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The Complete Poems txt The Complete Poems, text ebook The Complete Poems, adobe reader The Complete Poems, chapter 2 The Complete Poems, The Complete Poems 04bad4 Rossetti Is Unique Among Victorian Poets For The Sheer Range Of Her Subject Matter And The Variety Of Her Verse Form This Collection Brings Together Fantasy Poems, Such As Goblin Market, And Terrifyingly Vivid Verses For Children, Love Lyrics And Sonnets, And The Vast Body Of Her Devotional Poetry Rossetti S Poems Weave Connections Between Love And Death, Triumph And Loss, Heavenly Joys And Earthly Pleasures The Directness And Clarity Of Her Lyrics Still Have The Power To Startle Us With Their Truth And Beauty

About the Author: Christina Rossetti

Christina Georgina Rossetti, one of the most important women poets writing in nineteenth century England, was born in London December 5, 1830, to Gabriele and Frances Polidori Rossetti Although her fundamentally religious temperament was closer to her mother s, this youngest member of a remarkable family of poets, artists, and critics inherited many of her artistic tendencies from her father J

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    When I am dead, my dearest,Sing no sad songs for me..Haply I may remember,And haply may forget This is the poem I want to be read over my body during my Viking funeral How had I never come across this wonderful poet before reading the Penguin Little Black Classics edition She wrote so beautifully and magnificently, that I am embarrassed for never having read her Visual imagery She s got it Emotion and heart She s got it Lust and love She s got it A poem about seduction and repentance She s got it Even a rejection shot down poem She s got it She is the poet that everyone can and should read.

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    RememberRemember me when I am gone away,Gone far away into the silent land When you can no hold me by the hand,Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay.Remember me when no day by dayYou tell me of our future that you planned Only remember me you understandIt will be late to counsel then or pray.Yet if you should forget me for a whileAnd afterwards remember, do not grieve For if darkness and corruption leaveA vestige of thoughts that once I had,Better by far you should forget and smileThan that you should remember and be sad.MirageThe hope I dreamed of was a dream,Was but a dream and now I wakeExceeding comfortless, and worn, and old,For a dream s sake.I hang my harp upon a tree,A weeping willow in a lake I hang my silenced harp there, wrung and snaptFor a dream s sake.Lie still, lie still, my breaking heart My silent heart, lie still and break Life, and the world, and mine own self, are changedFor a dream s sake.Have you forgotten Have you forgotten how one Summer nightWe wandered forth together with the moon,While warm winds hummed to us a sleepy tune Have you forgotten how you praised both lightAnd darkness not embarrassed yet not quiteAt ease and how you said the glare of noonLess pleased you than the stars but very soonYou blushed, and seemed to doubt if you were right.We wandered far and took no note of time Till on the air there came the distant callOf church bells we turned hastily, and yetEre we reached home sounded a second chime.But what have you indeed forgotten all Ah how then is it I cannot forget

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    Of all of the poets of the Victorian Era, it is my humble opinion that Christina Georgina Rossetti is arguably one of the very best In fact, I believe her only rival to be Emily Dickinson I have spent the last two months carefully reading and studying Christina Rossetti s poetry, and am amazed at her ability to craft a poem full of visual imagery, emotion, and so much meaning She does not hide her feelings or her thoughts on subjects such as life, death, spirituality, love, betrayal, lust, jealousy, childhood, nature, and so forth It is all right there, in each line, and each stanza This Penguin Classics edition contains all of her known works, and a prolific body of work it is too The notes are well done and provide both a historical and biographical context for the poems, as well as providing background information to make the poem even accessible to modern readers In my opinion, with the exception of Ms R.W Crump s three volume scholarly edition of Rossetti s works 1979 1990 , this is the definitive edition of Christina Rossetti s poetry, and should be on every serious reader s bookshelf.

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    Christina Rossetti s work has captured my heart for years and this book is the essential Rossetti for any poetry lover Her words are full in ways that are indescribable.

