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    FINAL RATING 4.55 STARS CATCHALL I ve been with this series since the beginning, and I told myself I d see it through So I have While it s had its ups and downs like any other series, I ve found it thoroughly enjoyable and this book provided a satisfactory and bittersweet final novel It also has Tamani, who practically makes up for any faults, but on that later I absolutely adored it THE HEROINE LAURELWhile I freely admit that I often find Laurel to be too self sacrificing and, at times, annoying, it s always been clear that she has a good heart Metaphorically speaking, of course She can be almost ridiculously reckless but at the same time I understand that she does it to protect the people she loves She s definitely grown from the beginning of the series and now to the end, and her maturity was especially remarkable in this novel Laurel certainly isn t a little girl any THE LOVE INTERESTS TAMANII do not make it any secret that I am Team Tamani I would follow that man faerie to the ends of the Earth He s just so freaking hot, and it is useless and pointless to deny it He s sweetly protective and very strong he s almost never afraid to back down but he picks his battles I love that about him, and I love the fierce loyalty and the strong sense of love that I can tell he genuinely feels He tries to do what he honestly believes to be the right thing.DAVIDSo, I have a confession In books 1 3, I am afraid I did not like David at all But in Destined, he absolutely grew on me I actually really grew to love him too in this book He s brave and not afraid to offer his life for the greater good, which is so admirable He doesn t hesitate to stand behind Laurel and he ll be there for her when she and the faeries need him THE BEST FRIEND CHELSEAMy opinion on Chelsea in the past has been volatile at best I generally don t really like her and only every once in a while have the occasional moment where I could see through to her But in Destined she really grew as a character and I couldn t help admiring her She s a wonderful, fiercely loyal friend, and it s fairly obvious that she would follow Laurel over a cliff THE PLOT The whole of Destined takes place in a period of about twenty four hours.So you can imagine how action packed it is.There s almost never a bored moment, and I usually had almost no time to catch my breath.I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation at pretty much all times I couldn t resist falling headlong into the story.Some things were stupid I admit it Some things were so stupid they actually made me laugh out loud, hence the barely five star rating.Still, overall, I absolutely loved the plot It kept me entertained and interested, and I was never bored, which always counts for something THE ROMANCE As it turns out, I am not telling you who Laurel ends up with I can t even tell you if I was happy or sad with the decision because that would make it instantly obvious I won t even put it under a spoiler tab at this time because this book is super new and I don t want to be the one who gives everything away I will say that there s a lot of fluffy romance, but it s serious too Some real decisions need to be made It s not really an easy decision for Laurel but she does make it It s logical, too That s all I ll say THE WRITING One thing that makes me strangely mother duck proud is to see debut authors grow up Writing wise, obviously Aprilynne s first book was sweet but clearly the work of an inexperienced writer now, in her fourth book, she s a mature and established writer Her writing voice has become absolutely beautiful and I love it so much In Wings and Spells we get Laurel s voice in Illusions and Destined Tamani s voice joins her, showing her increase in diversity Tamani s voice is better than Laurel s, in my opinion, but I m probably biased THE ENDING The ending was everything one could want It was heartbreaking in some ways but devastatingly beautiful in others There were happy endings, there were sad ones People died, people lived Just like in life It was realistic and believable and clearly well thought out In my opinion, the letter at the back of the book cements everything as still real and heartbreaking, but be warned It s not all happy, not at all So heed Aprilynne s warning before you read the letter if you decide to do so WRAPUP In general, I was very happy with the Wings series I thought Aprilynne did a wonderful job, and I m looking forward to seeing future works from her such as Life After Theft The title and prospect seem interesting, and also I have a fetish for the name Jeff, because there is this cute guy named Jeff who sits next to me in my physics class and this other really handsome guy named Jeff who used to be in my class and then there s a third adorable Jeff and uhhh, I m rambling So I ll stop particularly since my boyfriend will read this But anyway, I m looking forward to Aprilynne s future projects.FINE.Read of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning My pre review More Tam, pretty please He s the best part of this series I admit it, I m in love Who s with me Oh my God, and the cover is gor geous And I think that thinking about the blurb is going to kill me It s so unbelievably tempting and leaves me even eager for this book s release

