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Carrot Cake Murder chapter 1 Carrot Cake Murder, meaning Carrot Cake Murder, genre Carrot Cake Murder, book cover Carrot Cake Murder, flies Carrot Cake Murder, Carrot Cake Murder 7e142d46d045d Summertime Has Finally Arrived In Lake Eden, Minnesota, And Hannah Swensen, Owner Of The Cookie Jar Bakery, Is Looking Forward To Warm, Lazy Days, Eating Ice Cream, And Sharing Picnics With Friends But When A Family Reunion Takes A Deadly Turn, It S Up To Hannah To Find A KillerBetween Baking Up A Storm For The Cookie Jar And Unravelling The Mystery Of Her Cat Moishe S Recent Strange Behaviour, Hannah Swensen Has A Lot On Her Plate But She Ll Always Make Time For Her Business Partner, Lisa, Who S In The Midst Of Preparing For A Big Family Reunion Everyone Is Delighted When Lisa S Long Lost Uncle Makes A Surprise Appearance No One Has Heard From Gus In Twenty Five Years And His Arrival Has Everyone Buzzing With ExcitementUncle Gus Is Immediately The Hit Of The Reunion, Telling Tales Of His Great Success And Flashing Money For All To See He S Almost As Popular As Hannah S Scrumptious Carrot Cake, Which Is Also Gus Favourite Dessert But The Next Morning, As The Whole Family Gathers For The Group Photo, One Person Is Missing Hannah Offers To Track Down Uncle Gus, But Her Search Leads To A Shocking Find Over By The Bar At The Pavilion, She Spots Two Slices Of Her Infamous Carrot Cake, Frosting Side Down On The Floor And Gus Corpse With An Ice Pick Jutting Out Of His Chest A Little Snooping Reveals That Not Everyone Was Celebrating Gus Return And When Hannah Unearths Secrets From Gus Past, She Discovers Even People With An Axe To Grind Now Hannah S Got To Sift Through A Long List Of Suspects To Find A Killer Even If It Could Mean A Recipe For Her Own Demise

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    4 stars to Joanne Fluke s Carrot Cake Murder, the tenth book in the Hannah Swensen cozy murder mystery series, a series which was made into several fun TV movies called Murder, She Baked starring Alison Sweeney and Cameron Mathison The series continues to delight readers, providing at least 15 to 20 recipes that sound delicious and look fairly easy to make I recommend you give all three a try the book, the movie and the food Story As set up in the previous book, Hannah s protege and part owner of their shared Lake Eden Bakery, Lisa, and her new husband Herb, traffic cop extraordinaire, are having an extended family re union on Eden Lake One of their long lost relatives, Gus Klein, randomly shows up and begins to cause trouble like he did when he was a child some thirty five years ago But this time, his trouble earns him an ice pick to the heart what some say is cold justice payback There are tons of suspects in this murder mystery all connected to Herb and Lisa s family, and at this point in the series, Detective Mike Kingston 1 of Hannah s 2 primary love interests no longer pretends to stop Hannah from trying to investigate, he encourages it With both her sisters and mother s, as well as her other primary love interest, dentist Norman Rhodes, Hannah begins digging up all the dirt she can Gus is not as wealthy as he claimed, and is only back in town to run some final scam, but it turns out to be his last one Hannah rounds up the suspects and proves alibis one by one until she s left with the one person she had a gut instinct about along the way luckily, she s saved by Mike just before the killer tries to knock her out too.And for some extra fun on the side, Hannah spends a lot of time with Norman making us all root for him to win her heart, only to throw a little monkey wrench into the plan at the end when Ross, the other paramour from a few books in the past, sizzles back into town wanting to see her as soon as possible Well now what s Hannah going to do not only will she have 3 men to juggle but her mother just got a book romance book published starring her own daughters Lake Eden is gonna be hopping in book 11 Strengths 1 Hannah is a really fun character She has so many great traits and a couple of flaws but it all makes her so real She is sometimes a little too rude direct, sometimes a little flaky and sometimes just too independent for her own good But she is also charming, pretty, a great baker and a very accomplished woman.2 Author Fluke knows how to integrate so many families and keeps it connected throughout each book in the series It s great to see hear so many faces popping up from prior books that you really feel like you re part of the story.3 The mystery has some intrigue and complexity to it for a cozy There s at least 5 to 6 possible suspects and you have a few twists and turns that keep you guessing Suggestions 1 Hannah s love triangle and now quadrangle ugh, heart breaker but we really need her to let someone go I like both Mike and Norman, but I see Norman as the better match for her in the long run I also like Ross and am curious to see what happens in the next book But 3 s too much I m not trying to hold my girl back, but she hasn t done than kiss any of them and has this much trouble trying to figure out who is right for her What s gonna happen when it gets steamier 2 Love the recipes but they re starting to take over the book I d like to limit it to 10 per book so you are enjoying the mystery than the cooking Don t get me wrong, I love desserts, but I can t cook everything she throws out there Final Thoughts The cozy mystery has a certain kind of reader base You re not gonna find major romance or suspense, or even a lot of thrilling murders It s light and fun with a few gut punches to keep you paying attention The Hannah Swensen series has been fairly consistent thru ten books So if you re a cozy fan, and you like to stay with the same bunch of characters, you should be reading this series About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by.

