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    How far would you go to save the person you loved most in the world And what if he were alreadydead Wren s boyfriend Danny died in a car accident before she had a chance to say goodbye In a moment of grief, she brings him back from the dead with a powerful spell But she soon realizes that the boy brought back is no longer quite the boy she loved.I was really impressed by many aspects of this novel From the description, I expected to find a typical YA paranormal romance, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the author spends a great deal of time reflecting on love, loss, grief, and responsibility She skillfully sketches out the close relationship between Danny and Wren, and specifically shows us what an adorable boyfriend and great person he was So it s all too easy to feel sympathy for Wren s pain and to understand how her bereavement led her to grasp for such a incredible solution without considering the enormity of the consequences.Wren is a great character, too, full of complexity and conflict and confusion She has dyed hair and piercings and a mouthy exterior, but she s also close to her sister, trying to understand her mother and the powers she s inherited, and estranged from her two best friends The first half of this novel was extremely compelling to me as I was drawn in by Wren s struggle to balance the exhausting demands of her terrible secret with the ties she has to her everyday life, and I felt a great deal of sympathy for the guilt and grief that overwhelms her, as well as a great deal of admiration for the way she accepted responsibility for the choices she had made.The story started to lose its magic for me, however, as Wren began to neglect Danny and While at first, it seemed understandable that she would simply put him to sleep when she needed to leave because of his increasing awareness and dependence upon her, it began to happen far too much for my comfort, particularly after a certain turning point The paranormal aspects of the book are also very slight While I wasn t enraged by the presence of Gabriel, the new boy who is attentive towards her, as I think it s a natural progression in life, I don t think that it was necessary to have given him the kind of insight that he had It didn t really add anything to the story, and made his role both much and much less important than it needed to be Had the book focused on Wren and the importance of learning to let go, reading it would have been a much stronger and much gut wrenching experience.Overall, I liked this book but didn t love it as much as I initially thought I would The interesting premise and the emotional themes that were introduced in the beginning just weren t explored quite as deeply as I d hoped they d be which is a shame, because with a little development, this slight book had the potential to transcend the genre and to be something really, really great This review also appears in The Midnight Garden.

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    4.5 stars We were completely different Danny was tall, sweet, graceful despite legs that went on forever I was little, moody, uncoordinated We didn t like the same music or the same movies He put onions and mushrooms on his pizza and never wore socks and could sleep through a pipe bomb I survived on bananas and yogurt and always wore hats and got carsick unless I chewed gum with my headphones on It didn t matter I loved him As soon as she entered puberty, strange things started happening around Wren flying objects and exploding light bulbs became a regular occurrence This wasn t completely unexpected all the women in Wren s family can do the same, but for some reason, Wren s mother refuses to talk about it or teach her how to control it So when Wren s boyfriend Danny dies in a car accident, Wren decides to use her power and bring him back to her Unfortunately, Danny that rises from the grave isn t the same easygoing Danny they buried two weeks earlier The new Danny, angry and confused, is not nearly as harmless as Wren thought he would be Just keeping him hidden and compliant might prove to be too big a challenge for one seventeen year old girl.I enjoyed the new take on zombies Garvey wrote My zombie, such as he is, isn t George Romero s, as you probably figured out He s closer to the kind of zombie you might create with Haitian vodou magic, a corpse reanimated and then controlled by a sorcerer. While zombies we re used to reading about are usually scary in a grotesque way, Danny was creepy and deeply disturbing Every time Wren kissed him or placed her head on his silent chest, I felt the coldness of his body on my own skin and I shuddered involuntarily He really made my skin crawl It was easy enough to forget that he was once a warm and loving boy and that none of it was his fault.I never even realized how thoroughly I d connected with Wren until I caught myself siding with her even when she was obviously wrong I don t think I even noticed the other living characters, not in their own merit at least They meant to me what they meant to Wren, and if she suddenly changed her mind about one of them, I changed my mind together with her The funny thing is that Wren isn t a character I d normally like, but that s where Garvey s strength lies Create a selfless, heroic character and everyone will be crazy about him her under any circumstances, but write a girl who is self indulgent and careless and make me care about her and you ll have accomplished something not many authors can.I think that s what every emotional reader seeks a character he she can connect with entirely But Cold Kiss is also thought provoking and original, and Amy Garvey s marvelous writing skills add magic to this powerful, compelling and haunting story I will not only read whatever she decides to write next, I ll probably preorder it as well.Favorite quote Love like that is what they make movies about It s the thing you re supposed to want, the answer to every question, the song that you re supposed to sing But love like that can be too big, too It can be something you shouldn t be trusted to hold when you re the kind of person who drops the eggs and breaks the remote control Love doesn t break easily, I found But people do

