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Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood chapter 1 Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood, meaning Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood, genre Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood, book cover Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood, flies Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood, Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood f9c77d22eaa73 Far And Away The Best Film Book Published So Far This Year National Board Of Review Cecil B DeMille Was The Most Successful Filmmaker In Early Hollywood History Cecil B DeMille S Hollywood Is A Detailed And Definitive Chronicle Of The Screen Work That Changed The Course Of Film History And A Fascinating Look At How Movies Were Actually Made In Hollywood S Golden Age Drawing Extensively On DeMille S Personal Archives And Other Primary Sources, Robert S Birchard Offers A Revealing Portrait Of DeMille The Filmmaker That Goes Behind Studio Gates And Beyond DeMille S Legendary Persona In His Forty Five Year Career DeMille S Box Office Record Was Unsurpassed, And His Swaggering Style Established The Public Image For Movie Directors DeMille Had A Profound Impact On The Way Movies Tell Stories And Brought Greater Attention To The Elements Of Decor, Lighting, And Cinematography Best Remembered Today For Screen Spectacles Such As The Ten Commandments And Samson And Delilah, DeMille Also Created Westerns, Realistic Chamber Dramas, And A Series Of Daring And Highly Influential Social Comedies He Set The Standard For Hollywood Filmmakers And Demanded Absolute Devotion To His Creative Vision From His Writers, Artists, Actors, And Technicians

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    Published in 2004, Cecil B DeMille s Hollywood by Robert S Birchard is neither a biography of Cecil B DeMille nor a history of Hollywood It s a listing of DeMille s movies, starting with his first, early silent, Squaw Man in 1914 and finishing with his last movie, the blockbuster, The Ten Commandments 1958 This is not a book for beginners It is not a narrative history but it does provide some of the history of Hollywood, in its way The early films especially, are enlightening for the speed with which they were made and the settings, lighting, and camera techniques early directors developed as they went along The public couldn t get enough of the new movies in the first decade of the 20th century DeMille made 15 full length feature films in 1915 Other directors were just as busy.Basically, the book is an annotated filmography, with much detail and some enlightening commentary about each movie If you want to know who the cameraman was or who did the final editing on any DeMille film, how long it took to film and whether it made money, this book will tell you Illustrated with stills from all of DeMille s films, the book gives you a good idea how DeMille molded the careers of early stars And in later years DeMille went to considerable trouble to make sure these people were hired for bit parts or as extras when these same actors had trouble finding work elsewhere He was loyal to the people who helped him build his own career.Not that he was especially known as a kindly man He was a despot But he was also an exceptionally good director He did not tell actors what to do he set the scene, provided the dialogue, set up the camera, and left the rest to the people on stage This was a challenge, but for really good actresses, like Gloria Swanson, it was what they needed to achieve some of the best performances of their careers.The early history of the movies, the companies created by Lasky and Goldfish and the other pioneers, the development of film, cameras, and other technology, the move from New Jersey and New York to Los Angeles and eventually Hollywood, the identifying and developing of first rate actors and directors, not to mention script writers, cameramen, and others behind the scenes for all this you need another book David Thomson s The Whole Equation 2004 and Jeanine Basinger s The Star Machine 2007 are your best bets But if you are really interested in DeMille, Birchard s book is invaluable.

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    This is a hell of a time to start reviewing Bob s books, but i seldom review books that i own because i don t need to remember if i ve read them That i own so many is a tribute to Bob s research and writing skills This one, in particular, is THE book on De Mille films, with lots of background information and description on each Indispensable if you are interested in De Mille.

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    An excellent reference, especially on some of the harder to see early DeMille films of the 1910 s Birchard writes in English, not in academese, which is refreshing for a scholar in the often gobbledygook laden realm of film studies.

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