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Dinosaurs &Cherry Stems chapter 1 Dinosaurs &Cherry Stems, meaning Dinosaurs &Cherry Stems, genre Dinosaurs &Cherry Stems, book cover Dinosaurs &Cherry Stems, flies Dinosaurs &Cherry Stems, Dinosaurs &Cherry Stems f12de353825db Twice Divorced, Cynical Cindy Layton Feels Like A Relic With Prehistoric Baggage, And Doubts She Can Muster The Courage To Establish A New Relationship, Even If It S On Her Own TermsHer Journey Out Of The Stone Age Hits Freaky, Hilarious Turbulence When She Joins An Internet Dating Service The Scammers And Weirdoes She Meets In Cyberspace Make Cindy Want To Crawl Back Into Her Cave, Until She Receives An Accidental Email From Jay DeMatteoJay Has The Dating Blues, Too, But After Meeting Cindy, Reconsiders His Options Now It S Up To Him To Convince Her It S Never Too Late To Pursue A Meaningful Relationship, Even When A Couple Is Struggling With Midlife Adolescence

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    And enchanting story that hits close to homeSusan Jean Ricci s Dinosaurs Cherry Stems Cindy s Crusades Book 1 is a delightful tale, portraying the trials and tribulations a fifty year old divorcee confronts upon reentering single status Her humor enchants the reader with each play by play chapter, as Cindy, the heroine, dips her toes into a tumultuous sea of online dating.Having been in that exact position myself, I found her hilarious fictional descriptions oddly comforting, as they hit very close to home Viewing the scenarios from the outside looking in gave me a unique perspective, reminding me there s humor to be found in most of life s frustrations.Ricci crafts an entertaining, playful, and heartwarming story I highly recommend Whether you are young, old, male, or female, take a break from all the drama and pick up a copy of this light hearted journal You ll love the satisfying and realistic happily ever after.

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    Susan Ricci is a wonderful writer Dinosaurs Cherry Stems is a poignant story of starting over in midlife after a nasty divorce Cindy Layton is a well developed character with wit, charm, and plenty of baggage Deftly written as a flawed woman capable of learning from her mistakes and growing as a person, you ll find yourself rooting for her.The gauntlet she runs as she steps back into the dating realm evokes a range of emotions You ll cringe a time or two at the parade of sad, sometimes funny, dating disasters Cindy Layton s tough, though, and hangs in there When she meets Jay, instant attraction doesn t spell head over heels romance Their relationship develops in a far realistic way They face lots of ups and downs, misunderstandings, jealousy, exes, old flames, and family issues as they struggle to discover if there s a happily ever after for them Is there You ll have to read this engaging story for yourself to find out.

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    Dinosaurs Cherry Stems is a very quick and short read, written in first person and told by a middle aged woman struggling to find love after her second divorce.I have to say, I was expecting something entirely different from this novel as it s under the humor section on NetGalley and. well. Some parts might have been funny, but overall I didn t really get the humorous vibe I was going for So, yup, a bit disappointing on that part.I also didn t feel as if Cindy s actually a middle aged woman The shortness of this novel probably has something to do with that as it doesn t give an author a lot of wiggling room to flesh out characters Cindy simply felt very flat and at times very childish too Me being 26, that. might say something I don t know.I definitely liked the first part of this novel best though, because Cindy then tells us all about the weirdos and perverts she encountered on dating sites and ended up meeting in person Definitely loved those stories After that, her romance had of a rushed feel to it and you knew where it was going to end Add in the childish moments, out of the blue events and too abrupt plot twists You end up with an okay read for a Sunday afternoon.I enjoyed it, but definitely wasn t blown away and expected to laugh way than I did.2.5 5

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    How many frogs must a woman kiss before she meets her prince If you really want to know, you should read Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems, a humorous, contemporary romance written by Susan Ricci This is a great novel about two middle aged people who join an online dating service and eventually fall in love The story is written with honesty and understanding, covering every aspect of the dating journey of a broken and betrayed woman who has just completed a bitter divorce After she stops crying and feeling sorry for her fading relationships and unhappy marriages, Cindy, the heroine of this entertaining book, is back on the dating market In her search for the right man, she risks Internet dating, and that is where the fun begins Ahhh, glorious dating days Who does not remember the thrill and excitement running through the veins while waiting for a date Rushing through the closets in search of a low cut blouse, we do not eat for days, trying to fit into tight pants we just bought in the juniors department Dropping things on the floor and nervously looking at the clock, we rush out of the house an hour before our actual date Sitting in the car in a busy parking lot, we are painting our date in the colors of the rainbow, feeling as if we ve reached seventh heaven That is how Cindy felt just before her first date She walked into the bar and ordered a drink to calm her nerves Pretending to sip an ice cold mixture, she patiently waited for him to arrive, shaking from the slightest sound of the slamming door sending gusts of the chilly air into her face Then he walked through the door Ahh, a long awaited prince Sweet kisses Hell, NO Cindy would not waste one of her kisses on another frog after her bitter divorce from her former husband This story drew me in from the first chapter and kept a smile on my face to the last page It s a great, entertaining read for any adult Like every woman who has experienced unlucky dating, I closely related to the main character, Cindy, who was funny and na ve, and a desperate single woman searching for true love Through the main character, the author discusses the dating issues of middle aged people, revealing their insecurities and fears at the beginning of new relationships.When Cindy met the right man, she changed from an inexperienced dinosaur to a loving friend and wonderful lover Susan Ricci captures the reality of Internet dating while still providing hope for people searching for love Overall it is a wonderful, entertaining book, which I finished reading in one day while sitting on the beach I would highly recommend this book to any of my friends, single and married, women and men, who appreciate salty humor and are not afraid to learn something from the experiences of divorced people and online dating Buckle up and enjoy a fun ride