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    What would happen if you lost the person you loved most in the world and then managed to bring him back That s what happens in this stunning novel by Amy Garvey Wren was is in love with Danny They were everything to each other, breathing each other s air When Danny dies in a stupid car crash, Wren s world comes to a halt The only way she knows to give remedy to the sense of loss and desperation she feels is by trying to use her abilities Wren has them Her mom, aunt and sister have them too They seem to be able to manipulate energy to their will make things move, flowers bloom out of season, change the color of their hair at will In a desperate attempt to bring back what she s lost but without thinking about the consequences Wren concocts a spell that manages to raise Danny from the dead But is really Danny or is it something else The type of zombie there s just one that Garvey creates in this book is not of your usual garden variety Danny is of a reanimated body brought back by a sort of necromancer namely, Wren and controlled by her There are no blood dripping teeth or deambulation with stiff limbs la Thriller involved Danny is sort of lucid, remembers fragments of his past life and is attached to Wren in a morbid way without really understanding why He is the real and only victim under all aspects in this book and I felt so full of compassion and pity for him, it made me simultaneously mad, repulsed and terribly sorry for the situation.Wren is a character I d basically would want to slap, under normal circumnstances She messes up big time by bringing Danny back and I didn t like the fact that she realized she has to do something about it read get rid of him once Gabriel steps into the equation BUT Garvey found a way to make me empathize with her on such a deep level that I just couldn t hate her I could feel her desperation, her denial, her incapability to let go of Danny But how did Garvey manage that Well, with her amazing writing skills, of course Garvey writes in such an effortless, polished way, there s not a word out of place Her writing style is just lovely, in my opinion She conjures up images and emotions with her words that really touched me deeply and made me tear up and feel all the grief and sorrow and helplessness Wren was experiencing Her writing is what sets this book apart from others, really The only element that didn t let me give this book 5 stars is Gabriel I have a lot of questions about him which I am sure Garvey will give an answer to in her next book Glass Heart right but his relationship with Wren and his interest in her didn t feel completely justified He follows her everywhere, he s almost obsessed, so much so that she has to tell him to back off I hope I will find a feasible justification in Glass Heart that will also give light to many of the mysteries surrounding him.Nevertheless, Cold Kiss is an amazing novel I really recommend reading, especially if you like your zombies with a twist.

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    This book left me looking Barely anything happened, the story was pretty much predictable, and on top of all that, Wren, our protagonist, is so unlikable and whiny If I had a penny everytime she whined, I would be able to buy my own private island The romance was stupid and the ending was anti climactic and boring.I know some people might say that this book is considered to be one of those mellow, down beat books that don t really have much action, and I m fine with those kinds of books, but the problem with this one is that all the characters are really bad So bad that I kept wanting action to happen because I m tired of hearing Wren whine about stuff and lust over the hot new guy because I didn t care I didn t care about her or any of the other characters.And there s really no need for this to be a series, in my opinion With that ending, this should have stayed as a standalone I really don t see how there should be a sequel.

