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    Kate Brannigan is a private investigator and her boyfriend Richard is a music reporter After attending a concert Kate is asked by Jett a singer to find his former girlfriend, Moira Kate knows this is something she doesn t normally do, so convincing her partner, Bill Mortensen to take the case will be a challenge As Kate looks for answers to Moira s whereabouts she discovers places of London that she wished she never had Just when things look like they might be coming together, Kate finds herself in the middle of a murder case Now with the police involved, Kate needs to find out why and who wanted the victim dead Will they find the murderer in time before there are victims This is the first book I ve read by Val McDermid and it definitely won t be my last If you enjoy a good mystery or thriller then I recommend you read Dead Beat Well worth reading.

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    The joy of rereadingFirst Sentence I swear one day I ll kill him.I ve read most of the Kate Brannigan Series already, but I never read them in order So I ve decided this year I m gonna do it right.I think these books don t impress me as much as McDermid s newer books, because just that McDermid grew so much as an author, her writing and plots have become so much better, so much complicated I am sorry I didn t read these books first, it would have mean so much to me that way.

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    Bill Mortensen and Kate Brannigan made up the private investigators who investigated fraud and white collar crime, so when Jett, singer, songwriter and musician asked her to find an old friend of his as a favour, she was hesitant But with the grudging approval of her partner, she took it on Never having done a missing person before, Kate got right into it, and before long she was deeply involved in the sleazy side of London, discovering parts she hadn t known had existed.As she dug deeper, Kate was horrified when suddenly there was a murder victim in the middle of it all All of a sudden the investigation took a huge turn the police were involved, and the suspects were numerous Who would benefit from the death who had motive and opportunity Would Kate find the killer or would the police get it wrong This novel is the first in the PI Kate Brannigan series and quite enjoyable The intrigue was well set out, the plot plausible I had the murderer picked quite early, but the red herrings were well placed I ll certainly be reading about PI Kate Brannigan and her exploits

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    Heard an interview with Brannigan on BBC World Service not long ago and thought I d give her a try This book was just OK, but I m willing to keep going with the author because other reviewers have noted that she gets better I ve just switched over to her Tony Hill series which is crazy gory and moves along at a much faster pace So far I m liking it better.

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    I m glad this is not the first book of Val McDermid I have read, if it had been I am sure it would have been my last I struggled all the way through it as I found it dull and many of her characters wooden and unbelievable ms mcDermid has gone on to write some great who dunnits, this just wasn t one of them.

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    I vaccillated between 3 and 4 stars for this I m not keen on Kate as a protagonist, but I think the trademark flashes of McDermid humour and the precision of the geography in the places I know well did enough to bump it up for me.The other point in it s favour is the evocative talent McDermid has for anchoring a book in a time period Everybody in this book smokes The food and drink choices are as blatantly nineties as prawn cocktail and Cinzano bianco are seventies They all think shell suits are the pinnacle of fashion It was like being transported back in time to when I was a teenager and living through this stuff.So, yeah, I can forgive it a slightly annoying protagonist and the fact that the murder doesn t even happen till over half way through just for the pure, oozing nostalgia.

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    Synopsis PI Brannigan is asked to find a missing person as a favour The missing person is a songwriter her search is a prelude to murder.

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    The first outing for Kate Brannigan, a Manchester based private investigator, asked to help find a long lost songwriter, gets drawn into a complex set of relationships surrounding a famous rock star 24 McDermid book.

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    I came to this genre novel via my reading on the doings of Manchester, England, as I d recently moved here from the United States McDermid was cited as introducing a PI who worked a Manchester beat, as was Cath Staincliffe, whose novel Go Not Gently I read recently with the same impulse to get at of what the city s culture is about.While ably telling her story about Kate Brannigan, PI and co owner operator of Brannigan and Mortensen, McDermid introduces many references to the city s culture and geography, in particular at the beginning of the novel, when there are references to the music scene in Manchester circa late 80s and early 90s Brannigan tells the story, and she is a long time resident of Manchester, and is aware of its history and easily knows her away around the city and environs It s a smart, matter of fact voice that Brannigan assumes, though she is prone to sarcasm in confrontational dialog She is good at accommodating her lover, and she is without illusion about what a man can and cannot do for her The defunct Hacienda night club now remembered by the apartment complex that borrows its name gets several mentions the Ardwick area where Brannigan lives near the University and College of Manchester is described as dicey Brannigan s home is within walking distance of her office, located near the BBC Oxford Road and Charles Street , which was demolished in 2012 after it moved its operation to Salford and Moss Side is presented as the gang infested area just south of the city center where the novel s two principals musicians Moira and Jett grew up.There are some additional excursions east to Leeds and Bradford, which lend some regional color about that area of Lancashire, though none of it cheery in the blasted areas Brannigan is investigating in 1991 Lancashire was site to some bad depression in this era, and there were race riots as well In the several scenes where trips are made here and there, the references to major roads helps to establish one s place on real mental map of the city and its environs McDermid does a very good job of placing her character in a real setting and giving that setting significance, though it s at a fictional estate Colcutt Manor, in Cheshire that the murder occurs and many of the interviews before the final reveal in the Manor s drawing room, which Brannigan herself archly calls melodrama Brannigan s job is initially to find a rock star Jett s former band mate and fellow song writer, a woman who vanished under a cloud of addiction Brannigan does find her, off drugs and the street, and in a happy relationship with another woman Moira, however, does decide to attempt a reunion with Jett, which causes upset in his small, cloistered entourage Moira is six weeks later found dead, and it s Jett s wish to have Brannigan get at the bottom of things, in parallel with the operations of the police Brannigan gets a few breaks and remains a step ahead of the police, with whom she butts heads a few times Having extracted stories and motives from all of the principals, Brannigan has an ah ha moment, and uses a bluff to flush out the killer when all including the police converge in the drawing room.The novel is fast paced, and there are a couple of car chases, but there is no violence punctuating this detective s peregrinations, which include wiping up the details of a merchandise knock off sneid operation she d been working on prior to the current Moira murder It s a quick, engaging read, and Brannigan seems a detective worth meeting again.

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    The first of the Kate Brannigan series, and as always I ve held off until I m ready to start at the beginning Quite a different style of working than Lindsay Gordon, not to mention lifestyle of course, and the change to a leading character that starts with a purpose rather than stumbling into the situation as the latter did Fast paced, plenty of action and even placed in a location that I know so well, although the error in calling Ardwick Green Ardwick Common seemed strange to me as the only incorrectly named location That said I am rather biased toward books that are set in the North West, particularly in places I ve lived and or worked in I m already lining up the reading copies in order to follow Kate s adventures.

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