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    Overall Feedback Have you ever started a story and had the thought in the back of your mind that you were supposed to be doing something else That nagging feeling that there was something that was suposed to be done but you just can not take your eyes off those pages because you might miss something If you have not then you will with this story Susan s tale is of love lost, baggage gained and the thrill of applying what past relationships have taught us Point of View A tale through the eyes of a Dinosaur or as society will tell you a mature woman You will learn the follies of the past and present through the mind of a mental cemetary.Voice Take your baggage and try to leave it at the door By now you should know what to look out for in the bad relationships and be able to steer clear Do not make the soul you find to share your life with pay for the trespasses of others, as they are capable of making their own.Character Development Every character is unique, well defined and endearing There is not a character in the book that you do not know someone in real life to compare to.Plot There is something to be said about the journey one must take to understand what a relationship should be and how to ensure they do not mess it up or at least be honest enough with the other party to make progress.Dialogue The dialogue was clear and really gave you an insight into each character and their traits.Pacing Susan is able to propel you through her story with ease and not make you feel shoved forth.Setting I really felt that my inner reader was whisked off to all the places the character was and I felt if I was standing there with her.Continuity I feel that Susan tied together a perfect story for a first outing as an Indie Author and I can not wait for from this brilliant new addition to the Indie World to be brought forth from her mind Great work Susan

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    Is that supposed to be some sort of threat, Glen I m damn good at my job and you know it He scratches his ass quite thoroughly Nope, not a threat, just practical advice It was lines like this that made this book so enjoyable for me Here s one just for fun I email Larry to go shit in his hat This book was very amusing, to say the least I don t think I ve laughed out loud from a book in a long time It s an easy to read book, meaning it kept my interest and I couldn t wait to get back to it from whatever reason I had to put it down It was very entertaining, to go with Cindy, the protagonist, on some of her wild and most often weird dates and I cringed over some of them remembering some of my own She is a character you just can t help relating with, particularly if you ve ever been through a divorce At first, I wasn t sure if I wanted to read a book about such a depression topic, having been through the process myself However, Susan Ricci has a way of taking something bad like divorce and all the crap that goes along with it and making it an interesting and fun read and I found myself nodding with an uh huh several times throughout the book I became a little annoyed with Cindy at one point but within a few short pages I was relieved to see she came to her senses.Glen was quite a character and loved hating him That s about all I ll say about that guy.Jay was a breath of fresh air and I m going to go out on a limb and say I have one of these guys for my very own I highly recommend this book to anyone who has been through a divorce, both men and women Men might learn something and women will surely appreciate the humor as well as the grief.

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    Finding out your husband is being unfaithful is hard enough, but when you hear about it from a friend that sucks Then to add the cherry on top, he texts you that he wants a divorce Cindy s week was NOT going well Now she d have to adjust to a whole new dating world Cindy wasn t sure she even wanted to get involved with it all after Glenn With encouragement from her friends, Cindy begins to explore the world as a single woman It s not all it s cracked up to be A fun and romantic look at life after divorce Ms Ricci stepped into an area many are afraid to face and taught us it s okay to laugh at ourselves She s taught us we re never to old to learn something new about life This book is a story and guide all in one Terrifically real characters and magnificent writing make this book a joy to read I read this book and kept saying to myself, I ve met every one of these types of men too I LOVED IT Ms Ricci is right on the money with this book You have to get your copy today I found no issues with this one I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it touched my heart Copy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review

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    I just finished reading a delightful book that is genuine, sweet, funny, tender and real Sometimes we read something and can tell that the author really didn t own the material They researched and did their best, but they really haven t lived it If Susan didn t live every single moment of this storyline, than we must consider her a master, because I could find no flaws It kept my attention throughout, driving me to turn those pages with a perfect narration that never once caused me to trip over a word or phrase I laughed aloud a few times and even found myself tearing up at one point.Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I am pushing forty four years old in 2013 that made me love this story Now, I married my second girlfriend, didn t date much, and have never been divorced or separated The only thing I really had in common with the characters is my age, and desire to be loved and to love another In spite of all of that however, I found myself completely engrossed with the characters and the story, finding myself right there with them.

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    I LOVED this book Laugh out loud funny Susan Ricci created this wonderful story with Cindy s Crusades and the first is by far my favorite of the series I read passages from this book out loud to my daughter while I was reading it, because she would walk by my office and ask me what I was giggling about, then I handed my iPad to her and let her read it when I was done and listened to her giggle It was great Just a wonderful romance and the sort of story that you don t feel embarrassed talking about with your mom In fact, I insisted that my mom get her own copy This is not a sex in the afternoon sort of book Cindy is a three dimensional, believable character who is in her 50s and trying online dating for the first time Her escapades are well worth the time spent reading this novel, well worth it Can t wait for the next book in the series

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book Cindy finds herself divorced through no fault of her own and even though hesitant, she signs up with an Internet dating site to see what is out there Hoping against hope, that one of these men would be Mr Right, she jumps in her dates turn out not so great and sometimes create a humorous and or awkward situation She is ready to give up after all, she is in her early 50 s and maybe there is no one that will meet her criteria, but she clicks on a name before she closes the account with a glimmer of hope and begins yet another cautious dating session.The book is very well written and whether you are young or old you can appreciate Cindy s situation and find yourself cheering her on A lovely book that needs to be in the hands of anyone that loves a good romance.

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