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    OKAY SERIOUSLY wtf is she thinking 2012 she cuts us off on THE worst cliffhangar and then waits for 20394823484905840983405983 years in the booklover s mind to release the next one is she CRAZY BAHHHHHHHHHHH someone kill me now __ i m not quite sure if i m pro tam or david, because in the first two books i was PROPROPROPROOOO tam, but when she broke up with david and i saw how it affected him i kinda toppled, and now i m not sure WHO i want to win and it was a total bitch move for chelsea to move in on david as fast as she did and yuki is kind of tripping me out i can understand if they didn t know about her existing like if she was a spring or something, but if there was a friggin WINTER on the loose how in the world did they not see that its like a giant neon sign saying OMFG A WINTER FAERIE LOOK HERE _________ i m so clueless on this.

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    Actual rating 1.5 starsOh, geez this is awkward I ve just finished Destined and can t find a single thing to say about it because it s not very memorable No wait It s all coming back to me now Mmmmmhmmmm Let me get my glasses for this one.Ah, that s better And yes, there will be spoilers.I ll be honest and admit that the Wings series has been of a guilty pleasure of mine It s not the best written book I ve ever read or the worst for that matter But it had a level of entertainment that kept me around till the end At least that s what I tell myself because as I dove into Destined I just couldn t help but think how incredibly boring it was And that greatly disappointed me since I was just looking for a light, fluffy read Instead I was left with a story cornier than a box of Kellogg s cereal So very, very corny So the plot is a simple one We all knew based on the ending of Illusions that Yuki would eventually escape with Klea and go after Avalon She also happens to have an entire army of trolls ready to bust the doors down That leaves David, Laurel, Tamani and Chelsea to race to Avalon and warn everyone Fantastic It was a fine beginning with promise Unfortunately, that promise died when we are introduced to the biggest cop out I ve read in a long time Jamison asks David to fight against the trolls using Excalibur It was truly a Disney movie moment I knew at that moment it could only go down hill from there David, with the name of Kings, Jamison said formally,_ It s time to discover if you are the hero Laurel has always thought you to be Will you join us in defending Avalon It seemed that they were thisclose to breaking out in song and dance Then David had his Sword in the Stone moment and was told nothing could hurt him while he wielded Excalibur And I do mean nothing If someone were to strike him with a sword, it would conveniently miss him Or if someone were to shoot him with a gun, the bullets would just drop in front of him Not even poisonous AIR could harm him facepalm David had no previous fighting experience, but all he had to do was swing the sword and trolls would just die on the spot He went all deus ex machina throughout the entire book.And that s when I lost all desire to finish the book Everything was was just too carefully placed and never felt organic to me The Queen orders Jamison to stay out of the fight, but when she finds out he s disobeyed her she doesn t do anything Jamison gets taken out during the battle early on and forced to rest, but when the gang goes up against Yuki, he appears out of nowhere ready to assist Speaking of Yuki, she turned out to be the biggest disappointment of them all She supposedly has the ability to kill other fairies or at least be really powerful But she was pretty much useless Of course with any battle there are deaths I feel the impact of a character death is at its greatest when I actually care about the character that s dying Duh, right Well, there are two characters who are killed that the reader is familiar with, but I never really felt any kind of sadness for them Laurel and Tam cared deeply for them, but they weren t around enough in the previous books for me to grow an attachment to them They were expendable characters Another reviewer noted that with everything that was going on, and there was a fair amount of action, it actually felt like nothing was happening I ve been pondering how that s possible and I believe it s because there didn t appear to be much anticipation or build up to any of the scenes At least I didn t feel any I just went through the motions of finishing the book to be able to say I completed the series There was exactly one part where I felt a twinge of emotion and it s where Tamani thinks he sees Laurel die and goes off on his own to kill Klea or be killed by her But before those feelings get a chance to develop, Laurel goes running after him End scene That left me so angry Then my biggest pet peeve about YA novels starts flying around left and right The whole, I can t live without you trope I really hate when that s used because it gives off the appearance of teens ready to end their life over a boyfriend girlfriend They re in the midst of a battle for Avalon, saving other fae s lives, and they start wondering why they would bother if the other were to die Ummm because your friends and family are still in danger Gah Then we get to the ending where there is a deadly toxin seeping into the land and killing Tamani courtesy of Klea It s up to Laurel to save not only Tamani, but all of Avalon And she s all She wasn t sure if it mattered if the toxin infected her Was her life worth living without Tamani Was the risk worth one last kiss One final embrace So, you re just going to forget about Avalon then He had to be alive She wasn t sure if she could live another moment if he wasn t with her What did any of this matter if, in the end, she was too late to save Tamani FFFFFUUUUUUUU inhale, exhale whoosah Whew, sorry about that I started seeing red again The ending was your typical And they lived happily ever after in true Disney fashion In hindsight, there were casualties, but none that anyone cared about I find it interesting that Tamani never went back to check on his niece after she lost her mother O.o Laurel was important, I guess The only thing that mattered is that Tamani got to be with his one true love forever and ever The end Lame So, I guess if you enjoyed the first three books, you ll probably enjoy this one to some extent But for everyone else, I wouldn t go into this one expecting much Overall it was a big ol pile of MEH.ARC was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss Thank you More reviews at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.

