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    I enjoy genuinely funny cozy mysteries, and this one does meet that mark The MC Annie was a fun and quirky character who, as a refreshing change, isn t naturally good at everything Her southern belle best friend drags her along to a cooking course to get her mind off relationship woes, and of course the two stumble upon a murderous story line while trying not to burn the food Somehow Annie even manages to ruin the art of boiling.The mystery is a fun one because they do sleuthing, breaking and entering, sabotaging, interviewing, and misleads It s not one of those lazy mysteries where everything just falls on their laps They have a strong enough reason to solve the crime Unfortunately the threads of the story became unraveled a little too much toward the end, and I started feeling a little impatient with it.The romance was a little forced and out of left field, but it works for this type of genre so that can be overlooked.For fans of fun, light cozies with a sense of humor, this is one that delivers It also has a generous portion of recipes in the back than most books.

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    Trying to find a lighter, cozier series to read at bedtime so thought I would give this, the first Cooking Class Mystery a try sigh Like so many cozy series, it ended up being mostly a romance with the main female character doing lots of fantasizing and drooling over the main male character Very stereotypical characters Annie main character has less than perfect looks and low self esteem due to cheating hubby and recent divorce Her best friend Eve is a vivacious drop dead gorgeous blonde, and the cooking instructor is a hot guy complete with a sexy Scottish accent Can you hear my eyes rolling LOL The plot and story just didn t have much depth, a cookie cutter mystery, just boring and predictableI didn t hate it or the main character, she was so devoid of character that I just didn t care one way or another what happened I finished it, but I won t be continuing on in the series.

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    To help her best friend Annie Capshaw recover from her recent divorce her husband ran off with the dry cleaner Eve DeCateur signs them up for a ten day cooking class Annie is skeptical, she can t heat water without burning it, but when she gets a look at hunky cooking instructor Jim MacDonald, she decides to stick around, even though she is convinced he only has eyes for the beautiful Eve On the first night of classes, Annie and Eve see a classmate arguing with a man and threatening to kill him and later that night they stumble across the dying man Initially they think he had a heart attack, but when they find out he was poisoned, they suspect their classmate Beyla, who denies knowing the man Eve and Annie try to convince Tyler Cooper, a policeman who just happens to be Eve s ex fianc , that Beyla is the murderer, but he thinks Eve is trying to mess up his case and doesn t believe them, so they decide to investigate the murder themselves They have plenty to investigate besides the murder why did Beyla s classmate John lie about being with her the night of the murder What was Monsieur Lavoie tossing into the dumpster Why did Beyla s stove blow up during class and who left the note saying you are next Who is the mysterious Alba Stru What s in the computer disc Beyla is searching for Will Annie ever learn to cook Cooking Up Murder by Miranda Bliss is the delightful first entry in what looks like it will be a fun cozy mystery series Annie is a well written heroine insecure about herself after her husband left her and insecure about her looks compared to Eve she is stuck in a rut Eve is also well written Although she easily could have been an unlikable caricature blonde, beautiful with a surgically enhanced figure who has been engaged six times but Bliss makes her a likable, sympathetic character who is deeper than she initially appears I could picture Jim as I was reading the book I d take a cooking class too if all the instructors were that yummy There s a nice sense of humor throughout the book and Bliss has a nice way with words that is evident in sentences such as I chewed over the thought and I have to admit, I didn t like the way it tasted Much of the humor comes from Annie and Eve who will remind readers of Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz as they blunder into situations They are far too trusting and tell strangers far too much information, which is part of the fun since they really are complete amateurs The mystery itself is well plotted and even though there aren t many suspects, there are a couple of unexpected twists at the end of the book that made the mystery even better Like many other culinary mysteries, there are recipes at the end of the book make sure you read the last one Cooking up Murder is a nice cozy mystery.

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    Annie is the worst cook in the world She is a bank teller whose husband left her for the dry cleaning lady about a year ago Her best friend Eve, feeling that Annie has wallowed around long enough, buys cooking classes for Annie and herself The first night of cooking class, they find a man they have seen arguing with multiple people, dead in the parking lot Annie knows who it is and sets out to prove it Add in a hot Scottish chef teaching the classes and you have a good mix of people for this mystery I rated this 3.5 because the characters were a bit undeveloped but the story was a nice plot and the cooking lessons amusing Good start to a series We will see where it takes us

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    First time reading this book series by Miranda Bliss At first I was a lil iffy on this til it picked up and I ended up enjoying it very much Suspense, Comedy and Mystery made this book so much fun to read Can t wait to read Book 2 in this series

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    I found this book a light, fun read, a bit reminscent of chick lit with some of the characters feeling a bit shallow I didn t expect it to be a serious read though I enjoyed it enough to continue reading this series.Annie Capshaw is thirty five, divorced, and has sworn off men In an effort to get Annie s mind off her ex, Annie s best friend, Eve, signs both of them up for a cooking course at Tres Bonne Cuisine Eve has pre paid the course, so Annie feels obliged to humor her and go to the cooking classes There s only one problemAnnie is the world s worst cook She doubts even hunky instructor Jim can work miracles with her cooking.Outside of the cooking school, Annie and Eve witness a fellow student, Beyla, arguing with a man who later dies right in front of them Police investigation determines the man was poisoned with foxglove, and Eve is instantly suspicious of Beyla and decides to investigate.Annie always has been the boring one not a bombshell like Eve, a bank teller and has always been the sensible one But even she is beginning to find her life boring, and she joins Eve in investigating Drago s murder The pair follow clues to an art gallery, a psychic, and a Romanian restaurant Annie finds the investigation invigorating especially when Jim jumps in and seems to have eyes only for Annie.A close call with an exploding stove in cooking class leaves Annie shaken Can she get through her cooking course without killing herself and catch Drago s killer Or will Annie be next on the menu.

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    Overall, I really liked this book I liked Annie and Eve quite a bit After reading a review or two, I noticed Eve wasn t as popular as Annie Personally, I know people like Eve in real life, so she seemed very real to me Additionally, I just like the idea of 2 friends working together to solve a mystery I ve always thought that if I were to become an amateur detective in real life, that I d have to work with a friend I would need that other person to bounce ideas off, if nothing else Plus, I would feel safer if I had a friend with me when dealing with possibly dangerous situations Now, my biggest problem with the book was the ending It wasn t as strong as I would have liked, but it wasn t bad I think the author was a touch lazy about some of the finer points when it comes to believability, but it wasn t so unrealistic that I felt dissatisfied by it A big plus, though, is that one of the recipes supplied at the end of the book sounds really good and I think I m actually going to try it It s bacon pinwheels Honestly, the name alone sounds great to me I look forward to reading in this series and I have a feeling they will get better with each installment.

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    The first in this series and we see the newly divorced Annie Capshaw by her own admission the worst cook in the world, at the beginning of the book she manages to burn water going to a cookery class along with her best friend Eve who arranged this to get Annie to do than go to work and skulk around her apartment , when they arrive the first night of ten, spread over two weeks , they see the owner of the shop arguing with a man, later they see the same man arguing with one of their fellow cookery school members Later that night they see the same man again, dying Just when they think things can settle down one of Eve s exes the only one to dump her not the other way around , arrives to interview everyone, murder abounds

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    I only read this because a couchsurfer brought it to me as a gift and I felt obligated Not my typical fare, and gave two stars instead of one because I actually finished it I can t fully explain the stupidity exhibited by the characters in this book, the trite dialogue, the obsession with fashion and handbags, interrogations by the police where no one says I want an attorney

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    Very slow I could not finish it and ended up just flipping to the back to see who did it Not sure if I will read any others in the series or not.

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