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Chaplin: Genius of the Cinema txt Chaplin: Genius of the Cinema, text ebook Chaplin: Genius of the Cinema, adobe reader Chaplin: Genius of the Cinema, chapter 2 Chaplin: Genius of the Cinema, Chaplin: Genius of the Cinema 5c8c49 Charlie Chaplin Was The First International Cinema Star And One Of The Greatest Comic Geniuses The World Has Known Drawing On Research And Interviews With Those Who Knew Chaplin, Jeffrey Vance Presents An Illustrated Account Which Captures Chaplin S Fascinating Life As Well As His Creative Process Vance Describes In Detail The Atmosphere On Chaplin S Film Sets And His Relationships With The Cast And Crew, His First Attempts At Comedy Sequences That Later Became Famous, And The Main Themes And Ideas That Persist Through The Major Chaplin Films Stage Of Which Is Documented In Photographs His Poverty Stricken Childhood In Late Victorian London, His Unparalleled Success In Hollywood, His Numerous Romances And Four Marriages, His Political Persecution During The Anti Communist Witch Hunts, And His Happy Years Of Quiet Exile In Switzerland

About the Author: Jeffrey Vance

Jeffrey Vance is an American film historian, producer, archivist, and lecturer, as well as the author of the acclaimed volumes Douglas Fairbanks UC Press Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 2008 , Chaplin Genius of the Cinema Harry N Abrams, 2003 , Harold Lloyd Master Comedian Harry N Abrams, 2002 , and Buster Keaton Remembered Harry N Abrams, 2001 His most recent book

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    Many biographers have tackled the complex life career of Charlie Chaplin, himself included I have read many of them, including his autobiography This one stands out in great care in being thoughtful tasteful An honest and penetrating pondering of his films, which very much drew inspiration from, and was tightly bound with Chaplin in his personal life as well Thankfully, there is neither gushing nor smart ass critiquing for the sake of distasteful, sensationalist argument here That this book is not mandatory on film schools recommended readings list around the country is in my opinion, another attribution to the fall of our educational system.

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    oh, okI think I get charlie chaplin now

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    There is alot here to see read about on the greatest genius of film ever,Mr Charlie Chaplin I read this back in 2011 while working a night shift around the same time,i found the Chaplin At Keystone An International Collaboration of 34 Original Films DVD set and it just blew me away I had access to both this book the DVD set from the library,but someday i would love to own both, because they have such a well put together charm to themjust fascinating spellbinding In this book, Vance describes in detail the atmosphere on Chaplin s film sets and his relationships with the cast and crew, his first attempts at comedy sequences that later became famous, and the main themes and ideas that persist through the major Chaplin films Chaplin s rags to riches life story is also represented in these pages, every stage of which is documented in photographs that are just beautifulsuch a detailed photo biography After during reading this,I watched the remastered DVDs of Chaplin s films with a new found appreciation and understanding of the man s workThis book is worth whatever price tag is currently on it, for sure.

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