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    Ok so I thought it was a mermaid book at first, I was expecting this But it turns out that it s an underwater civilization where everybody is human and apparently none of the women there are able to have children.Then the King, Marko, and his sister Sasha I changed her name cause Sasha sounds like an evil name come up with the brilliant idea of kidnapping a girl from a beach and they send Marko s best friend the lead guard and he gets the wrong girl because she was suppose to be 18 years old How he kidnapped her Anyway this girl, Miranda, is a 17 year old girl who thinks she kills everybody she loves because her parents had died like the year before in a car crash which she thought she caused and her best friend Aiden was lost at sea after a fight with her I felt like she was really calm for being a CAPTIVE lol She tried to run away once and failed miserably, and then they told her that they brought her there as a breeder so she can have the kings babies She took that information with a little to much ease for my liking I don t know about you but I would have been like Later on she tried to persuade the king s best friend help her escape He told her he wanted to help her but couldn t because he was loyal to his king and best friend Anyways in the meantime they took her around the city and showed her around view spoiler Throughout the book I wasn t really sure who she was really in love with whether it was the guard or the king but it turns out at the end it was the king But then as soon as we find that out, the guard tells her that he loves her and sends her back to the surface And it doesn t stop there NOOOOO SHE GOES HOME and she is all depressed because she fell in love with the king She had a ring that was a locket and it had a note from the king saying that when she turned 18 if she wanted to go back he would be waiting for her at the same place where she was kidnapped hide spoiler

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    It s New Year s Eve, the eve of Captivate s official release date so I thought I d pop in and wish you all a fantastic New Year with much love, laughter and prosperity It has been a long road to publication, but an enjoyable one Getting Captivate published with my dream publisher, Harlequin Teen Australia, and getting to share Miranda s story with you all is an absolute dream come true I hope you enjoy reading Captivate I love reading reviews and I d like to thank readers and reviewers in advance for taking the time out to read and or post your thoughts here on Goodreads.Have an amazing 2014 Vanessa xoxo

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    A copy was provided by Harlequin Australia in exchange for an honest review.BREATHTAKING UNDERWATWER COVER Should ve known better, right To be fair, it wasn t particularly bad, but it was definitely strange and clich.The book reminded me a lot of Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge the kidnapping to be made a bride for the king part and Renegade by J.A Souders the underwater city surrounded by dark mysteries part Sadly, I did not like this book as much as I liked the two aforementioned books.Captivate doesn t waste time getting to the action By action, I mean the kidnapping that sounds so wrong So, we don t get to know the dynamics of Miranda s relationship with her sister and her grandparents very well While I appreciate the hit the ground rolling opening, it was hard for me to feel Miranda s desperation to go back home because I wasn t being shown the strength of her family bond Granted, we were told that Miranda harbours a secret she s been intending to tell her sister, Lauren and she wants to seek her forgiveness, but I think it helps if a brief details of Miranda s relationship with Lauren before their parents died was provided so that the readers can establish an emotional connection with Miranda.Well, I was hoping for that so, so much because honestly, I did not like Lauren at all, so if only I could learn something good about her, then I could probably empathise with Miranda and her wish to be back home Here s Lauren s quote that irritates me so much Mum always used to say I had the metabolism of a racehorse With the stumpy body of a Shetland pony , Lauren would add with a smirk.WHAT KIND OF OLDER SISTER TALKS TO HER YOUNGER SISTER LIKE THAT Uh view spoiler And let s face it Their parents death was IMO Lauren s fault I m 100% agree that she should have never leave Miranda alone on her birthday But playing dumb for over a year, letting Miranda feels the guilt and never tries to make amend before Miranda confesses to her is just vain.SERIOUSLY, WHAT KIND OF OLDER SISTER TREATS HER YOUNGER SISTER LIKE THAT hide spoiler

