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    Enjoyable Funny Steamy Hot Cute.The thing I ve noticed in my reviews is that I rarely use cute for mf books But when it comes to MM, no matter their age, no matter how different they are, I always consider the couple to be a cute one Maybe it s the lacking of drama, super angst or BS that characterises the fair sex I swear I m not a misogynist, but women tend to be very melodramatic, especially in books.Jake and Brandon finished high school at the same time They were so different, Jake being the school s superstar and Brandon a nerd Life brought them together teaching at the same school they studied They know very little of each other Some circumstances bring them to work together and soon they start to feel things that surprise them both They begin from understanding to lust and love Their relationship s development is written very flawlessly This is a make feel good book.The only issue I had with this book was the constant change of POVs I had a hard time figuring who was who It is a bit distracting Usually the POVs are put into different chapters Once you deal with that, the book becomes awesome Another issue my issue, not book s issue is all the sport talking I m European I don t know anything about baseball and American football insert Jon Snow meme you know nothing here bwahahaha We only watch soccer I m sure Americans are okay with all the slangs.I would have liked to read about them Halfway through the book I had the feeling that this was part of a series Nevertheless this was a good read.

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    4.5 Stars I m a sucker for a good sports read and this was one of the best MM sports reads I ve read to date It had a delicious slow build between Jake and Brandon, who were once classmates Never friends but now work at their old high school together When Brandon is forced to help Jake out coaching the baseball team they become friends and eventually This one was a very easy read, with little to no angst The steam really picked up the second half but wasn t necessarily missed in the first half Makes me want to go check out the Cut Run series for sure

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    If I had known nothing about this book, and had no friend reviews to go on, I would have gotten halfway through the first chapter and given up on it And that would have been a shame, because it s a very good book.The best thing anyone could do for newbies coming to this book would be to post a warning Many unexpected POV shifts ahead pay attention to names and be prepared. In the first nine pages, the POV shifts back and forth between the two MC s at least 10 times Sometimes it s hard to figure out which of them a secondary character is talking to, or where the action is now and which character you are with Without the advance warning, I went back twice trying to figure out what the hell I was reading, and finally just restarted the whole book from the beginning with careful attention to who seemed to be be on top at that moment In the version I have, there is no warning in the formatting of POV shifts or of some sudden time shifts from one paragraph to the next The story would abruptly be hours later without so much as a blank line in between.Were it not for these issues, this would be a five star book The MC s are wonderful, the dialogue is funny, believable, and at times beautifully emotional in a limited number of words that seems wholly natural to the characters The sex is hot very hot The plot makes sense and is never melodramatic The climax is marked by a misunderstanding, but it is brief and understated and real The resolution is sweet.The further I went in the book, the less the POV shifts bothered me, as I became used to the style There still were tiny moments of Oh, that was Brandon not Jake but the momentum of the book carried me along I would love to see of these guys as they perhaps move out of the closet And I warmly recommend this, with the warning at the top in big letters Go into this expecting the shifts, and I think most people will highly enjoy the ride.

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    This book was everything I have come to expect from Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban It was sweet, very sexy, low angst, and a lot of fun Jake and Brandon were just delicious However, I don t typically connect to sports books as well as other genres of M M so I didn t feel quite as invested with this story as I would have liked Still, it was a great read to break me out of a bit of a slump.

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    I don t know, you guys Maybe if this was the first or only m m story I had ever read, I might have rated it higher, but 4 years and 1600 m m novels later, this story and the writing was pretty underwhelming Also, the head hopping EVERY OTHER PARAGRAPH drove me bananas.

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    First read in March 2011I really enjoyed this story I can definitely recommend it, but I would have loved an epilogue I ve decided I need to reread this one, so here it goes Update, I have decided to rate it higher a 4.45 for sure, but the ending still feels a bit rushed or incomplete.Jake was a great sports talent, unfortunately his body took a beating with all the sports and surgeries and now he is a coach at his old highschool and in constant pain from all the abuse his body took over the years.Brandon was a homeschooled nerd, that didn t start public school until he was a sopho, he still feels socially inept and unsure around some people, jocks like Jake especially, and Jake feels a bit dim around guys like Brandon.They both had insecurities and they were both lusting after the other but sure they didn t stand a chance Well, guess what They certainly did stand a chance and it s the start of a great relationship I actually liked that there is no big reveal and outing, no huge statement to make, they know if it comes out there will be difficulties but they are sure they are going to stick it it together.Misty the slightly stalker annoying hanger on of Jake, was annoying and left a wild card at the end.I really liked this feel good story and still feel it needs a follow up ETA I bought it as an audiobook and am listening to it today I like it, the narrator has a very nice voice.

