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    Book Info Genre Mystery Thriller Reading Level Adult Recommended for Those who like to watch and see rather than to feel and be.Disclosure I picked up a free copy from Smashwords last year While I m under no obligation, I am happy to provide an honest review.Synopsis Max Vinyl rose from meager circumstances to run a highly profitable computer recycling company along the shores of Lake Michigan But when his girlfriend discovers his dirty little secret, she sets off a series of increasingly insane events that escalate to include an Iraqi War vet in search of a new calling, thugs in search of a payday, and one explosive aquatic escape Some people believe the water beneath the waves of Lake Michigan is crystal clear down to the bottom This couldn t be further from the truth at least not since Max Vinyl entered the computer recycling racket Since then, the lake has become his own personal profit center But when Tris, his environmentalist girlfriend and receptionist, finds out his dirty secret, all hell breaks loose at work and at home as he discovers Tris extremely combustible and creative violent side Iraq War veteran Annie Ogden has struggled for three depression filled months in a forest preserve cabin since returning from the Middle East When two of Max Vinyl s thugs threaten her sister, Annie gets dragged into his corrupt world, giving her life purpose And for Max, that s a big problem Will Max Vinyl hold up under the coordinated attacks of two angry women And will Annie find the inner peace that has escaped her so far As things spin out of control it s all Max can do to stay one step ahead until his life hangs precariously in the balance An absurd journey into the heart of modern corporate lunacy, Brooke s first installment of the Annie Ogden mysteries, loaded with strong women and fallible heroes, full of hysterics and wholehearted chicanery, is as funny and addictive as it is uproarious and entertaining Doing Max Vinyl is an incisive examination of greed and disconnection My Thoughts I told the author, when he contacted me to ask if I d review this book once I read it, that I would try to get that done in August Well that didn t happen, due to a large backlog of Netgalley and Vine books that I had to get done, and a heavy editing schedule on top of my health problems So, my apologies, but I m finally getting to it So, to get the technicalities out of the way The story is well written and well edited The plot flows smoothly, the characters all have individual voices, the description is just enough to help you visual the people and places, but not so much as to suppress your imagination Technically it s wonderfully well done so I was very puzzled that I had such a hard time getting into it.After considerable thought on the matter, I ve decided it s the point of view It s a limited omniscient, third person point of view in which we hardly ever get into the thoughts of the person we re watching It s all very much just on the surface, like watching a television show, without letting the reader get into the mind of the person about whom they are reading For me that would not necessarily always be a problem, but in this case I think the additional information gained by getting into the characters heads would allow the reader to feel of a sense of connection to them, and lead the reader to have interest in what happens to them As it was, I felt completely disconnected from the characters and, as a result, disconnected from the plot too Unfortunately, I just could not finish However, I think a lot of readers would enjoy this story just fine, so don t let this discourage you from checking it out.

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    Doing Max Vinyl is a novel with quirky characters, absurd situations, and a lesson on the hazards of waste disposal on the environment Though the novel is fiction, it isn t typically a genre parodic satirical mystery I would read but I m glad I did This well written novel lends itself to having a very detective, film noir feel I could practically hear the saxophones playing in the background of certain scenes My favorite elements of the book were the characterizations of the diverse cast of characters, especially Tranny who I found hilarious and Annie Ogden who I adore I really enjoyed the way Brooke s fleshed out not only these two particular characters but the majority of his characters with solid backgrounds and entertaining dialogue I also enjoyed the ethical lessons of improper waste disposal Though Brooke s message in properly recycling and conserving clean water was quite palpable, it didn t come off as pious or preachy And I think a big part of this had to do with how he integrated this belief into the story in amusing and clever ways However, there were a few drawbacks in the novel Since there was so much going on in the book, there were several moments when I felt lost The plot, at times, seemed to be bouncing around way too much, slicing and dicing different scenes back to back in such a rapid fashion This was probably done to mirror certain movie scenes, but it gave the book an incohesive, disjointed feel To remedy this issue, I had to go back and reread several sections in order to keep the story straight Also, the sheer amount of characters was entertaining to read about, but also hard to keep up with It felt like certain characters were introduced, then taken away, only to return later on in the book with a certain purpose that I couldn t necessarily figure out or remember Hence, having to go back and reread certain parts yet again But, with all that said, I have to add that it might have just been my own comprehension level due to the fact that this specific genre isn t one that I m particularly accustomed to Overall though, I enjoyed Doing Max Vinyl It s mysterious, humorous, sexy, explosive, and gave a positive message It s everything most readers crave in a novel And, if you re really into parodic or satirical mysteries, then you ll practically be in heaven while reading this book.

