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    I haven t watched any silent films, but I m definitely going to change that Despite having never watched any silent films, I ve heard of so many silent film stars, which is remarkable to me Greta Garbo, Mary Pickford, Buster Keaton, Lillian Gish, Laurel Hardy, Charlie Chaplin But I had never heard of Clara Bow possibly the most famous of them all At least at the time But she didn t transition well to talkies arguably entirely the fault of the studio for throwing her at the wolves and continuing to give her formulaic roles unbefitting of her talent and she left Hollywood at 26 years old Her story is tragic for so many reasons She grew up in the slums of Brooklyn at the turn of the century, emotionally, physically, and sexually abused by both her parents When she caught a fairytale break and moved to Hollywood, she became the biggest star of any studio and lowest paid actress at Paramount She was treated like a commodity by the studio heads, but particularly Ben Schulman who was a real asshole, excuse my language All that was missing from every description of him was a finger twirling mustache, and it was fully deserved Clara quickly became a sex symbol embodying the free spirited, sexually unrestrained flapper of the 20s the first IT girl that phrase didn t exist before her She was a natural actress, amazingly talented, but was put into formula roles roles that exemplified her as the It girl and nothing And her schedule was grueling There are blood boiling memos from the studio talking about her like she s chattel and ordering that she be used hard and squeezed dry until they could discard her once her star power dimmed But it only dimmed because they refused to give her better roles Granted, scandal did follow her and over time seemed to get worse But the studio did nothing to help her, ever She was kind and trusting, but also had many lovers whereas other actresses were able to keep their private lives private, Clara couldn t seem to, or didn t see the point She was slut shamed before slut shaming was something we talked about And there were also plenty of rumors and libel that went around as well Her fans turned on her, her studio eventually released her from her contract through trickery , and she left Hollywood After Hollywood things didn t get easier for her, she was haunted by mental illness for the rest of her life.She was a full of life character, vivacious, free spirited, generous, and kind But wracked with insecurity And she was basically used and abused her whole life I know this all sounds like a dreadfully depressing read, but actually while it was definitely sad and Clara was such a tragic sympathetic woman, I loved reading about her She was beautiful on the outside and inside and led a fascinating life Can t stand Hollywood though What a bunch of tools Ugh Seems like not much has changed in 100 years.

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    This is an honest, heart breaking portrayal of 1920s film star Clara Bow and yes, that is her real name Not only does the author do a fabulous job of writing about her filmography, other Hollywood types, and general motion picture history, but he also clears up many a rumor that have been floating around about Clara s life for the past 80 years The author s style is easy to grasp, not because it is written in a dumbed down way, but because it makes you feel as if you are talking to an old friend, who just happens to be an expert on old Hollywood Highly recommended.

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    The It Girl, Clara Bow was one of the cutest gals in silent film, totally unfettered and a natural actress She was on top for four years and then the horror of the talkies came It finished her career almost immediately She had the worst case of mike fright than any of the silent actors and could not keep from looking up at the microphone during filming Additionally, her harsh Brooklyn accent, kept her from doing anything but comedy The studio saw the writing on the wall and dropped her like a hot potato, and not in a kindly manner She had made them loads of money but they paid her poorly and took advantage of her lack of education to exploit her as badly as any actor has been exploited.She married and retired gracefully but then the problems started It was discovered that she was schizophrenic and she spent years in and out of mental institutions She became a recluse in her later year and although she still had plenty of money, she let her home deteriorate and began looking like a street person She seldom went outside and lived with her illness the best she could with the help of a live on companion Hers may be one of the saddest stories of early Hollywood..her fans adored her and she had a great future if she had been handled correctly and had good legal advice But she was a carefree, loose living person who lived in the moment and she suffered for it Many of her early silents have been lost, but it is worth finding the restored version of It which shows her to advantage A good biography of a tragic star.