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    P.S funny how you come back to some reviews and go I really felt like that I guess its the magic of books DBEFORE READING PRO TAM AHAHAHAHA m reading the book and cannot wait to see what happens in the end after reading MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS I sat their crying my eyes out my make up thanks to Ms Aprilynne Pike is messed up, my hair loose, my nose running and my eyes red I never thought I d feel so attached to this world of faeries and trolls but I feel like it s me who just went through all that and not Laurel In a way I wish she didn t put that letter in the end and just let us to believe David ended up with Chelsea CharactersAlthough Laurel had her good times and bad, I loved her in this and i am going to miss her She s loyal to her friends and doesn t hesitate to trust her friends when they want best for her She s grown into a calm and understanding person David, started to cry already his letter at the end is one of the most heartfelt, sad and beautiful letters ever written The feelings I felt were very overwhelming He s been brave and amazing and loyal in this book and he deserves the best, most respect out of the three high school friends and I still can t believe he and Chelsea didn t end up together Tamani I love Tam and will forever and this book made me cry so much for him He lost his sister, best friend, the sentries under his responsibility I feel like tearing up right now and he thinks it was all his fault I loved the touching scene between him and Laurel at the end, oh gosh Ms Pike this series deserves a lot credit than it has gotten The BookIt was beautiful and better than I expected When people said it was based on around a period of 24hours I thought it would be very disappointing But the writing has improved so much since the first book and it doesn t feel like only a 24hour period Trust me when I say, you will feel happy, scared, torn up, joy, excitement, sadness and probably will cry your eyes out but hopefully you will be satisfied But I wasn t really a David fan and the ending for him made me cry like a baby so if you are a David fan you ll probably feel angry and sorry but you ll also definitely feel proud.

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    whoooooo Finished That was awesome perfect ending.

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    This is one of the best conclusions to a series I loved the way it ended I loved how there was a happy ending but then some things about it were heartbreakingly sad If you have not read this series, or if you have started the series but didn t finish it, then I highly recommend you do.

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    Absolutely amazing The perfect ending The only bad part is that it had to end.

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    I read this one so quickly, oh my goodness This was a perfect ending I love Laurel and Tamani so much David really came into his own, Chelsea is my favourite character of the whole seriesit was just the best mixture of happy and sad, to really get your emotions going Seriously, read this series if you don t mind a good old fashioned love triangle with some faeries mixed in

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    2012 That s a joke That s got to be a joke I need to know who she picks Rah This is one love triangle that I adore and has really kept me guessing.Team Tam all the way

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    OMG MOREEEE D D D Sorry to disappoint every1, But I m pro david She should stay with him for a while and then after awhile end up with tam Either that or she should go back to the academy and meet some other guy On second thought, I like that The problem with tamani is that he is pushy and intense, u know He is the sole reason she is always forced to choose I don t blame him for jealousy or liking laurel, but I think he puts too much presure on herUPDATE OMG IT HAS A TITLE Hopefully the fact that it is called destined means that she is destined to end up with David I m SOOO pissed and SOOOO happy coz the fact that it doesn t come out soon means I have to re read the first books UPDATE ooohhh A cover Me likey UPDATE when is this coming out again did I hear someone say April, coz if they did then I will MURDER MYSELF I cnt wait that long

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