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Deadline quotes Deadline, litcharts Deadline, symbolism Deadline, summary shmoop Deadline, Deadline f09849c8 Shaun Mason Is A Man Without A Mission Not Even Running The News Organization He Built With His Sister Has The Same Urgency As It Used To Playing With Dead Things Just Doesn T Seem As Fun When You Ve Lost As Much As He HasBut When A CDC Researcher Fakes Her Own Death And Appears On His Doorstep With A Ravenous Pack Of Zombies In Tow, Shaun Has A Newfound Interest In Life Because She Brings News He May Have Put Down The Monster Who Attacked Them, But The Conspiracy Is Far From DeadNow, Shaun Hits The Road To Find What Truth Can Be Found At The End Of A Shotgun Newsflesh Feed Deadline Blackout

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    When I reviewed the previous book, Feed, I noted that that there were very few zombie attacks in it despite it being called a zombie book Compared to Deadline, that one now looks like The Night of the Living Dead There s an opening chapter here with our intrepid heroes escaping a pack of zombies that ends on page 18 We don t get another actual zombie encounter until over 500 PAGES later Not that there aren t zombies around The characters flee a major city right before it gets firebombed due a zombie outbreak There s another chapter where two of them are being chased through the halls of a government building, but they only HEAR the zombie behind them, never see it So our first person narrator does not actually lay eyes on a zombie after the first chapter until almost the end of this overstuffed book If this was some kind of serious suspense character based type horror novel based on the impact of a mostly unseen threat, this could be an interesting take on the genre But it s not It is most definitely meant to be a fast paced action horror conspiracy thriller with everyone talking repeatedly about how dangerous it is to go outside because of all the zombies, and there s all kinds of scenes about prepping weapons and talk, talk, talk, goddamn talk about the zombie threat So spending over 500 pages in between incidents of where the narrator actually draws a gun and shoots at a zombie is freakin ridiculous.Mira Grant came up with a pretty nice twist on the zombie genre where a general outbreak was caused by a virus that now lies dormant in everyone s system Get bit by a zombie and you turn into one Die from a heat attack and the virus goes active, and you still turn undead cannibal 30 years after the initial outbreak, there is a stalemate between the living and the dead Large areas are considered too dangerous to enter, and most people spend all their time living and working in fortified buildings with advanced technology used to screen and lock off the infected A new breed of Internet journalists are the main characters who have gotten involved in a larger conspiracy that capitalizes on a world full of people afraid to go outside.The parts of Feed and Deadline where Grant lays out how this fearful society functions are some of the most inventive and interesting parts of the story Unfortunately, it s become clear that Grant is far interested in coming up with and describing all these changes and future security measures than she is in zombie fightin action Despite the very few scenes of actual zombie encounters, we are repeatedly told how dangerous the outside world is and walked through the testing and security procedures that everyone goes through While she ll go into detail over and over again describing the blood screening units and how they work, when we finally get a zombie attack, they re just zombies No descriptions of age or gender or how they re clothed or how they ve decayed I realize that it d be overkill to try and describe every member of a zombie mob, but the fact that Grant doesn t give a single detailed description shows where she ranks the zombie importance to this story.In fact, I think Grant may have been better served if these books were about just a society cowering from a dangerous virus because that s obviously what she has the most interest in The only reason zombies are in these books is because it gives an easy excuse for everyone to be heavily armed and something to run from when she finally amps up the action.There are some other big flaws with these books Grant has a bad case of repeatshititis and we re told variations on the same stuff over and over and over and over and over and over. You get the picture For example, our narrator loves coffee but has to drink Coke for reasons I won t get into We are told on every other page how he craves coffee but has to be content with drinking syrupy sweet Coke And someone is always handing him a Coke I got it the first dozen times, Mira Please put down that two liter bottle you ve been bashing me on the head with.The unraveling of the conspiracy storyline is pretty stupid, too Our intrepid heroes get secret medical research dropped on them Their first reaction is to make the dangerous journey to a government facility to ask them about it It doesn t go well They run and hide Later they get yet secret medical research dropped on them And their plan is to go to another government facility and demand answers Yeah, guess how that goes.The biggest frustration in this book comes from Feed so be aware that I m giving up the ending of that book in this view spoiler Georgia Mason was the narrator of the first book and one of the surprising things is that she was killed at the end after getting deliberately infected with the zombie virus Her adopted brother Shaun had to shoot her Shaun is our narrator for this book, and he is a complete douche bag He is constantly having conversations with his dead sister because he hears her in his head, and he freely admits this to everyone Yet if anyone including his blogging employees ask him about this, or bring up Georgia in almost any way, Shaun s immediate reaction is to punch them in the face He makes no apologies and almost brags about it.Also, his immediate response to bad news is to punch walls repeatedly Which no one is allowed to question him about, either Yet we re supposed to believe that these journalist bloggers are so loyal to Shaun that they continue to overlook that he s violent and dangerously unhinged, and they go out of their way to avoid upsetting him This is all supposed to illustrate how devastated Shaun is by Georgia s death, but it just makes him seem like a self absorbed abusive fuck It s my own fault he blacked my eye, Officer I asked him something he didn t like, but please don t arrest him He s really a good guy He s just having some problems right now hide spoiler