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    I think the brilliance of this novel was not the cunning characters, or the riveting plotlines, but in the overall message it sent, that was both enlightening but without being too in your face Corporate greed and the destruction it is doing to the planet is something that no one can or should ignore, but it is all too often swept under the rug or justified I appreciated that this book brought some of those issues to light in a very real way, while still maintaining the enjoyableness of being a novel one would read for pleasure This is an excellent way to spread a message in my opinion, and it was cleverly crafted into a wonderful novel that I will be recommending to my friends

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    This book has a lot to reccommend it The plot is woven pretty tightly, the characters are memorable, it s paced very well, and exposition is kept to a minimum A psycho ex girlfriend, a cute red headed war vet, and a bolt in the eyebrow wearing ex con are just a few of the characters you ll become aquainted with And like The best thing I can probably say about a book is that I cared what happened to the characters good and bad I highly reccommend Doing Max Vinyl It was a fun time.

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    This is my book so I m not going to review it But I will say it s the first book in the series of Annie Ogden books The second book is Zombie Candy, and the third is

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    A fun thrillerSome books are just plain fun to read like Frederick Lee Brooke s Doing Max Vinyl.This is a book that succeeds on several levels First, it s a perfectly crafted crime thriller with a believable, sympathetic protagonist in Annie Ogden and a watertight plot Second, all the characters are drawn from real life Third, the writing is flawless, the style smooth and professional And it s full of observational humour The laughs come from recognition you know people like this, you ve heard people say these things and you can easily picture them in the situations that Fred Brooke creates.The plotMax Vinyl is the owner of Tri State Recylcing TSR in Chicago on the day that he sells 20 percent of his company to Korean investors, his general manager fires the receptionist for spying on the company The trouble is, the receptionist, Tris, is also Max s girlfriend.Tris, it turns out, is a tree hugger according to the general manager, Manny Rodriguez Manny had caught Tris snooping through some sensitive files and suspected she was going to blow the whistle on TSR s less than environmentally friendly activities.Those questionable practices TSR recycles computers and other electronics The law requires that companies dispose of their obsolete electronic equipment in such a way that harmful chemicals do not leak into soil, water or air As a result, businesses pay recycling companies to dispose of their old computers, monitors, printers and other equipment properly TSR charges to haul away the old equipment, then makes money by reselling the best items Any that it cannot sell, it disassembles, recycles, reuses or disposes of in an environmentally responsible manner.That s what it tells the world on its website What it really does, though, is pick the best, most sellable items from its incoming stream of used equipment truckloads every day and sell them through its website TSR then dups eight to ten dumpsters into Lake Michigan every night Max has hired a number of ex cons for the heavy work Two in particular pilot the barge and dump the trash Ike and Tranny These two have the funniest antics in the book, especially the way that Tranny will say the opposite of what he means, then insist that s not what he said I get tired of always having to come up with the ideas, and you just say no to everything How about you try saying no for a change and I get to have some ideas You mean I should come up with the ideas, and you can get to say no That s what I said, stupid Don t try and turn things around that I say I don t go correcting you all the time Every plot has to have a coincidence, or there s no story The skilled writer makes the coincidence seem unavoidable In Doing Max Vinyl, four very believable events occur on the same day Max and the Korean investors agree to the 3 million sale Manny fires Max s snoopy, tree hugging ex girlfriend a new laptop with very sensitive personal information accidentally enters TSR s stream of trash and Ike and Tranny lose a global positioning system GPS device that shows them where to steer the barge and dump the garbage.A waitress, Alison Ogden, find the GPS and takes it home because she thinks it s a phone and her boyfriend collects old cell phones When the boyfriend, Todd, tells her it s not a phone, Alison gives it to her sister, Annie, who has just finished three combat tours in Iraq Ike and Tranny track down Alison, break into her apartment and when they cannot find the GPS, take all of Todd s 100 plus cell phones instead.At this point, combat trained Annie takes the fight to the bad guys to protect her sister She infiltrates TSR and discovers its rotten foundation.The charactersI could immediately picture Max Vinyl, the kind of sleazeball who convinces himself he s a good guy while he s cheating you, his wife, his employees, his business partners, the government and society at large He overcharges his customers with rigged weigh scales on his trucks, then dumps tonnes of garbage into the lake He proudly proclaims he pays 25 percent above minimum wage He s chronically late on alimony payments and then pays his arrears with a cheque that bounces Customers who have problems with items purchased off the website have to pay 90 cents a minute for telephone support No wonder I laughed aloud when he falls face first into a 10 dozen bouquet of roses after his ex girlfriend pepper sprays him.Ike and Tranny kept me laughing, too, especially when Ike has to walk around with a table leg dangling from his forehead The funniest part he likes it Probably the most sensitively drawn character is Bob Olson, a square but straightforward good guy forced to bend his own moral code.And Annie Ogden is precisely what I had hoped for in a female action hero A former schoolteacher, she enlists in the Army and serves three tours in Iraq She comes home with a new, confident attitude, a disdain for conventionality and a lot of fighting and survival skills She s small and fit, but not as young as she used to be Brooke portrays her as very attractive, even beautiful in a diminutive way, but doesn t take the beauty over the top like too many authors of female action heros Conscious that she s older than she used to be, she s worried about the size of her butt like every woman in the western world When she takes on the bad guys, it s absolutely believable.The writingBrooke is a pro His skill with writing bears out his experience as an English teacher The plot is airtight, the characters are likeable or hateable and recognizable The style is spare and easy to read I caught a few typos, but no than I typically find in a commercially published book.I found only two structural flaws Two of the main characters, the catalysts of the action, Annie and Tris, never meet While this makes sense in the context of this novel, I am sure that some putative expert will shake a figurative finger over this, calling it a major plot hole It s not Somehow, the banner hanging over the work area at TSR that reads MINIMUM WAGE PLUS 25% TSR POLICY gets replaced with the wording Tris TRS Without.I Brooke never explains who did this Tris, presumably , nor how Unless I missed it If so, my apologies, Fred The verdictDoing Max Vinyl is a hoot, as well as a finely crafted thriller and a portrait of some real characters I fully recommend this book

