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Diary of a Vampeen (Vamp Chronicles, #1) pdf Diary of a Vampeen (Vamp Chronicles, #1) , ebook Diary of a Vampeen (Vamp Chronicles, #1) , epub Diary of a Vampeen (Vamp Chronicles, #1) , doc Diary of a Vampeen (Vamp Chronicles, #1) , e-pub Diary of a Vampeen (Vamp Chronicles, #1) , Diary of a Vampeen (Vamp Chronicles, #1) 45b32bd1a1d Imagine Living A Human Charade For Fifteen Years And Never Knowing It Imagine Being Provided Less Than A Week To Learn And Accept Your Family S True Heritage Before It Overtook You Alexa Jackson, Lexi, Is Abruptly Thrown Onto This Roller Coaster And Quickly Learns That She Can T Change Fate, Regardless Of How Many Lifetimes She Is Given She Will Be Transformed Into A Vampeen On Her Sixteenth Birthday, She Will Be Called Upon To Fulfill A Greater Destiny Within The Dangerous World Of Vampires, And She Will Have To Risk Heartbreak And Rejection If She Ever Wants A Chance At Love With Kellan, Whether She Likes It Or Not

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    I just finished this last night I picked it up because we okay, me, but there were others in the group egging me on were making fun of the cover in another threadthen things kinda got a looooooooot out of hand and I ended up downloading it just to see how bad things could get ahem I now have a sort of answer, and a half way decent analogy but I reserve the right to modify said analogy in the future.Answer Bad Very bad But I give the author this it was an interesting idea.Analogy Twi meets Shallow Hal the movie featuring Tracy Turnblad of Hairspray fame as Buffy Oh, and Mean Girls Here s the writing and trust me, there s little improvement in the writing and spelling from beginning to end It s horrid I could still see the red iPod nano engulfing his buff bicep the two together depicted his strength and withdrawal perfectly emphasis added coughs So, yeah I m thinkin dude s totally buff and massive, even Because we all know how big an iPod nano is I looked it up 5 More examples of such fine writing view spoiler I was three when we settled in and beginning to speak so my mother drowned me in the language and culture Too bad she didn t immerse you instead He apologized and I m sure you already dragged him through the ringer when he confessed Was that the ringer on an alarm clock or a landline phone Either way, I m sure it hurt.The drive there was filled with radio music, for my mom didn t say anything and I feared her almost downpour would erupt had I initiated a conversation.HUH As soon as you know, I ll tell you everything Hate to break it to you, but at that point, it is no longer necessary because she will know Fibbing Lots and lots of fibbing throughout the book I, for one, would be very ticked off at all of the untruths being told both lied side by side on my bed, talking as our lives unfolded between us Can t I just give you a wad of cash and free reign to do what you want What s with the kingdoms and ruling until he goes psycho delic like my mom, let s just forget about it Kindle Locations 1962 1963 Have I ever made you a bad one he scoured with a chuckle not, sic I shrugged taking a sip You re record is still clean Kindle Location 2682 But wait There s MORE Aren t you excited I just want to spork out my eye through my ear Maybe I m biast, but my shirt looks good on you, he smiled Kindle Locations 3376 3377 The grand painting hanging above it, very Monnet esk, Kindle Location 3618 Are you fucking kidding me He was quite the opposite of Dr H with dark withered skin, salt and pepper hair, thick bifocals despite what should be perfect vision, and yet a strong aura of utter wisdom exuded him Kindle Locations 4100 4102 1 withers are a place on a quadriped skin can t be withered.2 That strong aura of utter wisdom exuded him from what , exactly I knew he was overcome with the same compilation as me, yet I wanted to see it, to feel it to confirm my assumptions and there was only one way Kindle Locations 4212 4213.The FUCK does that even mean And racking my brain, I can t think Kindle Location 4228 I d imagine that d be kinda painful, too I wonder if it hurts as much as racking a guy in the balls Oh, wait Maybe she meant she had to set up her brain, like racking for a game of billiards Well, either way, it can t be pleasant And it s obvious she can t think.They get busted necking on the beach by a police officer her response No indecent exposure was placating before you, only a P.D.A., which may have been offensive but certainly not illegal Kindle Locations 4266 4267 Then, driving away after being busted for necking on the beach He laughed breaking away to start the engine and then pressed the gas pedal with a lustful vengeance Kindle Locations 4281 4282 Would someone please explain to me how, exactly, does one press a gas pedal with lustful vengeance Because I understand the concepts of flooring it, peeling out or even burning rubber out of a parking area, but haven t the foggiest idea what the fuck this means.I undid the dress off the hanger and sifted into it from the bottom up Kindle Locations 4708 4709 What hide spoiler

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    This book is great, i enjoyed reading this book because it changed my opinion on the mythical creature the vampire The book told the proccess of becoming a vampire through the main characters experience the book was very detailed and at the same time had high school drama that every teenager has to go through over all this was an increadible book.

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    I really didn t like this book, at all It was yet another twilight ripoff, and twilight is definitely something that can t be pulled off twice I didn t like the message either Before she becomes a vampire or vampeen if we re being specific , she calls herself fat and acne ridden, she has low and fragile self esteem Then one day she wakes up and suddenly she s beautiful and people treat her much better, and she literally says, her life is perfect I feel like the message I got from this book was that if you re beautiful on the outside, your life will be perfect.I do have one plus though, I like the character Kellan He seems to really evolve throughout the story, and he opens up much I liked learning about him Overall, I regret reading this book, and only forced myself to finish it because my English teacher insists that we read a certain number of books I wish I had spent the money to get a better book, rather than downloading the free one off iBooks just so that I would have something to read.

