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    I have just finished reading Jan Marsh s monumental biography of the Victorian poet, Christina Georgina Rossetti, entitled, Christina Rossetti A Literary Biography, and all I can say is Bravo This extremely well written biography leads the reader through Christina s interesting and complicated family life, as well as providing significant insight into the development of her poetic craft, and the intellectual stimulus behind much of her work Christina, born in 1830, was the youngest of four children, and wrote her first poem as a birthday present for her mother when she was eleven Her elder siblings, Maria, Dante Gabriel, and William were also accomplished writers and in Dante s case, he was an incredibly talented artist as well.I read Marsh s biography of Christina concurrently, in a side by side fashion, with the Penguin Classics edition of Christina Rossetti The Complete Poems, and it made the experience ever so much richer It would be easy to pigeon hole Christina Rossetti as simply a religious poet, but that would be very short sighted Yes, she was very pious, and was incredibly devoted to her faith and the High Anglican church she was raised in Her poetry though, while complex, lyrical, and imaginative, reflects the trials and tribulations of a young woman s feelings whilst growing up in Victorian England Over the course of her life, Christina wrote than 1,000 poems that weave together her fantasies, experiences, feelings, moral upbringing, social conventions, and her deep and abiding faith together in a body of work that is virtually unparalleled among poets, including those that preceded or followed her.It was also interesting to learn just how involved she was with Dante Gabriel Rossetti s creation, in 1848, with his friends, of the avant garde artistic movement that became the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood PRB This initial group included William Holman Hunt, James Collinson, John Everett Millais, and Christina s other brother William Michael Rossetti Several of the artists, including Dante, also wrote and published poetry, and Christina was invited to publish her early poetry in the PRB periodical, The Germ The young Christina also sat as a studio model in several of Dante s beautiful paintings More importantly, while Christina did not always approve of the life styles and activities of many of the members of the PRB, she was intellectually challenged and stimulated by the round the clock philosophical and artistic discussions that the members engaged in Both of her brothers, especially Dante Gabriel, were fully committed and active supporters and promoters of her poetry and provided extensive literary and critical advice over the course of her career.I found it fascinating to learn that during Christina s lifetime, because of her own talents, and the literary connections of her family, Christina met and spent time with Robert Browning, Algernon Charles Swinburne, Jean Ingelow, Adelaide Proctor, Charles Dodgson Lewis Carroll , and a whole host of other poets and writers The biography also includes several photographic family portraits taken by Charles Dodgson, as well as numerous sketches and paintings of Christina and other family members by her brother, Dante She was known to be a prolific reader and letter writer, and wrote scores of short stories and essays, both secular and religious and Ms Marsh has drawn upon much of this prose and correspondence in fleshing out the details of Christina s life.Ms Marsh s biography provides one of the most detailed looks into the day to day life of women in Victorian London, and the dependence that many single or widowed women had on the men in their family for their support After the death of Christina s father in 1854, her brother William essentially became responsible for the care of his mother and his two unmarried sisters Christina, over the course of her life, rejected two serious proposals of marriage the first from James Collinson, of the PRB and the second from Charles Bagout Cayley It appears that the reasons for these rejections were that neither man shared the same religious beliefs that she adhered to While both of her brothers had complicated relationships with women and did eventually marry neither Christina, nor her older sister, Maria, ever married That lack of a long term romantic love is a topic that Christina s poetry returns to time and time again.As Christina s poetic voice matured, she began to submit her works for publication Her first substantial book length publication was Goblin Market and Other Poems in 1862 Goblin Market was immensely popular and well received by the critics, and seems to have established her as a poet of some note in both Britain and the United States This brought her wide spread fame and allowed her to contribute to the Rossetti household income and support her charity work In fact, upon the death of Elizabeth Barrett Browning in 1861, Christina became the natural successor to the informal title of female laureate Over the course of Christina s literary career she was able to have published several books of collected poems including Sing Song A Nursery Rhyme Book for children, a delightful collection of short poems and riddles that recalled her days as a little girl in the rambunctious Rossetti family.Ms Marsh s biography does a terrific job of illuminating the personality and character traits of this woman, her interactions with her immediate family, and the wide network of friends that she had Marsh also sheds insight on Christina s many years of charity work at the St Mary Magdalene Penitentiary in Highgate While it was not a prison, but a home with a fairly structured routine, she worked with women who had had children out of wedlock, or had been abandoned, or were active prostitutes coming off of the streets of London Again, much of her poetry seems to reflect many of the life experiences that she would have become aware of during the course of her work with these women Finally, in middle age her declining health became much of an issue for her For years she battled Graves Disease a thyroid condition and later, the breast cancer that ultimately claimed her life in 1894 at the age of 64.The most important aspect of Jan Marsh s biography is that the reader comes away with an understanding behind Christina s most powerful works the muse behind the words The reader has a better sense of the role that her life experiences and her faith played in the development of her major poetic works In that vein, I really want to recommend some of my very favorite poems of Christina s that really illustrate what a technically and lyrically accomplished poet she was, including the following Goblin Market, The Convent Threshold, The Prince s Progress, The Ghost s Petition, The Months A Pageant, Monna Innominata a sequence of 14 sonnets , An Echo from Willowwood, The Dead City, Ruin, and In an Artist s Studio In conclusion, Jan Marsh s many years of researching and writing about the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood, and the women associated with that movement she also wrote a book entitled, Pre Raphaelite Sisterhood has eminently prepared her to write this superb biography of one of the greatest poets of the Victorian Era Christina Georgina Rossetti In many respects, the book reads like a novel, is well illustrated, and includes a prodigious amount of Christina s eloquent poetry that reinforces the connections, and relationships that Ms Marsh believes motivated Christina s poetic muse This was an important book for me, and has caused me to appreciate Miss Rossetti s poetry all the .

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    In many ways, the book provides an excellent analysis of Rossetti s life, as well as her writing But there is a suspicion for the reader that the Freudian approach to the text at times moves beyond the true toward the fanciful If a biographer should be grounded in facts, this book often enough finds itself in the hypothetical.

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    This is a book that I had to read for one of my poetry courses in college Christina Rossetti is one of my favorite poets I ve written on her a number of times, and I was really excited to have to read this Don t waste your time.It s really dragging, even for a memoir It s over 600 pages, and it certainly doesn t need to be Granted, there s some pages with photos on them, but that doesn t make up for the dry, student thesis paper type writing that this biography has It s also unreliable The author goes out of her way to insert her own opinion, presented as fact Such as, that Christina Rossetti had some intimate relations with a family member There s no evidence of this While it s acceptable to bring it up as a theory, or even to write a book about how you feel that s what her writing or actions in her life suggest, it s still not fact Because she shows a bias to some theories and ideas and not others, it makes her an unreliable narrator, so I don t know if everything else in the book is accurate either Unless you have to read it for a class like I did, skip it There s better books about her life.

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    Within this book of nearly 600 pages lies an interesting story of one of England s best female poets Maybe even the best But the story is lost in pages of over flowery waffle If the book was 400 pages shorter, I would gave enjoyed it but I got bored Dante Gabriel Rossetti Christina s brother and founding member of the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood and his circle usually fascinate me and the author, Gay Daley s Pre Raphaelite s In Love is one of the best books written on the subject It s a shame but I just couldn t sit to finish this so I could read something much interesting.

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    Why does everyone insist upon discovering new facts about long dead authors based upon scant information

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