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Dark Elves I: Taken pdf Dark Elves I: Taken, ebook Dark Elves I: Taken, epub Dark Elves I: Taken, doc Dark Elves I: Taken, e-pub Dark Elves I: Taken, Dark Elves I: Taken 4f6b9d4e4ce TAKENEveryone S Heard Tales Of The Dark Forest, Tales Of Entire Bands Entering The Depths Of The Forest And Simply Disappearing, Then The Bones Of Some Of The Victims Showing Up Neatly Arranged Toward The Safer Outskirts Of The Forest Bones Of The Male Victims The Females Simply DisappearAfter Being Robbed And Left Unconscious, Diana Is Determined To Hunt Down The Thief And Recover Her Money, And Sets Off After Himthrough The Dark Forest She And Her Friend Gala Soon Learn The Secret Of The Dark Forest, Home To Black Skinned, White Haired, Sex Oozing Devils These Elves Instinctively Know About Sexual Pleasure Than Any Human Ever Could Captured, Taken, Diana Is Brought To The Heights Of Ecstasy By Commander Salin, But Still Won T SubmitNever Has A Woman Been So Much Trouble Never Has A Woman So Red Salin S Blood He Will Have Her He MustSTEREDSuzana Has Lost All She Held Dear Her Family Dead At Sea, She, A Musical Mage Of Noble Birth, Has Been Taken By Slavers But Then The Traders Caravan Is Overtaken In The Dark Forest By The Mysterious Raedjour Who Are Determined To Take The One Thing She Still Calls Her Own Her BodySuzana S Capture Is Cause For Celebration Amongst The Raedjour Virgins Are Highly Prized, And A Tournament Is Held For The Honor Of Taking Her Maidenhead And Once It Is Taken, She Will Be Passed To A Different Warrior Every Nine Days Until She Finds Her TruemateFrom The Moment He Saw Her, Krael Knew Suzana Was His To Conquer Her Soft Body Incites The Lust He S Honed Over Many Cycles To Pleasure And Train Women He Ll Have Her Body, But He Has No Interest In Being Her Truemateuntil Krael S King Is Determined To Take Her Only Then Does Krael Grow Determined To Master Her For His Very Own Have You Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like To Be Used Pleasured Taken MasteredPublisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Bondage, Domination Submission, Dubious Consent, Male Male Sexual Practices, And Multiple Partners

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    I really liked this book If you are familiar with Jet Mykles work, then you know that she is not an author that writes for the faint of heart There is A LOT of sex scenes in this book There are M M, F M F, M M F and M F M interaction in this book It also has some BDSM elements to it Not hardcore, but not light either Dark Elves consists of two stories, both are connected and share the all of the characters between them.The Raedjour are males that live the Dark Forest They exist in caves underground, and have made a rather beautiful kingdom They are allergic to sunlight, and all of them have a specific job in the community They are mostly very tall, well built with black skin and white hair Their ears have an elf like quality and most have some kind of magical ability They were created by a Goddess who wanted sexual slaves When she was banned from her creation, the Raedjour who are all male have had to kidnap any female who enters the Dark Forest, so they can continue to breed and not be extinct They are seeking out their Truemate and this is only determined whether or not when a male breeds with a human female and if she gets pregnant If she doesn t she is passed to the next male in line As the human female stays there, her body starts changing She soon becomes darker skinned and her hair changes much lighter I found the world of the Raedjour quite interesting Their customs and ways of thinking was pretty original to me The males do not abuse the females, but cherish them But, because they were created for pleasurethe males seek it, A LOT.I like Jet Mykles books, so this book was up my alley But, because of the strong sexual content and explict language this book will not be for everyone.

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    Wow There isn t much I can say about these sexy elves that hasn t been said already Jet has created a wonderful world with some lovable characters I m thinking of taking a walk in the woods around here some night Who knows Maybe I ll get lucky too This one is a definate keeper for me.

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    OMG very hot Elves created just to bring pleasure to women They know exactly what you like You don t have to guide them What could you ask for.