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    3.5 Stars It wasn t love right away, because nothing ever is, no matter what the songs say, but it was the start of it A beginning in one way, and the end in another I think that might always be true of love Initial Final Page Thoughts.I was not expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did I love being proved wrong High Points.An um. alternative way of dealing with loss Zombies It s a kind of magic Cute flashbacks Gorgeous prose Minimal eye roll inducing descriptions An unconventional heroine that doesn t have blonde hair and a willowy figure she has piercings and coloured hair and wait for it she s short Woah now Sisters Low Points.FORCED LOVE INTEREST Anyone who has ever read any of my reviews, and or met me on the street and asked me for the time, will know I reaaaally dislike love interests that don t add anything to the story This book would have completely ripped out my heart and god knows I love a heart ripping book if the whole Gabriel thing had just disappeared In my view, this book was about Wren and Danny and how their love was cut short There was no room in my sympathy for a broody boy who can t even draw and takes things so very seriously So, unfortunately, some Brownie points were lost on this front I know some people can t get enough of them but I truly feel that my Room 101 would be full of love triangles that would incessantly poke me with their sharp and ridiculously insipid edges I m sorry in advance Julia, but I d betray you as well if it came to that Also Wren and Robin I find it offensive that magical paranormal mystical beings have to have strange and unusual names I m still waiting for a book where the magical power wielding heroine is called Janet, Linda or Jo something like that cough Heroine.It took me a bit to like Wren and I was convinced she was going to become an Annoying Female Protagonist Or as the cool kids call it an AFP because the first thing we found out about her was that she made the most ridiculous decisions seriously, this girl needs to watch Practical Magic before doing anything ever again BUT, obviously if Wren didn t make silly decisions involving dark magic and graveyards at midnight then I wouldn t have had a book to read and review So y know I ll let that slide Just this once.I loved how Wren handled herself when she realised that bringing Danny back to life were going to have repercussions and consequences She didn t moan or panic or think Oh well, he may not be the same or be in possession of a pulse and all but he s still super duper cute even if he is a bit pale and I ll just put layers on when he touches me because he s kinda cold Wren realised that it probably wasn t the best idea and she took responsibility for her actions without fuss or anyone s help Love Interest.Danny, or the zomboyfriend a word that I am hoping will catch on seeing as its all the rage in recent books at the moment, was the perfect boyfriend when he had a pulse and it broke my heart that he wasn t still around to draw pictures and just be generally lovely towards Wren It brought back some sad memories of other books that toyed with my emotions like this and turned me into a quivering wreck I think Garvey struck gold with the addition of the flashbacks between Wren and Danny because it showed how things were and made the present even tragic and Wren s feelings of guilt and loss even rawer If these flashbacks hadn t been included and Danny had been just painted as the zombie in the way of true love then I probably wouldn t have finished it But with these glimpses at how things used to be, Garvey perfectly created an almost unbearable bittersweet feeling as Wren realised that things could never be as they were and this new Danny could never be her Danny Gabriel Meh You know my feelings on him and his slate grey eyes.Theme Tune.I Want You To Stay Maximo Park.This song is perfect for this book because it allows me to practice my Geordie accent is all about losing someone that you still love, dealing with all the accompanying emotions and, finally, letting go Angst Scale.9 10 I don t know whether it was just me being a complete girl over emotional but this book really affected me Garvey proficiently conveyed Wren s grief and the sense of helplessness and combined this with a lyrical and realistic narrative style that never became too flowery and unnecessarily emotional A lot of writers believe that in order to write emotions they must be long and overwhelming so they can bombard the reader and pressure them into feeling sympathy towards the MC, but Garvey didn t need this I always find books that adopt subtlety with emotions so much effective than writers who slather it on I get so confused with the fragmented sentences, the elaborate metaphors that don t make complete sense and the sensory overload that I forget what I m even supposed to be sad about in the first place And, I have to say that this is the first full on, honest to goodness paranormal romance book that I ve actually cared about finished didn t pull out chunks of my hair over I did not think that this was possible because I honestly believe that if I saw a paranormal romance book walking towards me on the street I would cross over to the other side and avoid its gaze until it had walked passed So well played, Ms Garvey, well played indeed Recommended For.People who have never seen Practical Magic or Pet Semetary and thus do not know the perils of bringing back loved ones from the dead IT NEVER ENDS WELL I received a copy of this book from the publishers.You can also read the review for this book and others and a whole lot of other exciting stuff on my blog here.

