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    I am second generation Los Angeles native and have been single my whole life I ve had a long string of bad relationships with guys who were nice people but just bad partners I am to blame for part of it as I have a thing for creative types actors, musicians and artists who are not really stable partner material and generally have no interest in anything long term because they are insecure However, Dylan Thrasher did validate some points that I have known all along Los Angeles IS the city of lost souls especially the ones who came here to be famous and never went home It s also the capital city for illusion and fantasy Very few people tell the truth here and most are trying to be someone that they re not It IS a hookup town and not a place for long term relationships I have a handful of friends who managed to find someone special and have been with them for years but my friends and I are all single in our 40 s The pickings are getting slim as men my age STILL want the young 20 something s The dating situation can be depressing at times but I don t plan on moving Los Angeles has alot to offer if you stay away from the poser scenes Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Silver Lake, Santa Monica Brentwood I was born here and I will die here If that means I stay single, so be it Better to be single than poorly accompanied.

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    I have just recently moved to the LA area and I didn t really know much about the dating scene there I like how the author was just perfectly honest about the dating scene in the LA area I didn t really know what to expect out of the LA area, but the author has provided me with tons of information so I will know what areas to avoid and what areas will be good to find a potential match I liked how the author included a map of all the areas and what types of people are in them This book has given me tons of helpful clues for figuring out my dating life in LA and I would recommend it to others who live in this area.

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Dating in Los Angeles download Dating in Los Angeles , read online Dating in Los Angeles , kindle ebook Dating in Los Angeles , Dating in Los Angeles 4bab67877cb5 Harsh No Holds Barred Brutally Honest Truth, Which Will Piss People OffThe Above Typically Describes Dylan Thrasher S Coaching Style, But In No Other Book Of His To Date Does It So Accurately Describe The Tone Of His Material As This One Dating In Los Angeles These Four Words Alone Are Enough To Make Many Grown Men And Women Complain, Cry, Pout, And Scream In This Town The City That Outsiders May Relate To With Stars And Sunshine Actually Houses So Many Functional Dysfunctionals Within, That It Is Chock Full Of Crazy, Funny, And Scary Dating Stories Alike And It S Not Just From The Celebrity Hollywood Crowd Far From It, The Everyday Man Or Woman, Guy Or Girl Walking The Streets Here Has Gone Through Multiple Episodes Of Dating Dysfunction, And Likely Been The Root Cause Of Quite A Bit Themselves Read Through The Book Now As We Look At All The Following And What Is It About Los Angeles That Sparks The Wrath Of Many When Discussing The World Of Not Just Dating, But Love Relationships Within Its Boundaries As Well Who Are The Disaffected, Disillusioned And Sometimes Demented Purveyors Of Fame And Fortune Moving To The City Of Lost Souls, And Are They To Blame Does The Entertainment Industry Promote A Lack Of True Culture, A Lack Of Values, And Play A Part In Creating Illusions Of What You See Here, Or Importantly What You See Through Do All The Distractions That Los Angeles Offers Really Correlate To A % Divorce Rate Locally, And If So, What Is The End Game Here For All Of The Beautiful People This Book Might Upset Some And Offend Others, But Will Do So Indirectly As A Symptom Of Telling The Truth In An Honest, Unfiltered Approach Exposing What S It S Really Like To Date In Los Angeles, As We Look Not To Glamorize The Glitz, But Rather To Dissect The Dysfunction