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    Her poetry is quite sublime And, quite Gothic You ll be surprised how much you actually know eg In the bleak midwinter Her short fiction has a strong Austen slant This was one tough talented cookie check out the portrait on the cover if you don t believe me The edition I had had some wonderful editorial notes and essays covering her poetry, her religious prose, her family and the whole PRB that influenced her work But, a very strong case can be made for her as an independent thinker with firm litertary ideas She seems forever overshadowed by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, her brothers, her father, the PRB and by her own lack of confidence, dare I say belief, in her own ability But, actually this woman could write and write well.Toast

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    I have only read the poem Goblin Market in this, but I liked that poem I am not sure I fully understand the poem, but it is a nice, sweet story and it has definately made me curious about her other writings

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    Only read the poem Goblin Market but I am definitely going to read other poems as well This isn t my first encounter with Rossetti

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    I don t think I will ever again try to finish a poet s complete works in one week I do think that I will come back to spend time on those of Rossetti s poems I want to get to know better Of those, there are many.I found the depth and breadth of Rossetti s religiosity quite surprising In an era when TV game show contestants regularly flub listing the four Gospels, I found myself being VERY impressed at Rossetti s unselfconscious familiarity with the Book that so obviously governed her life Quotes and allusions from many books of the Bible, spliced together seamlessly and perfectly in context, leaving me in no doubt of the sincerity and intensity of her devotion to her faith For me, though, Such intense piety was a bit overwhelming when consumed in bulk I preferred her prose and her Italian poems, almost none of which were so overtly devotional Poems that seemed like paraphrasings of whole chapters of Hebrews and Revelation did not endear themselves to me.The other drawback to reading the entire collected works over 4 5 days was being left with a sense of Death being done to , well, Death SO MANY of her poems are about death and dying, and there are only so many variations on to die, to sleep, no tis a consummation devoutly to be wished that I could take Dying mothers, dying sisters, dying children, Everything dies death is better than life I ll wait for you to Come and get me, Lord Jesus Mr Jesus in Goofle s amusing rendition of one of her Italian poems They were all beautifully written, and I found myself surprised and impressed that afew of these poems about Death seemed morbid, but still, these themes occurred so many times I was left feeling like singing a related song I Am Weary, Let Me Rest That s the carping out of the way I loved Goblin s Market, enjoyed Prince s Progress, and really liked a lot of her short, pithy poems on the sort of themes highlighted in those longer works especially the fickleness and perfidy of men The eroticism of Goblin s Market, the wry contempt in Prince s Progress and others, and the sense of fun in some of her Italian poems especially, all helped show another side of her, as a counterpoint to the ber godly Bride of Christ side of her personality I m very glad I finished it, because I learned a lot, and because it s made my Reading Challenges page count look great but I m also glad to know I can dip back into it whenever I want to take another look at the poems which did resonate, savouring the skill with which she crafted them, and lingering over the images and feelings they convey.

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    I ve had this huge book on my shelves for at least twelve years Time to read it I enjoyed it even though poetry is not my thing Rossetti is one of the accessible poets she was certainly prolific Some of it is a bit twee, esp in regards to children and babies other portions surprisingly deep, and some downright unreadable unless you happen to know Italian I don t, so free pass for me on those ones If I was trying to study the poems I don t know that I would read it at the speed I chose this time maybe five pages a day for contemplation if I wanted to do a honest in depth study I am a little afraid most will blend together for me, since I decided 50 pages a day would be my goal to complete the book in a timely fashion Maybe that s one reason not to try and read everything a single author has produced at one time it is easy to start skimming and not pay attention However that is my problem I m definitely comfortable with prose than poetry Still good to branch out every now and then.

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    I knew Rossetti largely through Goblin Market and In the Bleak Midwinter Her complete poems include gems and the rougher work of her unpublished material Yet, I love seeing the poet s raw process, even the uncut stones Rossetti s depth of spirituality and imagery entrances me, and she speaks with the clarity of a contemporary, though the air of her time and place still breathes through her work She s become one of my favorite poets, and I ll be returning to this volume in the future.

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