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December summary December, series December, book December, pdf December, December bdb80144e8 A Spellbinding Novel About A Troubled Young Girl And A Family In Crisis, And A Gripping, Astonishing Portrait Of Recovery And Self DeterminationWhen December Opens, Eleven Year Old Isabelle Hasn T Spoken A Word In Nearly A Year Four Psychiatrists Have Abandoned Her, Declaring Her Silence To Be Impenetrable Her Parents Are At Once Mystified And Terrified By Their Daughter S Withdrawal, And By Their Own Gradually Loosening Hold On The World As They Ve Always Known It Isabelle S Private School, Which Has Until Now Taken The Extraordinary Step Of Allowing Her To Complete Her Assignments From Home, Is On The Verge Of Expelling Her, Forcing Her Parents To Confront The Possibility That What Once Seemed A Quirk Of Adolescence, A Phase, Is Perhaps A Lifelong Transformation, A Swift And Total Retreat From Which Their Daughter May Never Emerge December Paints An Unforgettable Picture Of A Family Reckoning With A Bewildering Crisis, And Of A Critical Month In The Life Of A Bright, Fascinating Girl, Locked Into An Isolation Of Her Own Making And From Which Only She Can Decide To Break FreeCompulsively Readable And Deeply Affecting, December Is A Work Of Marvelous Originality And Emotional Power From A Prodigiously Gifted Young Writer

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    I don t think I have ever said this before about a book but it was just too realistic By which I mean, too many sighs, too many dumb comments, a couple with a sad marriage that I have totally seen in real life, a conflict that s interesting but ultimately goes nowhere Blah, mundane, disappointing.December is about an eleven year old girl Isabelle who, one day, inexplicably, falls mute and proceeds to remain such for almost a year Trauma Spicy event that triggered this Nope She just felt like it The concept of someone falling into silence is interesting, certainly it shows you how much power silence has and how it can shake up a family dynamic, but guess what is also is BORING This book really needed action Isabelle s not talking highlights the failing marriage not that this was explored, we just got to witness it overbearing obnoxious critical woman and cuckolded extremely washed out husband and makes their lives sad and complicated Then one day it all ends just as randomly as it began I didn t HATE this per se as much as it just wasn t worth the time.

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    Emotional and sensitive Beautifully written.

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    De leitura compulsiva e emocionante, Dezembro uma obra de uma originalidade maravilhosa e de grande impacto emocional o que diz na contra capa deste pequeno livro.S n o concordo com a parte do leitura compulsiva.Nunca tinha lido nada semelhante a este livro Uma hist ria sobre a fam lia mas contada de uma maneira muito diferente.Uma fam lia que est com problemas com a sua pequena filha de 11 anos e que, por causa disso, se est a desmoronar Isabelle de onze anos, n o fala Deixou de falar por nenhum motivo Os pais exasperados tentam tudo e mais alguma coisa, n o for ando Isabelle a nada V o tentando actuar de uma forma subtil, nunca desistem, no entanto, n o se apercebem que esse sil ncio est a afectar as suas pr prias vidas em comum.O livro desenrola se nas semanas antes do dia de Natal, os cap tulos s o dias da semana, culminando no dia de Natal.Isabelle comunica com os leitores atrav s dos seus pensamentos, assim sabemos que ela quer muito fazer uma coisa, mas falta lhe a coragem para quebrar o sil ncio de nove meses onde est envolvida V os pais tristes e a discutirem e quer que eles estejam bem e sente se culpada pelo mal estar deles mas n o se consegue for ar a terminar aquilo.At que o irm o de Ruth m e de Isabelle lhe diz que ela uma m stica e que, claro que os m sticos n o falam o irm o de Ruth um veterano de guerra com stress p s traum tico e que Ruth n o quer ao p da filha, especialmente no estado em que ela se encontra no momento , mas, acontece que, neste momento que o livro sofre a reviravolta que vai mudar o fim do livro.Este livro demonstra a for a do amor entre pais e filhos, a sua persist ncia em ajudar e a n o desistir quando algo corre menos bem Demonstra muito bem o carinho dos pais para com a filha mas, penso que, demonstra ainda melhor o carinho da filha pelos pais As personagens s o cativantes e apetece conhec las mais e mais, talvez tamb m porque s o dadas pouco a conhecer um livro mais para o introspectivo, n o uma leitura r pida mas uma leitura prazeirosa, estava espera de me aborrecer mas acontece que gostei bastante do livro e gostaria de saber o que anda Isabelle a magicar agora.Para mim um livro de 3,5 , ainda penso quando vai o goodreads adoptar o sistema para podermos dar estrelas e meia.Como nota final, digo apenas que adoro a capa do livro e que esperei para ler o livro em Dezembro.

