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Dark Lover: The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino pdf Dark Lover: The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino, ebook Dark Lover: The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino, epub Dark Lover: The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino, doc Dark Lover: The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino, e-pub Dark Lover: The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino, Dark Lover: The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino b70ee45c4a6 From The Author Of Becoming Mae West An In Depth Look At The Silver Screen Legend Who Forever Changed America S Idea Of The Leading Man Tango Pirate, Gigolo, Powder Puff, Adonis All Have Been Used To Describe The Silent Film Icon Known As Rudolph Valentino From His Early Days As A Taxi Dancer In New York City To His Near Apotheosis As The Ultimate Hollywood Heartthrob, Rudolph Valentino Often To His Distress Occupied A Space Squarely At The Center Of Controversy In This Thoughtful Retelling Of Valentino S Short And Tragic Life The First Fully Documented Biography Of The Star Emily W Leider Looks At The Great Lover S Life And Legacy, And Explores The Events And Issues That Made Him Emblematic Of The Jazz Age Valentino S Androgynous Sexuality Was A Lightning Rod For Fiery And Contradictory Impulses That Ran The Gamut From Swooning Adoration To Lashing Resentment He Was Reviled In The Press For Being Too Feminine For A Man Yet He Also Brought To The Screen The Alluring, Savage Lover Who Embodied Women S Darker, Forbidden Sexual Fantasies In Tandem, Leider Explores Notions Of The Outsider In American Culture As Represented By Valentino S Experience As An Immigrant Who Became A Celebrity As The Silver Screen S First Dark Skinned Romantic Hero, Valentino Helped To Redefine And Broaden American Masculine Ideals, Ultimately Coming To Represent A Graceful Masculinity That Trumped The Deeply Ingrained Status Quo Of How A Man Could Look And Act

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    A brilliant examination of the life and death of the smoldering star of the silent screen Rudolph Valentino In this meticulously researched book Leider examines how Valentino may have been destined to be a part of the movies because he was born in 1895 and he was an Italian immigrant who came to America at a time when honest labor was difficult to secure because of American s irrational fears of foreigners Embedded within her connection of Valentino to America s fears and WW I is a discussion of how Valentino was the epitome of the changing face of the American experience Women were going to work, definitions of masculinity were rapidly shifting and and Americans were becoming wrapped up in a society that celebrated exuberant levels of consumption of material goods Leider captures the sordid and complex details of his life and how Valentino may himself have constantly battled to be seen as masculine even as he struggled with his own confused sexual desires Ultimately what she captures is the tragedy of his life in the conjunction with the free form ideas of the period of cinemas birth as a global medium of communication.

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    It s always risky when you choose a biography of someone about whom you know NOTHING When you are already interested and know something about a person, there s always the chance that your interest will carry you through even a dry biography When you don t, it s all on the author s skills to get you hooked.Fortunately, this is one of those books Leider writes a book that gets you involved and caring about Valentino s life and struggles, even if you ve never once before given a thought to them She has a good, natural style of narration that gives the book an almost novel like feel, although the book does bog down some around the time Rudy starts getting snippy about his Paramount contract and doesn t pick up again until Natasha starts to step out on him.Solid four stars, and definitely turned me into a Rudolph Valentino fan.

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    This is far and away the definitive Valentino biography I would recoomened it to anyone with any interest in Rudolph Valentino or the whimsical world of Hollywood in the twenties.One day I took an impulsive trip to the outskirts of Seattle There was a theater I wanted to venture to that still aired silents, so I was drawn I guess the book was calling me on I found it in a small, but suprisingly well frequented bookstore on the outskirts of Seattle s University District The owner who sold it to me was kind and resembled a character from a twenties film herself, though whether it was by intention or not is anyone s guess Regardless, I was absorbed in Rudy s journey The misinformation about him presented in other tomes is nothing short of disgusting, and this book was wonderfully free of any of it I felt his pains, knew his wraths I truly am upset that Hollywood bios nowadays seldome feature Valentino, and rather go for tabloid style heresay instead Dream of Desire, for example. yet in any event, the book was well written, gloriously researched and told with the candor of a person who was very fine storyteller and did her homework Valentino would smile I can only hope that one day a film will come to the screen that captures the magic of this elegant and magnificent work.

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    The most comprehensive bio of Rudolph Valentino to date Puts Valentino and his legacy in perspective and not a sensationalized bio in any way.

