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Demon From the Dark chapter 1 Demon From the Dark , meaning Demon From the Dark , genre Demon From the Dark , book cover Demon From the Dark , flies Demon From the Dark , Demon From the Dark e202fc446126a Alternate Cover For This ISBN Here New York Times Bestselling Author Kresley Cole Comes This Scorching Tale Of A Demon Outcast Poisoned With Vampire Blood And The Vulnerable Young Witch He Vows To Protect, Even From HimselfA DANGEROUS DEMON SHE CAN T RESISTMalkom Slaine Tormented By His Sordid Past And Racked By Vampiric Hungers, He S Pushed To The Brink By The Green Eyed Beauty Under His GuardA MADDENING WITCH HE ACHES TO CLAIMCarrow Graie Hiding Her Own Sorrows, She Lives Only For The Next Party Or Prank Until She Meets A Tortured Warrior Worth SavingAPPED TOGETHER IN A SAVAGE PRISONIn Order For Malkom And Carrow To Survive, He Must Unleash Both The Demon And Vampire Inside Him When Malkom Becomes The Nightmare His Own People Feared, Will He Lose The Woman He Craves Body And Soul

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    Huge 5 starsFull review now postedWow Wow Wow To say I love Demon from the Dark is an understatement I adore everything about this powerfully written book With out a doubt, Demon from the Dark has become my favorite book in the series, and suffice it to say, it was mostly due to the wait for it romance Yep, I ate my words big time when I said in last book s review that I had become mostly ambivalent to the romance element in this series Demon from the Dark has everything I love in a good paranormal and romance book It has a clever and riveting plot, prolific and fantastic dialogue, action and adventure, witty comic relief love the witches , a touch mystery and suspense, devastating heartbreak, joy, and a beautiful, passionate, and steamy romance between a hero and heroine I admire and adore Malkom, the hero, is one of the most emotionally tortured yet kind and noble characters I ve read to date It didn t take long for him to own my heart Carrow, the heroine, is simply fantastic She is such a admirable, funny, and lovable character She is the perfect heroine for this book s hero The addition of the sweet and full of life 7 year old Ruby added a family dynamic to the story that was touching, entertaining, and exactly what the hero and reader needed.Kresley Cole blew me away with this book I honestly can t rave about Demon from the Dark enough.

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    This was full when I left Demon, did you eat some of my toothpaste Demon from the Dark is one of my favorite books from the Immortals After Dark series This book starts off strongly with the sudden attraction between Malkom and Carrow Malkom is barbaric because he has been isolated for very long time until he finds his wicked little woman He was stigmatized as an abomination At first, their passion burns so fiercely my heart beat fast from those scenes they re togeter and while Malkom is blatantly seducing Corrow for his own sake Those who betray me do it only once I loved how innocent Malkom was, he doesn t know people can be treacherous Although the story wasn t new for me at all, I still enjoyed Demon from the Dark than the others This book absolutely deserves five stars from me with our hero and his sexy spirit Kresley Cole also put a lot of tension in this book and she managed to bait us to believe that their stories would be easy, but I was a fool, her stories has never been that easy, every MC has their inner demons they must outdo in order to get their HEAs Carrowicus much drunkicus or Hot assicus in my greedy handsicus Malkom is truly Trazan while Carrow is Jane for me He s not much civilized, so when Carrow shows him many things he doesn t know, he wants her madly and nearly scares her away I laughed so hard many times when Malkom did something weird It was like, hey if you did t know it so let me show you Malkon is cute, yet he s not someone you want to bother.These are why I loved Kresley s works They re exceptionally awesome Her characters never let me down, especially in this book with this agressive and possessive Malkom Slaine By the way, I m unsure about these parallel stories would work good for the rest of the series But we ll see them soon His female didn t belong in this foul place And since he belonged with her, then neither did he He didn t care what he had to do, he d find a way to get her home.