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    Doing Max Vinyl, An Annie Ogden Mystery by Frederick Lee Brooke reminded me of War of the Roses, but in the business world.Max Vinyl s company TSR, Inc recovers old data processing equipment, recycles useable parts and disposes of hazardous parts using environmentally sound methods Unfortunately, Max s method of disposing of the hazardous waste is to load it on a barge and dump in the river, in the middle of the night.The novel is revenge personified Max s tree hugging receptionist lover, Tris, realizes he is a fraud when she discovers the barge loaded with computer parts Before she can quit, his manager fires her without his knowledge, leaving him without a receptionist and a lover He purchases ten dozen roses as a peace offering but she begins enacting her revenge as he attempts to deliver them The thorns of ten dozen roses can really leave their mark Enter Annie Ogden, former teacher and Iraq war veteran, who becomes involved with TSR, Inc when her sister, Alison, takes a GPS that Max s two ex con employees, Ike and Tran, inadvertently leave at a restaurant As revenge, Ike and Tran take Alison s husband s vast collection of cell phones Ike is one unforgetable character with a bolt through his eyebrow, complete with washers and nut The image of Ike after Annie gets through with him is priceless I enjoyed the details about the ancient 8 long creature that lives in the lake and swims among the sunken ships and computer equipment He isn t happy with Max either Tris and Annie do not know each other but work in concert Doing Max Vinyl and he deserves every bit.