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    This review does not contain spoilers for either FEED or DEADLINE One year has passed since Shaun and Georgia Mason found than they bargained for as they investigated the truth behind the Kellis Amberlee virus, a mutated cure for human disease that led to the uprising of the dead The events that transpired then have an enormous impact now as the high profile bloggers from After the End of Times uncover a conspiracy that is even bigger than they ever imagined A CDC researcher fakes her own death in a spectacular fashion and shows up at their headquarters, and soon the whole team is battling zombies, mutant dogs, and the ever present ghosts of their past.When I finished this book late last night, my thoughts were I have not a single criticism to offer Not a single one And this still holds true Without exception, every question and doubt I raised with Feed is answered here The action is incredibly intense, the story is densely and intricately plotted, and the book is exceptionally well paced and exciting Readers who are leery of zombies still shouldn t have much of a problem, because although there are tense encounters with the undead, the violence is relatively contained and there are no gross or gratuitous scenes Most of the terror comes from heart pounding action and chase sequences, as well as the knowledge of the overwhelming consequences if the team fails in its quest for truth and justice.Shaun, Georgia, and Buffy all loom large in this sequel, but we also get to know the other staffers better, including the elegant Mahir, the fiercely determined Becks, the quietly steady Alaric, and the sad, tragic Maggie Most significantly, however, the narrator has shifted to Shaun, whose personality comes through loud and clear in his bitterly funny words, his decisive handling of his team, and his desperately emotional struggle to hang onto what he loves most Mira Grant met and exceeded every expectation I had for this book, particularly in the devastating truth that comes to light about what might have been I knew from Feed to expect an emotional reaction, but I could not have prepared myself for the terrible knowledge that these characters have to face I was literally whimpering from the pain, and tears were streaming so hard that I couldn t see the page.This is my third 5 star review for a 2011 book, and it is given with no reservations or qualifications This is a searingly intelligent novel, with hard questions about medical ethics, government responsibility, and the nobility and folly of human nature And just when you think the author has delivered everything she possibly could, there is a HUGE twist at the end that made me bolt upright and scream in the middle of the night This twist has far reaching consequences for both the characters and for society as a whole, and it also answered questions I had about the future in a crazy and unthinkable way.It will be another year before the third book in this trilogy will be released, and I ll spend much of that time waiting in agony to find out what happens to the characters I ve come to care about so much But oh my stars, what a pleasure it is to be so incredibly excited and thrilled and moved by an author s work This review also appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher.REMINDER DO NOT read the synopsis for this book anywhere if you haven t already read FEED, as it contains potential spoilers for the first book And please do be careful of reviews that may spoil this one.