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    I don t know what everyone else is talking about yes the mc has some body image issues but, to me that makes her real to those reviewers that claim Lexi s life is perfect after her transformation into a vampeen must not have been reading the same book for Pete s sake people it s a ya romance Lexi does have conflict her human boyfriend she starts off with shows a progressively destructive jealous streak as the book progresses she is being stalked by a vampire hoping to end her existence before it has even begun notice during her big reveal and afterwards she feels pity for those who shunned her prior I like how she really appreciates her friendship that endures her impossible transformation without second guessing her, her human father loving her because he realizes she is still the same daughter despite her outward appearance I also like that by the end lexi is embracing her new future and seriously people at this point every person that writes a teen vampiresque book will be compared to twilight due to its heightened notoriety right now.

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    I love paranormal young adult books, and I wanted to love this one Unfortunately, I couldn t I struggled to read the entire novel.It was hard for me to understand why the author used fictional characters from Twilight to enhance the reality of her own fictional characters as though Edward and Bella weren t real, but her characters were.In addition, this book needs a thorough round of edits The author constantly switched tenses from past to present tense, and there were incorrect words used as well, i.e., I didn t snide her along the way.While I appreciate a good description to set the tone of the scene, I didn t care for all the details used to describe what the characters wore and the like One entire page was devoted to a dress which made me skim the passage.Then there were the characters Lexi, the heroine, had no consistency, and I never really got to like her Mike, Lexi s boyfriend, an all around nice guy, segues into this vicious stalker because it seemed to be a convenient plot point, and I assume it was easier than having the heroine break his heart And Mel, Lexi s best friend, was really only a cheerleader for her And finally, the part that really got to me was Lexi s change from overweight to thin overnight because she became a vampeen No reason was given for the sudden weight loss and why it was necessary to change the heroine so drastically Could Lexi not have gotten the guy by maintaining her current weight Could there not have been a gradual weight loss because of the transformation As an aside, later on toward the end of the book, Lexi thinks that perhaps other Jasons a hunk of a guy who was mean to Lexi in the beginning would think twice before picking on the porkers So she refers to the overweight girls, of which she was one herself at one time, as porkers That just had me liking Lexi even less I wish I had positive things to say about this book as I really liked the premise.

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    It took me a while to compose a review because I really had a hard time coming up with anything to say about the book I downloaded this book as a freebie from but I really wish I hadn t Honestly, I didn t like this book Although I considered it s plot interesting I still couldn t help but feel a strong urge to stop reading and delete the e book every time Lexi had a dialogue I didn t even know that a vampeen is supposed to be a cross between a human and a vampire I thought it meant vampire teen.Basically, the whole thing is like a sadder version of Twilight There were a lot of inappropriate flowery words, unrealistic dialogue, and predictable scenes There were a lot of Twilight references probably an attempt to portray how different Diary of a Vampeen is from the international best seller But the flow of events was slow and I hated the whole Insta love thing with Kellan The characters were shallow and unrealistic, I didn t like any of them because they reminded me of many other book characters I ve encountered Lexi, for example was shy and insecure, but she was supposed to be very intelligent Mike was the overprotective, jealous type boyfriend And Kellan was the handsome, brooding type who just made your knees weak with one smile but he always tried to be a gentleman sound familiar So I pretty much got bored and sloughed my way through the book When the end of the book drew near I was very surprised and very disappointed at how quickly the conflict was resolved and how easily the happily ever after came for Lexi and Kellan After I finished reading I just felt like an idiot for putting up with such a book I mean, the plot was good but the execution could ve been better I definitely wouldn t let any of my friends read this book.

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    I don t know how to explain how this book didn t work for me.Through the whole book, I rolled my eyes and the characters got on my nerve I don t know if I have outgrown this kind of book or if it was just this book particularly, but I had to force myself to finish it.I just couldn t connect with any of the characters and the main one just made me cringe so much Her emotions and thoughts changed so quickly that I couldn t follow her.Some characters drastically changed through the book and I couldn t believe it no one ever changes that much and becomes a whole other person.I believe that the MC was really selfish quite often and I wanted to try to understand her, but I never did.I won t lie I was divided with two distinct emotions through this book andI know a lot of people loved that book so I guess that it was just not for me.

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    I loved this book Most people who read twilight assume that all vampire romance books are to much like twilight But I read this book and laughed and understood the l of the story Christin Lovell included twilight and true blood in her book in a way that had me giggling and thinking to myself, if I was in this girls shoes that is exactly what I would say Now don t get me wrong I loved the twilight series and nothing compares to them, but Christin didn t even try to write her book like twilight Needless to say I can t wait to read what happens next in the next book Keep up the great work Christin

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    I loved this book All though it was loosely based on twilight which I also loved there were allot of differences in the book For example Christin Lovell introduced a new species of vampire a Vampeen , half human half vampire Christin Lovell changed the view of vampires and vampeens I couldn t put the book down, it was a great read and for a free book it is amazing Most free books are short or non interesting but this one was great This is one of my favourite vampire books I have read many , Christin Lovell is a brilliant writer and I have recommended this book to my friends and they all loved it This book is great and i have read everyone in the series so far.

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    The basic premise of the story is very good The execution is imperfect The author rushed the action occasionally to the detriment of character development Despite this, I really liked the characters I wanted to get to know them better.I had a hard time with Lexi I becoming perfect physically with her transformation I wish time had been devoted to how disconcerting the physical changes were for her.I read the Kindle edition of this and there were several editing errors that were glaringly obvious The problems would not stop me from reading the next book in the series I enjoy brain candy and that is exactly what this book is.

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