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    And that means one of two things Either being in shock doesn t affect my memory, or I m being much too used to finding murder victims It s time for barbecues and gatherings at Eden Lake, and summer air smells of late blossoms and hot dishes Hannah Swensen is doing a great job in helping her partner and friend, Lisa, organizing her family reunion Her relatives had just started wishing her long lost uncle, Gus, was there with them, when he makes a surprising appearance, riding a brand new shiny Jaguar But be careful what you wish for, because way before he could say holy casser oly , Gus would be found dead by non other than casual body finder Hannah Will she behave this time, letting who s in charge dealing with the investigations and going back to her baking work But of course not, who do you think she is The owner of a Cookie Shop Another day, another body Poor Hannah, she must have a sign hanging around where she keeps count of days without seeing a corpse and she has to update it every other month Of course, I would pity her if she was a decent person, which she isn t, as she is used to introduce murder as a refreshing topic to lighten up the conversation I am not joking, she literally says that I have to admit she is slightly less amoral in this one, I mean at least she tries to keep up to 30% of the promises she makes, she crosses her finger behind her back only once, she doesn t hate too much on her mother and she treats the three men she is dating with respect Oh well, I admit this last one may be a contradiction But at least she doesn t steal candy from babies Yet.Oh well, I might go pick up the next book now Don t wanna give her any ideas Farewell

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    Hannah Swensen is the owner of the Cookie Jar bakery Hannah helps her co partner, Lisa, cater the Beeseman Herman family reunion A long lost family member, Gus Klien, returns after than twenty years absence Gus portrays himself as wealth He drives a Jaguar, sports a Rolex and wears a designer suit It becomes evident not everyone is happy about his return When Hannah finds Gus murdered in the pavilion, she starts investigating the homicide with the help of her family and friends.This is my first Hannah Swensen book I find I enjoyed this cozy mystery It didn t bother me that the sleuth was an amateur It is well written The plot is well thought out and nearly all the subplots are neatly tied off There is still the love triangle Norman, Mike and Hannah subplot left open, though Norman seems to be the favorite The characters are fully developed Despite the large number of characters, I did not become confused over who was who or where they fit into the murder mystery I did find the generous number of recipes distracted from the story I would have preferred the recipes to be placed at the end of the book just my preference I want to start at the beginning of this series, so I ll definitely be reading of Joanne Fluke s books.This book satisfies both my something edible in the title selection and the summer equinox choice for A Book for All Seasons book club.

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    This series is consistent in being a quick, enjoyable, quirky, and fun read This novel did not stray from those traits and was actually one of my favourites so far in the series This series and this novel especially, is one that can be read far after reading the previous novel I wouldn t be surprised if the last Hannah Swensen novel I read was a year ago and I was able to quickly pick up where we left off as if no time passed at all The characters are humorous and enjoyable, the town reminds you of a small town that you wish you lived in and the food..oh the food I haven t personally made any of the recipes that are included in these novels but I always want to They all seem so delicious and if I was a cook or baker I know I d be making these In fact, if I m ever looking for some inspiration, I may need to go to these novels As for the mystery, I found this novel to actually have me surprised than I expected Typically, I find that I am able to predict the criminal murderer but in this novel, I found that I was kept in suspense until the last fifty pages or so It was a happy surprise to not know who the murderer and need to wait for the rest of the story to unfold The romance is one part of this novel and series that I feel a little fair weather about I actually feel bad for these two men They both are genuine and amazing to Hannah I feel as if she s treating them both a tad bit unfairly I have an obvious favourite Mike but at the same time, Norman is a good quality man as well The ending though.let me say I m not impressed As if it wasn t complicated enough with this triangle.I know I will be picking up the next novel in this series, I just don t know when It s not a series that I find I need to read immediately but it definitely is a go to when needing a quick, cozy read For those who like the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich or other similar fairly light mysteries, I would recommend this series.

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    I m really struggling with this It s been several months since I ve read any of this series, and coming back to it is making me realize how terrible the writing is First, the characters are just far too goody two shoes and high horse like for me to stand any longer If I met Hannah on the street, I would probably have to beat the daylights out of her But beyond that, so much of the book, especially the dialogue is forced beyond anything I ve seen Dialoge to describe how you make a recipe within the actual story is stupid Or a paragraph of action describing Hannah mixing up some cookie dough in GREAT detail is just filler And not in a good way Any affinity I ve had for any of the characters has been lost, and I m not even sure if I ll be able to finish this.I made it 2 3 of the way through, and just skimmed the rest This is definately the last in this series I will read.