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    Leider s biography of Valentino is really quite good I was a bit surprised, partly because I find the title off putting she justifies it really well, though , and partly because I was skeptical of the level of interest Valentino could actually engender in me What actually happened was I started to like him Previously, my interest was limited to his on screen performances, but Dark Lover is truly a life story It s incredibly sympathetic, without letting the sympathy and rapport and, hey, let s be honest, attraction Leider develops for Valentino cloud her judgment He was usually not very bright, and he was disastrous with business and money His relationships with women were not exactly great either, and he was insecure about his masculinity although this is partly because he made so many other people insecure about masculinity, so they lashed out.This last element of Valentino s personality comes through very clearly, and the way Leider treats it makes the book extremely interesting She also brings in very thoughtful discussions of the way Valentino was racially categorized on screen um, The Sheik and off screen Italian wasn t white yet Although Dark Lover is a very personal biography, Leider doesn t hesitate to place Valentino in the context of enormous concepts like race, gender, and sexuality, and examine the way those elements interacted in his personal life, in his public life, in his construction as a movie star and public figure, and so forth.All in all, this is a balanced, thoughtful, exhaustive, and entertaining biography Leider knows how to pick good quotes.

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    Valentinos legend is something that interested me, having only seen segments of his films I wanted to learn about the legendary star His story is riddled with inconsistencies that will never be truly known however Emily W Leider has done an amazing job of researching the man As many rumors about his life are still abound its interesting to see the objective way this book is approached and the images that go with it Valentino was the original screen idol, his seductive looks and charm seemed to ooze from the screen yet never quite matched the real life he led Beautifully misunderstood Valentino becomes a man to match the legends.

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    This book seems well researched and gives you a comprehensive account of a too short aka just 31 years long life If your goal is to simply read about what happened in his life at what point in time, then this biography certainly delivers that very well.I wasn t overly thrilled with the book though, for several reasons 1, because Leider occasionally loses herself in all sorts of details and just tells a number of events chronologically without really going into how things connect or what the bigger picture was 2, she also goes into a lot of the actual movies in depth, describing plot, costumes and acting styles but seems to have no critical distance from some of the pictues, which in many cases are interesting and even shocking insights into American racism, sexism and homophobia at the time I looked into the subjects in depth for uni a few years back, and Valentino is certainly an interesting subject for this type of analysis because as an Italian he was frequently cast as white characters, middle eatern characters, Latino characters, once even cast to play a black character although that film never ended up being shot , and even within his movies most notably the Sheik a lot of commentary on 1920s American racism can be found whether that commentary was intentional at the time or not is anyone s guess, it probably wasn t, though He also had a lifelong struggle with his own masculinity going on, to a large degree fuelled by the media and society of the time, partly an internal struggle This the author does go into, but it also remains a listing of facts and events rather than actually dealing with the subject at hand and looking into the effects of the way he presented his masculinity in film and society because he s still scene as the Latin Lover Prototype today, and that type didn t really exist before I just expected depth here.The same goes for the long lasting bisexuality rumors that are not really addressed at all in this book The author acknowledges that there was one guy called Andr who might have been Rudolph s lover but other than that, she doesn t go into it I am not looking for a detailed account of Rudolph s sex life but for something that has been so attached to his character for almost a century now you might have expected the subject to at least come up She acknowledges this one guy called Andr who might have been Rudolph s lover at one point, but other than that she just completely ignores the whole subject altogether in favor of talking about wife Natasha.Natasha, by the way, is the most interesting person in this book This may be a bit weird considering it s supposed to be a biography about her husband, but of everything this book accomplished the most profound effect on me is that I now want to read about her because she seems fascinating

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    The writing is fine, but Valentino, despite the drama surrounding his early death, is a surprisingly boring subject.

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    If you re looking for a deeper look into Valentino s life, you won t like this book While aesthetically superior to David Bret s Valentino A Dream of Desire, Emily W Leider s book seems very leery of getting too close to the facts of his sex life, which involved many men and few women Avoiding these aspects of this is denying who he was, a very sexual man In an apparent attempt to sidestep this, she renders Valentino into cardboard painted in drab conventional colors His many lovers, including Ramon Navarro and Andre Daven, are just friends , Natacha his difficult but loving wife his sexuality confused Because she couldn t outright deny what his sex life was, and just WHY he remained married to Natacha, which has since become known, she simply pretended it didn t exist, focusing her pen on safer subjects, like his taste for pasta and his penchant for reckless driving This book is both misleading and boring, albeit with some wonderful photographs While writing a bio on a person who nobody living has ever known, you re going to end up drawing on your own ideals, fantasies and conceptions because photographs and vintage copy can only reveal so much But this woman gave us a study in boredom There are better book on Valentino Avoid this one.

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    This is an excellent biography of a silent screen star who died at the height of his fame This book was one of the best biographies I ve read so far The author does a fantastic job at describing Valentino s Hollywood which, in the silent era, was still still very divided between New York and Hollywood Valentino s relationship with his mother in Italy and his two marriages the first a quick affair lasting only a few months to Jean Acker the second to the love of his life Natacha Rambova are examined as well as his rud affairs with other men This is far from a mere sensationalistic exploit On the contrary, those rumors of rampant homosexuality on Rudolph and Natacha s parts are pretty much put to rest for good I enjoy how the photographs included in this volume are relevant to what is being written I only wish there were photos as Valentino was such a dashing man

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