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    The tumultuous life of Clara Bow This is a fascinating story of one of the greatest stars of Hollywood The story is beautifully narrated and the book reads effortlessly It covers much of her career and her battles with demons, both personal and public During her lifetime, Bow was the subject of wild rumors regarding her sex life most of them were untrue and the author describes the history wonderfully The Coast Reporter, a tabloid published lurid allegations about her in 1931, accusing her of exhibitionism, incest, lesbianism, bestiality, drug addiction, alcoholism, and having contracted venereal disease The publisher of the tabloid then tried to blackmail Bow, offering to cease printing the stories for 25,000, which led to his arrest by federal agents and later an eight year prison sentence for the editor.Unpretentious and unaffected as she was, Clara could not live obvious to her fame, nor did she want to In five years she had made 37 movies and in her professional opinion, renown was simply a reward for hard work Still Clara could not help viewing her stardom is too good to be true The childhood fantasies that had relieved the reality of her family s poverty, her father s abuse and her mother s seizers had been fulfilled beyond her wildest dreams Though she was thrilled but she was also frightened She was known to be a supremely confident It girl was in reality a slum girl devoid of self esteem She desperately tried to be a good mother for her children and devout wife of her husband despite the fact that her childhood was traumatic She felt that life had played a cruel trick on her She had pictured marriage and motherhood as an ideal, idyllic existence and in fact found it even stressful than stardom She was sure that she was a failure both as a Hollywood star and as a mother and that added to her depression score Her insomnia was her greatest enemy which prevented her to relax and ease tensions and insecurities of life Her father, cousin, and business manager were bleeding Clara dry and her house at Beverly Hills was way behind mortgage payments and the house looked shabby The lawsuit against her secretary, Daisy DeVoe was very public scandal which broke her apart physically and mentally.She was publicly engaged to Victor Fleming and privately promised to Gilbert Roland, nothing happened until after few months she started having an affair with Gary Cooper which became the talk of the town Women were crazy about Cooper, and Paramount star Evelyn Brent cherished her affair with him for the rest of her life Tallulah Bankhead was literally chasing into his dressing room Clara increased her list of male lovers that included actors John Gilbert, Norman Kerry and Warren Burke Her reputation started slipping and gossips whispered that Clara has ID than It In 1927, rumor linked not to one lover but the entire lineup of USC football team including John Wayne She attended every home game in Los Angeles followed by regular entertainment at 512 Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills Food and entertainment were provided Her friends like Lina Basquette and Joan Crawford were always in attendance at these parties Clara Bow had a very tender and caring side for others Once a young boy from Long Beach wrote to her about his parents, both ill and he was selling candied popcorn to pay their medical bills He wanted her to visit his store She accepted his invitation immediately and replied that she was ion her way She stood next to him and sold popcorn to her fans to help the boy raise money for the treatment of his parents illness When Clara left Paramount for the last time, discarded and disgraced, she was only 25 She said that Rex Bell was her man and she worships him She was devoted to her husband and children and tried desperately to be an ideal mother Her insomnia and constant ailments recurred with vengeance when her husband declared candidacy for the congressional seat from NV This book is a great read and watching her movies on TCM cable channel is rewarding I recommend this book to all the fans of Clara Bow and also anyone interested the history of Hollywood.

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    Beautiful biography on the It Girl Stenn doesn t elevate the good of her life while downplaying the bad There s really no way to avoid the fact that Bow s life was an utter mess Starting with an insane and verbally abusive mother and a sexually abusive father, it s sad to realize that she felt Hollywood gave her the love she d never had Audiences adored her, but the industry she made money hand over fist for betrayed her in the end when her own weaknesses made her a liability in their eyes That she didn t end up a bitter old woman is amazing.

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    This biography could have easily gone down the tubes into tabloid trash Instead, it s a fascinating and engrossing story of a damaged little girl who grew up to become Paramount s biggest female box office draw of the 1920 s, but continued to fight her demons all her life Well researched, sympathetic, respectful It s not sanitized, but it s not sleazed up to the nth degree either Great read.

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    I liked getting to know such an iconic actress as Clara Bow and also the Hollywood life of the 1920s but I really didn t like the narration style that was very focused on the amount of money she received and the huge amount of people that were connected to her Because of that the book seemed cluttered to me and I just didn t enjoy it as much as I could ve.