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    This book touched the very bottom of my heart There isn t much action and the story is simple, but there are so many emotions crammed into this little book that even my soul started to ache at some point.The writer knows how to describe the feeling of losing someone dear to your heart, how you need to hold on to the good memories, how you can not let go even when you know that you need to Love doesn t break easily, I found But people do This book is also about making mistakes and dealing with consequences, about following your heart to only see it break again, about trying to move on when you are still bound up in your past.I have this compassion for people that do grave mistakes, the ones that they can never take back, the haunting type.Maybe it is because I am afraid of doing big mistakes too I am used to people helping me out when I m in trouble so it pains me to see others struggling by themselves I am the kid who sticks her finger in the light socket I am the person who doesn t check the expiration date on the milk I am the idiot who has never looked before she leaped I am the girl who is falling apart, right now This being said I cared for Wren, I understood how she could love Danny with all her heart, to that point that she wanted to have him back in her life at any cost.I understood how deep down she didn t even think that she could succeed in her attempt and she never thought about the next step , she just let her pain take over and did the one think that she shouldn t have bring him back from the death.What pained me the most was to see how she suffered even when she realized that the one broth back wasn t the one she loved that his skin was cold, and he didn t have a mind of his own, that he depended on her in a way none should ever, that at the beginning the memories brought him happiness, but after a while remembering started to be painful and dangerous.The love was fading under the weight of the truth and with realizing that he died he become aggressive, inhuman, hard to control, and Wren s life was spinning out of control Let me go Three simple words, and yet they stand for everything I haven t been able to do since he died What I always wondered was why didn t she talk with her mother I know that she was upset, but still, when you are playing God hiding un dead bodies in your closet figuratively speaking you should at least get all the help that you need when your magic turns against you Whoever decided that love should hurt sucks.It s been silent for too long, and I watch as Mom wipes a tear off her cheek Whoever decided that life should hurt sucks even But Danny is not the only love interest in the story.There is another boy and yes, if you are wondering, he is pretty much alive.If you ve read other reviews you might know by now that Gabriel makes a very convenient appearance and he seems to know too much about Wren having such a I repeat convenient power Also it might bother you a bit the fact that he has this stalk ish kind of behavior.But even though all those things are so true, he really wanted to help is Wren and it was nice for her to have someone on her side even though from time to time she needed to tell him to step back and leave her space to breath and make her own decisions Probably the next book will show development on this, so there is always hope for improvement.Anyways, this was a great emotional story that I pretty much liked a lot, so if you re thinking of giving it a try I hope that you will enjoy it as well This review can also be found at ReadingAfterMidnight.com____________________________________________Blog EN Facebook Twitter Tumblr Bloglovin Blog RO ____________________________________________