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    i have learned nothing from horror movies i have fallen victim to the most elementary trap never, ever think you are out of danger never say things like phew, i m glad that didn t happen etc etc i have said this view spoiler so all the shit i said in my review for feed about how refreshing it was to have a relationship like george and shaun s, where they were so very close for a brother and sister, and NEARLY dangerously close but how glad i was that that line was never crossed and how it made me feel like some cynical old biddy with a dirty mind to even have had the thought cross my mind well harrumph you think once a character has been KILLED OFF, you will see the end of that particular danger but no and yeah yeah they are not ACTUALLY related, but shaun constantly refers to her as my sister as though he is reminding us as though he is sticking it to us when really he is sticking it to oh, dear hide spoiler

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    I had a lot of mixed feelings about the first book in the Newsflesh trilogy, Feed I thought there were some technical problems with the world building, including how bloggers became the voice of a generation and helped people stay informed during the uprising For one thing, I never thought conventional media would fail quite as hard as Mira Grant wanted me to believe it would and for another thing I always thought bloggers would spread a lot of misinformation as fact, you know, the way they do now When I opened Deadline, however, I wasn t concerned about whether or not that was plausible any I opened Deadline willing to accept everything all the world building in Feed In fact, I d completely forgotten about my old issues until I reread my review of the first book Grant got a clean black slate with me and it didn t really work out too well.Before you move forward, I m going to put a second spoiler warning here because I can t discuss anything if I m worried about spoiling someone Read the summary goodreads provides and then don t go near any spoiler warning reviews Regardless of what I think of the book you deserve to have it unfurl the way the author meant it to unfurl.Shaun s grief fueled behavior was ridiculous It would have been suitable two weeks after George died or two months after George died but two one freaking years The dude has been walking around the office, not really doing anything resembling his job either as an Irwin or the head of the site AND talking to himself for two years No Just no I don t want to hear any bullshit about how much he loved George and how lost he was without her Listen up people die People you love die People you ve built your whole world around die Eventually you have to get your shit together and handle it You either find another purpose or you die right along with them Given Shaun s level of grief you d think he d just walk out into a field of zombies and let them have him, but no he did have something driving him Shaun s other purpose was finding George s killer, but he did absolutely nothing save talk to himself and punch people His rage was the futile rage of a child, not a grief stricken man If he was a teenager I might ve given it a pass At his age, however, he came off as an incredibly weak person and his constant breakdowns should ve landed him in a mental hospital He never pulled himself together and focused The entire plot of this book arrived gift wrapped on his door step He didn t dig and hunt or work to find George s killer He had one prolonged nervous breadkdown and hit people a lot for two years.My next point Shaun and George s relationship I m going to say this once What the fuck was that The sex scene between Shaun and Becks was well written It didn t shy away from details and yet it never got too graphic The fact that he said George s name afterward blew my mind My mind came back though and it was pissed off George never presented her relationship with Shaun as anything than familial albeit extremely co dependent Okay, yes, it was co dependent than the Olsen twins, but they were still actively portrayed as only siblings How, after one full book written from a first person point with a character who was not only presented as a reliable narrator from start to finish but also presented as a character obsessed with the pursual of truth, did we end up with this weird surprise in the second book How could George have been the person we thought she was and never know she was involved sexually with Shaun I call foul I can t accept that George lied for the entire first book so either this is part of Shaun s crazy delusions or I m questioning Grant s storytelling integrity I think Grant cheapened herself for shock value and I m annoyed about it.And, no, I don t give a damn about the quasi faux incest It didn t bother me in the Harper Connelly books it