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    But with each passing moment in these unfamiliar surroundings with all these strange people, and after eating all of these fish meals, I almost started believing that we were actually underwater.It was impossible, though completely impossible Prepare to dive into an enthralling tale that will capture your heart and captivate your mind.Vanessa Garden s Captivate brings to life the YA genre, with a refreshing twist on what s going on in the ocean s mesmerising depths With an underwater civilisation, a fight for a crown, and a dangerous attraction, the tale of Miranda Sun is sure to become a fast favourite with readers introducing them to a world so like our ownlying just beneath the surface.Will Miranda choose love or duty Her pastor her future

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    This review is also posted on my blog, Anatea s Bookshelf Let s talk about surprising I must say that I only skimmed through the book description before I started reading it, thinking it is probably some paranormal book with mermaids in it But this is NOT a paranormal book about mermaids, at least, there are no mermaids in this book, I can t say there won t be any mermaids in the next books in the series What else is surprising about Captivate, I didn t expect it to be this good, but it was, and I ended up really loving the book The story starts when Miranda is kidnapped by Robbie, King Marko s personal guard Marko is the King of an underwater city called Marin and his citizens are in danger Miranda is brought there to bare Marko s child and help continue the royal line While all she tries is escape, a lot of unexpected things happen before she even realizes she is in danger and maybe in love with Marko.Some things in Captivated were quite predictable but it didn t bother me much I was so engrossed in the story that I didn t even think about those things The plot was really great and the worldbuilding was done very nicely I loved finding out about the city of Marin and the people who lived there I loved how determined Miranda was to escape and to return to her family, even after she realized she has feelings for Marko She was kidnapped, thrown into a world that only exists in dreams, but she stayed strong and focused on her goal Marko, on the other hand, was a great King He had a lot of stuff to deal with and he always tried to do what is best for his people Despite his impulsive character, I really liked him in the end As far as the romance goes, I think it could be done better, but I still enjoyed it It wasn t an insta love, but maybe a little stereotypical What got to me the most, is the ending What a cliffhanger I honestly couldn t believe the book ended the way it did I know I will be counting days until the next book comes out.All in all, Captivate was a great book with an amazing story development Maybe there are books placed underwater, but Vanessa Garden s writing brings in a fresh breath and just makes you fall in love with its characters and the city of Marin.Blog Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest

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    The PlotMiranda has a terrible secret, everyone around her dies.Miranda and her sister go for a midnight swim, her life is changed forever when a stranger drags her into an underwater city.Miranda is kept Captive and told that the fate of the city is resting on her shoulders, the women of Marin have become barren, and they need someone who is fertile to marry their young handsome King to produce a heir to the throne.The RomanceA Love Triangle that is so up and down that you have no Idea which team to go for.Miranda struggles as a captive, as you would expect, but while the handsome King tries to woo her and make her feel comfortable in the underwater city, she is given the Kings most trustworthy and personal best friend as her guard not necessarily to keep her locked up like you would think but to ensure her safety As they are forced to spend time together Robbie and Miranda become close and develop feelings for each other, Miranda uses this to convince Robbie that he needs to help her escape.Meanwhile King Marko is a Frustrated, Cranky and brooding but he has good reason for it since his brother is trying to overthrow him and his people are suffering being unable to have children Marko tries to get to know Miranda without pushing her into a loveless relationship he tries to befriend her and in the process falls in love with her, Miranda has feelings in return but are conflicted because she is being held captive.For once instead of going tor the moody bad boy I am firmly on Team Robbie, although Marko is only trying to do what is best for his people he has a habit of acting like a child.The GoodMiranda lives her life in the shadow of her beautiful sister, which makes her very insecure and lacking self confidence, Marko makes Miranda aware that even though she isn t model thin or stunningly beautiful, she is amazing and beautiful in her own way, this is why he loves her.Miranda is torn between her life on land and fixing her relationships with her estranged family, and a life in a glittering, beautiful underwater city with a man she is falling in love with.The BadI could not pick a lot of faults with this book, it is amazingly written however a bit emotional depth concerning Marko would have been great so I could connect better to his Character.ConclusionI read this book in nearly one sitting I could not put it down, so Captivate has earned it s spot on my favourite Shelf.I have never felt so many emotions in reading a book, the heartbreak of Miranda s family situation to her kidnapping and the up and down confusing relationship between Marko, Robbie and Miranda, make Captivate a truly memorable original story.Captivate is from an Amazing Debut Australian Author, I highly recommend it and I cannot wait for the story to continue.

