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Collision Course files Collision Course, read online Collision Course, free Collision Course, free Collision Course, Collision Course d02b9f3c8 Immovable Object Meet The Irresistible ForceParamedic Aaron Chase Doesn T Have Anything Against Love It Just Comes With A Lot Of Responsibility, Like When He Had To Raise His Sister And Brothers After Their Drug Addicted Mom Took Off For Good Now That The Last One Is Off To College, Aaron S Anticipating Enjoying Life On His Own Terms He Certainly Wasn T Expecting Joey Miller To Accidentally Drop Into His Life Joey S Sexy, Funny And Annoyingly Optimistic, And His Tendency To Get Into Trouble Keeps Sending Him Aaron S Way Even The Fact That Joey Works For The Hated Social Work System Isn T Reason Enough To Keep Him Out Of Aaron S Bed Joey Knows All About Love He S Fallen In It Ten Times He Thinks It S Not That He Can T Tell The Difference Between Sex And Love All That Experience Has To Count For Something, Right With Aaron It S Different Maybe Because There S Something To Fight For This Time Joey S Fallen For Good He S Not Going To Let Number Eleven Get Away Warning This Love Story May Overheat Readers Or The Devices Used To Read It Explicit Male Male Sex Scenes Involving Extra Penetration, Toys, And Spanking

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    nope.Aaron s whisper buzzed the skin under Joey s ear Ass like this A hot palm cradled the curve Must be busy Bet you don t need much to get ready It had been over a month and getting that dick in wouldn t be easy But Joey managed to bite his lip and keep that information to himself, even if he couldn t understand why he wanted to let Aaron think he was a slut Aaron s hand rubbed across Joey s ass, stretching and pulling at the skin Aaron could think Joey was a slut, but that dick wasn t getting near his ass without Lube, he finished the thought out loud.It wasn t a laugh Just a puff of breath against his ear, but Joey felt it all over his skin He shifted his hips back and forth, nice friction on his dick while cold slick gel dripped into the crack of his ass No Aaron lifted Joey s hips off the stretcher.With his pants bunched around his calves, Joey couldn t spread his legs very far, certainly couldn t get one up on the stretcher Aaron grabbed Joey s hands and placed them on the cabinet above the stretcher, leaving him bent over but not touching it Yeah, Joey got off a little on being manhandled if he knew what he was getting into with someone he could trust He had no idea what Aaron had planned, beyond the obvious, and he certainly didn t trust him Except he did Because of that feeling, that sureness that resonated up from the soles of his feet every time Aaron touched him.The lightest brush of a fingertip at his hole and then Aaron slammed two fingers in right down to the bottom knuckle, twisting and rubbing, until Joey rocked his hips The first sharp thrust had sliced into him like fire, but now the deep twist and press made him grind back for As soon as that sweet rub coiled in his stomach and made him moan, Aaron slipped in another finger and fucked him hard.GFYS

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    DNF Unfortunately I was on collision course with this book pretty quickly, and I cannot rate it because I put it aside when I was 12 % done Too bad it s not written TOO MUCH SEX WILL BLUR THE VISION.I didn t particularly like it Gee, Baba, who would have guessed Well, I just like some kind of a build up And this was not going to happen A bad situation, paramedic walks on scene, looks at Eye Candy, likes his ass, c ck is twitching in front of my nose all the f cking time, and they get it on in the ambulance after they rescued the woman and the kid And Aaron the paramedic didn t even like Eye Candy He wanted just some a f cking Seriously Weird I was annoyed It rubbed me the wrong way If you can suspend belief and don t mind twitching you know what then give it a try You may even enjoy it shrugs My GR friend Lenore told me there is sex every few pages Just not my cuppa Meaning, Ms Mitchell is not meant to be one of my favorite authors Not now, not ever I did a c ck search on my Kindle Do you want to guess how many pages popped up that mentioned the term c ck view spoiler 27 twenty seven hide spoiler

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    I think I ve discovered a new favourite author K.A Mitchell s stories are fluffy and not fluffy at the same time I can t explain it They have this love conquers all feeling but they re also a little angsty and have wonderfully flawed characters and are deliciously hot the sex scenes are abundant and make your blood pressure skyrocket and a tiny bit dirty spanking, anyone and always finish on a positive, hopeful but HFN note that also lends them a certain degree of credibility lacking in other similar stories.Regardless, like I always say, it s fiction and it s romance so you also have to suspend disbelief at some points in Collision Course, it was the whole hostage situation but the author always manages to wrap her story up beautifully so I don t mind.So beware, GR friends I ll be gushing over K.A Mitchell s stories characters all over your home pages from now on.ETA I just discovered two short stories with Aaron and Joey a Christmas and a Valentine s one on the author s LJ You can read them here and here.

