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Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul: Stories of Feline Affection, Mystery and Charm quotes Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul: Stories of Feline Affection, Mystery and Charm, litcharts Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul: Stories of Feline Affection, Mystery and Charm, symbolism Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul: Stories of Feline Affection, Mystery and Charm, summary shmoop Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul: Stories of Feline Affection, Mystery and Charm, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul: Stories of Feline Affection, Mystery and Charm 5a62f66d Cats First Purred Their Way Into Human Hearts Thousands Of Years Ago, And Have Been Our Treasured Companions And Soul Mates Ever Since Whether Impish Kittens, Regal Adult Cats Or Serene Seniors, It S Impossible For Us To Remain Indifferent To Them Especially AtAM When The Food Bowl Runs Dry So Smile At Their Many C Attitudes, And Feed Your Feline Passion By Purr Using Wonderful Stories Like These A Russian Blue Comforts His Mourning Owner By Faithfully Bringing Her Flowers An Heroic Red Tabby Manx Saves The Family He Loves From A Lethal Gas Leak In Their Home A Devon Rex With Extraordinary Talents Including Playing The Piano Expands People S Notions Of What A Cat Can Do A Fish Loving Shorthair Nearly Loses His Head While Scavenging In The Garbage Disposal But Lives To Meow About It A Three Legged Kitty Befriends A Lonely Third Grade Girl, Transforming Her World And Inspiring Her Future Success In LifeFrom Playful And Hilarious Accounts Of Life With Cats To Heartwarming Tales Of Cat Courage, Healing And Learning, Each Touching Story In Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover S Soul Celebrates The Special Bond We Share With Our Cats

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    So this year my reading goal is going to be a little different yes I want to read new releases and new books that come my way, but I m also going to try and take a few of the books that have been sitting the longest on my to read and finally complete them This book was number two on that list I always love a Chicken Soup book, but this one simply never appeared in physical form for me When I made my decision, I decided to download it on my Kindle just so I could finally read it It has all the charm of every other Chicken Soup book I ve read, and I honestly believe there is a book in this series for everyone I read the cat and dog books, but they cover all kinds of subjects too All of the stories are personal and touching, and some are written in different ways to shake things up Some are absolute tear jerkers fair warning Some make you go and kiss your cats on their furry little foreheads just because.Basically this is a marvelous book in a brilliant series Five stars

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    Hello everyone I decided to help out and write this review for my mom I m Jupiter I m 10 years old I am a very handsome orange tabby I suggest this book to every cat who has a slightly emotional mother It will guarantee lots of petting My mom always likes to pet me when she is sad, mad, upset, etc She would read a story or two out of this book and then totally burst into tears, usually cuz some cat died I feel bad for the cat who died, but it was the most glorious thing to hear my mom calling, Jupiter Ju ey I need you sob sob I would dutifully run to her and let her pet me for as long as she needed to Yep, that was rough So, I thought that I would write an inspirational story about myself Perhaps they will want to publish this in the next edition.My Triumphant Climb, by Jupiter SnowMy mom was feeling bummed and tired this morning My brother, Rocco, was just sleeping in the bathroom, using a roll of toilet paper as a pillow He was not helping her out at all So I knew I needed to step up and make her smile.I have struggled with my weight for many years My vet says that I am a 12 pound cat in a 20 pound body It s hard for me to get around sometimes I can t jump up on things like other cats can So, when I try to do that stuff it always looks funny But for my mom, I was willing to look like a dork I decided that instead of getting to the bed on top of my scratching post the normal way a short jump from the floor , I would jump from the kitchen table I can easily get on top of the table if the chairs are not all pushed in Today someone had been sneaky and tucked the chairs all the way under the table, which I didn t actually notice until I jumped on the chair and bumped my head So I had to squeeze my belly through a pretty narrow spot and then use my arms to pull myself up onto the table I heard her start to giggle It is really hard to get on the table when you are squished against a chair I might have grunted a little bit, which made her laugh some I finally dragged myself all the way up I swear I could hear Eye of the Tiger my favorite song playing in the background It was so awesome I was on top of the world And my mom laughed Then I made the several foot jump to my scratching post bed I stuck the landing and settled in for my day long nap My mom laughed her pants off And she petted me See this is indeed the greatest book ever