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    Release Date May 1, 2012 Genre Cozy Mystery Another hit in the Hanna Swensen series a highly enjoyable coz mystery that revolves around baked sweets and murder Once again, Hannah is back on the case trying to find a killer while juggling her culinary career and prospects of love Some may say that Hanna is quite intuitive and I would agree However, I wish she would do something about her two love interests While the author and Hannah make it very clear that Hannah won t jump into something without being absolutely sure, it seems about time that she either let Mike and Norman go or choose one to marry Other than her uncertainty when it comes to love, Hannah is as smart as ever She grabs clues and races against time to find out what happened to Gus the night of the reunion and will stop at nothing until she finds the killer Overall, this is a clever and fun series to get lost in I always look forward to reading a Hannah Swensen novel and being back with the gang as they hunt down clues and killers While at some points is exasperating that a sleuth can find the killer faster than the detectives working the case, It understand it s all in good fun and exactly what this fictional world is supposed to be about Fans of cozy mysteries, this entire series is a must have for your bookshelf Hannah is my very favorite sleuth I own every book in the series and her recipes are divine yes, I have made a few.

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    What was up with the ending who the heck is Ross again If he s a third love interest I m going to scream Just pick Norman already

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    Me starting this book Me finishing this book I stumbled across these books in Barnes and Noble back and June and thought the premise sounded so ridiculous I m going to read all of these because they re probably so terrible that they re hilarious OH MY GOD I WAS SO WRONG They re not hilarious, they re just so bad The first one was, meh, whatever BUT I M 10 BOOKS IN NOW and oh my god, JoAnne what the hell are you even doing These books are all the same Mix it up, woman Stop using the word stymied Stop with this Norman and Mike mess Stop putting Hannah in the damsel in distress position at the end I honestly can t believe she gets paid to produce this drivel I can t believe I m going to hate read the 11th one now.

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    Carrot Cake Murder, the 10th book in the Hannah Swensen series Although there were a couple of books that were a bit of letdown for me, I can say this is a hit, a winner This installment grabbed me right off the bat and never let me go until the end I gobbled down this delicious, humorous cozy mystery in two days There was never a dull moment in my opinion This series always kick off with a humorous touch That said though, there were some redundant descriptions in the last couple of books that bogged me down There weren t not that bad per se, but I was actually a bit concerned if it would happen again in this book, but NO As I mentioned earlier, this book kept my interest from beginning to end, I personally found this book quite strong and solid Maybe ranking within the top two in this series so far One of the things I really like about this book is the character dynamics, especially among the Swensen family Hannah, Andrea, and Michelle has become a really nice team and seem to have established a solid rhythm to work out the murder investigation That aspect was well portrayed in this book and is certainly a delight to see The love triangle with Norman and Mark is also an aspect that you can t miss To be perfectly honest, I sometimes cannot stomach Hannah for being so wishy washy, saying she cannot be urged to make a hasty decision because she loves them both, but isn t that tantamount to playing the field To my slight disgust, even her youngest sister, Michelle declares there s someone she wants to ask out even when she s been dating Lonnie UGH They are two peas in a pod I think keeping like this for a long time wouldn t show good faith She has to LET EITHER OF THEM GO and settle down That was my very personal niggle about this book Mystery wise, it is complex and well stretched out and developed until the end of the book Throwing Jack, Lisa s father who has been suffering from Alzheimer s, in the mix adds a lot to the mystery and makes the case even intriguing and unpredictable The mad rush of suspense in the culprit reveal hooked me on adrenaline, that was quite intense for a cozy mystery This is also a scene where Hannah s quick wittedness is on full display and I quite enjoyed how she manages to wangle out of the dangerous situation I think the overall tight writing without any redundancy contributed to making this book such an entertaining page turner I literally flew through this book and it was certainly a delightful reading experience The last minute twist in the romantic department that arrives in the very end was totally an unexpected, but I must admit it put a huge grin on my face and made me intrigued to know who Hannah is going to eventually choose to spend her life with Hmmm I think I need to follow this series to find out I m ready to go for Book 11

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    As is typical in the Hannah Swensen world Hannah is able to save the day while getting little to no sleep, somehow doing no work for the cookie shop, and grammatically correcting everyone around her I read a review for the last book I read in this series and someone mentioned the annoyance they had that Hannah s two sisters were supposed to be gorgeous and stylish, but then they end up wearing the weirdest non stylish clothes I noticed two times in this book people were wearing pantsuits One was even wearing it to judge a swimming competition REALLY The biggest fashion laugh was Michelle a 20 year old wearing a SCRUNCHIE Are you kidding It s not the 80s stylish 20 something year old s do NOT wear scrunchies That s a fact What was also unbelievable in this book was that every single person had an alibi for 2 30 in the morning Not one single person was in bed How very convenient These kinds of things are so easy for Hannah that she thinks she s a better cop than her boyfriend Mike Also, the first chapter in the book Hannah takes it on herself to announce engagement plans for someone I couldn t have been appalled And in the end no one called her out for being a selfish person for interfering They all praised her for getting everyone to accept the news I just don t get how anyone in the town talks to her Oh well I ll continue to read the series and see what happens I just hope she makes a decision about Norman and Mike soon It just makes me dislike her even .

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