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Destiny's Fire summary Destiny's Fire, series Destiny's Fire, book Destiny's Fire, pdf Destiny's Fire, Destiny's Fire 3b0914dd6d It S The Year , And Sixteen Year Old Dez Harkly Is One Of The Last Of Her Kind Part Of A Nearly Extinct Race Of Shape Shifters Descended From Guardians To The Egyptian Pharaohs Her Home And Her Secret Are Threatened When The Council Lowers The Barrier, Allowing The Enemy Race To Enter The Shythe Haven As The Narcolym Airships Approach, Dez And Her Friends Rebel Against Their Council And Secretly Train For Battle Not Only Is Dez Wary Of War And Her Growing Affection For Her Best Friend Jace, She Fears The Change Her Birthday Will Bring When Dez S Newfound Power Rockets Out Of Control, It S A Narcolym Who Could Change Her Fateif She Can Trust Him Dez S Guarded World Crumbles When She Discovers Why The Narcos Have Really Come To Haven Falls, And She S Forced To Choose Between The Race Who Raised Her And The Enemy She S Feared Her Whole Life

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    As a new steampunk novel, Destiny s Fire delivers with a lot of action, steamy scenes and a fantastic futuristic setting On the brink of extinction, enemy races Narcolym and Shythe are going to have to learn to live with each other, because Haven Falls protective barrier has come down.While I had difficulty at the start, I ended up captivated by the world that Trish has built Right from the beginning we re thrown into this world with Nacrolyms, Shythe, and the intriguing history surrounding them I was a bit disjointed at first, not knowing the specifics of this reality How they live, the barrier, why they are at war the politics behind the plot take a while to become clear Combined with the slower pace, I wasn t sure what to make of the book However, about half way through it picks up quite a bit, along with deeper world building which quickly turns it into an engrossing tale.Inside this world resides quite a few fascinating characters Dez, our main character, is determined, strong, with an attractive personality I loved her attitude, as well as her realistic reactions to the events in the story Her secret also promises an exciting, action packed series The only thing I didn t like was how she treated Jace as sort of a stand in for her real interest I loved Jace He s so sweet and genuine I really felt for him Dez s best friend, Lana, is a fun, well rounded character that you get to care about as much as the protagonist She s exuberant and simply fills the pages with life.The unique lore together with unexpected plot twists gives us a remarkably elaborate story Everything blends together wonderfully I especially enjoyed the romance that allows a breather from the intensity There is definite chemistry between the love interests which is perfectly paced to make us long for Altogether well written and gratifying, Destiny s Fire is an honorable debut that I recommend to all steampunk fans.Fun fact I have a strong dislike for the word eyeteeth Which does not, in fact, mean eyeballs on teeth phew O_o For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    In a nutshell, DESTINY S FIRE made me hate Trisha Wolfe I m talking SERIOUS hate like fuming, loathing, hair ripping hatred that leads to chainsaws and lighter fluid Basically, this book made me realize how far I have to go before I pen a book as brilliant as DESTINY S FIRE Hence the hate On the reals I loved the main character, Dez, and her struggle to find her place in a chaotic, turbulent world The book s steamy scenes are hot enough to make the Sahara shiver, and the writing is brilliant and beautiful I won t give too much away, but I will say this keep an eye on Trisha Wolfe, because she ll soon be a household name for any YA enthusiast

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    If I love this book any than I already do, I don t think it would be healthy Destiny s Fire is one of those books you pick up not expecting much but end up loving unconditionally In Destiny s Fire, Trisha Wolfe creates one of the most unique, complex, and breathtaking stories you ll ever read about At first the world may seem a little overwhelming, but you quickly get immersed in the thrilling world of the Kythan with their crazy cool powers There s also a fun steampunk element, too with cool gadgets and corsets I couldn t get enough Dez is my favourite kind of heroine a strong, bad ass fighter who cares deeply about those she loves, but not too strong that she s hard to connect with She has the perfect amount of vulnerability there isn t a single thing she does that I can t see happening in real life And the romance is PERFECT Complicated and sensual with the perfect hint of dangerousness, it will turn people who don t like love triangles into people who do Both Reese and Jace break my heart and make it melt at the same time The chemistry is off the charts And you ll fall in love with the amazing secondary cast too Original, action packed, and absolutely unputdownable, Destiny s Fire is a brilliant novel that I can t recommend enough I m crossing my fingers that the author is planning to write a sequel so I can add that to my favourites shelf next to this one BUY or BORROW If I only had a little bit of money and had to choose between saving it or buying this book, I d purchase Destiny s Fire in a heartbeat An absolute MUST have Original review at Mimi Valentine s YA Review Blog

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    Destiny s Fire is sizzling H O T After reading Unveiled by Trisha Wolfe, I was so excited to read of her work She has an uncanny ability to draw in the reader and bring some major heat to the scenes Since this book isn t out until January, I am going to leave this spoiler free and tell you what you can expect out of this FANTASTIC bookA kick arse protagonist with wit and spunk, some seriously delicious scenes that will leave you blushing, two major hotties who are night and day, a super awesome bestfriend, originality in plot and structure as well as setting, deception, and a major twist that had my knees up to my chest with my face inches from the screen All I can say is you must READ THIS BOOK Clubbing will never be the same