wasn t what made the Mortal Instuments suck the writing did that What I don t respond well to is being lied to as a reader just so the author can have a gasp y reveal If you can t pull that off without flat out lying to me then you don t deserve me as a reader There were ways to make that a reveal without destroying George s integrity as a character.Speaking of cheap, manipulative writing, I didn t think Dave s death in the beginning of the book was necessary seeing as they were hacking the building s security system If it was a hack, why couldn t it be hacked from a laptop within the van Maybe there was a reason and I glossed over it I don t know What I can tell you is that when you re trying to get me to cry over something you should handle the material with a light hand and let me arrive at those tears myself Grant all but sucker punches you in the stomach and demands you cry I obviously wasn t impressed with either execution or the content.The plot of the book was somewhat interesting, although again it just arrives gift wrapped at the front door For someone whose entire goal in life it was to find George s killer Shaun was doing a crackerjack job A lot of the plot involves running back and forth across the country with the CDC breathing down their necks as other people gift wrap information for them Seriously, the first scientist Shaun approaches with the information hands him a sparkly career make or break story Gift wrapped information even comes flying in from England On top of all the an apple of knowledge fell into Shaun s lap very few of his plans were particularly intelligent It was mostly, let s kick down some doors and see what happens It s not like they can kill us except they already have and they haven t shown any sign of not doing of it Also, I didn t think their hide out at Maggie s was particularly genius If I was searching for a rogue group of reporters I d start with friends, family, and ummIdunno other people working for the company Genius plotting.The outbreak in the storm also annoyed me Somehow everyone in the world knows about it except the three of them Yes, they were off the grid, but they had a radio playing the ENTIRE time They made several stops, at gas stations, rest rooms, and blood check points and there were no televisions or notices of what was going on Just empty stores and security booths There should have been an emergency broadcast on the radio they should ve known what was happening Again, Grant sacrifices the integrity of her story and world building for a big reveal moment.Here s what I enjoyed The book opened at a high pace and although Grant does eventually get lost in her own recapping she didn t torture me with it outright Despite Shaun s stupid life choices I did enjoy the zombie s are gonna eat you all scenes of course, they re few and far between Deadline suffers from Feed s zombies, zombies, zombies everywhere but here The zombies are referenced constantly although not present often enough for my tastes.Back to Shaun s BIG DARK GRIEF Fuck the coke It got annoying Fuck the bike He deserved to die when he decided to ride on it during the biggest out break in his living memory Had the coke and the bike not constantly been reinforced as important because it belonged to George then they might have both had some emotional relevance to me instead we got fucking beat down with the bike and slapped around by the coke Every single mother effing time Shaun drank a coke I got annoyed George s disembodied voice wasn t enough, going back for her black box wasn t enough, the bike wasn t enough no no the coke every twenty pages was absolutely necessary Grant methodically made this devoid of meaning for me Also, it would have been a lot powerful had George not been in his head requesting it If Shaun had done it without bickering with her about it or just because it reminded him of her I would have enjoyed it Fail.Oh and George has been cloned Fuck it Where s my receipt I m returning this book shaped bullshit In my first review I commented on how I kept waiting for the strange releationship to bloom into something, but nothing ever came of it Well something did come of it We were just mislead and lied to so Grant could have a powerful scene at the expense of reader s trust and her character s integrity In my review of Feed, I also couldn t tell if George s death was a meaningful, brave approach to the novel or if it was cheap The answer s in Cheap The cloning let Grant end Feed on a powerful scene and then she takes it back at the end of the second book Bullshit.I m going to go lie down now and try to forget about this book I need to go read Aftertime which I ve been promised is a proper zombie novel I ll like crosses fingers Year confusion on George s death is somewhat addressed in the comments I ve come to the conclusion that George is only supposed to be dead a year in Deadline.