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    NOTE I gave this book 1 1 2 stars on my blog Hmmmm OK, so I wasn t a huge fan of this book Cold Kiss tells the story of Wren, a high school girl, who happens to have magic powers that her mom has kept a secret from her all her life until her boyfriend Danny dies in a car accident, and Wren finds out that she can use her powers to bring him back to life The problem is that once she does, Danny isn t the same When I first read the premise for this book, I was thinking to myself alright, this could either go one way and be really awesome, or it could just fall flat as a pancake Unfortunately, I felt like it did the second of those two I had numerous problems with it almost from the beginning, and even though I kept hoping the story and characters were going to get better, it all just kept getting worse.So my first and biggest problem with this book was the main character Wren She was completely unlikable Wait, scratch that she was a miserable, stuck up, ungrateful little toerag who I just wanted to slap into next week for being so incredibly selfish, mean, and bratty And what really ground my gears about her, besides her insufferable and immature attitude, was her delusional belief that after raising her dead boyfriend back to life and basically turning him into a brain dead zombie who lives in an abandoned garage, she still somehow thought that she had everything under control and refused to let anyone help her Gah So frustrating Alright, I will give the girl a little credit Wren does understand the horrible consequences of her decisions and she knows that she has to fix things somehow I just didn t like the way she went about it I also get that Wren was incredibly frustrated because she has these crazy powers and no one not even her own mother will explain them to her So I guess in a way it s no wonder that she ended up using them in one of the worst ways possible But despite all of this She still came across to me as a really crappy person Danny, Wren s undead boyfriend, was not much better Honestly, he was laughable and not in a good way, because I feel like the author was trying to make him seem like this super tragic, sexy undead guy, but instead he just came across as ridiculous and pathetic I didn t feel sorry for him, which I know as the reader, I was supposed to And this made me feel like a big, unsympathetic jerk.Then we have Gabriel, the new hott guy in town who wants to help Wren out of her situation He annoyed the crap out of me too why Because he s only known Wren for what, like a couple weeks And he s inexplicably bending over backwards to help out a girl who only responds to him with venomous retorts and ice queen attitude Why the heck is he even attracted to her She treats him like complete and utter crap This is not realistic at all, and I hate when books portray these totally unrealistic relationships that make zero sense Almost every interaction was Gab acting like a love sick puppy towards Wren, who only threw bitchy comments at him if he so much as looked at her the wrong way, and then Wren wondering why Gab likes her so much a question I also had It just baffled me that Gab continually took Wren s abuse and was so willing to help her out of a situation that she had selfishly gotten herself into in the first place.Besides the annoying main characters whom I either hated or couldn t stop laughing at, the ideas in the story were very vague and wishy washy Based on the fact that Wren brought Danny back from the dead and that she has had some kind of power ever since she became a teenager, the reader would assume that she s a witch, right But this was only hinted at throughout the book with a few mentions of spells and magic, and nothing was ever really developed too deeply I don t think Wren even mentioned being an actual witch until Chapter 21 This made the whole paranormal aspect of the story really confusing for me.Finally, I think that this book just took itself too seriously it tried to make some deep, meaningful, romantic story out of a premise that is to begin with pretty ridiculous I would have liked it so much better if it was a comic, light hearted story about some teenage witch and her undead zombie boyfriend getting into all kinds of shenanigans love that word and ending with a touching, happy ending Unfortunately, any humor that was in the story seemed like it was just awkwardly thrown in as an afterthought, so it didn t come across as actually being funny Fail So I don t know, Cold Kiss was readable, it s not like I ever felt like I wasn t going to be able to finish it, but it was one of those unfortunate cases where I just didn t like or wasn t interested in the characters and if I m not invested in the characters, the rest of the story isn t going to do much for me Let me also state however, that there are many readers out there who did like this book and thought that the characters were really well done and multi dimensional Even though I wasn t a fan, you might want to check out some positive reviews on it because you might end up really liking it Lea LC s Adventures in Libraryland

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    So I never heard about this book until I picked it up at a used book fair in November With that being said I actually liked it The story was interesting and the characters were believable It was a light read with a little romance and a little magic I know there are those who hated it because MC started falling in love with someone else MC uses her magic to bring her dead boyfriend back from the dead but I see this as a way of her letting go and dealing with the death like she should have done in the 1st place, realizing her mistake and that, although he s been reanimated, the Danny she loved is gone There were times the main character got on my nerves when someone was just trying to help her and some of the characters should have been talked about , like her sister who is just realizing the power she has as well or this amazing Aunt who isn t present until the very end Other than that, the book want bad.

