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Deep Blue Secret quotes Deep Blue Secret, litcharts Deep Blue Secret, symbolism Deep Blue Secret, summary shmoop Deep Blue Secret, Deep Blue Secret fd554f4f California Teen, Sadie James, Thinks Her Life Couldn T Get Any Better She Has Great Friends, An Energetic Mother She Adores, And The Beach Practically In Her Own Backyard But Her Carefree Life Is Turned Upside Down When She S Rescued By A Mysterious And Strangely Familiar Boy Who Won T Even Tell Her His NameEach Time The Boy Appears, Sadie S Unexplainable Attraction To Him Deepens Along With Her Need To Unravel His Secrets The Boy Is There To Protect Her But As Wonderful And Exciting As It Might Be To Have An Irresistible Boy With Crystal Green Eyes Protecting Her Every Move, Every Minute Of The Day Why Does Sadie Need One As Sadie Finds Answers, She Realizes Her Life Isn T As Perfect As She Thought Not Only Is She Caught In A World Of Dangerous Secret Agents She Never Knew Existed, But It Turns Out Her True Identity May Be The Greatest Secret Of All

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    I m not even sure it deserves two stars. Why do new authors keep writing paranormal romances where the paranormal is nowhere to be found and the romance is totally lame and unbelievable Are they doing it for money, do they hope to be the next Meyer or what The paranormal aspect of the story absolutely doesn t make sense We have Water Keepers They use water to heal, they are like some secret organisation which helps ill people something like paranormal charity , they have a special source of the water and they can t tell anyone where it is or what they do But there is no reason why they do it They are humans, only their life is prolonged by the water and they have their own rules they can cure you from cancer, but if they fall in love with you, they can t stay with you, because it s in their stupid rules, they rather leave and break your heart forever I forgot to mention that the water has also a bonding effect, it makes you feel stronger about the person who gives it to you What s the point Why can t they be with the person they love and then someone else would do their job Or why even people keep dying when the water which could cure them all exists Can t they for example add it into all medicaments When they can have connected diaries words written into one of them immediately appear in the other one , they could surely manage that or not And almost all the plot is just about one boy How boring is that There were a couple of attempts at something paranormal, but it drowned in the boy s green eyes literally And the last chapter WTF

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    Deep Blue Disappointment.I don t really know what to think about this book The intensity of the plot isn t very strong, and the idea of Water Keepers wasn t as strange and cool as I originally thought it would be I was not surprised at anything in this book view spoiler For example, that her father Lin was Hamlin I suspected at first it was a Keeper, and I was right hide spoiler

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    Ok so I have to say that once again I was expecting this..since there was like the whole living by the beach and stuff I have learned my lesson now the hard way to never judge a book by its cover or summary So instead of this.I got a whole lot of this.and this.And for the ending these were my reactions Even thought the beginning was a little slow for meThis book left me feeling like this view spoiler P.S I need to find me some of that magic juice, so I can be like this all day, and never grow up hide spoiler

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    Deep Blue Secret had been sitting on my kindle for quite some time, and I didn t feel that intrigued to read it, however, I started it and was hooked from the start The writing is beautiful, and the author is great at depicting emotions The action was enough to make you bite your nails, and the sweet words of Rayne will make you blush There were also moments I teared up a bit So, basically, Rayne is a water keeper Water keepers heal people using healing water, and he is assigned to Sadie Obviously, he develops feelings for her, but challenges arise when Sadie is caught in a world of dangerous secret agents she never knew existed and her true identity and family may be secretive than she ever imagined.I love, love, loved the plot It was unique, captivating, and utterly beautifully written Here is an example of how it is written, which happens to also be my favorite quote from the book Even some of the greatest men of our world have succumbed to weaknesses at some point in their lives The real question is whether or not they learn to overcome them The only negative things I noticed, which obviously weren t bad enough to affect my 5 star rating were The relationship with her mother was somewhat unrealistic They talked like best friends, didn t fight at all, and honestly it seemed a bit fake The author has a tendency to drag out Sadie s main characters thoughts, which could be a tiny bit boring.However, this didn t affect my rating, but I m just being over picky haha Overall, it was a fantastic read Also, free on kindle Snatch this one up ASAP Content PG Violence is really the only concern, kissing is rare, no language This is exactly how I pictured Rayne, but with greener eyes Swoon 3