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    I am breathless, speechless and whateverless probably mindless at the moment The best I can do is quote my favorite, if sometimes cowardly Newsie, Alaric Kwong Son of a chicken fucking soy farmer and a diseased convention center security guard Now what

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    Warning this review contains spoilers for Feed I really don t know what I can say about this book besides how disappointed and frustrated it left me Not that I was expecting something incredible mind you I mean, it s not like Feed left me begging for so I have no idea why I gave Deadline the time of day Actually I do know I m not too bright I was going to purchase The Demon s Surrender on Tuesday June 14th, because that s when it was released, but for whatever reason the audiobook was not available for sale at audible So I wasted a precious audible credit on this ridiculously long piece of trash How long is this audiobook you ask 15 hours Yes, than 15 hours of what amounts to a really long episode of The Incredible Hulk, featuring zombies and the magical world of news blogging Except to make things extra fun The Hulk Bruce Banner Shaun, our main character, has his dead sister s voice stuck in his head running commentary on everything he does And he talks back to that voice Vocally Like, all the time no matter who is around When people encounter Shaun s strange behavior and make the mistake of asking if he s feeling okay, Bruce Shaun looses his crap and splodes out of his clothes in a fit of rage, turns green and goes on a punching spree And he s all HULK MAD HULK SMASH HULK KILL starts acting like a massive douche canoe like, way douche y than he usually acts and threatens to punch the crap out of whoever has the nerve to ask him about the state of his mental health That wouldn t be such worrisome behavior if he were some crazy urine soaked hobo who lives out of a refrigerator box But see, Shaun is the head blogger at popular news blog he and his dead sister started a few years before He has a ton of employees all over the world Mr Crazy Pants is in charge Really. And that s where my first issue with Deadline springs up Who in their right mind would put up with that crap The answer is no one Not even people who are supposedly friends with said crazy person Especially when that person has not contributed ANYTHING worthwhile to the blog in over a year A person who doesn t even make any real decisions any A person who does little than show up and carry on conversations with the dead sister living in his head himself and threaten to punch people, occasionally carrying out those threats, breaking noses in the process We re supposed to believe that his employees are that loyal and or so stupid they d be willing to stick around and take that sort of abuse Bloggers who are at the top of their fields and could go to a number of other news blogs or easily start their own One could argue that he just lost his sister and his friends employees are just really patient and understanding, but here s the deal his sister died a year prior to the events in Deadline Plus, they live in a world where zombies run free Every last one of them have lost close friends and loved ones yet none of them act like Shaun.Sowhat makes Shaun so special Nothing He s not special Which is why I grew weary of this book almost from the get go But I kept reading because I thought Shaun was going to calm down and pull his act together Don t want to be all spoiler y but it needs to be said that never happens In fact his behavior worsens yet NO ONE takes a cattle prod to his crazy ass no one throws him to the zombies just so they can get rid of their little Debbie Downer There is a whole lot of other stuff that happens which, I m sorry, doesn t really matter because view spoiler Grant decides to pretty much undo something HUGE that goes down in the first book view spoiler George is magically alive at the end of the book That happens Really view spoiler The author pulls the cloning card, and a piss poor job she does with the whole cloning thing if you ask me Why view spoiler Because everyone knows cloning doesn t work that way view spoiler Clones don t retain the original s memories Sometimes they don t even look exactly like the original hide spoiler

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    The conspiracy is bigger than they thought.not quite as good as the first but still an original take on a world with the living dead.