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    Checkout my full review on my blog about this book is unique The world building, characters, and the overall plot This book is definitely out of the box Though I wish there was about the underwater world, I really enjoyed Captivate Honestly, I picked up this book because of the cover There is a love triangle It did bug me at some points but I looked past it I felt so many emotions while reading this book I was sad for Miranda, her kidnapping, and her confusing relationship with Robbie and Marko The premise of this book is emotional Miranda s haunted past and Marko s underwater world in the brink of extinction The ending really broke my heart I can t wait for book 2.

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    I only just finished Captivate a short while ago and everything is still swirling around in my brain Not sure where to start lolOk, well firstly the cover, well I m sure we can all agree it s absolutely stunning The story that lies within matches the cover to a T, which is awesome This story was a different experience for me, from all the books I ve read not alot revolve around the sea, especially an underwater city An underwater city, could you even imagine it _ Now to the story Miranda was out swimming with her sister, when she found herself being pulled under the water When she awoke, she was in a strange bed and in a fancy room surrounded with mermaid pictures She d been kidnapped and taken to an underwater city called, Marin Where she was expected to marry the King and bare his child to save the city This King happens to be a scary, yet very handsome man Despite Miranda s circumstances she finds herself developing feelings for this certain King, as feelings started to grow, danger reared it s ugly head and Miranda s life was being threatened The Kings half brother, Damir, was determined to do everything he could to overtake the throne He had spies everywhere, a few lurking through the castle watching their every move.Robbie, Miranda s captor He was completely consumed with guilt over what he d done He has half fighting to stay true to his King, his best friend While the other half wishes nothing but to help Miranda escape back home to her family The characters are easy to form connections with, I enjoyed being along this adventure with them With such a gripping storyline, you ll find yourself compelled to come back for This is definitely one underwater world worth discovering, I feel there is to come here, Miranda s story isn t over yet _