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    I ve been keeping my expectations of YA PNR low lately That way I m not too disappointed if something turns out sucky I am pleasantly surprised by elements of Cold Kiss, despite bits of it being standard One, girl loves boy but with an obstacle before them, things got difficult Two, the same girl meets another boy who is just as delicious as the first, and tada triangle Cold Kiss is not that simple though True, the characters weren t fleshed out True, the story took place right after she d done the unspeakable I didn t mind though as I enjoyed piecing them together, figuring out if they were good or not And in the end, I can honestly say that I don t not like Wren I applauded her gung ho, I don t need anyone attitude I respected her independence But realistically she really was weak and selfish given that it was her initial act that got the ball rolling Should I give her props in recognizing that same fact Is it enough for her to admit to being weak and selfish It should be So, heck, why not But what s really annoying is how she treated the people around her Gabriel especially This boy positively puzzled me He saw her is what said What pray tell did he see From the way the story is told she d basically isolated herself, cut herself off from her family, her friends I understand why she acted that way she did but do boys really like sulky girls He puzzled me like he puzzled her When she asked why. so did I And while she s trying to figure out how to get out of the mess she found herself in, there s her family and friends to consider as well Gabriel s too I saw potential in Olivia, his sister she too puzzled me too in her easygoing manner But the part that could have been tackled a bit was Wren s family, there were so many things left unsaid there Her father, her mother. their situation I wanted to know so much .2.5 5Thanks Net Galley

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    How do we let go of the loved ones we lost How do we move on when the life we once knew has changed forever If you are Wren, maybe you don t have to let go Wren and Danny were in love When Danny is killed in a car accident, Wren uses her magical powers, which she still does not fully understand, to raise him from the dead But is what Wren brought back really her Danny or just bits and pieces The pages of Cold Kiss hum with electricity, energy, grief, love and sadness Garvey s prose makes you feel the warm embrace of first love and the cold sadness of grief Her writing style pulls you right into the magic and power of the story seamlessly with beautiful descriptions and humor The strongest moments were the achingly, bittersweet flashbacks with a warm blooded Danny and Wren So, so cute Your heart will ache for both of them, which makes what Danny has become so sad He is a shadow or zombie like shell of his old self The overwhelming loneliness and pain emanating off of Danny along with some of the images of his undead life in the loft will stay with you Why we love someone is filled with so many pieces like family, friends, hobbies , but Wren just took the one his love for her Love does not work like that though It cannot be hidden away or controlled and be expected to survive.I felt like all the messages and feelings were right there, but Garvey did not go deep enough It pains me to say that because I really enjoyed the story, but there were so many messages swirling around with the magic, secrets, and loss that I felt like she didn t stir it all together The story felt incomplete.There were so many points left up in the air Perhaps this was just book one in a series If so, I look forward to hearing from Amy Garvey and Wren.

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Cold Kiss summary pdf Cold Kiss, summary chapter 2 Cold Kiss, sparknotes Cold Kiss, Cold Kiss 681579e It Was A Beautiful, Warm Summer Day, The Day Danny DiedSuddenly Wren Was Alone And Shattered In A Heartbroken Fury, Armed With Dark Incantations And A Secret Power, Wren Decides That What She Wants What She Must Do Is To Bring Danny BackBut The Danny Who Returns Is Just A Shell Of The Boy Wren Fell In Love With His Touch Is Icy His Skin, Smooth And Stiff As Marble His Chest, Cruelly Silent When Wren Rests Her Head Against ItWren Must Keep Danny A Secret, Hiding Him Away, Visiting Him At Night, While Her Life Slowly Unravels Around Her Then Gabriel DeMarnes Transfers To Her School, And Wren Realizes That Somehow, Inexplicably, He Can Sense The Powers That Lie Within Her And That He Knows What She Has Done And Now Gabriel Wants To Help Make Things RightBut Wren Alone Has To Undo What She Has Wrought Even If It Means Breaking Her Heart All Over Again

  • Hardcover
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  • Cold Kiss
  • Amy Garvey
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