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    I m a cat person I currently have two of my own and could only wish for So, on this streak of Chicken Soup books that I ve been reading lately, it only seemed appropriate to read the Cat Lover s Soul book.Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover s Soul is filled with the normal short stories of the Chicken Soup series They are broken down into different chapters titled, On Love , Celebrating the Bond , A Furry RX , Cat Egorically Wonderful , Cats as Teachers , Farewell, My Love , Rescue Me , and One of the Family Each of these chapters has several short stories relating to the themes and of course, they are all about cats There are stories of adopting special cats, cats alerting their owners to danger or illness, and many other things I especially liked the story The Call of the Lobster about a cat who talks to a special toy, because one of my mom s cats does the same thing with a fuzzy ball she carries around I knew she was strange, but at least she s not alone in her strangeness There were other stories I didn t like though, like the one about a lady who rescued a cat with FIV and then after treating it at the vet let it roam with her other cats yes FIV can be contained and treated, but it can be infectious and it seemed an unnecessary risk to her other cats.I m of the opinion that all cats are pretty wonderful It s the owners that I sometimes don t care for There are a lot of people out there that are just cruel to animals including a story in this book where four teenage boys are practicing target shooting on a cat and it hurts to read about people like that Granted, there are just as many if not wonderful people in this book who adopt cats and take care of them, so it does have that redeeming quality to it But really, it s the cats that make this book worthwhile and it showcases them.I will admit that there were quite a few stories in here that made me laugh or cry The cat getting its head stuck in the garbage disposer it was rescued successfully made me giggle But, despite there being a specific chapter for cat death Farewell, My Love , kitty death was rampant through this book I m fairly convinced that the people at Chicken Soup aren t happy unless there s a death of a person, animal, plant, whatever, every ten pages or so in their books Not sure what s so inspiring about that, but they ve sold a lot of books so it much be working I just wish there was life than death in these books, especially this one since I appreciate my kitties being alive and don t want to think about their eventual deaths right now Still, they had a lot of good stories in this book.Overall this is one of the better Chicken Soup books As a cat lover, I did enjoy it and read it in one sitting.Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover s SoulCopyright 2005378 pagesReview by M Reynard 2013More of my reviews can be found at www.ifithaswords.blogspot.com

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    I listened to this book as I was going to sleep, and had it go to sleep after a short time I loved the stories, and many of them made me cry, as I recalled stories about our own beloved pets We miss them very much, but my husband is allergic to cats, and he is breathing easier without them in our home We also didn t think it was fair to bring cats into our home, and perhaps outlive them It would hurt me to think of beloved pets without someone to love them Anyway, I really enjoyed hearing the stories of beloved pets.

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    This is a special collection of true stories, all centered on our feline friends and their undeniable purrsonality.Divided into sections, the stories vary in age of cat and the lesson or moral of each story There is definitely something for every cat lover in this wonderful book Each account is heartfelt and will leave you feeling good.I the section on Love, Oscar the Garbage Can Kitty, lived in a garbage can Then he ends up moving into the hearts and home of some kind people I connected with this story because I knew a cat like this in my lifetime.Other sections include Celebrating the Bond, A Furry RX, Rescue Me, and One of the Family Each section has several stories of the special friendship and bond between human and cat The feline personality and intelligence is showcased and celebrated.This book is indeed Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover s Soul It is a book to savour, share, and read again.

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    I found the book interesting It s filled with touching stories that remind me of my cat who s a rascal I think most people would like this book Unless they don t like catsIf you re a fast reader like I am I d suggest this book for a cool down It doesn t leave you hanging so you can read a story eat lunch and read the next story I ve read a lot of cat stories but this book defiantly has some of my favorites In one of the stories a group of soldiers were in their hide out when a cat came and the cat became their mascot That was my favorite Some of the stories I find hard to believe because it seems so unreal but like they say cats have nine lives Normally you d think nonfiction is boring stuff but not this book, so if you re told to read a non fiction book I suggest this one.

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    I watch kitten and cat videos regularly Cat and kitten memes appear regularly on my Facebook feed I live with three cats I was traveling and needed something I could read during travel breaks This fit the bill.As is usual with Chicken Soup books, I laughed and cried as I read I must have gone through about 1 4 of a box of Puffs This book had fewer cartoons than I m used to seeing in a Chicken Soup book but it fit the bill of everything I wanted in a book to read while traveling I always recommend Chick Soup books for those times you have just a few minutes to read or just need to good reason to get in touch with your emotions.

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    Hard to give a solid review of a Chicken Soup book, because it contains so many different things I laughed, I cried, I snuggled my kitty I learned about amazing things that cats have done and ways that they have brought joy and love to people who know them My mother gave me this book for Christmas because she knew I would like it and I did good job mom Kitty was pretty sure I should be spending my time loving her, playing with her, and attending to her every wish and whim instead of reading the book but she thinks that about every book, so don t go by her opinion.

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    I ve never been shy about pledging my allegiance to dogs over cats, but I did find these cat stories in short doses to be of my liking Having never owned a cat, I only know what I do about their nature from books like this and the stories I ve heard from my cat loving friends These stories did a great deal to educate me, and while I don t see myself adopting one anytime soon, they showed me that cats can be just as loving, friendly, and heroic as dogs, though they make show these things in completely different ways.

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    This book was heart warming, funny, and at times sad It s full of stories about cats Cats who have saved lives, cats who have made a difference in someone s life there was even a cat who stayed with a troop of soldiers in Iraq until they returned to the United States the story Saving Private Hammer Any animal lover would enjoy this book Trust me, if you like animals, you won t be disappointed with this book.

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