanda made so many bad decisions which compounded and ruined her life Her decisions brought a lot of drama and conflict and boosted the story Reggie was the only character I liked Stephanie was self centered and Tiffany was very immature, all good things when creating tension in a story The ending was very abrupt and a little awkward but overall, this was a good story.

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    Awful Not a good read at all Awful I recommend using spell check and grammar help to know when to use rode or road There was no rhyme or reason for Amanda s actions and the ending sucked.

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    Climaxed too early and got boring very quickly after that A lot of errors.

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    I wanted to like this book a great deal than what I did, so I m pretty disappointed.The gist of the story isAmanda and Stephanie are cousins who live together Stephanie is dating a married man Mike who happens to be the husband of Amanda s boss Amanda, who is somewhat of a goodie two shoes, doesn t approve of what Stephanie is doing and voices her opinion to Stephanie in no uncertain terms Now, this is where things got weird for me Amanda meets Mike in person and finds herself attracted to him No big deal That happens all the time in real life But, from that point on, Amanda seems to lose her mind and becomes an altogether different person In a very far fetched sequence of events where Mike s wife, Amanda s boss, pretty much hands her husband over to Amanda on a silver platter, Amanda has sex with Mike in his backseat after knowing him for all of 15 minutes.The whole set up was totally unbeliveable, but I wasn t too bothered by it at the time I figured some interesting drama would unfold which would allow me to look past the elements of the story that were bothering me Unfortunately, that didn t end up being the case IMO Although, finding out how Stephanie hurt Amanda in the past made Amanda s actions make a little sense Even still, none of the characters in this story were very likeable I have no respect for women that sleep with married men so I had a hard time empathizing with the main characters I may have been able to suspend my belief system for the sake of a good book had the wife been of a witch, but she wasn t I felt bad for her even though she was a fool too As for Mike, he was a complete jerk I kept waiting for him to get what was coming to him, so I was really let down when that didn t happen It was really disgusting to me how he kept sleeping with all of those women unprotected Yuck I couldn t believe it when Amanda slept with him again Especially after the way he treated her right after the first time There were many times throughout the book when I thought What is wrong with these women I know there are women in this world who act like Amanda, Stephanie, and her so called friend Tiffany, but I thank God I don t personally know anyone who behaves like them The book ended abruptly, with no real ending and absolutely no closure Disappointing.

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