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    Ok, so I have always been intrigued by the lives of old movie stars I ve read about several, including Jean Harlow, Carole Lombard, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Bing Crosby, Hedy Lamarr, and Esther Williams, just to name a few However, I haven t spent enough time exploring the shining stars of the sadly forgotten Silent Era I ve seen a good amount of silent movies though, and my interest has grew as well since I ve read Joshua Zeitz s excellent book Flapper Then one night I was off of work sick with the flu and while browsing Netflix streaming I came across It starring Clara Bow The only other Bow film I ve seen is Wings , and after seeing It I was totally in love with Clara Bow.Literally minutes after the movie ended I was already on Kindle buying Clara Bow Runnin Wild by David Stenn And oh, was I pleased I was trransported into Clara s life and her history was right there before my eyes Her tragic childhood, random and miraculous movie beginnings, mad cap height of movie and tabloid fame, and sorrow filled decline of fame and mental health was a vivid and addicting read.I was thrilled with how enthralling this book is You just want to keep reading It was also a fun treat to go back to 1920 s Hollywood People think that Hollywood today is drama filled but would be shocked to read about the crazy headline scandals that the silent era had Suicides, affairs, suidden deaths, crazy parties, gamblingthe jazz age comes alive in this book Clara truly was and is the original IT girl and by becomming America s first sex symbol this is my opinion, others think that title belongs to Evelyn Nesbit she paved the way for other actresses to become sexy icons in Hollywood I feel if it weren t for Clara many actresses including Jean Harlow, Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe and Megan Fox wouldn t have reached the fame that they have acheived today.The only con I can think of is that is you are not interested in the lives of silent movie stars then you may become bored easily But thanks to The Artist silent movie that won Best Picture at the Academy Awards last year there has been a renewed interest in silent film Clara shouldn t be forgotten, so if you enjoy interesting stories of true lives, give this book a shot You ll be hunting for It on Netflix instantly

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    I have recently fell in love with silent movies There is something about conveying meaning and emotions using just your body that fascinates me And according to many Clara Bow was one of the greatest.Reading the book gave me a 3D image of this woman It made me want to meet her, feel the energy she is famous for Stenn doesn t only concentrate on relating what happened to or what Clara did He also brings to life the world around her and its effect on Clara.And what a life She went from one of the worst childhood I ever heard of to a shinning carrier, loyal fiends and men that loved her and were willing to save her Except that saving her would mean to save her from herself I agree with a statement of the book Clara was her worst enemy Time and time again she was nearly destroyed by her use of sex to feel loved, her fears, her naivety etc But she lived a great life for a while and that is than some people get.

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    A serviceable bio of the 20s OTHER leading ingenue, the one who wasn t Lulu This is a good antidote to a lot of the hooha put out there by folks like Kenneth Anger including the whoppa that Clara once serviced an entire football that included one Marion Morrison, better known as John Wayne If this bio doesn t quite capture the exuberance that was Clara s supposed personality, blame it on the type of biography written here It would ve been interesting to go deeper into Hollywood dynamics rather than follow CB s chronology so closely, but cest la vie When you need to know who CD was married to, what movies she made, how much chasola she earned this is the one.

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Clara Bow: Runnin' Wild summary pdf Clara Bow: Runnin' Wild, summary chapter 2 Clara Bow: Runnin' Wild, sparknotes Clara Bow: Runnin' Wild, Clara Bow: Runnin' Wild c5056da Hollywood S First Sex Symbol, The It Girl, Clara Bow Was Born In The Slums Of Brooklyn In A Family Plagued With Alcoholism And Insanity She Catapulted To Fame After Winning Motion Picture Magazine SFame And Fortune Contest The Greatest Box Office Draw Of Her Day She Once Received , Fan Letters In A Single Month, Clara Bow S On Screen Vitality And Allure That Beguiled Thousands, However, Would Be Her Undoing Off Camera David Stenn Captures Her Legendary Rise To Stardom And Fall From Grace, Her Success Marred By Studio Exploitation And Sexual Scandals

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