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    Wow This series keeps getting better Kresley Cole keeps the Immortals After Dark series fresh with an action packed adventure involving a witch and her mate, a vemon a demon, turned into a vampire Malkom SlaineMalkom has lived a life full of rejection and disappointments His life was a suicide just waiting to happen His father left him to be raised by his prostitute mother Prostitute mom then sold him off to be a blood slave, boy toy for a sick, perverted, vampire that liked to share Malkom with his friends Once Malkom was too old to please them any a mere teenager he was thrown out onto the streets Even when he was turned into a Vemon, by his enemy, he remained strong If a demon and a vampire mated, their offspring would be unique but in harmony, like a Labrador retriever crossed with a poodle Voila, labradoodle But a vemon was a made creature, as if one took the front half of the Lab and jammed it onto the back half of thr poodle In other words, wrong Gah, I love this hero He is everything I look for in a lead character With all the things that happened to him, Malkom remained loyal, fair, and kind It seamed that nothing could break him Except maybe betrayal at the hands of his fated mate, a witch.Carrow Graie I m on a man fast Why bother with them the good ones are always taken Or they re weirdly uninterested in a capricious wild child with continuous legal problems Carrow is a beautiful, fun loving witch She s the life of every party, and loves to flash the crowd She s witty and sassy as shit, and I loved her character so much Beneath her carefree persona, Carrow has the biggest, most loyal heart Yet she has been blackmailed into luring a Vemon into a trap Unfortunately, this Vemon turns out to be her life mate, and he is kind, sweet, and fierce.This book had it all and was a solid 4.5 star read I loved the scarred alpha hero because he had a good, loyal heart The heroine was Awesome She was sassy, savvy, and a total badass The plot was fresh, not predictable and there were tons of fight scenes Demon from the Dark, Book 10, was one of my favorites in this series I look forward to IAD.My Immortals After Dark Reviews The Warlord Wants ForeverA Hunger Like No OtherNo Rest for the WickedWicked Deeds on a Winter s NightDark Needs at Night s Edge Dark Desires After DuskKiss of a Demon KingUntouchablePleasure of a Dark PrinceDemon from the DarkDreams of a Dark WarriorLothaireDark Skye

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    Malkom Slaine, vemon or scarba demonic vampire and Carrow Graie, witch When he caressed her there, she quivered against his fingers He gazed up at her Kiss Oh, yes kiss This book has lots of bitings secrets and betrayals love and growth forgiveness, family and belonging bad bad humans and unbearable torturing so many stories that run in parallel

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    Disclaimer I am in gushing mode, which means I have lots of clunky metaphors and a bit of unwise hyperbole Don t hold it against this book or its author It s all me I make no apologies for my deep love of this series It rocks This series is premium when it comes to paranormal romance Hands down With Demon from the Dark, I felt that intense love grow like a rose bush on Miracle Gro fertilizer Ms Cole has written a flawless book here She wrote a hot, hot romance with two characters that I loved, flaws and all She also had me believing that these people could fall in love with each other, even though they couldn t speak the same language initially I didn t expect to be such a huge fan of Carrow when I met the party girl witch in Dark Desires After Dusk But I do love her It took me about five minutes into reading this to think, I like her a lot Actually, the scene at the end of Pleasure of a Dark Prince had me feeling positively towards her Now, I have to think she s my favorite heroine in this series Sorry Sabine A huge theme of this story is feeling abandoned rejected unwanted, like no one in the world truly loves you and accepts you For Malkom, this was illustrated in a much violent, heartbreaking manner Malkom made my heart bleed I could understand why he was such a violent, untrusting person who felt that being alone was the best option for him I won t go into all he suffered because I feel that this book needs to be read You have to get to know Malkom the best way, by reading his story But suffice it to say, no kid should go through what Malkom did I so wanted him to have a beloved wife and a family I wanted him to have that with Carrow and Ruby Oh man, I just loved him I was glad that Carrow ends up proving that she loves him and is worthy of being his fated mate In the case of Carrow, she finds herself in an untenable situation, and she is going to have betray the male that she falls deeply in love with Normally, I would be raring at the bit, foaming at the mouth at what she did, because I hate deception In this case, I could understand her dilemma She ends up becoming the adoptive mother of an orphaned daughter of a friend murdered by Carrow s human enemies The thing about it was, Carrow acted like a parent Parents have to make tough decisions Their primary responsibility is to care for their children She was over a barrel, and I respect that she stayed true and did what she had to with the intent to protect Ruby And this decision almost cost her true love, putting her in that same situation of having love and affection denied to her, as she suffered as a materially privileged, but emotionally starved young girl.This situation shows what a masterful writer Kresley Cole is She takes a scenario where you re like, This can t end well, and keeps you glued to the pages as she proves that it can, and has you enjoying the ride so much, you feel desolate when the book is over That was this book and all her books in a nutshell Also, did I mention, this woman knows how to write hot, hot, hot, really hot romance For me, this was the hottest of her books I think part of that was because I felt the intense pull that Carrow has on Malkom, and vice versa They were like two powerful magnets exerting forces of attraction on each other and pulling the reader along because the energy is so powerful Ms Cole manages to use every amorous moment to build the steam up until it s about to explode and turn the book into a fireball I really needed a fan as I read this book, and not just because Oblivion is like Yuma, Arizona with the thermostat turned up several degrees.I honestly can t think of anything I didn t like about this book Well, except that I wanted to find out what happens to some of the other Loreans who got abducted by the Order I am gnawing on my knuckles to find out what happens between Melanthe and Thronos, and I really want to know about Declan and Regin Good thing I am reading Dreams of a Dark Warrior next month.Kresley Cole, you kick paranormal romance butt and take names You and the WARDen usually go neck and neck for this reader, but this book puts you in first place now I m not just being flattering when I say that my life is so much richer since I started reading your books I have so much love for the Immortals After Dark series Off to fondle my copy and add it to my bookcase with my other beloved IAD books.