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    This could be accused of coming perilously close to crossing that intangible line between erotica and unrepentant porn I ll simply say this book is what it sounds like and, as long as you aren t expecting any high literary efforts or epic plots, it does what it sets out to do Dark elves their skin is obsidian black and they have snow white hair they re not evil unless you count kidnapping human women to have children with were created by their Goddess to be her sexual consorts Since it was all about her, she never bothered to create females for the elves She buggered off somewhere so they don t have any women to procreate with A warning to those who don t like slash the elves are all bisexual, so it s not like they aren t getting off or anything, it s just not always with kitty action Elves can only get their truemates I think that s the term used in the book can t rightly remember preggers and the population is decreasing, so they re always on the lookout for likely candidates They kidnap human women and pass them around in 9 day stretches until the girl s perfect match is found.It s really just an excuse for pages upon pages upon pages of kinky sex There is some character development, especially in the second story, and the second volume which has the third and fourth stories looks like there s actually a story of sorts beyond, Lo Let us bugger this wench until one of our virile appendages gets her with child It was entertaining and when the non epic plot bunnies started popping up, it even got interesting beyond the Wow, what position are they trying now way There s something brewing with their crazy king and I m gonna find out what it is Volume two, here I come Er, that sounded bad

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    TAKEN The Raedjour A race created to service the sexual needs of a goddess With black skin and snow white hair they are told to be the living evil that dwells in the Dark Forest The raedjour mate with human females to produce offspring To find a mate the women a passed from one male to another until she gets pregnant by her one and only truemate Diana will not submit to her fate as a raedjour captive She fights and struggles with every male, and they take her, unwillingly, anywayUntil Salin Everything about this story from the characters to the telling of the culture of the Raedjour is a treat for the senses Very interesting, sensual and entertaining.MASTERED Another dark and sexy tale from the world of the Dark Elves Suzana is ambused by the Dark Elves along w a group of captive slaves Grateful she is not being sold into slavery she is wondering who these men in the Dark Forest are Krael fights and wins the right to be with Suzana for her first time His domination of her is depicted through various erotic acts that also include a whip If you enjoyed TAKEN then MASTERED is another sweet treat.

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    I can only say that this series has rocketed to the top of my wish list It is firmly in my top threeof which I never thought I d change, butthere you have it.The stories are hot way hot, the heroines are a good mix of fiesty and yet full of heart and compassion yes, even Diana, ladiesshe s all heartyou just have to work to get there and the menwell, hell, they are what fantasies are, pure and simple Yowza Enjoy I can t wait to get the next one Ok, I ordered this book based on the fact that Inara had it on her to read listshe s never steered me wrong Thanks, girlfriend I started it this morningboy, big mistakeI have to be in court today, how will I be able to focus now Hot, tense, and intriguingand I m only three chapters in

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    CAUTION These are NOT your Mama s elves They do NOT bake cookies in hollow trees or help Santa build toys at the North Pole There are plenty of reviews here to fill you in on plot details, but I just thought I would warn those unsuspecting few who may not have heard of these guys.And thank you, friend, for the late Christmas present of this book Heck, I ve gotta throw in another half a star for the heat factor alone Be prepared

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    What a fantastic book I took Daisiemae s Shellie s recommendation and ordered this book after reading Howl and Leashed I m so glad I did and now I can t wait to start Salvation , the next in Jet Mykles series.Taken Diana is a fighter She was abandoned by her mother as a young girl and she resists anything good due to her feelings of unworthiness caused by her mother s betrayal When she s captured by the Dark Elves, the sexual pleasure she s subjected to cause her to fight her feelings harder than ever before What will she do when she s confronted by a man who won t allow her to hide behind violence Mastered Suzana is a prized virgin Captured and on her way to a slave auction, she is rescued by the Dark Elves When her beauty and talents bring her to the attention of a twisted ruler, can her new lover Krael save her Both of these stories are hot, hot, hot The overt sexuality of the Dark Elves, created to be consorts of a Godess, are hot enough and when you add in love and truemating , you re liable to singe your fingers as you read.WARNING If graphic descriptions of love, sex, M M, M F, and M F M offend youstay away from this book As for me, it s on my keeper shelf

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    I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book It is so different from other books in this genre There are 2 stories Taken and Mastered, each with different main characters, although the characters intertwine in both stories This book is about a race of elves called raedjour they were male creatures created by a goddess named Rhea as pleasure consorts Once the goddess had to leave this world, they had no women to share their pleasure with so they starting capturing women travelers and turning them into raedjour to satisfy their urges Great concept, great love stories, so much fun to read Now I am going to read all of Jet Mykles books I think I need a drink

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    Oh my goodness.these elves aren t the little guys you think of when you hear the term elves They are big, muscled and unbelieveably hot If extremly erotic, explicit books aren t your thing, I don t advise this series for you If it is then you are in for a real treat Yummy just flat out yummy

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