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    Miranda Sun had been taken against her will to the underwater city of Marin where she is expected to marry the king and bear his children to help boost the barren population But Miranda is desperate to get home and make up with her sister after the tragic death of her parents Meanwhile the king s brother, the exiled firstborn, is a threat to the city Will Miranda succumb to the lure of the underwater Marin or will she find her freedom I liked Miranda as a character She had all the angst and over dramatic tendencies of my favourite Disney princesses She spent an awful lot of time weeping and sorry for herself but wasn t afraid to try to take matters into her own hands and made many good attempts to escape She was in an awful situation, kidnapped and dragged to the bottom of the ocean, and she spent an awful lot of time locked away by herself or being forced against her will to participate, forced to work for this horrible place with the threat of execution over her head Her one redemption was Marko, the young king of Marin, and I was glad she found a sort of happiness there.I also liked how Miranda was supposed to be chubby or fat a far cry for your typical thin and clumsy YA heroine , although it was a bit hard to accept this when she referred to her own sister as a Barbie and her sister envied her curves , and said the only parts of her borrowed clothes that would be stretched out were the boobs and bum I figured that meant Miranda had curves, but Miranda saw herself as fat and unattractive, which fair nearly broke my heart when someone actually did find her beautiful and she couldn t believe them.I really liked how the plot dove right in and within the first chapter we were in Marin with Miranda, trying to figure out how she could possibly escape an escapeless fortress I felt so sorry for her as the entire population thought she was there willingly to save them and all placed their hopes in her Miranda wasn t even seventeen and an absolute prude, so I often felt her own embarrassment when people referred to her having the king s babies There was so much pressure on her to do her part to help a kingdom she wasn t a part of and didn t want to be a part of It wasn t even fair, because Miranda was chosen accidentally and also at random I feel like Marko, who often visited the surface to trade, could have developed an on land romance with a girl and convinced her to come underwater and marry him and make lots of babies instead of kidnapping a frightened innocent girl against her will After all, Marin is going to have to convince a hell of a lot human girls to procreate to keep the population going, as everyone is barren and Miranda can hardly be expected to boost the entire population.I felt that the romance was well developed I personally didn t like Marko very much, and although I love romances where the heroine and love interest don t like each other to begin with, I felt that there could have been redemption from Marko to draw me to like him I could admire from afar the beginning of their tenderness, but I always felt that there was supposed to be something going on with Robbie as well It wasn t a love triangle, but I felt like it was supposed to be, or at least it was supposed to feel like one, and I didn t feel it Miranda was inexperienced and falling for the wrong boy and she never really thought about falling in love with the person who kidnapped her I also felt that because we were constantly reminded of Marin s pull and allure that in the end when Miranda did admit her feelings that it was Stockholm Syndrome, or at least not authentic I think I would have preferred the romance if it was clearer that she wanted to stay in Marin because of her own feelings and not because of the allure that affected everyone.I also feel a little disappointed because Marko was your typical foul tempered, physical, drop dead gorgeous love interest It s really not hard to feel attraction to someone who s insanely attractive I felt that Captivate was following the lines of Beauty and the Beast with a young girl needing to fall in love with the royal leader to save the people, but there was no beast Marko had a foul temper but he was a hunk and a half and I didn t feel much of a struggle or conflict from Miranda when it came to finding him attractive and leading to her wanting to sleep with him Sure, he was holding her against her will, but I seriously doubt many teen girls would be able to resist the charms of a doting hottie patottie for long I think I would have liked this better if Marko wasn t gorgeous, if Miranda had to see past his unattractive outside to the beauty within Imagine if Belle had been held at the castle with a handsome prince I hardly think the last petal would have fallen from the rose if she had been There was no conflict it felt assured Miranda would fall for Marko There was no would she, wouldn t she There was something about Miranda s voice and narration that led me to really feel her own helplessness and frustration at her situation She was both treasured and disposable, locked away for her own safety yet threatened with execution It would be enough to drive one mad It also smacked of Gothicness, with the young innocent female being held captive by the older not by much, though male, and I do love Gothic novels Overall I feel that this was a decent introduction into what will hopefully develop into a next book, and I would rather like to see of Marko and find out what happens in the future Thanks to HarlequinTeen for providing this advanced reader copy for an honest review.