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    Loved it loved it LOVED IT One of the best books in the whole IAD series and I know I say that all the time, because I love most of the books in the series But something about this one really appealed to me, and I m guessing that 75% of it is because I really fell for the hero, the hunk a licious vemon part demon, part vampire Malkom Slaine Ahh, what a tortured hero he wassympathetic, lonely, proud, humiliated, protective, possessive, innocent in many ways, down on himselfand so in need of a friend, a lover, a person who he could trust who he could give all the love in his great big heartI just wanted to grab him and squeeze him and give him all the love that he deserved Typically, the book started out a little slow for me Not the parts about Malkom, but the parts about the heroine, the former party girl witch named Carrow Graie Every time I start one of these IAD books I try to rack my brain remembering where the series left off There s so many characters to keep track of the demons, the witches, the vampires, the valkyries, the werewolves and all the assorted creatures of the Lore, that I waste time trying to remember who s with who romantically, who s friends with whoI wish KC had some kind of family tree that I could refer to to keep everything straight But after a while I stopped stressing over it, and decided to just throw myself into the book, and I m glad I did.The basic plot is that Carrow as well as some other immortals is captured and held prisoner by some mortal group known as The Order and taken to some remote, impossible to locate island far, far from her home in New Orleans The Order is made up of scientists and soldiers intent on studying and destroying immortal evil doers They want Carrow to go to some place called Oblivian a hellish, desolate, demon plane and use her powers to lure the powerful vampiric demon Malkom Slaine to them If she s able to accomplish this in 6 days, they ll release her and the recently motherless 7 year old child witch Ruby that she s intent on adopting If not, Ruby will die.So Carrow bravely enters Oblivian, seeking out this so called evil, barbaric giant over 6 and a half feet tall named Malkom I don t want to give anything away, but I felt like this was the best part of the book Carrow has to find a way to communicate with this almost Neanderthal demon man, get him to trust her, and lure him back to the other side But she s in for the shock of her life when she finds out spoiler that she s his fated mate Eventually they find a way to communicate, she uncovers his secrets about his lonely, horrific, tortured past, and she finds out she s verrry attracted to him not only physically, but emotionally too Carrow has some secrets from her childhood that make her understand Malkom s isolation and loneliness all too well What to do She knows she s going to have to betray him, and she s torn up about that she really cares for him and rather likes the idea of being his mate Everyone in Malkom s life has betrayed him, but if she doesn t get Malkom back to The Order, she ll never see Ruby again What will Carrow s decision be There is so much good stuff in this book First of all, there s plenty of humor as always lots of pop culture references in this one typical one liners tossed off by either Carrow or the supporting characters to break up the tension There s lots of mayhem, some gore ugh The creatures in Oblivian and suspense too But the best part of the book was the relationship between Malkom and Carrow the sexual tension was off the charts Ahhh, the reciprocal bathing scene in Malkom s lair in the mine shaftwhen Carrow cleans him up and really gets a look at the pierced, tattooed Malkom for the first time whew This was one hot book Things just get better from there, when Carrow starts to have deep feelings for Malkom, yet Malkom is afraid to trust his heart and believe that something good could finally happen to him It just about killed me when Carrow was forced to betray him Fans of this series this is a no brainer You have to read this one I dare you not to fall in love with the brute with a big heart Malkom In a lot of ways, he reminded me of Zsadist from JR Ward s Black Dagger Brotherhood I loved this guy, loved his sweet and gentle relationship with young Ruby, loved the passion he shared with Carrow, loved seeing his whole transformation from destructive, feared warrior with nothing to live for to gentle when he had to be, proud, compassionate giant with a reason to hope and believe that there s a better future for him I think Kresley Cole hit it out of the park with this one, even if she left us hanging just a little at the ending I don t think she s quite finished with Malkom and Carrow yet, and I look forward to checking in with them in the next book Dreams of a Dark Warrior 5 BIG stars

