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Color Him Orange summary Color Him Orange , series Color Him Orange , book Color Him Orange , pdf Color Him Orange , Color Him Orange b084c1f205 In Color Him Orange The Jim Boeheim Story, Award Winning Sports Columnist And Best Selling Author Scott Pitoniak Identifies The Sources Of Basketball Hall Of Fame Coach Jim Boeheim S Fierce Competitive Drive And Loyalty To Syracuse The Book Also Examines The People Who Shaped Boeheim As A Person And A Coach, The Great Players He Has Coached, And His Incredible Devotion To Raising Money In Hopes Of Eradicating Cancer Which Claimed Both Of His Parents Lives, And Has Also Victimized Boeheim Himself

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    This book was everything I thought it would be and then some The beginning of the book gives you history of Boeheim s childhood in Lyons, NY Friends and family provide the appropriate background of a guy who grew up loving the game of basketball He lived and breathed it He inherited his competitive side from his father who was the owner of a funeral home Boeheim played highschool basketball with most of the friends he grew up with that played on a court in his driveway Fellow players, even back then, commented on how smart jim was about the game of basketball Looking at him, people didn t think he could play a decent game But, he surprised everyone After highschool, Boeheim decided to try out for the SU Basketball team as a walk on He made it and received a full scholarship as a Soph Jim s roommate was Dave Bing A great player who became good friends with jim After Boeheim finished at SU, he played some pro ball but his true desire was coaching He became an assistant coach under Roy Danforth After Danforth left in 1976, Boeheim took over The book takes you through every year of SU basketball from that year to 2011 I loved reliving some of the moments I remembered watching as a kid I learned how the rivalry between Georgetown and SU got started The last game at Manley field house was a match between SU and the Hoyas Hoyas won and John Thompson was quoted as saying Manley Field House has officially closed That pissed everybody off You also get a feel for why Boeheim doesn t have a warm and fuzzy feeling about the media He was also not afraid to speak his mind about it When the Post Standard wrote that Gerry Mcnamara was overrated Not only did Boeheim go off, but Gerry ended up proving everyone wrong with some great games after the article hit the newspapers This book also gives you an insight on some of the players who played for Boeheim over the years My impression of Carmelo Anthony changed after reading this book He contributed 3M toward the construction of a basketball practice facility at SU He opend a Youth Development Center in Balti in 2006 He is listed as 8th in the Giving Back 30 Lit of Largest Charitable Donations by Celebrities in 2006 I loved reading about the National Championship SU won in 2003 I watched that tournament and was thrilled for Boeheim as a fan He finally got the monkey off his back I thought this book gave a great depiction of Boeheim, Syracuse Basketball and all the great players who have played for SU through out the years It does touch on some unfavorable aspects, like the NCAA violations, Jim s cancer, his divorce and his somewhat prickly personality I still admire him I still love SU basketball and this book makes me love it even .

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    So what is an SU fan to do when it s the NCAA final 4 weekend and Syracuse isn t there Read Scott Pitoniak s book about Jim Boeheim and Syracuse basketball I enjoyed this book especially the first section on Boeheim growing up in Lyons, NY and his time as a player at SU Then the story reviews the many years of Jimmy coaching, his players and the wins and losses of each season up until 1993 94 Then on page p 172 or so you learn about Jim s personal life during those years His parents deaths, his adoption of his daughter and divorce from his first wife, Elaine are briefly covered Then Jim meets Juli Green and you can almost hear the romantic music start to play Jim is transformed and life on and off the basketball court becomes better.leading to the AWESOME NCAA championship in 2003 with Carmelo Anthony and Gerry McNamara The chapter on the championship season is wonderful for a SU fan This story helps you appreciate the devotion and dedication Boeheim has made to Syracuse Basketball The author finished this book in April 2011 before any of the Bernie Fine scandal unfolded This is an unauthorized biography but there are many quotes from Boeheim, his wife and players I just wonder if Jimmy will ever tell his own story.

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    A Great Ode to my Favorite CoachI really enjoyed this biography of Jim Boeheim I really wanted this perspective before diving into his autobiography that was released this week Overall, Scott Pitoniak did a fine job summing up Jim s life from childhood through 2010 Still, I was disappointed that the dedication of Jim Boeheim court was left out, as well as details about the various seasons Overall though, a great read I m now looking forward to reading Jim Boeheim s autobiography.

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    Being an SU fan I had to read this book I was very impressed with Jim Boeheim before but now I am over the top His life at SU began as a walk on for the Syracuse Orange basketball team From the years at SU as a winning coach and family man, he has helped many players to further their careers He is Mr Basketball He takes life with basketball and the air we breathe all the same He is a man of many talents, father, coach, recruiter and has a devotion for raising money to help others He is a respected coach on the SU court and will be coaching the summer Olympic games in 2012 This is a great book on Jim Boeheim, his accomplishments, and his road to success with his past and present players.

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    This started out interesting, talking about Boeheim s early years Once he got to be head coach of the Syracuse University basketball program though, the narrative devolved into recaps of the Orange seasons through the decades, with little of the man himself The man has coached a lot of years Anyhow if you are a fan of Syracuse basketball you will enjoy reminiscing about players through the years.

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    A great book for die hard SU fans and or college basketball fans who are interested in learning about Coach Boeheim Although he s HOF, his personality is often misunderstood He s actually a very caring, compassionate person, heavily involved in charity work and should be admired for all he has done for others Loved the memories of many exciting seasons this book brought back Recommend it to all SU fans.

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    do you love jim boeheim and syracuse orange basketball read this book it s got me fired up early for the season if you re not a huge fan of boeheim, but just wonder what makes him such a good coach, this is definitely worth the read if you don t like basketball or syracuse, don t bother i did not expect to like this book as much as i did, but found myself fascinated by a story of dedication and passion GO CUSE

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    Any window into Syracuse Basketball is appreciated by me, so for that reason, I liked this book However, because the book was an unauthorized biography, the window was small and maybe even a little bit foggy I am hoping that when Jim Boeheim retires, he will agree to an authorized biography and give Syracuse fans a detailed look into the program and his methods.

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    As a lifetime and die hard Orange fan, it would take quite a bit for me not to enjoy this book Having said that, it was a great read and not only provided insight, it also was a terrific walk down memory lane Highly recommend for any Orange fan or basketball junkie

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    I ve been a college basketball fan that respects Syracuse University basketball This book is a great read Jim Boehim has a fascinating career as a basketball player, golfer, and basketball coach.

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