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    Captivate is an ambitious novel, and although I saw a lot of potential in the blurb, I have to confess I m mostly disappointed by it.Here is the premise of Captivate Marko is the king of an under water settlement of humans, and he s usurped his psychotic elder brother Damir s throne His people can no longer reproduce, a side effect of living underground with no sunlight and other things that humans generally need to survive His elder sister, and Damir s twin, suggests kidnapping a girl from the surface to be Marko s queen, bringing in fresh blood and allowing him to produce an heir, which will secure his claim to the throne.All my problems with this novel stem from that basic premise The Marin to have surprisingly archaic laws given that the first settlers of this underground city were some of the brightest and most progressive minds of their time It doesn t make sense to me that they would reproduce the kinds of laws that made living underwater so attractive to in the first place The postulation that Marko needs to produce an heir to keep his throne is ridiculous although he has deposed his elder brother, it s been well established that basically no one wants the psycho who likes to experiment on his citizens to turn them into merpeople as the King It also implies that if Drake could find a human and reproduce with her, his claim to the throne would become stronger It seems like the lawmakers of the Marin really stuffed up on this one.The second thing that baffles me about this book is the apparent need to kidnap a non Marin girl and force her to become Queen so that she can produce an heir Just having Miranda there, and maybe having a baby, doesn t solve the issue all the other Marin couples will still not be able to reproduce But even before this inconsistency, there s the very idea that kidnapping a human girl is the best way to go about solving the issue of Marko s heirs It s mentioned that Marko goes to the surface every month to trade pearls for supplies that his people need very ill considered, given that his brother apparently poses a threat and I can t see why he couldn t also go to the surface to seduce a girl Edward Cullen style into living with him as his Queen I also can t see why they couldn t just steal genetic material from a fertility clinic or similar Yes it s barbaric and morally wrong, but a community who sees nothing wrong with regularly tossing people to sharks and kidnapping a 16 year old girl can hardly cling to that reasoning The only explanation given in the book is the requirement of marriage before producing a baby, which is ludicrous anyway considering the baby will be created in a test tube.So the world building could be significantly improved on What about the rest of the book The characters are predictable and bland, the romances are flat, and there is barely anything that kept my interest.Miranda is this naive, blundering, self pitying character that I couldn t like at all, but I did grudgingly admire her determination to escape her imprisonment She examines her room for weaknesses and hidden exits, puts all her strength into breaking the one vent she sees in her room, and makes many attempts at escaping, which I applauded However, her motivations for escape seem to hinge on her need to reveal some dark secret to her sister concerning the night of their parents death When she does make it back and tell her sister the secret which wasn t even a secret, it was absolutely anti climactic , Miranda immediately starts thinking well that s done, now I want to return to the weird underwater people who kidnapped me and kept me against my will for six weeks and tried to force me to become their Queen so they could harvest my reproductive material Yeah She doesn t even think of trying to reconnect and bond with her sister, doesn t resolve to spend time with her family to appreciate them, in the light of her absence and how close she was to never see them again Nope Miranda s raring to go back and spend time with the two boys she s met while she d been kidnapped.The romance in the novel is uncomfortably reminiscent of Stockholm Syndrome and I had a hard time believing any of it Robbie is my favourite character from the book, and when his feelings for Miranda blurred between friendship and something I was a little excited, but predictably Miranda finds herself falling for Marko as well Marko is quick to anger and violence, and really quite scary, but yes, let s all fall for him because he s incredibly handsome, and forget the part where he puts his best friend in a shark tank.So, I didn t much like Captivate it could have been a lot better In particular, the world needs a lot thought behind it, the characters could have been developed, and the plot refined But a lot of other people have liked it, and if you pick it up, I hope you do too A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review.You can read of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.

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Captivate (Submerged Sun, #1) download Captivate (Submerged Sun, #1) , read online Captivate (Submerged Sun, #1) , kindle ebook Captivate (Submerged Sun, #1) , Captivate (Submerged Sun, #1) da68ef209458 In A Glittering Underwater World, Nothing Is As It SeemsFor The Past Twelve Months Since Her Parents Death, Seventeen Year Old Miranda Sun Has Harboured A Dark Secret A Secret That Has Strained The Close Relationship She Once Shared With Her Older Sister, Lauren In An Effort To Repair This Broken Bond, Miranda S Grandparents Whisk The Siblings Away On A Secluded Beach Holiday Except Before Miranda Gets A Chance To Confess Her Life Changing Secret, She S Dragged Underwater By A Mysterious Stranger While Taking A Midnight SwimAwakening Days Later, Miranda Discovers That She S Being Held Captive In A Glittering Underwater City By An Arrogant Young Man Named Markothe King Of This Underwater CivilisationNineteen Year Old Marko Intends To Marry Miranda In Order To Keep His Crown From Falling Into The Sinister Clutches Of His Half Brother, Damir There S Only One Problem Miranda Is Desperate To Return Home To Right Things With Her Sister And She Wants Nothing To Do With Marko Trying To Secure Her Freedom, Miranda Quickly Forms An Alliance With Robbie Marko S Personal Guard However, She Soon Discovers That Even Underwater, People Are Hiding Dangerous Secrets