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    4.5 StarsI loved this slightly darker tale in the IAD series Malkom and Carrow are one of my favorite couples in the entire series and their story should not be missed I have to say that I have a new affinity for love stories where the H h speak different languages and have to learn to communicate with one another Malkom is so complex he has an excruciatingly painful background and was turned partly into the thing he hated the most He has been alone for so long I think he has forgotten how to even relate to another person Carrow, the carefree witch has a colored past as well and is in a way just as lonely as he is she d wondered if hatred and abuse might be preferable to neglect and abandonment. Carrow has been captured by The Order a mortal organization that is bent on fighting against immortals and ridding the world of them They have decided that she is the best candidate to go to a demonic realm and convince Malkom Slaine a Vemon to come back through the portal with her in a week s time She is reluctant to help but they have Ruby, Carrow s recently orphaned seven year old niece as a hostage Left with no choice she agrees to help in exchange for their freedom And what about the Vemon Lanthe continued If you can t lure him to the portal, he could just keep you in hell as his little witch pet I ve had worse relationships, Carrow deadpanned When she goes through the portal nothing is what she expects and there is danger around every corner Malkom is harsh and almost animal like in many ways It is a difficult beginning but Carrow is determined to tame the beast if she is ever going to see her niece again What she didn t expect is that she would grow to care for the big lug, but how could you not With every instance that Malkom protects her and show her kindness it just makes what she was sent to do even harder Malkom is a diamond in the rough and tries to be so tender with Carrow He is hard not to become attached to He gazed down at her not with the expression of a man who was happy with his fate, but with the expression of a man who d slaughter anyone who tried to change that fate I loved their story, even how Carrow fought for Malkom after they returned to The Order s Facility and he found out about her betrayal As with the other books some of the greatest moments were with side characters Lanthe got a little spotlight time and I liked how she is seen as evil but most of that is an act to be tough Scenes with Regin were also interesting as Declan The Orders Magister is Aidan reincarnated, I have no idea how that relationship will recover Ruby was really a lot of fun, the relationship that Ruby grew into with Malkom was so sweet and really tugged on my heartstrings How could you not grow to love that little girl and her Stepdemon The ending is not quite complete as there are still some immortals on the Island and the rescue operation won t be put into motion until later so a bit of a to be continue of sorts but definitely the semi ending that I wanted for Malkom and Carrow.