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    My second read wasn t quite as awe inspiring as the first, but I still loved it to pieces Review coming when I have time to catch up.Highly Recmmended

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    4 Stars He was around the corner, and after looking for a bit accurate, he was the one you wanted Two lucky birds with one stone This book has been in my iPad for a while and eventually I figured it was time to read it before I start with the Cut Run series by the same two authors A good decision happy again, another strong 4 star from me In the initial chapters there was a lot about baseball and procedures at the High School where the two main characters worked I m a Swedish girl so what do I know about High School and baseball Absolutely nothing The lack of knowledge probably made it feel extra sluggish for me in about half the book But then became this a delightful read This is a romantic and very nicely told story about two very different nah according to them men, just over 30 years, as both live in the gay closet Nobody knows, and certainly not their colleagues at work One day I m gonna get you drunk , Jake promised with a smirk, and grope you The once popular sports guy Jake and the intelligent nerd Brandon find each other ten fifteen years after High School Jake is the former sports star from school days who, after many injuries, now become the head coach for the school s baseball team Brandon is the guy who came back to town and now is the school science teacher When they were young they lived in different circuits and many of the prejudices remain And Brandon knew without a doupt He was in love Oh Fuch A Duck Okay, it took a while but this is a wonderful romantic m m story So sweet, cute and belatedly very steamy and hot Two passionate men to love A nice end in the middle of their life with the feeling that these two men will solve everything for their true love is there Well worth reading maybe not looking exactly as Jake and Brandon are described no tattoos but the loving and tender feeling I LIKE warmed my heart

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    M M SportsJake the nerd and Brandon the jock both went to high school together They ran in different circles and probably said less than 5 words to each other They graduated, left town to purse dreams, but unfortunate circumstances had them return to their hometown and are both employed at their alma mater, and both are still respectively nerdy and jock y However, something is different about both of them since they last saw each other.sexual preferences.I ll make this quick My issues 1 Not long enough2 Gaps in story3 Don t expect a bow, but some insight on possible plans for their future relationship would be nice Gay men aren t received with open arms in the sports world 4 I don t like the cover.at all I know, I know, don t judge a book by its cover, but such is the life of a cover hoe o I liked it okay I think I was interested in how the men would navigate their relationship, while trying to succeed and advance their career and I didn t really get that.

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    Such a sweet story I really enjoyed this one, especially since I read it following a really angsty book This was just a happy, sweet little story about Jake the Jock and Brandon the Nerd falling in love No angst and lots of hot sex.I must add that the wacky POV shifts were annoying and confusing, but it didn t take away much from me enjoying the book.

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Caught Running summary pdf Caught Running, summary chapter 2 Caught Running, sparknotes Caught Running, Caught Running 7e4d50f Ten Years After Graduation, Jake The Jock Campbell And Brandon The Nerd Bartlett Are Teaching At Their Old High School And Still Living In Separate Worlds When Brandon Is Thrown Into A Coaching Job On Jake S Baseball Team, They Find Themselves Learning About Each Other Than They D Ever ExpectedHigh School Is All About Image, Even For The Teachers Brandon And Jake Have To Get Past Their Preconceived Notions To Find The Friendship Needed To Work Together And Somewhere Along The Way, They Discover That Perceptions Can Always Change For The Better Read A Full Chapter Excerpt At Dreamspinnerpress

  • Paperback
  • 236 pages
  • Caught Running
  • Madeleine Urban
  • English
  • 03 May 2017
  • 9780980101881

About the Author: Madeleine Urban

You can contact her at mrs.madeleine.urban gmail.com.Listen to Madeleine interviewed by Peter Godbold on the Strictly Confidential Radio ShowMADELEINE URBAN RETIREDNov 17, 2011 I have made the personal decision to stop writing, for reasons that are important to me, including focusing on my family and my health Writing and publishing comes with a whole set of expectations and pressures, and I find that it s just too much While I am sad that this will upset and or even anger readers, this is the right decision for me.Abigail Roux will be continuing the Ty and Zane series, and I know she ll do a great job.