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    I know why this book is free it s because it just plain sucks That beautiful cover is a Siren, luring you in under false pretences I swear a lot in this review, you ve been warned As a person who s been battling clinical depression for the past five years, I found the author s misuse nay, abuse of the word depression completely maddening Listening to a non cheerful song doesn t make you spiral into depression, psychological triggers and lack of serotonin does.LIE In chapter 1, the main character s depression was triggered by, wait for it, emotions TRUTH As a person who actually suffers from it, I ll tell you what it is It is a fucking lack of feelings You stop feeling anything, period You feel lonely, you feel numb, you watch your life go by from behind a thick lane of glass.LIE The author also seems to be under the impression that depression is like a light switch, that you can flip it on and off rapidly, some several times a day And that once it s off, it s all A okay.TRUTH It takes months after taking anti depressants to regain some semblance of normalcy, and even then, the monster lurks around.Fact The word depress , in various forms, was found 18 times in a book spanning 240 or so pages It was an overkill, and as my favourite character mentor, Tywin Lannister says, Any man who must say, I am the king is no true king Anyone who says they re depressed around twice a day, isn t really depressed.But let s see fun stuff Sadie, the MC, says she s in love, after meeting the other MC, Rayne, three fucking times Sadie was nothing than a Mary Sue, perfect at everything, with guys falling over their feet to help her out, who also has a kind and helpful heart Oh, and she s also a wonderful friend I m so tired of this book, that I m abruptly stopping the review here Thinking about this makes my blood boil Honestly, though, the lesson learnt is, look all gift horses in the mouth.Will I be reading the second book in the series P.S The protagonist was eerily similar to Enoby Dark ness Dementia Raven Way , albeit preppier and with good grammar If you don t know who Ebony is, you aren t really a Potterhead, so to quote the immortal words of My Immortal, fuk off u posrs 11 Once I got over how annoying the depression was, all I could see was a preppy Ebony Seriously, though, go read My Immortal, the notorious Harry Potter fan fiction that took the internet by storm It was the fan fiction sensation than shook all netizens 3Fred and George would be proud of me.

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    I didn t enjoy this book at all I thought the plot was just strange and weird and to be totally honest it didn t make a heck of a lot of sense Just to clarify, there are Keepers who give this healing water to people who are sick and that s it Oookay I must be missing something because that s kind of boring, which was what this book was to me There were pages upon pages of boring teenage prattle and of course we had the ever increasing instant teenage love Rayne saves Sadie at the beach so of course she s in love with him, what else did I expect The most interesting person in this book was Voss and he was hardly in it And even his involvement was just odd He was a criminal and wanted to be cleared of his crimes so he kidnaps Sadie for a day then falls to his maybe though I doubt it doom Meh I just didn t like the book at all The characters fell flat, the plot was boring and almost put me to sleep about 20x today The book has good reviews from others, but I just could not get into it

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    Review The story about a girl who met with a bad accident while got driven by her classmate and got herself badly injured, in hospital a healer came to save her, they are a secret society which can t shown to anyone that is there job policy but she see him and fall for him He save her and told her what he is and how the society work and they have a secret to keep there identity unknown, and a liquid that they have to give to those whom they are assigned by there authorities He also told her they are guardian of the blue potion of life He saved her many timesGirl fall in love with him, and don t want him to go away from her but he has to leave but he gave her diary that they will be in contact throughout via a magic diary they use.After months when he not return she was disturbed and not in mood but on the prom night he was there to convey his love for her dance with herhe role of the keepers are bigger everything they used is to be correct and the role is much bigger than then show us

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    Sadie is such a likeable girl Everyone loves and adores her But something seems off with her and she doesn t know what it is She meets this mysterious handsome HOT guy and she immediately falls for him. She can t stop thinking about him He s always there for her when she s in trouble Rayne the HOT guy is so caring He is gentle with Sadie and is always there for her There is such an intensity between them, but they both know that they can t act on it He has too many secrets that he can t share with her Sadie is ok with it, as long as she can hang out with him I like the fact that it didn t have anything to do with Vampires or Warewolves Don t get me wrong, I like both of them, but it s nice to read something different And this is what this book is Different It s very clean There is such a mystery to it I was oh so excited to learn about Sadie and what is so special about her I do have to admit, the ending is such a WHAT Are you seriously ending it like this It leaves you intrigued and wanting I am definitely looking forward to reading the second book in this series Now that I know that Rayne LOVES Sadie, I can t wait to see what will happen next

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    Okit s probably 3.8 hahaha , but I rounded up instead of down My sis loaned this to me and it was written by someone that lived in her housing court at U of U It s a trilogyand I ll be anxious to read the rest of them My biggest complaint is that I got sucked into the story, but when it was over, I looked back and thought hmmm.nothing really HAPPENED Go figure How can one be obsessively reading a book and then realize that nothing was really going on I don t know But that was how I felt when I finished Upside you can get it for 99 cents on nook so I d assume kindle too.and it s totally worth one measly dollar.I will definitely be seeking out the second and third books.

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    I really wanted to like this book The premise sounded unique and engaging, and at times it hinted at becoming what it promised, but I just never clicked with the story It took a very long time to get anywhere, and even then I felt disappointed with the destination When I was younger my family would go up to our cottage every summer It was a five hour drive and I always dreaded it five hours might as well be five days to a young kid , but at the same time I knew that it would be wonderful and amazing once we got there It was well worth the long haul With Deep Blue Secret Not so much Had I known where I was headed, I would have gotten out at the first exit and walked home The plot was one dimensional, the main character, Sadie, was not likable, and the paranormal aspect wasn t fleshed out I even tried to look at it from a spiritual religious view special people with healing waters curing the sick, but it still didn t work for me The initial idea is there, but there is no real substance put into it after that.I will say that after reading Deep Blue Secret, I went to Goodreads to mark it as read and glimpsed the other star ratings Some people loved this book, others didn t like it at all It s really about what each person wants out of a story I m pretty sure this book is free for Kindle right now, so you can pick up a copy and try it on for size You never know, this may fit you like a glove This is a debut novel, so I have to give the author credit for putting it out there It also seems that the later books in the series have a much higher average rating, so perhaps the series improves.

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