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    This is an intricately detailed novel covering only a few days in real time and, as one other reviewer pointed out, it s actually kind of too realistic Promising plot points appear the deaf boy next door, Isabelle s latest doctor, her sketchbooks that lead nowhere, which happens often enough in real life but is frustrating in fiction where every word is supposed to mean something I kept wondering what made Isabelle stop speaking, and the story was like a mystery to me in that sensebut the reader never really finds out.It s unclear just when the story is set, which may be frustrating to some readers, but the absence of cell phones and computers and the mention of an answering machine as if it s a newfangled device makes me think early to mid nineties, which would make Isabelle about the same age as the author.I was a bit troubled by what seemed to be the ultimate message of the book, that a family s love can cure a troubled child, because that isn t always true Although Isabelle goes through five psychiatrists without a diagnosis, to me it looked pretty clear selective mutism and severe depression Neither of which tend to go away on their own, no matter how much your parents love you I might have bought it if the book had covered a longer time frame as it was, the ending felt hurried.On the other hand, each character was very carefully rendered, particularly Isabelle and her parents, and the painful, complicated but loving relationships within the family were very well done And the suspense will Isabelle ever start talking again moved the story right along I sat down in the library and read it all right there, something I rarely do.This book is a mixed bag I m in a generous mood so I gave it four stars.

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    Isabelle, uma menina de 11 anos, n o fala h 9 meses Os pais desesperam para a por a falar e entre psiquiatras e cursos de arte que vamos vendo a sua esperan a se desvanecer N o h aparentemente nada que justifique esse sil ncio e a pr pria Isabelle n o entende por que n o sai palavra da sua boca Paci ncia preciso paci ncia para ler este livro N o h praticamente ac o, pelo que a leitura n o propriamente leve No entanto, posso dizer que gostei Gostei sobretudo da crian a fascinante que a Isabelle Revi me a mim pr pria na inf ncia, nos seus devaneios Este um livro que nos faz compreender que por vezes n o h nada que nos impe a de fazer algo ou seguir em frente, a n o sermos n s pr prios

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    Imagine all the stages of puzzlement, anger, frustration, and terror you d go through if your 11 year old daughter gradually stopped talking Now imagine it s 9 months later not only has she not said a word to anyone, but she has become and withdrawn and secretive, spending most of her free time reading or drawing, often not even responding to her parents attempts to communicate.That s the situation that two NYC parents, Ruth and Wilson, and their daughter Isablelee find themselves in as Christmas approaches Their lives have shrunk down to a miserable, insular little huddle of three None of them appears to have any friends or even acquaintances, Ruth has stopped work because Isabelle has stopped going to school, and their lives have lost all joy The reader may want to give all of them a good hard shake they are all exasperating in their own ways, and of course the situation is intolerable We get a chance to experience the world from the mind of all three of them, and this was my favorite part of the book, to watch as Wilson putzes about in the garage or Isabelle contemplates her quandary that she sometimes regrets the anguish her not speaking causes in her parents not to mention the inconvenience to herself but seems to have reached the point of no return Ruth is difficult to like, although I definitely sympathized with her All in all, a claustrophobic but occasionally fascinating immersion in the lives of three unhappy people.

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    A simple story of a family and their crisis and how they try to deal with it.

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    This is a story of an 11 year old, Isabelle, who hasn t spoken in a almost a year and how her parents, Ruth and Wilson, struggle with the situation Albeit a slow read, and not terribly insightful about the child s condition, I was compelled to finish the book to see how the story was resolved The characters were a bit annoying, the father for pushing a trip to Africa to make Isabelle speak, the mother for her constant uptightness, and Isabelle, for appearing spoiled It s definitely a family consumed by the situation and how trying it be As the story continues, I got some sense of how lost Isabelle is and warmed to her I particularly liked that although she couldn t speak, she helped with chores and communicated non verbally when she had to The story has a strange plot twist with the appearance of Ruth s brother who plays a part in how the book ends The events leading to the ending were a bit out of left field and although Isabelle regained her speech, the ending felt a bit like the author didn t know how to end it so she just did.

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    Chosen for its title alone DECEMBER is Winthrop s second novel but the first I have read Set in the week leading up to Christmas DECEMBER is not an edge of the seat read it is not in your face dramatic either what it IS is a sensitive observation of how each of the three main characters deals with Isabella s self imposed silence It is also not so much a look at why she has chosen to be silent, although that is hinted at, it is about that she IS silent and she has imposed the silence on herself and doesn t know how to break it The story also focuses on the frustrations of the parents the desire to hear her speak, the blame games, the guilt trips and the fact that they realise that they may be actually enabling Isabella to continue A trigger is needed, but neither mum and dad nor Isabella can figure out what that trigger might be My only complaint is that the ending, when it came, was rushed, as if the author was enjoying her time in the heads of the family and remembered oops there had better be some sort of resolution.

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    Adorei L se bem e de uma forma moderadamente compulsiva Queremos realmente saber a raz o deste sil ncio H ao mesmo tempo uma luta familiar para se ultrapassar obst culos que s o amor capaz de superar Passa se em Dezembro numa quadra festiva intensificando os sentimentos de cadavum em cada situa o Gosto das descri es feitas ao clima fazendo a liga o da neve ao inverno ao Natal ao conforto de uma casa aquecida.Recomendo mesmo este livro

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