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    I am not even going to try to abstain from spoilering because I really need to get some things off my chest but I pinky swear promise not to spoiler Deadline If you haven t read Feed, check out Wendy s review which ingeniously omits any spoiler information view spoiler This book left me feeling extremely conflicted It brought me to tears not once, but twice That s 100% crying than Feed, and twice as many times as I typically cry in any book Only a select few have ever earned the distinction of making me cry It also made me want to throw the book on the ground and stomp on it in rage, which would have been bad, because I have the ebook version and at this point, my ereader is like a fifth appendage.So, I ll start with why I love this book Shaun I had a little glimpse of Deadline at the end of the Feed audiobook, so I knew that Shaun would be taking over the narration I have to say that I was a little nervous about that It s not that I didn t like him, but in Feed he s very much on the sidelines Yes, he s a constant presence in Georgia s life, but he mainly shows up to poke zombies with sticks, make playful but cutting remarks, and hone his Irwin image I really underestimated his incredible appeal Who knew that Mira Grant had such a fleshed out, magnetic character waiting in the wings Shaun is hilarious, heartbreaking, impulsive, completely unaware of his own appeal, and just a little bit insane I challenge anyone not to turn into a puddle of goo in his presence And really, it s not just Shaun that I love This book cultivates so many wonderful characters Mahir, Maggie, Aleric, Becks I would happily spend time with any of the four of you narrating This is an author that nurtured and grew two very appealing characters in Feed, then tossed them away with shocking swiftness That really impressed me After all, what is affecting for us readers than losing the person that we ve become the closest to, the one that we identify with the most When George died, it was like I died right along with her I shouldn t have been scared though Mira Grant has brought a whole crew of vivid characters to life in these books to fill the hole that George left That s not to say that George isn t still a part of this story she s achingly present on every page Really it s not George s loss that made me shed so many tears it s her presence.Still, this is very much Shaun s book The intrigue, political maneuvering, journalism, and science that I fell in love with in Feed are moved to the background Instead there are suicide missions, daring escapes, and zombie attacks By the ending, it started to feel gratuitous and exhausting to me Why did they even have to go to Memphis Just to see Dr Wynne Couldn t they have just sent an email , but I can see that this book will probably have a much higher mass appeal Okay, so here s the thing I LOVED the science in Feed Sure, there were a few things that I had to stretch my imagination for eg, the reservoir conditions and how they can t spread to any other part of the body, or the fact that the characters can stand knee deep in infected blood, but it s the syringe that everyone s worried about , but the whole idea of the virus lying dormant in everyone, but coming alive after the host dies or even spontaneously YES That s such a creative stretch of the lytic lysogenic cycle But this book really felt like it went right off the rails by the end All of a sudden there are new strains and vectors, weird immunities, government conspiracies that I still don t quite understand, and view spoiler cloning The kind of cloning that s not realistic at all and only exists in fantasy novels and crappy syfy t.v shows hide spoiler

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    Wow We started with a shocking revelation and we re ending it with another one, making one want to start the finale of this trilogy right away Holy shit Or, to put it in Georgia Mason s words WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON After the events of book one, Shaun is understandably not the most stable person In fact, he s downright hallucinating and it says a lot about the bonds he s formed with the other staff members that they are simply accepting it even though some are weirded out a little bit.But he doesn t have too much time to ponder his sister s death because there is a CDC doctor, who faked her own death, and she needs the group s help What follows are attacks on them, some mad races through the entire United States, some truly hilarious scientists and insight into this conspiracy We know from book 1 that you can t always be sure whom to trust but here, the action is relentless and the paranoia cranked up to an all time high And I loved every second of it.We get to meet a few people hitherto unknown and a few we had only heeard from and every single one of them was hilarious From Dr Abby and especially Joe to Maggie with her armada of bulldogs Have I mentioned that the stakes keep rising Because this is virology and viruses, of course, evolve And now that Shaun and his crew have started poking around for the truth, there is no stuffing that genie back into the bottle.Basically, this had everything that I missed in the first book The story was always great and the setting a realistic nightmare version of our future, but there were repetitions and downtimes that weren t necessary, not even in the book that set all this up Here, while we still get the worldbuilding and characterizations, we also get the action and the science and it all blends together perfectly because of that.I wish I could tell you because there is SO MUCH happening here, but we re already in spoiler territory and this is one of those stories that rely on everyone keeping their mouths shut so the next readers get to be as elated and shocked as the author intended them to be Can t wait to pick up the next one to see who why where

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    6 heart stopping, insanely intense starsWith about 20 pages left in the book, something happened in the story that literally had me flying off the couch and wanting to hurl my book out the window and into the thunderstorm outside.A brief glimpse into my emotional state while reading the last section of Deadline.And thenMira Grant is an evil, evil genius.

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