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    M M Bingo Round 8 Week 7 Best Gay Novel Series 3.5 starsYou know what I really like about the KA Mitchell books I ve read to date She kinda FORCES you into liking some real asswipes Ha And this could NOT be true than with Aaron Chase.Aaron well, let s just say he s bristly He s had a really tough life raising his brothers and sisters seeing them through some tragic stuff And now that they re grown, he wants no strings attached He does not want a relationship of any kind.Enter Joey Miller Joey is a consummate dater or rather jumps from relationship to relationship He s sweet and has a bit of sass kind of an accident waiting to happen And just when you think this is teetering on the brink of one perfect guy saving the other the author reveals Joey has his own issues he s a master manipulator with a bottom lip pout to get him whatever he wants.I love these two together They have this bite to them their conversations, the way they maneuver around each other, how they handle and most often don t handle the feelings that are going on between them Two imperfect characters perfectly suited for one another.There s drama, some angst, some attitude, some fluff and a WHOLE LOT OF SEX I think some reviews I ve read said too much sex and I do believe a book CAN have too much However, the sex made sense in this one It was the only way Aaron communicated and related to men in the past It was how he both protected himself and then eventually gave himself over Their relationship was ALL about the sex until it suddenly wasn t JUST about the sex.I was surprised myself how much I enjoyed this one I think Aaron Joey might surpass Quinn Eli Bad Boyfriend as my favorite KA Mitchell couple This is book 2 in the Florida series but can be read as a standalone I did not read book 1 and didn t have a problem at all Andshould you become an Aaron Joey fan as well, here are a couple added shorts to their story ChristmasValentines DayOne

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    Sigh, I see that a lot of my network friends love this, so I will be the anomaly The truth is, IF I go with a romance, I would love to have a story happening outside of the bed I would love something BUILD UP before or outside the sex This one is basically like the previous book in the series Diving in Deep , it s sex in every chapter, so if I have to remember what the story is, it will be Joel meet Aaron, sex, sex, sex, something happens to Joel cause he s a klutz, sex, sex, sex, Aaron being a jerk, sex, sex, sex So in the end, just like what I did with Diving in Deep , I jump into the last pages, find out what happen, and end it once and for all I m sure that when I skip it, it s all about sex anyway I think I might have to postpone reading the 3rd book in this series, because honestly I can t believe I m saying this , I m tired with all the sex

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    This is definitely in my top 5 all time favorite M M books I absolutely love this one It s full of angst, nasty smutty sex, angst, splashes of romance and hot, sweaty sexy men EMT s round this out to make it irresistible for me Aaron and Joey remain one of my favorite couples of all time, even though Aaron is still a total asshole dreamy sigh I also have this book to thank for my obsession with Goldfrapp.Direct quote from the book With a soft gasp from Aaron, the soundtrack started up in Joey s brain again Goldfrapp s Ooh La La was perfect for blow jobs If he sang along, his tongue did interesting things.If you ve never heard Ooh La La, I uploaded it here I fucking LOVE it, along with this book.Highly, highly recommended

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    2.5 sort of maybe starsThere was plenty of steam here, and I am not complaining But I thought the story lacked real character or relationship development I wanted tension, a slower burn I also wanted Aaron to be less of an ass And I wanted a stronger HEA This was a perfectly readable book, although there were some jarring POV shifts, a few typos, and name switches the little boy went from Seth Nathan in chapter 1 to Seth Ethan in chapter 2 how could an editor NOT notice that.A lot of my friends loved this book I m in the minority here, so feel free to pay me no mind.

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    There s a lot of things I generally like about KA Mitchell s books but this wouldn t be one of them And maybe it s because I find it hard not to start a marathon eye rolling session with the teenage caretaker to 50 siblings conflict.I actually enjoy Mitchell s remote controlled sex on demand approach but not even the promise of some of that..could entice me to stick around DNFd 40%.

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    This is getting to be a habit, reading books out of their chronological order But what the hey, it does not change how good they are Joey Miller is a cuddly, optimistic, manipulative social service worker who can t stay in a relationship for long He has had 10, and he moves to keep himself in virgin territory, till he screws another one up His ability to hurt himself on a regular basis, lands him in the arms of EMT Aaron Chase Aaron wears his angers at life like a suit of armor He s life has never been easy, raising his siblings with an overwhelming hatred for the social service system that has let him and his family down on a consistence basis for years Fantastic sex brings Joey and Aaron together, but love may tear them apart Once again, K.A Mitchell has given me a fantastic read I give it an ambulance fill of stars Rack up another winner for me from K.A Mitchell She is going to have to write faster, I will have read everything shortly.

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    I must say that I enjoyed this book than the previous one Yes, there is lots and lots of sex, but the plot is much interesting, the characters consistent, and I even found myself liking Aaron, even when he was so cold to sweet Joey

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