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Charlie Chaplin and His Times quotes Charlie Chaplin and His Times, litcharts Charlie Chaplin and His Times, symbolism Charlie Chaplin and His Times, summary shmoop Charlie Chaplin and His Times, Charlie Chaplin and His Times 411836e7 One Of America S Most Distinguished Biographers, Lynn Goes Far Beyond A Mere Recounting Of The Well Known Events In Chaplin S Career By Setting His Life, His Art, And His Controversial Politics In The Context Of His Times, Lynn Gives The Book Extra Richness And Dimension In Penetrating And Exquisite Detail, Lynn Also Traces The Deep Psychological Connections Between The Man And The Artist And Brings His Own Keen Critical Intelligence And Historical Awareness To The Meanings Of Chaplin S Films And He Has At Last Succeeded In Separating The Facts Of His Life From Chaplin S Own Artful Fictions Combining The Strengths Of A Seasoned Literary Biographer And Social Historian, Lynn Debunks The Chaplin Myths Passed On By Unquestioning Film Critics, Biographers, Adulatory Documentary Filmmakers And By Chaplin Himself He Returns To The Original Sources To Trace The Origins Of Chaplin S Comic Routines, And Relates The Story Lines Of His Films To Events In His Childhood As Well As His Adult Preoccupations Lynn Documents Chaplin S Meteoric Rise As A Film Actor, His Failed Early Marriages And Love Affairs With Glamorous Stars, His Communist Sympathies, The Infamous Joan Barry Case, His Voluntary Exile In Switzerland With His Young Wife, Oona O Neill Chaplin, And His Triumphant Return To America In And Through It All Is The Gleaming Thread Of Chaplin S Films By Delving Deeply Into The Unique Combination Of Slapstick And Sentiment, Wit And Whimsy That Characterize Chaplin S Art, Lynn Deftly Captures Both The Magnetism Of The Man And The Magic He Created In His Films

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    The note written by a previous offer of this book sums it up nicely Larry thinks this book plays into the pro Commie sentiments too much So true And so far it really is mostly commentary on Chaplin s memoir, describe its inaccuracies Who cares

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    An absolute joy to read and to hold on to A must read purchase for any serious Chaplin fan or student of the clowning trade.

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    This is a very long book, because as its title suggests, it is than just a biography of arguably the most famous actor of all time, but also of the burgeoning movie industry in general, the communist movement in America, a little of both World Wars, and surprisingly detailed asides about the large number of famous or, often, later to be famous people who wandered in and out of Chaplin s life Because of that, I don t think you have to be a big Charlie Chaplin fan to enjoy this book I confess I ve never seen any of them all the way through, though after reading this book I d like to From a century away, it s easy to forget that so many what are now cinematic stereotypes originated during Chaplin s prime The films are described beautifully, and while the subject is clearly admired for his contributions to art, this is no fawning accolade Like all geniuses, Chaplin was a complicated man, often unpredictable and hard to work with But in the end, his work remains a stunningly important chapter in the history of film, and this book is a very interesting, readable, and enjoyable exploration of that chapter s central character.

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    I m in awe of Chaplain s genius

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    read for work readible, clear and easily followed.

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    Liked the story, but was far less than sympathetic to the subject upon getting to know about him He seemed a bit of a narcissist, perhaps even a megalomaniac Loved to bed the ladies and gave little thought to the consequences Likely a communist sympathizer His humor as a mime was clearly first rate, but probably reflects that he was less than fully able to engage people with whom he had to talk An interesting character.

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    Important to read if you are a fan of Chaplin, or cinema Gives you the good, bad and the ugly parts of the man although it fails to explain the genius, like was he born that way A bit obsessed with the mother was mentally ill theme, and dragged a bit in the era of communist red baiting Lynn is a bit too concerned with pointing out the inaccuracies in Chaplin s memoir, but his source material is very deep, and the chronological setup, a chapter per film, roughly after he began making feature films has a good flow.

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    Lynn does a serviceable job of combining artistic criticism of Chaplin s films with a portrait of the man himself, but the personal portrait is devoted heavily to Chaplin s political views This topic is covered over and over, taking up the greater part of this book s considerable bulk and smudging out the interesting facets of film and humor hinted at in the earlier sections Had the subject matter been evenly handled, this would have been useful, and engaging Not a good introduction to Chaplin or his films.

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    This was a great, if somewhat sordid read It really captured an era in theater and early cinema Chaplin was a fascinating guy, but such an egotist that by the end you end up hating him Here s a fascinating tidbit his children were not allowed to watch any movies other than his until they were in their teens.

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    Really digs into the career character of Chaplin, a _very_ complex man despite his Little Tramp persona Takes us through his start as a mime to Hollywood to owning his own studio to exile They say there were only 2 true geniuses in Hollywood Disney, and Chaplin This is the intriguing story of one of them.

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