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    Demon from the Dark is the tenth book in the immense popular Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole The series is popular for good reason the combination of snarky heroines and brooding heroes makes for great entertainment The stories are always engaging, funny and sizzling Despite the premise in all the books being the same boy and girl realize they are fated mates and have to deal with that the hard and sexy way the stories don t feel repetitive Cole usually manages to give a new twist to each plot, coming up with something fresh and making her reader invest in her new couple.It didn t work for me this time.Let me say I feel guilty about giving it only 3 stars But I just couldn t round it up to a full 4, because that way the book would get the same rating as the books about the Wroth Brothers and the Woede And frankly those books were better than this one It s hard to pinpoint an exact reason Cole just seemed a little less inspired for this book Even though the plot was original, it was rather silly and I had a hard time connecting with the characters, especially Carrow The good The hero, Malkom Slaine, turned out to be one of Cole s most interesting heroes This vemon with a tormented past and serious trust issues I was getting a Zsadist vibe was the epitome of a growling and overbearing man He made Lachlain MacRieve seem like a pussy cat and that s saying something Needless to say I loved him Carrow is incarcerated with a lot of other immortals and it was great to see so many familiar faces Regin, Lothaire, Uilleam, Lanthe, Thronos It seemed like a lot of further books being set up and it got me very curious especially the itty bits we got concerning Regin, Lanthe and N x The meh In the previous books, we caught a few glimpses of Carrow as Mariketa s best friend with the party hardy attitude This book we get to meet her up close and personal and learn that she s actually really vulnerable and empty on the inside It s a lesson hard to miss because it pretty much gets shoved down our throat on every occasion Besides that, Cole used a little witch named Ruby as a less than subtle plot device to keep the pressure on Carrow whilst making her grow up fast It was too much and the sentence But I have someone to take care of now got annoying after the twentieth time Because of Malkom and the way the book started, I felt Cole could make this story really deep and dark Sadly she lost focus along the way and did the worst thing imaginable she turned up the sap level And this took the bite out of her usually feisty stories The bad The gathering in the House of Witches, near the very end of the book, was a compilation of inconsistencies, out of character displays and plain silliness I won t go into detail as to not spoil anything, but bleh All in all, Demon for the Dark was a case of almost but not quite , for me Still the book is entertaining it s Cole and left me wondering about the upcoming stories I just hope I ll like them 3,5 stars

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    With each book in this series, I find a new favorite This story is no exception I loved all the emotions of this tale Even with limited verbal communication between the two characters for most of the book, you got so much out of their interaction I love how Kresley Cole can take a vemon and a witch and make them so human that you ache when they ache and cry with happiness when they finally get their HEA A love story is a love story, right And KC does them so well with just the right amount of heartache, adventure, sexy, macho and sassy Sprinkle that with the magic that is her signature flawless storytelling and you got yourself a winning combination Till next time Cheers

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    SpoilersMy God This Book was so Damn Good I was Hurting with the characters, feeling the pain and helplessness I was on a emotional rollercoaster the whole book I loved Malkom, Carrow, and ruby so much the family unite was too cute Malkom He is the super sexy, tormented, abused, betrayed,lonely,harden fighter that doesn t trust, but He is also vulnerable, noble, and protective He was so sweet and such a hero My heart broke and longed for him I am defeated, female Naked, he dropped to his knees beside her Tonight I must have you, else die from the wanting Try it, witch Always I will come for you For you both Nothing will stop me Carrow She is the fun loving party girl who is hiding a deep hurt because her parents abandoned her She feels unloved and unwanted, but she has a hidden strength that she finds when she becomes a mom to ruby her cousins who gets killed daughter The story line is Carrow is captured by the Order and they kill her cousin taking her cousins 7 year old daughter ruby and using her to blackmail Carrow into going to Oblivion a kind of hell realm and bring back the Vemon a vampire demon Malkom Slaine She gets there and at first he is wild and scares the crap out of her For him he realizes she is his fated one he bride They can t talk to each other because even though he knew English a long time ago he doesn t remember and she doesn t speak demonish the lack of communication was too funny I should name you Wilson, the volleyball You understand as much as Wilson did and respond as infrequently What s that She cupped her ear as if the demon had spoken No, no you re right Wilson was hygienic He d swiftly collected those monsters heads, tying them together with a piece of the rope she d hoped never to see again, then strung them over his shoulder Periodically, he offered his catch to her No, no, I have a pair just like them at home, she d said I would just regift them So while in Oblivion they end up falling for each other Carrow had it hard and you could feel her pain and helplessness as she has to choose to turn over the man she has fallin for to be tortured and imprisoned for the life of her adopted daughter When he realized she betrayed him I teared up so emotional Her voice a whisper, she said, Malkom, I m so sorry Her eyes brimmed with tears that spilled down her heartbreaking face Her expression seemed agonized No, Carrow, he insisted, even as realization took hold, that knot tightening in his gut She d lured him into a trap Channa I I didn t have a choice, she said, but he was no longer listening Not you, not you He gnashed his teeth Not you he roared with fury.My God ripped my heart out They end up escaping the prison and he helps keep her and ruby alive, but he is still hurt and can t trust her She fights for him hard no matter how hard he tries to push her away The way Malkom is with Ruby melted my heart In the end Carrow gets her Vemon and they become a familyI love the ending really I loved the whole book one of the best of the series It Melted my heart broke it and then put it back together I am on to the next book..

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