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    Doing Max Vinyl is an environmental thriller truly enjoyed the story When Manny fires Tris, she goes to Max because she found out he was illegally dumping all the used computers in the Lake Tris is an Enviromentlist, but she knows if caught Max would just get fined so she decides to take things into her own hands.Meanwhile two of Max s workers lose the Gps device at a restaurant when they go back they find its not there and they trash the kitchen, they find out there waitress may have taken it with her, so they track her down break into her apt and steal the boyfriends cell phone collection They hold it hostage to get the Gps back They arrange a meet, enter Anne the waitresses sister She decides to teach them a lesson.In parts it is laugh out loud funny Just goes to show don,t mess with a women scorned and don,t mess with family.Poor Max just doesn,t get it, he doesn,t realize whats happening to him and his business I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good read and a good laugh.Look forward to reading books By Frederick Lee Brooke.

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    This is a terrific book.I get the feeling that readers are getting in on the ground floor and the only way is up for this author.He conjures up good, strong characters some of them right on the very edge of believability, which is where, personally, I like them They re not cardboard characters but people you start to care about.The story, too, is good definitely Carl Hiaasenesque a bit absurd, again how I like it This is fast moving all the way but especially at the end when everything intersects in a crashing finale, making it very hard to put the book down.Finally, this is a novel with the environmental message It doesn t shove that message down your neck It s subtle In fact, you can chose to ignore it and just enjoy the story You can lead a horse to polluted water, but you can t make them think, eh.Looks like this is the first in the series I ll certainly be reading the next.

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    In Doing Max Vinyl, the first Annie Ogden Mystery, Frederick Lee Brooke splashes into the murky waters of Lake Michigan to build a multi layered eco mystery about the evils of corporate greed Blending mystery, satire and environmental consciousness in a literary stew, Frederick Brooke stirs up a delightful feast for readers Equal parts comic romp, morality tale and thrill ride, Doing Max Vinyl is an eco mystery that both charms and informs with a touch that rivals Carl Hiassen.

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Doing Max Vinyl summary pdf Doing Max Vinyl, summary chapter 2 Doing Max Vinyl, sparknotes Doing Max Vinyl, Doing Max Vinyl 4b18728 Earth First Okay, Maybe Second Third She Ll KILL You Max Vinyl S Type Of Success Story Can Only Happen In America Rising From Humble Beginnings, He Has Reached The Height Of The Computer Recycling Racket Problem Is, He S Using Lake Michigan As His Own Personal Profit Center Even That Wouldn T Have Been A Problem If His Environmentalist Girlfriend Tris Hadn T Found Out His Dirty Secret And While Max Is Devastated By His Love Crashing Down Around Him, He S About To Learn That The Rage Of A Woman Scorned Packs Far Firepower And Potential For Destruction Than He Had Ever ImaginedIraqi War Veteran Annie Ogden Has Spent Three Depression Filled Months Living In A Cabin In A Forest Preserve Trying To Re Discover Her Purpose In Life When Two Of Max S Thugs Threaten Annie S Sister, She Is Dragged Into His Corrupt World In An Unwitting Alliance With The Environmentalist, Tris And For Max, That S Really Bad News Will He Hold Up Under The Coordinated Attacks Of Two Angry Women Will Annie Find The Inner Peace That Has Escaped Her So Far As Things Spin Completely Out Of Control And Complications Mount, It S All Max Can Do To Stay One Step Ahead Until It S All He Can Do To Stay Alive A Farce Full Of Hysterics And Wholehearted Chicanery, Frederick Lee Brooke S First Installment Of The Annie Ogden Mysteries Is An Incisive Examination Of Corporate Lunacy, Greed And Modern Disconnection Having Received Multiple Four And Five Star Reviews On And Goodreads, Doing Max Vinyl An Annie Ogden Mystery Is Loaded With Razor Sharp Dialogue, Ingenious Plotting And So Much Fun It Should Be Illegal

  • Kindle Edition
  • 464 pages
  • Doing Max Vinyl
  • Frederick Lee Brooke
  • English
  • 01 November 2019

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Frederick Lee Brooke launched the Annie Ogden Mystery Series in 2011 with Doing Max Vinyl and following with Zombie Candy in 2012, a book that is neither about zombies nor sweets The third mystery in the series, Collateral Damage, appeared in 2013 The first book in Fred s entirely new series, the Drone Wars, is called Saving Raine and appeared in December 2013.A resident of Switzerland for the l