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    Uuuugh, why Please tell me why Why would one ruin a gripping and fast paced story, set in an imaginative and unique world with a stupid, painful and utterly unnecessary love triangle God, I m so mad I really thought I was going to love this, because at first the story seemed so promising but no, of course there has to be a love triangle and one of the worst kind to rain on my parade As soon as it was clear that there would be a LT everything went as expected This story line is so old it has grown a beard And that ending really finished me off Ridiculous, I tell you I guess my problem is that I ve read too many books like this one in my time and I just don t have any patience left for this kind of excuse me shit That s why I loved Night School so much That woman actually managed to surprise me But surprises here Oh no Don t expect any Everything will play out exactly how you think it will Now I need to get a few things off my chest but it s gonna get a bit spoilery so be warned view spoiler You know what I would love Towards the end the author made us think that Reese is one of the bad guys and only tricked Dez into trusting him well, I didn t believe that for one second but you know what would be a new idea Just let him be the bad guy For real this time That would surprise me Because, as you might ve already figured out, of course Reese isn t really the bad guy At first he was but then he fell in love and yada yada yada Just the usual shit And what I meant by the worst kind of love triangle was that we have the cute and utterly loveable seriously, you just got to love Jace best friend, who s been in love with the heroine forever but never dared to make a move and just when she thinks she migth have feelings for him, too, a new mysterious guy shows up and steals her away And of course all things go to hell, the happy new couple breaks up and the heroine thinks for some reason that it s a good idea to lead on her best friend and suck his face just to make the other guy jealous But of course the whole thing was just a misunderstanding and the heroine and the new guy make up and that s when the best friend walks in on them There s some back and forth, but in the end everything works out and the best friend and the new guy make peace and become friends Argh, I mean, seriously hide spoiler

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    Destiny s Fire was one of the best young adult reads for me this year Since it will not be released from Omnific Publishing until 2012, I m not going to do a full review here Just know, the characters are amazing and I SO want to be their friend The plot twists into something I wasn t quite expecting, but did add to my emotional turmoil in a good way Intrigue, suspense, action, strong male and female charactersthis book has it all The fantasy elements are unique from others I ve read in the genre, and speaking of genreThis book has a mix of a few, so very hard for me to pinpoint exactly how to categorize it There are elements of steampunk but it s not a traditional steampunk book It is set in the future with hints of dystopian without the depressing feel that comes along with it There are fantastic paranormal elements that make the characters in this book unique from other paranormal books I ve read I haven t seen this particular take on paranormal, which was refreshing in itself Of course, there is romance, which is a must for me The love interests do not annoy you There is a bit of a love triangle but not in the traditional sense as we typically think of as annoying triangles The ending is NOT what I expected, especially for a book that hints as a possible series oh, please let this become a series I most definitely was left wanting of this world, characters, and story I finished this book within one day, which if you read any of my reviews, if it takes me a day or two to read something, I REALLY got into and invested in the story I m now on pins and needles wondering what the cover will look like

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    This book is fantastic EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ IT Seriously

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    This isn t out yet, so, no spoilers I thoroughly enjoyed this book It s YA steampunk goodness to the core There is a love triangle, but it doesn t work the way you think it willand I was unsure how it was going to go up until the very end So hard to pick a team no but srsly Team Reese heh The dialogue is solid, very funny and authentic The world the Kythan live in is realistic yet tinged with the steampunk paranormal, which is so fun and cool to get into Highly recommended Get into this at the beginning, because this could become an amazing series, Hunger Games style

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    Review to come, but all I can say is I LOVE Trisha Wolfe s writing

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    Similar Books Cinder by Marissa Meyer, Half Blood by Jennifer ArmentroutDestiny s Fire was for me what Jennifer L Armentrout s books are for a lot of other people, I think a quick, fun, fast paced guilty pleasure with great worldbuilding and plenty of steamy romance There were a lot of elements in this book that I don t normally like a love triangle, semi insta love, and a heroine that s totally unrealistic But I ve got to say that everything came together into a story that I devoured This book is like candy I just couldn t stop eating it I m a little confused as to the genre of this book It reminded of Marissa Meyer s Cinder in that it s futuristic, but it s also has a lot of steampunk elements But technically, steampunk is supposed to be set in the past Anyway, it feels like a steampunk novel, though a bit modern Whatever it is, though, I liked it The worldbuilding was really my favorite part of the story This is a world I want to live in It s SO COOL It s kind of like if everyone now decided they were fans of steampunk and converted all our power to steam and all of our clothes became Victorian inspired But there s still a modern sensibility to it that made it easy to relate to and, therefore, a good choice for those a little wary about steampunk, IMHO.But I ve got to say that reading this book made me want to walk around wearing clothes like these image error

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